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Senate Committee Favorably
Reports New Mexico Man
* as Currency Chief.
The contested nomination of James
O. McNary of New Mexico to bo con
troller of the currency was reported
favorably today by the Senate bank
ing committee.
Thera was a delay tn compiling tbo
final committee vote, members being
polled. Instead of the vote being
taken in full committee. Early re
sults of the poll, however, gave Mr.
-MoNary a majority.
Opponents of confirmation pre
dicted that, despite the favorable
recommendation of the committee,
the nomination probably would fall
with adjournment of Congress to
morrow. A recess appointment by
President Harding is expected.
Criticised by Minority.
A minority report, said to criticise
severely Mr. McNary's administration
<s president of the El Paso. Tex ,
Hirst National Bank, based upon the
evidence of bank examiners and
others In the committee's recent ex
tensive investigation, was prepared
by Senators Couzens, republican,
Michigan, and Hitchcock, democrat,
Nebraska. Senator Couzens also pre
pared a personal statement, detailing
ills reasons for opposing Mr. McNary's
Excessive Loans Alleged.
Excessive loans from the El Paso
bank to Mr. McXary and other bank
•(Deers. “speculative" banking, es
pecially in Mexican currency, and
payment of large dividends without
’■educing doubtful loans were said to
■e !’• 'ncipal counts in the minor
ity report. '* a-nidlil
Church Pageantry and Educational
Drama to Be Epiphany Topic.
Rev. Hr. George F. Hudley, Rev. Dr.
W. L. De Vries and Mrs. Marie Moore
Forrest will l«e the speakers at the
meeting to be held at Epiphany
Parish Hall. 1317 a street. Friday
morning at 11 o'clock, in the interest
of church pageantry and educational
drama, Uepresenlati ves of all the
Episcopal churches in Washington
will be present, and all interested in
religious pageantry are invited to
The meeting hast the sanction of
the board of religious education of
the Episcopal Church in the dioccsc
of Washington.
Missionary Societies Will Hear
Worker From India.
The quarterly meeting of the
Woman's Home and Foreign Mis
sionary societies of the Methodist
Episcopal Church win be held in
Metropolitan M. E. Church next Fri
day. The Foreign Society meets
at 10;3O. with Mrs. H. B. Moulton
presiding, and will be addressed by
Miss Tlllio Nelson, a former mis
sionary from India. Luncheon is to
be served at 12:45.
The Home Society, Mrs. Henry S.
France, president, will convene' at
Illustrated Talk for Children
Planned at Petworth Church.
The sixth annual stereopticon lec
ture at Petworth Baptist Church for
the boys and girls clubs will be given
Wednesday evening.
Communion service will be cele
brated tomorrow morning, with Rev.
F. Raul I*anghorne pastor, preaching
the third of his series of sermons on
“The Church." the subject being
■ Whence the Church Came." In thc
evening Mr. Langhornc will preach on
the third of his evening series of sub
jects. on “Is It Possible to Enter the
Kingdom Any Other Way Than By
the Door?” Tuesday evening there
will be the monthly conference of
officers and teachers of the Sunday :
school. ' ]
Mrs. Winsborough Will Tell of
Tour Through Mexico.
Mrs. TV. C. Winsborough. superin- 1
temient of the Woman’s Auxiliary of I
•b** Southern Presbyterian Church, I
with headquarters in St. Louis, will I
address the women from nearby
• ■’nurches in Potomac Presbyterlal at 1
he Church of the Pilgrims, 22d street
net ween P and Q northwest, tomor
row at 3:30 p.m.
Mrs. Winsborough lias just returned j
Tom an extensive tour of the mission
fields of the denomination in Mexico
i’id will give a most interesting ac
count of the work there.
Fourth Session to Be Hold Mon- i
day Night.
The fourth Lenten class in Christian
social service is to be held Monday
right in Trinity Community House,
at 3 o'clock, while on Tuesday night
it 8 o'clock Hr. D, C. Main will give a
’ccturc on “Mal-adjustment and Mal
hehavior,” the third so a series of six
lectures open to the general public
and dealing with a general Introduc-
Hon to psychoanalysis. The Daugh
ter? of the King, for whom these lec
tures were primarily framed, as well
as others, who are to do volunteer
work in connection with the city
mission's work with the Insane, are
especially invited.
Hev. Edmund Stevens will take the
Thursday night services during Lent,
which are held in the Community
House clubroonis, at 8 o'clock.
Kev. Dr. Smith to Continue
Monthly Series.
Rev. Hr. C. Ernest Smith will preach
tomorrow in St. Thomas’ Church, 18th
street near Dupont Cicle, the third
sermon of the course lie is preaching
on “Tile Old Faith—Evolution.” Three
more sermons are to follow: March it,
“Evolution's Impassable Chasms”;
March 18. “Evolution and Man,” and
March 25, "Evolution and Chris
tianity.” Tomorrow’s subject Is
“Evolution in the Realm of Nature.”
A quiet day for women will be con
ducted at St. Agnes* Church, 46 Q
street, next Thursday by Rev. Allen
Wlttmore of the Order of the Holy
Cross from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.ra.
Ouy Fitch Phelps, author, is to
speak at 8 o’clock tomorrow night
at: th* Rosedale At E. Church, 13th
street and Tennessee avenue north
By the AmocUUO Freer
MILAN, March 3.—-All the members
es the editorial staff of the Avantl,
the socialist organ, with the excep
tion of the aaetstant manager tnd
yr» editor* have been arrested.
Announcements of Church News, Activities and Services
Competition Under Auspices
of Women’s Clubs, in Co-
Operation With The Star.
Ten Questions to Be Printed in
Church News Each Saturday.
Program Announced.
The fifth community Bible question
contest of the Bible department of
the District of Columbia Federation
of Women's Clubs, in co-operation
with The Star, is formally opened
today. The first ten of 100 questions
on the life of “Jesus Christ. As King
of Kings" are printed in an adjoining
Ten questions are to be printed in
the church news page of The Star
each Saturday, with the answers of
the ten preceding questions.
“Tn order to cover the events of
so wonderful a life as recorded by
four biographers, it is necessary to
divide each question into four sub
questions,” said Mrs. Louise Harding
Earll, chairman of the committee.
Recommended Program.
"It is recommended that contestants
follow first the account as given by
Matthew; if the answer is not found
there, to turn next to the book of
Luke. If the answer Is found In other
than the two books named, the name
of the book and the number of the
chapter will be Indicated. The
prophecies of the Old Testament, and
the remaining books of the New
Testament will be used as reference
“Children twelve years of age and
under, who answer one division of
each question correctly will be mark
ed 100. Young people between twelve
and eighteen years will receive 100
for any two divisions of each ques
tion; seniors above eighteen years of
sge are expected to answer all four
“Pinned so the contestant's paper
there must be a sealed envelope, con
taining the name of the contestant,
age, street address, section of city.
! birthplace and birth date. Each con
testant is requested to name the
church. Sunday school, or other organ
isation he or she represents. (Seniors
above eighteen are privileged to omit
age. if for any reason they so desire,
by saying ‘above eighteen.')
Plan of Making Awards,
j "Awards will be much the same
[as in previous contests: for seniors.
117 and |5; for young people, between
twelve and eighteen years of age.
85 and 83: for children, twelve years
old and under. 83 and $2. if funds
permit, there will be given a special
award to the person above ninety
years of age having the highest
rating, also to the organization hav
ing the largest number of contestants.
Any version of the Bible may be
used, including the Douay. Papers
are to be addressed to Mrs. Louise
Harding Earll. 3520 Connecticut ave
nue northwest. 'Washington, D. C. Con
testants are requested so see that en- |
velopes carry the proper amount of
postage. All papers must be received
by noon of the Saturday following the
publication of the questions.
Parents are requested to follow
this course with their children and to
assist them when needing help. Con
testants are permitted to counsel with
others concerning the answers.
Committee* In Charge.
The committee on arrangements is
composed of; Mrs. Louise Harding
Earll, chairman; Mrs. N. M. 'Rollick,
first vice chairman; Mrs. Frances
Howlett-Wright, second vice chair
man; Mrs. W. E. Chamberlin, secre
tary; Mrs. J, J. Tigert. Mrs. Frank
Fuller. Mrs. \V. H. Read, Mrs. Mary
V. Walton, Mrs. Ernest H. Daniel.
Mrs. Mary C. D. Johnson, Mrs. J. A.
Edgar. Mrs. Edna Taylor, Mrs. C. F.
The question committee is composed
of; Hev. Dr. Isaac Ward, of the
Fourth Presbyterian Church: Rev. Dr.
James Shera Montgomery, Calvary M.
K. Church; E. H. DeGrool. Jr.. Wilton i
Fairchild. Mrs. J. W. Frizzell. Mrs.
Howard L. Hodgkins and Mrs. Louise
11. Earll.
Extension committee No. 1 is; Mrs.
C. S. Cisseli. Mrs. F. R. Trimble. Mrs.
Roy Clyde Miller and Mrs. Phllpit.
Extension committee No. 2; Law
rence H. Reynolds. District Epworth
League, with Miss Louise Koontz and
Miss Mildred Wise as assoicates; Miss
Olive Boxley. District Christian En
deavors, with Miss Murl Rawis and
Miss Alma Blckmeyer as associates;
Miss Elsie Loyise Jones. Federation
of Baptists Young Peoples’ Unions.
Extension committee No. 3: Mrs. C.
T. Horne. Miss Chinn. Miss Mae Simp
son. Mrs. W. A. Brewer and Mrs. Leo
y. Solback.
“Women in Police Work”'ls Topic
for Church Talk.
Judge Katherin© Sellers of the
Juvenile Court will sq>cak next
Tuesday afternoon at the meeting of
the work department of the Woman's
Society of the Vermont Avenue
Christian Church. “Women in Police
Work” will be the subject of her
address. Mrs. James I. Parker will
preside. The missionary department
of the society will meet at 11 am. on
the same day, led by Mrs. H. E.
Davisson, and a luncheon will be
served at 12:30.
Drexel Biddle Organization to Hold
Annual Meeting.
The Drexel Biddle Bible classes of
the District of Columbia will hold
their annual meeting at Calvary Bap
tist Church tomorrow afternoon at 8
o'clock, Maj. A. J. Biddle will lead a
delegation from Philadelphia. The
speakers will be Rev. P. Vanls Slaw
ter. pastor of Olney Baptist Church,
Philadelphia; Dr. H. D. Jones, man
aging director of the national organ
ization of the Biddle Bible classes,
and Maj. A. J. Drexel Biddle.
Music will be furnished by the
Vaughn class orchestra of Calvary
Baptist Church.
Christian Endeavor Teams of Cal
vary Church in Drive. * 1
The Sunday Evening Christian En
deavor of Calvary Baptist Church to
morrow enters upon the last stage of
the contest which It has been en
gaged In for the last month for new
members. The “Red" team, led bv
C. I. Haycraft. Is still holding first
place by a margin of thirty-five
points. The “Whites.'' led by *R. C.
Howard, succeeded In retaining sec
ond place last Sunday, and are lead
ing the “Blues,” In charge of C. S.
Connolly, by a small Vnargln.
The contest has been extended
through Monday night, so that each
team will have an added incentive to
attend the Christian Endeavor Union
meeting on that night.
The meeting Sunday night will be
In charge of Miss Lura Cook, a mem
ber ol the “Red’* team*
First 10 of 100 Questions on Jesus Christ
“The King of Kings.’’
1. (a) To the birth of what little child is a division in the world s
calendar of time due, and how designated? (b) According to New Tes
tament historians, what is the meaning of the word Christ? John, 1.
(c) VV’hcn King Ahaz asked Isaiah for a sign, what prophecy burst from
the latter’s lips? Isa., 7. (d) When this prophecy was fulfilled in Mary,
as Christians believe, what name, meaning almost the same as Immanuel,
did she give her child, and why?
2. (a) What royal title did the wise men give to Jesus at His birth?
(b) By what title did the angels announce to the shepherds the birth of
Jesus? (c) What inheritance did the angel say would be given to Jesus
which would seal His kingship forever? Luke, I. (d) In prophecy, how
did Isaiah describe this child, who was to be born a ruler over nations?
Isa., 9.
J. (a) According to a prophecy by Micah, where was the remnant
of Judah to be when this- everlasting ruler would be born? Micah, 5.
(b) When Herod asked the chief priests and scribes where the Christ
would be born, what did they reply, and whom did they quote? (c) bear
ing the coming kingship of the Child Jesus, what edict did Herod issue?
(d) How was the life of Jesus saved from the “slaughter of the inno
4. (a) What promise made by the angel was fulfilled when Joseph,
Mary and Jesus were in Egypt? (b) Although justified in going to Judea
to reside, where did Joseph take his family, and why? (c) Being a phy
sician, how many chapters did Luke devote to the miraculous features
attending the birth of John and of Jesus? (d) What incident in the early
life of Jesus does Matthew record that is not related by the other
biographers ?
5. (a) In his genealogy, of which two famous ancestors of Israel did
Matthew call Jesus the son? (hi Through which son of David did Mat
thew trace the lineage of Jesus? <c) Through which son of David did
Luke trace the lineage of Jesus? Comment: Since a person could not
claim lineage through two sons of the same man. one of the genealogies
is. evidently, that of Mary in the name of her husband, (d) How far
back did Luke trace the lineage of Jesus?
6. (a - ) How far back did John trace the existence of Jesus .' (b) With
what incident does Mark begin his biography of Jesus.' (c) In the first
chapter of Luke, how many verses, and which, describe the experience ot
Zacharias. a priest, who was serving in the temple? (d) In what part
of the temple did the angel appear, and what was his message.'
7. (a) When Zacharias doubted the angelic message, by what name
did the angel introduce himself, and what did he say was his vocation in
heaven? (ID For doubting the veracity of the message, what did the
angel say would happen to Zacharias? (c) What did the angel tell Zach
arias that the promised child would do for Israel and for the world,
fd) After her child was conceived, what course did Elizabeth pursue.'
8. (a - ) Six months later, to what city did the same angel go and
what salutation did he carry to a virgin named Mary? (b) How many
verses, and which, arc a record of the angel’s message to Mary, who was
troubled over bis appearance? (cl In his message, over whom and how
long did the angel tel! Mary her child would rule.' (d) When Mary
said, "How can these things be?” as the message was not in conformity
with the known laws of nature, what was the angels reply.'
9. (al What hit of information did the angel give to Mary concern
ing her cousin Elizabeth, and what explanation did he add.' (b) To the
heavenly message, what was Mary’s submissive reply? (cl After Mary
had conceived, instead of hiding herself, as did Elizabeth, what did she
do? (d) As Mary called when about to enter the home of Elizabeth,
what revelation did God give to the latter concerning Mary.'
10. (a) How many verses, and which, are a record of the burst of
joy from Mary’s lips when she found that Elizabeth had been told by-
God that she (Mary) was to be the mother of the Lord? (b) How long
did Mary remain a guest in the home of Zacharias and Elizabeth;
(c) What promise, given to David, could he fulfilled only by one having
a divine as well as human nature? II Sam.. 7. (d) Through the earthly
lineage of Mary, Jesus was "the Son of Man”; who declared His divine
nature by using the title, "Son of God,” and when 1
f Copyright by Hurtling Kuril, 1028.1
"Victories That <‘ount" trill be the
subject 'of Rev, Dr. Earle VVllfley’s
sermon tomorrow morning at. the
Vermont Avenue Christian Church.
At the evening service a special mu
sical program will be given by the
church choir and Dr. Wilfley will
preach a short sermon.
** * *
Tn the First Presbyterian Church
the scries of sermons on tho “Out
standing Calls of Cod" will he con
tinued tomorrow by the pastor. Kev.
Dr. Clark, the subject for the morn
ing being “The Call to Abraham.”
The subjects for the evening services
are “Some Questions of Christ," and
tomorrow evening the question.
“Whom Say Ye That I Am?” will be
♦♦ # ♦
Dr. Henrv Allen Tupper, First Bap
tist Church, 16th and O streets, will
preach at 11 am. Subject, “The
Worlds Worthiest Work”; and at S
p.m., “The Last of His Messages to
the Masses." “Can We Know That
Man Is Immortal?" The quartet, as
sisted by harp, violin, organ and
chorus, will give a special musical
program at 7 :40.
itt * * $
“Why We Must Think About the
Inside* of Our Bodies" is the subject
tomorrow nlg.it of Kev. K. Hez Swein,
and in the morning. “His House,” at
the Centennial Baptist Church.
** * *
Tomorrow night in the Metropoli
tan Memorial M. B. Church the wom
en of the Home Missionary Society
will repeat a pageant given some
weeks ago. entitled “The Striking of
Americas Hour'.” Jerome Marshall
will lead a congregational and song
service, using his trombone. The
pageant will be directed by Miss
Kdith McDougle. At the morning
service the minister. Rev. Dr. Harry
D. Mitchell, will preach and admin
ister the communion. At 5 p.m. there
will be a mass meeting for women, to
be addressed by Mrs. Earl Noftzgar
on “The Model Mother,"
** * *
Dr. J. Stanley Durkee. president of
Howard University, will preach
New York Avenue Presbyterian
Church tomorrow, both morning and
evening. The subject of tho morning
sermon will be "Soul Vision . the
evening subject will be The Gospel
as Tennyson Sang It." Rev. Maurice
F rater, missionary to the *»vage
South Seas, will speak at the Thurs
day night service.
♦♦ ♦ *
“The Incredible Art” is the subject
of an address by Dr. Julia Seton, psy
chologist and international lecturer
to be given tomorrow night at »
o'clock at the League for the Larger
Life. 1731 1 street northwest. Public
** * ♦
Tomorrow evening at J o'clock at
the Church of the Advent. 2d andl L
streets northwest, the third of the
series of sermon-conferenoes on
“Soma of the Christian Fundament
als” will be held. The rector. Rev.
Thom Williamson. Jr, announce* the
subject will bo “Our Savior.” Wed
nesday evening the special speaker
will be Rev. David R. Covell. vicar of
Trinity Diocesan Church and Wash
ington city missionary. Friday the
rector preaches to children.
♦* * *
The plan of making certain mem
bers of tho class responsible for the
attendance of other memoers has been
successfully developed during the past
few months by the centennial class
of the Sunday school of the Vermont
Avenue Christian Church, taught by
W. T. Eddlngfleld.
♦♦ ♦ *
At the Immanuel Baptist Church
tomorrow Rev* Qove 0.. Johnson
preache# at the morning worship. At
night a special eong and baptismal
service is announced, the singing led
by Percy Poeter and the male chorus,
and the pastor conducting a service
of baptism. Dr. Clayton’s Bible lec
ture tonight <7:45 to 9) Is on “The
Presence and Power.”
♦* * *
Rev. Dr. Charles Wood, pastor of
the Church of the Covenant, 18th and
X streets northwest, will preach to
morrow at 3: SO on the subject,
“Finding God In the Flowers and
Trees,” as a part of the present series
of Sunday afternoon sermons on the
general theme, "Finding God in the
Things He Hse Made.” In the even
ing his subject will be “Biblical
Psychology—the Making of the Mind
and Souk” . ”L«»#onq From the
Psalma” will bg thg topic o£ t&6
Christian Endeavor Society, meeting
at 6:45 o'clock pm., with Julius Van
Schoelsndt as the leader. New offi
cers will be installed. Mrs. Clarence
M. Hyelop has been re-elected presi
dent of the society.
** * *
“How Shall We Keep Lent" will be
the subject of the sermon by Dr.
Clarence E. Rice at the Church of
Our Father (Unlvereallst), 13th and
L streets northwest, tomorrow morn
ing at 11 o’clock. At 6:30 p.m. the
fourth of a series of monthly sup
pers will be served by the Sunday
school on behalf of the Young Peo
ples' Christian Union, followed by
the weekly devotional meeting at
which the topic. "The Strong and the
Weak” will be considered, led by
Miss Allda Baker.
** * *
Tomorrow will be “Doubling day”
iri the Bible school at the Ninth Street
Christian Church. A contest with the
First Christian Church, Omaha. Neb..
Rev. George A. Miller, pastor, begins
next Sunday. For every one present
in his school we must have two pres
ent in the local school. Rev. C. R.
Stauffer will preach at the 11 o’clock
service on “Why Go.” and In the even
ing on ‘‘David and Goliath.”
* * *
At Trinity Diocesan Church. 3d and
C streets northwest. Rev. David Ran
som Coveil will preach tomorrow at
11 a.m. on “The Four Only Interesting
Things,” and at 8 p.m. there will be a
special service for the Order of the
Eastern Star. Dr. Thomas E. Green of
the American Red Cross will be the
speaker at the night service.
*♦ * *
Brig. David Stitt will conduct the
service for men in the new Social
Service Center, 102-116 B street
northwest, tomorrow. This meeting
will be held In the chapel of the
new building and Is open to men of
all creeds and races. He will speak
on “Things That Follow.”
* * * >K
Dr. John E. Briggs will preach to
morrow morning at the Fifth Bap
tist Church on "After Jerusalem,
What?” Following the sermon new
member* will be received and the
Dord’s Supper observed. At night the
pastor will preach on “The Ministry
of Angels; What Does the Bible
** * *
At the Calvary Methodlat Church
tomorrow’ morning Dr. James Shera
Montgomery will preach on the sub
ject, “The Christian God.” Tn the aft
ernoon at 4 o'clock the Calvary cho
rus choir and quartet, under the di
rection of George Harold Miller, will
render a program of Russian church
music. In the evening at 8 o’clock
Dr. Montgomery will give a sermon
lecture on “Five Great Pictures of
the World.”
** * *
“Spiritual and Material Healing” is
the subject of a lecture by Dr. Al
fredo Warsaw to be delivered tomor
row afternoon at 8 o'clock before the
Secular League’s forum. 1101 E street
northwest. The lecture will be pre
ceded by a brief review of current
events bv Secretary John D. Bradley
and followed by an open discussion
by the audience of the topic of the
lecture. The public is invited.
«* * *
At Shiloh Baptist Church tomorrow
morning Rev. Dr. Waldron will preach
the second sermon in the series on
“Questions of the Bible,” his subject
being "Wilt Thou Not Revive Us
Again?” In the afternoon the Lord's
supper will be observed and the hand
of fellowship given to a number of
new members. At night the pastor
will preach on “The Attractive Power
of the Uplifted Christ.”
** • *
At the First Congregational Church,
10th and G streets northwest. Dr. Ja
son Noble Pierce speaks tomorrow at
11 a.m. on “If It Be Possible.” and at
S p.m. gives another of the series of
sermons on Christ's parables with
modern application, “One More
Chance.'* Including the subtopics,
“Churches and the Radio”; "Good-Bye
Congress," “Francs and the Ruhr,”
"What Business Should Youth Enter?”
At 10 a.m. in the auditorium of the
church Judge E. P. Seeds will address
the Gates Bible class for men and
♦* * *
At Foundry Church tomorrow
morning there is to be a reception of
members and “an hour In the upper
room.” In the evening following the
tommunlty song service Dr. Randolph
Sunday School Lesson
TEMPLE.—Luke. 20.1-21. 3S.
Golden Text—Render therefore
unto Caesar the things which
bo Caesar's, and unto God the
things which be God's.—Luke,
Christ's triumphant entrance into
Jerusalem revealed Ills popularity
and power with the people, who had
assembled in Jerusalem for the pass
over. The influence of the Master
with the masses threatened the re
ligious and political leaders with a
reformation that would destroy them.
Jesus had demonstrated His attitude
toward the combination of religious
and financial Interests when He
drove the money changers out of the
Temple. During most of His minis
try He had met the Intense opposition
of the Pharisees. His teachings were
diametrically opposite their hypocritical
and formalistic Ideals, which He hart
exposed with such skill that they
were determined to destroy Him.
They formed a combination of the
religious and political forces to mur
der Him. The Sadducees. who had
not been as bitter against the
as the Pharisees, were offended b>
His teachings, which were, they felt,
antagonistic to their interests. They
could not endure the revelation of
the sinful life of the Jewish leaders.
The orlhodex Pharisees and the
liberal Sadduoees would never have
entered Into a combination with the
Hcrodians except they had been
moved by the strongest possible mo
tives. They hated the despised Hero
dians. who were champions of the
supporters of the family of Herod.
They were considered to be renegades
and would not have been welcomed
as allies if they had not feared that
the popularity of Jesus threatened
their own position, as leaders. They
had no sympathy with the Hcrodians'
position that the law of Moses, pro
hibiting tho placing of a stranger
over the nation as ruler, did not ap
ply if they were placed over them by
some conquering power. The com
bination of these three Hebrew par
ties. which were naturally and his
torically antagonistic to one another,
in an effort to destroy the popular
ity. prestige and power of Jesus, was
a powerful combine. They sought to
entrap Him by a series of questions
that covered politics, theology and
They tried to turn the tide of
popular favor against Jesus by ques
tioning His authority. He in turn
put them to confusion by questioning
them concerning the authority of
Johr Baptist. He Indirectly an
swered them by the parable of the
vineyard, which vividly train ted Israel's
approaching doom. They understood
His charges against themselves that
the Master pictured In the parable.
Jesus sealed His fate by His predic
tion of the displacement of the
chosen people by the gentiles. His
condemnation of the ecclesiastical
loaders’ iniquity, and His claims to
They tried to entrap the Christ with
a iHilitlcal problem that was an adroit
and dangerous dilemma. They tried
to throw Him off His guard by a hyp
ocritical profession of faith and con
fidence in His sincerity and fearless
ness. They asked concerning the law
fulness of tribute to Caesar. An in
dorsement of tribute giving would
alienate the tax-burdened Jew. A
protest against It would bring Jesus
into conflict with the strong arm of
the Roman government as a traitor.
They would have willingly appeared
as witnesses against the Master if He
were charged with sedition and dis
Christ was not deceived. He met
their attempt by compelling them to
become witnesses to their own hy
pocrisy. He asked them to produce a
Roman denarius, that was worth
about 17 cents or a day's wages. He
answered them in a statement that
Von Ranke has well called "the most
revolutionary utterance” of the Lord.
They were silenced and baffled by the
profound and far-reaching principles
stated in our golden text, "Render
unto Caesar the things that are Cae
sar's. and unto God the things that
are God’st" His answer filled the ex
pert lawyers with amazement. He
stated an evidently Just political prin
ciple, that was destined to "lift em
pires off their hinges and to turn the
current of the ages out of its chan
nel," but its significance was bevond
them. In emphasizing the duty of all
to pay both their religious and politi
cal obligations, the one to G-od and
the other to the state, Jesus did not
teach that there existed no relation
between church and state. He taught
that "the state, as a state, has abso
lutely no religious function; the
church, as a church, has absolutely no
political function: that proper lovaitv
to church and proper loyal tv to state
never conflict.” Christ did not come
to set up a kingdom that would over
throw or dominate any political gov
ernment. But the principle He enun
ciated has become a part of national
constitutions. In the providence of
God it remained for our country to
first demonstrate the practicability of
the Master’s teachings concerning
religious liberty. The American ideal
of government is In accordance with
Christ's answer that organized reli
gion and organized politics are to he
kept forever separate. We must re
member that the success and stability
of any nation depends upon the work
ing out In Us political life of the prin
ciples of Jesus in the life of its clli
The Pharisees and Hcrodians hav
ing been silenced, the Kadduoees
next tried to Insnare the Master with
a theological test question that has
been puzzling to others besides this
Jewish sect which, as a class, denied
the resurrection. They presented for
solution a striking case under the
Icvlrate marriage law to prove the
confusion that would result In the
world to come as a result of plural
marriages. But Jesus pointed out
calmly and courteously the two er
rors in their reasoning; first, a lack
of Knowledge of the Scriptures them
selves. and second, a misconception of
the power of God.
The Master's teachings concerning
the form of tho body of the risen
dead in His answer to the Sadducees
Is the only distinct teaching that He
has given upon this subject. The fact
that our resurrection bodies will he
like those of angels not barthlv or
physical, is in accord with Paul’s ex
position upon the resurrection given
us In Corinthians. Jesus pointed out
that His teachings concerning Im
mortality harmonized with those of
the Old Tcetament. He implied that
alt the dead ate alive. He conquered
them by answers that silenced His
opponents. While the Master did not
answer all of the questions of the
human heart concerning the future
and life beyond the grave, yet He jn
veiled enough in this lesson to justi
fy hope in such a life.
The two other synoptic gospels tell
of a scribe who was attracted by the
Lord’s way of handling the questions
put to Him. He approached the
Taacher with an old teat queatlon of
the rabbis ae to which is the greatest
commandment. Christ’s answer cannot
be surpassed as a summary of human
duties. It was satisfactory to the
questioner himself. His approval In
will preach the third eermon In the
series on "The Soul's Thirst for God,”
and Thursday evening the fourth ad
dress in the series on "The Apostles*
♦* * *
Rev. Irvin* W. Kctchum's subject
tomorrow night at Peck Memorial
ChapSl la. “Is It Ever Too Late to
Repent?" In the morning he will
speak on "Anointed With Oil.”
Wednesday at 8 p.m. the annual
congregational business meeting will
be held. Reports of the year’s work
will b« flven. Refreshments will ke
dlcate* that he belonged to the pro
gressive spiritual element which saw
that forms and ceremonies did not
constitute all of religion. The truly
spiritual man will not despise forms
as a means of giving expression to
religious Impulses, but the formal
ritualist Is apt to fail to look for
the spiritual, which Is, after all, the
essential thing In the true worship
01 God. The frankness of tne scribe
appealed to the Christ and Ho com
mended him ns one who had come
very near the kingdom of God.
This recognition ought to have en
couraged him to step over the line
and became a disciple of tho Lord
Jesus. Conviction Is not conversion.
One may be master of spiritual
knowledge and not possess the spir
itual experience of the new birth. The
silencing of the scribe closes the
efforts to entangle the Master, for
we read that "no man durst ask Him
any questions."
After that series of victories Christ
assumed the offensive. Tie was not
satisfied with merely vanquishing his
adversaries, for He made another ef
fort to win them, pointing out their
mistaken views concerning the
Messiah. He tried to eradicate their
false views of the kingdom that He
came to establish. He sgught to have
them acknowledge Him as the splrtual
Messiah. He wanted them to see that
He was not a national but a univer
sal ruler. The one thing which the
world needs to stabilize society, re
store order and promote peace among
all nations, creeds and races is the
acceptance and practicing of the prin
ciples that the .Master taught.
While busy with His conflicts with
His enemies, Jesus noted the manner
with which people deposited their
gifts and offerings. He saw the timid
woman, whose heart was filled with
gratitude for God's grace and mercy,
conic and give her all to the services
of Jehovah. That gift of the widow's
mile has encouraged many to give to
tfie Master’s kingdom, but no one can
claim to be giving the widow's mite
unless the one gives his all. Jesus
seeks today to win the world to His
standards. When all shall be filled
with love such as the poor widow had
for God and His worship, the forces
of the Master will sweep the nations
of the earth by their evangel and
bring In the kingdom that will be
our Tiord's when He returns to rule
the nations of the world. May He
come quickly:
Will Be Resumed Monday and
Continue With Interesting
Ti.e midday Lenten service at
Keith's Theater yesterday began with
an invocation by the Kev, H. H. Rank,
followed by a solo by Miss May Ruth
Peters, soprano soloist of the Church
of tho Covenant. Dr. I*. W. Glaze
brook. presiding, then introduced the
speaker. Dr. A, M. Hrodle. who spoke
on “Christian Service as Applied in
Everyday Affairs."
"Few of us,” said Dr. Brodie, "are
really happy. True happiness can-toe
obtained only from true service,
which only comes from following the
way the Master led. Jesus introduced
& new Idea Into the world when He
made service to others of more promi
nence than service from others The
greatest person in this audience is
not the one with the most money, or
the most fame, or the moet servants,
but the one who most truly serves
others in proportion to his or her
ability. We have only two relation
ships in this world—to God and to
our fellow-men —and to serve the one
!s to serve the other. Service to God
is not only in prayer and worship and
church attendance, hut in helping His
children "
There will be no service at Keith's
today or tomorrow, but an interest
ing program has been arranged for
next week.
Vaughn Bible Students to Enter
tain Fifth Baptist Baracas.
The Vaughn Bible class of the
Calvary Baptist Church will have as
US special guest tomorrow morning
the Baraca class of the Fifth Bap
tist Church, headed by W. E. Mooney,
Its teacher.
Edward Burkholder, past high
priest of Columbia Chapter of Royal
Arch Masons, will speak on "The
Cycle of Life” at the monthly club
meeting of the class at S o’clock
Monday evening in the Sunday
school house of the church.
The following men are the most
recent additions to the class: C. J.
Barnett. Ernest J. Bollinger. A. Van
Ness Burst. H. W. Butler, George S.
Clarke, J. W. Coleman. I* F. Craig.
C. H. Davison, John B. Edelkatnp.
W. E. Eddy. Albert L. Gardner.
Thomas E. Garnett, Bedros Hagopian,
Bernard H. Hall. Eric W. Heilman,
Fred W. Isaacs. J. P. Johnson, Theo
dore \V. Kitchen, H. L. Lohnes,
George S. Modlln. W. IT. Montgomery,
H. E. Murphy. J. O. Nash. William
Earley Peatross, L. R. V. Pennell,
Claude Propps and Ronald Straus.
The executive committee met
Wednesday evening at the home of
t>. J. Partel'o for the purpose of
receiving reports from committees
and making appropriations for be
nevolent work.
Dr. Abcrnethy to Address Baptists
at Rialto.
I Rev. Dr. Abcrnethy Is to address
the Burrall class of Calvary Baptist
Sunday school at 9:30 a.m. tomor
row, In the Rialto Theater.
This claes holds a prayer meeting
service on Thursday evenings at 7:30
o’clock, at the Calvary Baptist
Church. The class also publishes a
weekly bulletin. Miss Margaret Ring
rose. 1759 Lanier place, being the
editor. Under the auspices of the
class a concert was given at the
church last evening, the Maryland
Glee Club being the performers.
ChristadclphianEcdesia f*'
naval lodgb haij,.
Krtrr Sunday, 11:30 a.m. All welromq.
Christadelphian Chapel
Brethren meet every Sunday «t J1 a.m. at
Pythian Temple. 1012 9th »t. r.w.. Slid floor.
y. w. t:. a.
901 Rhode leisad ave.
Vesper Service.
Sunday, 4 p.m.
friends Meeting
1811 Eye St. N.W.
Meeting at n a.m.
First day (Sunday) school—lo a.m.
IRtb and Irving ste. n.w.
fi. S., 9:45. Meeting for worship, 11 am.
C. E , 6:30 p.m.
vjrace hbnbt h. ranch, d.d„ rmtor.
9:4o—Sunday achool; 7 p.m., O. E.
t7J_ o i AT 13th AND MON ROB BTB. N.W.
be. JAMES D. BUHRER. MlnlaUr.
rnVtNB IRBVIcr.S at n l.«. and 8 p.m.
fCSAtX iCSOOL, 8.45 AJU. C. 5.8.. a jfJAm
Hebrtw School of Ohev-Sholom
* Synagogue Will Entertain With
Recitations, Music and Sketch.
A purlin festival will be given by
the Hebrew School of the Ohev-Sho
lom Synagogue, at sth and 1 streets,
tomorrow night at 7 o’clock.
The program will consist of recita
tions. music, and a short I’urirn sketch.
The feast of Purlm la celebrated In
commemoration of the deliverance of
Israel from the evil designs of cruel
Hainan, as related in the Book of
Esther. Purlin Is u constant remind
er of the various epochs in the ca
reer of the Hebrew race, which is be
set with enemies seeking Us destruc
tion. Rabbi J, T. Loeb explains.
Continuing, ha says of the festival:
"Hainan's denunciation against Oie
‘people dispersed and scattered in all
the provinces’ of the old Persian em
pire Is re-echoed with shocking force
through the passing ages in all the
lands and states of Us dispersion. The
same people are still here, as of old. to
celebrate the salvation of God and the
triumph over all earthly things.
“Purim is therefore a joy day. in
spiring confidence In a divine power
frustrating the designs of the wicked
and preserving the destiny of Israel.
The jovial nature of the Purim feast,
as practiced in orthodox synagogues
by the 'Hatnan-cloppers' during the
reading of the Megillah (Rook of
Esther) the evening and morning of
Purim, is a token of defiance against
the wicked Hainan of all times and
conditions. It is an expression of
hope that the Amalakite in all gen
erations shall he wiped oft before the
Lord, and the cause of the righieous
shall triumph at. the end.”
Teen-Age Society to Meet at F
Street Building.
G;rl P.eserves, the Y. TV.'s teen-age
girls, will conduct the weekly vespers
at o o'clock tomorrow afternoon at
the F street building of the associa
tion. The theme of the service is to
be “Follow the Gleam," a favorite
association song which is based or,
the story of the Holy Grail.
Alice Williams, president of the
High School Girl Reserves’ Club
Council, will preside. Margaret .Me-
Closkey of Business High School, and
Miss Katherine Le Blanc, of Columbia
Junior High, will sing solos and Ruth
Callahan, of Eastern High, will tell
the story - of Sir Galahad.
The social hour will follow the serv
ice when members of the Young Em
ployed Girl Reserves will serve tea
The Y W. C. A. student clubs from
Gallaudet and George Washington
University -vi-ill be g~uests of honor.
Keller Memorial Lutheran
S. T. Nicholas, D. D., Pastor
Sunday School at 9.30 a.m.
Wiles Bible Class for Men.
II a.m.—
“Who Lives in Your House?”
7 :45 p.m.—
“Growing a Life”
Societies for Tour* People, 6:45 p ni
Lenten earvifea. Thur.. 8 p.m.
the homelike church.
Church of the Incarnation^
Northeast comer 14th and Gallatin sts n w
Services—ll a.m.. h p.m.
Itible school, 0;45 a m.
Thursday. Lenten vespers. 8 p ro
CAt Thomas Circle Northwest)
9:45 a.m. —Bible School.
11 :00 a.m.—Sermon—
7:00 p.in.—C. E. Sr. and Jr.
8:15 p.in. —Sermon—
special music by large choir. Mr. 'Walter Nash, organist.
Solos. Maj. Charles Tittmann. Voluntary contributions.
12:25 to I, Except Saturdays and Sundays
MONDAY—Mr. Wm. Mather Lewis, Speaker.
Mr. W. B. Patterson presiding.
TUESDAY —Citric Betterment Organizations Day.
Rev. James E. Freeman, Speaker.
Mr. Win. Knowles Cooper presiding.
Music, Epiphany Church Quartet
WEDNESDAY—Hon, Henry C. Wallace, Speaker.
Mr. Henry P. Blair presiding.
THURSDAY—Hon. A. Mitchell Palmer, Speaker.
Dr. W. Sinclair Bowen, presiding.
Music, Vermont Avc. Christian Church Quartet,
i FRIDAY—Hon. Clyde Kelly, M. C. Speaker.
Mr. Holcombe G. Johnson presiding.
Music, Vermont Avc, Christian Church Quartet.
Music, Miss Nctfa Craig. Soloist.
Every One Urged to Attend* No Collection.
Gospel Mission
REV. C- M - CORY, Supt.
rWill Merit Your Interest and Help
h NIGHT So Much Needed” if you will take
. f THE YEAR*’ 1110 to investigate and send a good-
WE NEED HELPERS sized check.
Get to Work With t»
We ask this question: Do 57 conversions last week mean anything
to the City of Washington and the states they go to? Nearly 30
per cent of “young men” stranded, coming from every state to Wash
ington, have been “Bonus-Hunting Men. They will vork and We
have proven this—nearly 60 gladly accepted work with B. and O',
railroad. Many disabled boys out of hospitals merit consideration
(and we give iO. but cannot take on heavy work, and wc firtd jobs
for this kind—DON'T THINK ALL ARE BUMS—9O per cent only
temporarily handicapped.
Where Would You GO if in Like Position in Washington
Think Once Think Twice Think Thrice
—and remember us liberally—we need your help.
.iicla l* Us Our Effort to Provide for TkU Great Church of the ChutchL * .
Th* next meeting of th« Jntermed:-
ato Christian Kndeavor fnlon will be
held in the Metropolitan Presbyterian
Church, 4th and ii streets southeast,
triday night at 7:30 o'clock. This
service will be a decision service, and
all societies in the union are re
guested to be present in full numbers.
All other societies not In the union
are cordiality invited.
St* Paul's English Lutheran
Eleventh and D Street* N.tV.
John T. Huddle, D. D., Pastor.
“One of Christ's Wayside
"The Two-Talent Man"
7 .30, Thursday—Lenten service.
S. S., 0 :30. V. K . 0:43.
Church of Reformation
tlnd and R Ms. ».e.
Sunday achoel 0:80 *.o*
Morning Kerr!.'# 11:00 am.
Evening service 7:46p.m.
Christian Endeavor 0:46 p.m.
Tuesday 7:43 p.m
Friday—Children - * church 4:00 p.m
Friday 7 ;46 p.m
You *r« invited. No seat* meiTed.
7TOM fi,h and p kts». vw
n, r RICHARD SCHMIDf. Paster.
Bible vliool. 0:30 a na. German Lenten
hour. 10 a.m. English worship and sermon
11 a.m. and 7:43 p.m. Luther League after
evening nervier. /lon's Brotherhood. Mon
day, 8 p.m. English lenten service, Thun
day. 7:43 p m.
Grace Evangelical Lutheran
fOhio Synod. 1
13lli and Corcoran n w
Preaching. 11 t.m. and 8 p.m.
Sunday ocbooi. 9:30 a m.
I ii. i:. LENSKI. Bailor.
Atonement co,lN n r oapV™lbt aND
REV. I. 0. RARER. Paator.
| Public worship. 11 a.m. aod 8 p.m
Sunday achool. 0:4."» a.m.
Luther league. 7:13 pm.
I Concordia Evangelical
20th and C n.w
C. W. LOCHER, Pastor
M’il.th, Hilda achool.
11:00 a.m.—Service* in Harman
b p m.—Henrico* in Fngiiah.
Epiphany 2™'“"
UFA. W. C. WALTKMYf H. Pastor.
Residence. 1813 Kalorama road.
Bible school 0:30 a.m
Morning worship 11:00 ■ m.
Luther League p.m.
Evening worahlf) 8:00 p.m
Midweek prayer e-'m.-e, Thursday, 8 p.n..
Litany *err:ce f half-hour*. Friday, 4:30 p m
ChristXutheran ChurcH~
New Jersey ave. he?. M and N' *?s.
• Missouri Synod.)
Evening lerrlce, 7:43.
Lenten «ervire Thursday 7:45 p.m
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
B and Bth •tra'-te a.w.
Rot. H D HAYES O. D.. Paator.
HOML. v>
ft;4s a.m.—Bible school.
11:00 a.m.—The service with sermon hr Ur.
7:43 pm -Evening «.errlee.
Trinity Lutheran Church
Cor. 4th and E «t». n.w. Synod i.
Services —
H a.m.-—German. with holy communion,
preparatory service. 10:30 a.m.: 7:30 p.m ,
C:43 am, -Rundav school ami Bible eiaas.
Midweek German Lenten service. Wednesday.
7:80 p.m.

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