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—— 810-618 Seventh
Radiant Newcomers in a Sale of m T n =
1 cl||i^c3''' • New Bags |
I J| Charming New I
| Trimmed Hats ssSSS I
~ med. Metal frames, Z
E , , ....... swinging purse and mir- E
= nolhc' rcwrkaWe Kmg. ror. Party Boxes. Sued I
H *■ |/ ) aatc LurE ' with ntintor, powder box, 5
i V T' ‘fn. h! 9BSE~«8 |(nO lipstick box and purse. |
V_ ' IC va UCS * iat * iavc keen the —And the popular shapes E
f' v —® ers 3
5 (j| y Flowed-trimmed E
3 Wreath-trimmed
Bags at $2.98 |
= , Ribbon-trimmed M»W J—F Os gold and black and sil- E
=j * i ;V Feather-trimmed BKKM ver and black silk- brocade 5
3 -- ? a—l JL and in rich plain silks. 3
Ornament-trimmed • JBB—BBK High-grade Leather Hand- 3
~ f? A\ \Vv ■HH bags, in various styles and 3
= \V\ Large, medium and small colors, with change purse; E
E I models — pokes, mushrooms, tri- WS BBW■■■ also Vachette Hags, fitted S
E comes, ott-thc-facc hats. Billie Burkes and small effects, developed with manicure artic es. 3
= — .jl \W|T in various popular straws and novelty braids. Black and all colors. ————— E
| Flwr *
| 1 am " d In fl ° ra ' i'^o'nVnior.'“ |
I ALbsiLK lacr < Q q IR-E-ffl-N-A-N-T-S I
I CLOCKED HOSE, tl I I Jto 5 yard lengths in percale, gingham, pajama checks E
E "i |9 ® and other desirable wash materials, assembled -g 3
BB for a quick Friday clean-up at, yard 1 t/V E
/' s'j B SILK REMNANTS, in colors #2.50 REDSPREADS, heavy E—
yi—WoO , ~ MM only. Taffeta, crepe de chine white crochet quality In double-
3 j r — /n all KB and messalinc in A | /"k/'l 116(1 size. Attractive A . aq 3
3 A J o- KV practical lengths, I „i|l| raised patterns. I .Vn S
3 \y± IOeIeKSN Sizes Yard v Hemmed edges v -
( TAINS, odd lots, mostly larsro size and extra heavy 3
3 I —\ slightly soiled. Various *fx weicht. Patterned *7f% S
I 1/ raS .c, ™ r\..-i:... » patterns and sizes. IVC in deep designs that jVZ. / V =
= 1 wl finest 53.00 Uuality— Simjeti io i , ach piece * v resemble Marseilles s
E \ cry Slight Imperfections «5o tihkish rath towels, HrcK towels, size =
9m - . • heavy, llutfy and absorbent. Ex- i;x23 for hand use. These are 3
= ' Look and Wear tra largre s.ze. Buy i/\ the soft> serviceable I A =
rr ~ th eni tomorrow at a z|-VC quick-drying kind. I IfC 3
3 X as well as IT saving-. Lacli Eac . h =
3 r .. j d I 1 ~>C TI RKISH TOWELS, of _. u _, . =
3 v \nV Entirely Perfect firm, absorbent quality, < 2 l u !. a \- T .°' VFX ?' -
3 *"••■-. \1 a size and quality for f f lze 18x36. F*r ,n qual- | 3
, ~ . . •, . general home use. IyC Uy. soft and absorbent, f
3 Purchase of pure silk stockings de luxe, patterned in various Kach Each .
3 sash 10 liable lace clockings—-and every thread silk front toe to CROCHET BEDSPREADS, reg- 20c HECK TOWELS, size 17x29 =
hem. Full fashioned. Choice ol black, brown, taupe, silver and ular t 2.25 kind, in for general home S
3 gfav. new patterns. Pearl >"]t\ use. Supply yourself E—
hemmed. Twin-bed I. /V at. a substantial sav- I Zv2C
= —————— size 1 ing. Each v 3
I Handsome Blouses Domino VeUs, 59c to $1.25 J
Xew, unique, fascinating—some made to wear under =
= —reudv in immense assortments at the hat others in short drape effect with scroll border. =
E ‘ e, »t>«o Black, plain shades and combination colors. =
3 W\\ teaiure prices—sl.9B. $2.2a, $2.98, $3.00 K s
= /Wiv* , 4 _ ’ 40-INCH GEORGETTE NECKWEAR Purchase of =
= yj> nXs ' 10 CREPE, in black, white and 1 Spring novelties, worth SI.OO 3
3 /f 1 4 __ street and evening (1? | PA j and $1.50. Practically i A ,, 3
E (if Pcoular CP shades. Yard 1 ‘ every wanted style 3
3 /h- [~7T7"t jit .j B SILK GIRDLE or Cape Cords, RIBBONS, sto 7 inches wide. 3
E / |S ( .” jXrj | \ Ci roup, in all B • 2 yards long. Black, brown, ] Roman stripes, Dres- 3
E / j|;(T Sizes 35 to 44 navy and Paisley. $1.39: dens .plaids and moires. 29c I
3 ji 1 -
3 / j Mj 1 'lhe e.-'sencc of reffnement—these
S (- Sr vJ«S- crisp, charming models, with their / 3
TtJS touches of hand - drawnwork, hem- • A =
stitching and lace edging. \ 4BL f VlUlovlb =
3 Set oral models with Peter Pan col- E
=kw lar> and one particularly pleasing one / [Tf / _ a re the unique foundaiton Ot good =
= wit r« -r-.ii-t— -r* SA with front trill. Long sleeves. J / S i . . i- 1 3
3 ® ~ •„ , - I A \/ appearance and good health 011 which 3
3 r» V ‘Tv-£L.w» Main- women will want several ot I v. \ ~r i , r 0 , 3
»r v. these Ali-purposc White Blouses that tliousaiids of women built happil\ and
' Bv reason of their many exclusive =
= c ‘j Pongee Silk SL*.SO comfort and corrective features Nemo I =
E RlAiises \j 77(1:1 corsets are distinctly in a class by E
E Irhy ~ / S/lfll themselves. =
3 ‘L v 1 -set/ Smart, shimmering, serviceable. I f (ft /i AA 4-y\ AA E
Sizes .36 to 44. One model has tucked I I «( £ *\J\J
i front, long sleeves and round collar. W - WI |l Nemo 514-Has elas- Nemo 327-Self-re- 3
3 U'SRB3B| a not icr is strictb tailored except for t i c inserts at top, ducing model, for me- 3
3 ar * W t’ C ’ j IS 3 i tri, p mcc l- A
3 l third has embroidered tuxedo collar. skirt. Six hose sup- Elastic insert top and 3
3 \\) II tucked vest and lacc edge on collar. & ***** e#vice porters- 1 back- =
= \f / \J x tourth has the graceful long tai- 0 nn 3
= V| iored collar. S7.UO >5.1)0 =
| Easter Fashions at Their Best in This Sale of Lovely |
I film e * nC I’SW I
= AU SIZCS art I . J Paisley / v/ =
E ‘/| | m % M Novelties fill * K S
= /jfl j\\ lISSI —and a Host ■ ■ and Rich kjftlh V =
| o' Sfyfe# JL Combi- E
lnll¥U Newest and most luxurious of fabrics, such as plain and dropstitch trico- H|\ \hj \ =
3 « S - allt ' niC crcpe? canton crc P e - ' v ° ol crepe, taffeta silk and printed crepe \jl E
E fr~ X Brilliant w ith touches of ornamentation —embroidered and beaded motifs. JIES - ~
E y HjT ribbon bows and streamers, rosettes, silk flowers novelty braids, rows of ruf- 3
E Acs, pleating, velvet bands, metallic ornaments and monkey fur. COLORS in- \ V E
= MU elude: Gray, tan, navy, brown, taupe, almond green, pistachio green, cocoa, ■ iB E
= / sandalwood, biscuit, smoke, ashes of roses, toast and black, E
jTiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiHin iiiiuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiimiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiß
/- 1
! Charles A. Capell, Employe of U. S.
i Printery From 1886 Until Re
tirement, 3 Years Ago.
WStr- * '■>' ■%xMmSEk
■V r, 5-
' ' ' ’ , '
. >4flH^P^.
>' -. S’'
A. Capell. a resident of j
Washington for thirtj -seven years, ]
died Tuesday ai George Washington j
University Hospital following a se
rious operation. Funeral services
were conducted this afternoon at
Calvary Baptist Church, Uev. A.
Freeman Anderson officiating. Serv
! ices at the grave in Rock Creek ceni.
etery were In charge of Hope Ix>dge,
No. 20, F. A. A. JL, of which Mr.
Capell was a member of long stand
Mr. Capell was born in Penn Tan.
N. V., October 19, 1853, and married
Marllla Greeno of Rochester, N. V.,
in that city la 1880. In 1880 be was
appointed to the government printing
office and was employed there until
Ms retirement, three years ago. He
has been a member of Calxary Church
for eighteen years and also was a
member of the Columbia Typograph
ical Union, No. 3 01.
He is survived by his wife, a son.
Edward r>. Capell of New York city;
two daughters, Mrs. Philip A. Wright
and Mrs. William E. Kahenhorst, and
a sister. Mrs. Loretta C. Gillette of
Watkins. N. Y.
Wilson Normal Community Center,
12th and L streets—French class, 7:30;
Spanish classes. 7:30; Wilson Players,
7:30; choral unit of Federated Cath
olic Alumnae. 8: Lonesome Club.
j Columbia Athletic Club and basket
ball games. 7; the National People’s
Opera Company. 8.
The Central High Community Cen
ter, 11th and Harvard streets —Art
lecture by Royal Cortissoz. under the
auspices of the Washington Society
of the Fine Arts. 8:15. The Hurrl
cana Gymnasium Club, 7:30.
Southeast Community Center. 11th
and G streets southeast—The Coun
try Dancing Club. 8.
East Washington Community Cen
ter. Tth and C streets southeast—So
cial Club, 8:30; community orchestra,
7:30; Americanization class. 7:30: j
Boys’ Independent Athletic Club, 7.
Thomson Community Center. 12th
and L streets—Washington Opera
chorus, 7:30; Dressmaking Club. 7:30;
Gaelic. 7:30; Illinois Society, S.
Johnson-Powell Community Center,
Hiatt place and Lamont street —Spe-
cial dancing Instruction, 3:15.
Birney Community ’Center. Nichols
avenue and Howard street southeast
—Sunbeam Club, 3:15; Girl Reserves.
3:45; Junior Needle Guild, 3:lf>; dra
matics, 3:45; Achievement Boys, 3:30.
Cleveland-Phelps Community Cen
ter. Bth and T streets—French clubs.
8; Dressmaking Club, 7:30; Douglas
Co-operative league. 7:30: Women’s
Exchange. 7:30; embroidery and fancy
sewing, 7:30; Community Center Band.
9; Junior Knitting Club. 7:30; Peo
ple’s Improvement Club. 7:30; Spanish
class. S: Community Center’s Band
Auxiliary. 9; James E. Walker Post,
7:30: Vocational Guidance Girls. 3; St.
Augustine’s basket ball team. 6: Sen
tinels basket ball team. 7.
Lovejoy Community Center. 12th i
and D streets northeast —Home Eco- j
nomics Club. 8; Buffalo Athletic Club, j
7:30; medical clinic, 8: community!
singing, 9; East Washington male]
chorus. 8; Ozark Athletic Club. S: j
Eureka Club. 8. j
; HANDBAG—Sunday erenlnf: vicinity of Ist
at. n.w. Call 75 S n.w. 15»
MONEY—Near Tnutnn Circle. N. 5430-. U
j 2408 N. Capitol at. T. I. Snyder. 15*
I RING, topaz, llojaon. 1305 N at. n.w. Frank? j
MfATftl, Ifyy's. on F at. between 14th and
[ l.’.th n.w., Monday evening. I’rore and pay
j ail. Phone Frank. ruiST-J.
HAG—Black Bilk, trimmed with beads, blue
lining; Monday night, on 14th at. car line to
Union atatton, containing to bill, change purse,
pair eyeglaaeee in Edmonds’ case. Return
1837 L at. n.w. 16»
BAH FlN—Platinum, with diamonds; good I
reward for return to 1203 Girard at. n.w.
Phone Col. 3332. 18*
BAR PIN, gold, on New Hampshire aveT
March 14. Return to 1740 Riggs place n.w.
j Reward. •
BEET — To brown overcoat. Return to 1325
U at. n.w. •
CANARY—From 1350 Meridian place. Reward
for return.
CAPE—body's blue serge. Sunday. Return to
Book Dept.. Woodward & Lothrop’s store. Re
ward. •
DIAMOND RlNG—Single stone with 3 small
diamonds on either side, in rest room of
Dulln S. Martin's. Please return to room 110,
Kellogg building, and receive reward.
DOG—White and black setter, female, not
broken; pet. Reward. S2OO. Col. 3307. 18*
DOG—Pomeranian, brown, old: reward. 703
East Capitol. Phone Line. 400-J.
EARRING —Gold: green, white and red atonea;
front of Woodward. Reward. 1C24 18th at.
Phone >■'. W7B. !«•
FOUNTAIN PEN—Gold band, with initials N.
M. W. Lost on 13th st. near F. Call Colnra
bla. 788. Reward. *
FRATERNITY PlN—Kappa Alpha. Jeweled,
; with opal border. Cleveland 752. 15*
I GLASSES—Tortolee shell rim glasses, in Kins-
I man case, between 12th and 14fh on G. Call
1 Col. 10479 or rotnrn to 3401 14th st. n.w.
KEYS—in”leather case: 3rd st. n.w., ImM? Avc
' nue and C. Reward. The Bulletin. 510 12tli si.
IvNYTTING, blue, In Georgetown. Phone UlncT
I 0040. Reward. *
■ MEDICAL BATTERY inclosed In oak case, be
i tween Sibley Hospital and 1748 K st. n.w.
! Telephone Franklin fiSHO, Dr. W. F. Patten.
I Reward. *
■ N Bi’KJ’l ECE—Mink. Tuesday u.ght lietween
Bbbltt HouaE and loth and R. Pan. Re
word. 1513 R. 1. ave. n.w. •
I PAPER BAG —From Woodward A Lnthrop'a.
containing walat lining and other articles, late ;
! Monday afternoon, between Conn. ave. and K]
I at.. 18th and Eye n.w. Return to 1832 Eye at. |
| Reward. * . !
I POUKKTBOOK. containing pair of eyeglasses j
I and physician’s receipt. Reward If returned to
! 2900 O at. n.w.
i POCKETUOOK—BIack: no handle: containing
raoner. eyeglasses and papers; lost changing
I cars at *1 Uh and You. 'going north to ear going
' west. Reward. Apr. 21, Hie Balfour, tilth
aim You sts..
1 Kf.'Cft—Cameo sot hi sliver. 9th and G ami
' So. Cap.. Monday. Mnlii 4SIU, Mrs. North. •
UMBRELLA —Will patty tak.ug by m.-lakc
i from ehajVl of John K. Wright Co. Tuesday, j
* Mareh 13 (Inltia a on handle, D. K.l. kindly |
return to D, Kahn. *1233 I2lli at, n.w.V •
WATCH, open-face, green gold; on H st. be
tween Bth and 13th at*, n.e. Reward if Under j
will return to 1240 H st. n.e. •_ j
IWBIBT WATCH —Small gold, engraved B. B.
I*., with light ribbon band; Wednesday morn- I
log between 18th and K n.w. Call Main 1880, I
J to. lit. Reward. * I
The Bryant Parrnt-Teachrr Associa
tion will meet tomorrow, 7:30 p.n. t at
Bryant School. Dr. L. B. O’Rourke'
and Dr. Rebecca Stoneroacl will speak.
lira. Elaine Rlalag will Rive expo
sition of Sunday school lesson tomor
row. 4:45 p.m., at Y. W. C. A., 1333 F
Phil Sheridan Post, No. «. O. A. It..
Will meet tomorrow, 3 p.m., at G, A. 11. J
Hubbard Home and School Associa
tion will meet Monday, 8 p.m., at Hub.
bard School. Dr. F. W. Ballou will be
principal speaker.
American Society tor Steel Treating
will meet tomorrow, 8 p.m.. In new
Interior Department. Jerome Strauss,
chief chemist, United States naval
pun factory, will speak of "Perform
ance of High-Speed Cutting Tools.”
Washington Alumnae of Goacher
College will give a tea Wednesday at
National Clubhouse, 1634 I street.
Miss Clarissa Spencer, Goucher alum- 1
lift and honor guest, will speak of!
“Living and Working In Bolshevist;
The tree mission study class, un
der the Womens Interdenominational
Missionary Federation, will meet to
morrow, 2 p.m.. In V. W. C. A. audi
torium. . TeaiJicre, Mrs. Rising and Miss
While unloading a freight ear near
3d and 1 streets northeast yesterday 1
afternoon, Frank E. Lewis, colored,
thirty-six years old, 902 Florida ave
nue, fell between the car and a motor!
truck and broke his right leg. He was
taken to Casualty Hospital.
Stepping on oar of her shoe laces,
Mrs. Mamie Sinclair, forty-ono years
old, 08 Fox ball road, early today
tripped and fell downstairs at hicr 1
borne. Hire sustained a painful injury !
to the side of her head. She was -
taken to Emergency Hospital and at
tended by Dr. Mayo, who said she had
not been danger ously hurt.
While playing in the yard ot a
yesterday afternoon, Ed- j
ward O’Neal, four and one-half years,
old. 907 Virginia avenue southwest*
was bitten on the right hand by a dog.
He received treatment at a drug store
and the dog was turned over to the
health department.
Samnel Cook, nine years old, 349
McLean avenue southwest, was bitten
on the right hand by a stray dog
while on the street near his home yes
terday afternoon. His wound was
treated -at Washington Sanitarium
Mission Hospital.
Mrs. John Nelson Bills will give Il
lustrated lecture on “Siam” before
Business Women's Council, tomorrow,
7:45 p.m.. in lecture room of Church
of the Covenant. Chorus singing, 6
p.m. Bible class. 6:30.
National Capital Post. No. 127, Vet
ernns of Foreign Wars, will hold open
meeting at G. A. Ft. Hall tomorrow.
Buffet lunch will be served after In
itiation. All cllgibleß invited.
Red Triangle Outing Clnb. St. Pat
rick’s dance tomorrow, 9 p.m.. Arcade
private ballroom.
College Alumnae Club will have a
tea and African exhibit at 1315 T
street, .Saturday, 4 to 7 p.m.
Dr. K. 11. Moomaw will address
- Bible class tomorrow, 4:45 p.m.. at
New York Avenue Presbyterian
A dance will be given at Catholic
Community House, 601 E street, Sat
urday evening.
Prof. George C. Whipple. Barnard
University, will speak at luncheon
of Washington Society of Massachu
setts Institute of Technology’ tomor
Congress of Mothers and Parent-
Teacher Associations will meet
Tuesday, 2 p.m., at the Ebbitt. Motion
pictures showing parent - teacher
| Biological Society will meet Satur
day, 8 p.m.. at Cosmos Club. Illus
trated addresses by John C. Merrlam
and F. A. McClure.
Grand Council Fire of Camp Fire
Girls of Washington tomorrow, C
p.m.. at Hamline Church. Open to
MaJ. W. C. Short, general staff, will
give a talk on machine guns. Stokes
mortars and ST-ip.m. guns tomorrow.
8 p.m.. to officers of 3d Battalion of
320th Infantry Reserve Regiment.
This will be followed by a map pro
lem. Maj. W. H. England, command
ing; MaJ.. John Scott, executive offi
cer of the local headquarters of the
Washington units. Organized Re
serves, third floor of the Graham
building. 14th and E streets north
west, will give the map problems.
Kalllpolla Grotto will attend serv
ices in a body at Eighth Street Tem
ple tomorrow evening. Dr. Simon’s
topic will be “Masonry and Good Fel
lowship.’’ Members are asked to meet
in vestry room at 7:30 p.m. and to
wear the fez. Dr. Simon has also in
vited families of prophets to attend.
The Society for Philosophic Inquiry
will meet Saturday, 4:30 p.m.. in Pub
lic Library.
Til© Inter-Racial League will meet
3:30 o’clock in the boardroom of the
District building. William D. Ham
will speak on the alley closing prob
lem. Visitors welcome.
, Auxiliary of H. C. Spengler Post.
No. 12, will have social meeting at
home of Mrs. Oehlrnann, 1253 Law
rence street.
An evening with Shakespeare at
University Club. 8:13 o’clock. Dr
Paul Kaufman will speak “of Wash
ington as a Shakespeare center,” and
S. S. Ashbaugh will consider "The
Real Shakespeare Problems.” Ladies
Takoma Park Baptist Women’s
Mission Society will k. o ld annual
meeting for election of officers 7:30
o’clock at residence of Mrs. Elmer
jE. Reynolds, 717 Dahlia street. Sub
ject: "Baptist Work in Europe.”
Home Economics Association din
ner at Tabard Inn. 1739 N street. 6
o’clock. Miss Mary Sweeny, evecutive
officer of national association will
Equality-Walter Reed Post. No.
284. Veterans of Foreign Wars, will
meet. 8:15 o’clock, at Pythian Temple,
j Election of delegates. 7 o’clock.
The Art and Archaeology League
will hold informal recepion at Art
Center Galleries. 8:15 o'clock. Burtts
. Baker, Washington painter, will give
illustrated lecture. Subject: “The Art
of Max Bohm and Thco J. Morgan."
Public invited.
Richard J. Harden Camp. No. 2,
United Spanish War Veterans, will
meet, 8 o’clock, at Pythian Temple.
Meeting of the 313th Field Artillery
Reserve Regiment tonight at S
o’clock, local headquarters, Washing
ton units of the organized reserves,
(third floor of the Graham building.
14th and E streets northwest. Col.
Leroy W. Herron, commanding. Maj.
John Scott, executive officer for the
local headquarters, will give the map
Mrs. Giles Scott Rafter will address
the Parent-Teacher Association of
Brent Sdhool at 3’.o’clock.
Executive committee. Republican
State Voters’ Association of the Dis
trict of Columbia, in room 123, Wil
lard Hotel. 8 P-m.
909 11th «t. n.w.
We specialize In designing ana erect
log memorials (monuments and mauso
leums) of quality and character.
We will gladly ehow you many beau
tiful apeclmena of bur work in any of
the local cemeteries.
914 Fifteenth Street.
Carb of Cfianfc*.
. Brooks. We wish to extend our thanks
and heartfelt appreciation to «nr relatives
and friend* for their kindness mil sympathy
during the Illness and fur the Icautlful
floral tributes sent at the death of our dear
father ood brother, GEORGE BROOKS.
ALLEN. Sunday, March U. 1923. at Gallin
ger Hospital. HOMER ALLEN. colored,
nody at city morgue. If not called for by
a o'clock pm. Friday, March 10, 1923. suen
remains will be dls|>osed of lu accordance
with law.
BEAUCHAMP. The death on January 5, 102a,
at at. Georges, Bermuda, of M. A. BEAU
CHAMP, an American cltlr.en. Is reported by
the American consul at Hamilton, Bermuda'.
The legal representatives of deceased can
obtain further information by applying to
the Department of Slate, Washington, 1). t.
BOWZU. Thursday, March 10. 1023, MARY
FLORBNCB ROWERS (nee Hickey), beloved
wife of James A. Rowers. Notice of funeral
liereafter. t Norfolk, Va.. paper* please
I copy.) •
I COOAN. Wednesday, March 11, 1923. at her
• residence, MB K at. s.e., KUA J. CGOAN
' (nee Iteiyea), beloved wife of Thomas E.
itogati. funeral services at her late resi
demcc. Friday. March It), at 2:3U p.m.
Interment Congressional cemetery, (Charles ,
tipi, S. l'„ papers please copy. I >
I COOK. March 12. 1823. at Colorado Springe.
I Col., RAYMOND IRAIBE, beloved husband
of Nonna Anderson took of Kensington,
Md., 3d yeais of age. •
■ COPPERTHITE. Wednesday. March 14, 1923.
at the residence of her mother, 2910 M st.
»w„ ANNA COPPEHTHITE (nee Uollon),
i beloved wife of Henry 3. Oopperthltc. No
tice of funeral later. •
CKAXEK. Wednesday. March 14, 1923,
CHARLES F. CRAMER, husband of Lila M.
Cramer. Services at his lab; residence, 2314
Wyoming ave. n .w„ Friday. March It), at
o l*.ni. Interment private.
| EMORY. Friday. March 0, 1923, at New
j Orleans, !>«.. JEROME EMORY, beloved !
J sou of the late George aud Mary Emory of
Baltimore, Md. Funeral will be held from j
• Zurhorst’s Funeral parlors. 30l Lust Capitol i
i st-. "U Friday. March It), at 8:30 a.in., !
j thence to SI. Stephen’s Catholic Church,
where high requiem mass will be sung at
i» a.m. for the rcjs>se of his soul. Relatives
and friends invited to attend. Interment
r Mount Olivet cemetery. 15
FREUND. Wednesday. March 14, 1923.
FLORA, beloved wife of the late Michael
Freund and mother of Isidore and Aim
Freund and Mrs. Minnie Sklar. Funeral
from the residence of her son. Mr. Abe
Freund, 1330 Bth st. n.w.. Friday. March
Id. at 19:30 a.m. No flowers. (New York
papers please copy.) 15*
FUSS. Thursday. March 15. 1923. nt 1 a.m..
THOMAS A. FUSS, beloved husband of the
late Znrah V. Fuss (nee Darken. Funeral
from hla son’s residence. 1019 Pennsylvania
ave. s.e.. Monday. March 19. at 2 p.rn.
Relatives and friends Invited to attend. In
terment Congressional cemetery. •
HOWELL. Wednesday, March 14. 1923. H.
UEED. beloved son of Margaret J. Howell
and the late Capt. 11. F. Howell. Funeral
services at hla late residence, the Mon
llcello. 3151 Mt. Pleasant st. n.w., Friday,
March 16, at 3 p.m. Interment at Helena,
Mont. «
JOHNSON. Departed this life Monday. March
12. 1923, at 7:35 p.m., ANNA It., Isdoved
wife of Edward T. Johnson and devoted
sister of Marl* L. Towles. Daisy Harper,
Estella Thomas. Lily Thomas, Henry Cook
aud Deni* Cook. Funeral Friday, March
16, at 1 p.m.. from Rock Creek Raptist
Church. Tenleytown, D. C., Rev. W. A.
Jones pastor. Relatives am) friends Invited. 15
KRAUSE. Suddenly, March 14, 1923, at 12
noon, at her son’s residence. 1124 D st.
s.e., HARRIET KRAUSE, beloved wife of
the late John Krause. Funeral from the
. above residence Friday. March 16. at 2:30
' p.m. Interment Prospect Hill cemetery.
Relatives and friends Invited.
LITTLEPAGE. Departed this life Tuesday,
March 13. 1923. at 1:45 a.m., after a brief
Illness, ELLA LITTLEPAGE. She leaves a
devoted husband. Am on Littlepage: two de
voted slaters, Mrs. Louise Ware and Rosa
Lee, and a host of friend*. Funeral Friday,
March 16, at 1 p.m., from the Morning Star
Baptiat Church, 26th st. between I and K
sta. n.w.. Rev. F. C. Bundy will officiate. 15*
LUCAB. Departed this life at 2 a.m. Tues
day. March 18. 1923. at 909 44th at. n.e., In
full triumph of faith, MARTHA LUCAS. In
her 33rd year, beloved wife of Beniamin'
Lucas, daughter of Clara and Edward
Brown, staler of Mary Alice Rudolph. Theo
dore Oliver and William Brown. Funeral
from the undertaking parlors of John Stew
ard. U at. between North Capitol anil Ist,
Friday, March 16, at 1 p.m. She leaves
many relatives and friends to mourn their
loss. Relatives and friends invited. Auto 1
mobile funeral. 15*
McCLUHE. Wednesday. March 14. 1923. at
her residence. 433 7th st. s.w., CATHER
INE. only daughter of Elisha L. and Eva
McClure, aged 4 months and 21 days. Fu
neral .from 433 7th st. s.w.. Friday. March
10. at 10 a.m. Interment private.
E. I. P. 15*
McCONVXLLE March 13. 1923. at hi* resi
dence. the Roehambeau. JAMES McCON
VILLE. beloved husband of Mary A. Me-
Convllle. Requiem mass at Bt. Patrick’s
Church. Friday. March 10, at 9 a.m. In
terment private. 15*
McFADDEN. Wednesday, March 14, 1923. at
his parents’ residence, 1341 H st. n.e.,
DANIEL J., Jr., beloved son of Daniel J. and
Agnes I. McFadden (nee Kelly). Funeral
from his parents' residence Saturday, March
17. at 2 p.m. Relatives and friends Invited
to attend. Interment (private) Congressional''
cemetery. 16
NUNLEY. Suddenly, Wednesday. March 14.
1923, it 9:SO p.m.. at the residence of her
daughter. Estelle Taylor Mayer, 409 T st.
n.w., EMMA NUNLEY, mother of Immina
Nunlfy Keets and Stephen Nunley. Funeral
Saturday. March 17. at 10 a.m.. from Mc-
Guire's funeral parlor, 9th and Westminster
sts. n.w. Friends and relative* invited.
Interment at Harmony cemetery. 10
O'BRXEN. Departed this life suddenly. March
13, 1923, at 7:30 p.m.. LEWIS, beloved hus
band ofsthe llte Adllne O’Brien and father of
Carria Clssel, Florence Williams. Maud
Young. Charles, James and George O’Brien.
Funeral Friday. March 16, at 1 p.m.. from
Brawn's Memorial Church. 14th and B n.e.
We grieve at your sudden departure.
Though we know that each one must die;
But we rejoice to know that you were
To meet your God on high. •
O'BRIEN. Officers and members of the Men's
Cliff Rock Beneficial Association are request
ed to attend the funeral of our late brother.
LEWIS O’BRIEN. Friday, March 16. from |
Drown s Memorial Church. 14th and R sts. j
n.e.. at Tp.m. W. 11. JOHNSON, Pres.
PAYNE. At Roswell. N. M.. March 10. 1923. i
daughter of Harry M. and Frances 11. J
Payne. Funeral on Friday, March 10. at j
11 o'clock a.m. from 1603 O st. n.w. In- )
terment private. 15* j
PIZZUTX. Wednesday. March 14. 1623. at }
the residence of her son. 709 11 st. n.e.. !
FELOMENA, beloved mother of Joseph Plz- (
nutc. Funeral from the above residence
Friday. March 16. 8:30 a.m.. thence to Holy
Rosary Church, where requiem mass will he
said for the repose of her soul at 9 a.m.
Interment Srt. Mary's cemetery. Relatives
and friends Invited.
aUILL. Wednesday. March 14. 1923. at his
residence. Isturel. Md.. MAURICF, F. QFILL
Is loved husband of Julia (jutll. Funeral
from hi* late residence. Friday. March 16,
at 8:30 a.m.. thence to St. Mary’s Church,
where mass will be said at 9 o'clock. •
1 RICHARDS. Thursday, March 15. 1923. 10:30
1 a.m.. at 1263 I st. s.e., ELLEN F. RICH
I ARDS, lieloved mother of Geneva McDonald. |
I. Tames R. Richards. Marion R. Rurke. Inla
C. Richards. Notice of funeral hereafter.
STAFFORD. The death, on September 22.
1 1922, Mexico City. Mexico, of HARRY
STAFFORD, an American citizen, is re
ported by the American consul general at
Mexico City, Mexico. The legal representa
tives of deceased can obtain further Infor
mation by applying to the Department of
State. Washington, D. C.
WALKER. At Philadelphia. Pa.. Tuesday.
March 13, 1923, MARY J. WALKER, daugh
ter of the late Cuthbert and Isabella Walker
of 2R23 K at. n.w., Washington. D. C.
Relatives and friend* are Invited to the
services on Friday, March 16, at 2:30 o’clock
p.m.. at Christ Church. 31st and O sts. n.w.,
Washington. D. C. 15»
WEFTZEL. Suddenly, Tuesday, March 13.
1023. EMMA C. K. WEITZEL. beloved
daughter of Conrad and the late Wilhelmlna !
Weitr.el (nee llutb). Funeral (private) from 1
her late residence. 474 F at. s.w., Friday,
March 16, at 2 p.m. . 15*
WESTERGREN. March 15. 1923, a I l.er
1 residence. 623 (Juincy at. n.w.. CARRIE A.
WESTERGREN. beloved wife of Andrew
Westergfen. Notice of funeral later.
BELL, In sad but loving remembrance of my
I dear husband, BAMUEL T. BELL, who de-
I parted this life two years ago today, March
15, 1921.
Days of sadness still come o’er ma;
Tear* of sorrow silently flow;
Fond memory keeps my hived one near me. j
I Though heaven elalmed him two years ago. i
I BROWN. In sad but loving remembran.-e of
mv sister. DELIA BROWN, who fell sslcep
I in’ Jesus three years ago today. Maicii
j 15. 1920.
God has taken you. dear sister.
To His home of eternal resi.
Home day we hope to mcei ymi.
And to this cud in del we trust.
BROWN. In sad but loving remembrance of
mv dear cousin, ELIA BROWN, who depart i
i-d - this life three years ago, March 15, 1020. ;
From ti Is world of pain and sorrow
To a land of peace and rest
God has taken my darling cousin. j
'Where she has found eternal rest I
■ . .. —. . i
3n iWcmorfam.
BROWN. In sad hot loving remembrance of
my dear sinter, DELIA BROWN, who d—
parted this dry. three years ago today,
March 15, 1920.
help but feel so lonelv
When her voice I do not hear'
‘ 1,0 word* wrro ever hweeter
Tiian thr words *ho t>poko *o d**r.
Her cherry ways, her smiling face
Are a pleasure to recall.
She had » friendly word for each
And died beloved by »|l.
To me there comes a memory
Os love that is seldom met,
when l think of my dear sister,
"horn I never shall forget.
A loving one from me has gone.
A voice I loved is stilled;
A place Is vacant in my heart
That never can lie filled.
In the graveyard softly sleeping.
where the flowers gently wave.
faIPS th«y I love Ml doirl.T,
In her lonely, silent gra re,*
Hisler, 1 often sit and think of you
when I am all aloae.
For memory is the oalv thing
Thar love can call Its own
Dearest sister, how I mles von
Since from earth yon |>as>ed a wav.
And my heart is aching sorely
A.s I think of you each day
But I know that von are hat.or
In the heaven of the blest.
IV lie re there is no I.aiti tor sorrow
Called by God. who knows |,e,t’
Peace fit | !»■ ||.y rest. •
loving sister blanch. •
BROW N. In sad but loving remembrance of
our dear wife and mother. DELIA BROWN.
19’M die * l lhr, ''‘ •' e * rs “go today. March 15.
Dear is the grave where mv wife is laid.
Sweet Is the memory which never shall
Flowers may wither, leaves may die;
Others may forget yon, lint never shall I.
Bleep on, dear wife, and take your rest;
God took you. but He knew liest.
Ton? willing hands shall foil no more.
Sleep „n j„ pea-e; TO; , r )n | M , r lK „v r .
«>-«. DEVOTED HUSBAND. william
| COLLINS. In .-ad but loving remembrance es
j my dear husband and nnr father. JOHN I
< OLI.INS. who depart...: 1 is ;.f, three rears
ago today, March ir., isgrt.
How I miss the welcome footsteps
o* the one I love so dear;
•111 I listen for his coming.
Flilly sure that i.e is near
Soon in your path I w.i! follow
When life’s tolls no longer <thal be;
At tl.e throne of God T will meet vou.
There to rest etcrnailv.
DAVIS. A tribute of love to the memorr of
my son, J, LANGSTON DAVIS, who'de
parted this life two years ago todav. March
*«>. 1921. MOTHER. -
DONALDSON. In sad hut loving remembrance
of our beloved husband and father, ARTHUR
M. DONALDSON, who departed this
ten years ago today. March 15. 1918.
There is a link that death cannot sever;
la.ve and remembrance I've forever
ZRMOLD. Tn sad but loving remembrance of V
our daughter, HELEN M, EIt.VfOLD. who
died five years ago t.siay, March'ls, 191 s.
Lived in life, in death rome.nis'red.
GIBBONS. Tn sad but loving remembrance .-,f
our dear husband and father. EDWARD
GIBBON’S, who left us one year ago todar.
March 15. 1922.
Oh. the memory of that sad morning,
As we watched with aching hearts;
Seeing the one we loved so dearlv
Pierced by death’s cold dart.
God lias taken you. dear father.
To His home of eternal rest;
Some day we hope to meet you.
And to this in God we trust.
JOHNSTON. In loving remcmhrnt.ee . r
Rt BEN if. JOHNSTON, who departed ribs
life fourteen years ago. January 15. 1909
and MOSES JOHNSTON, who departed ;h:s
life thirty years ago, March 3. 1893. and
dear mother ROSETA JOHNSTON, who de
parted this life two years ago todav. March
15, 1921.
Dear Is the grave where she is laid:
Sweet is the memory that never will fade.
Part of our lives lies buried deep
Under the god where vntr mother sleeps.
LEE. In loving remembrauce of mv df-a*
mother. HARRIETT LEE. who departed this
life six years ago today, March 15. 1917.
“God called her and site went to Him.” •
ROBINSON. In loving memnrv of our beloved
father and uncle. ROBERT ROBINSON
who died March 15. 1905
; SMALLWOOD, Iu sad but loving rente:.,
l.rance of roy dear, devoted hustmud.
GBORGIE SMALLWOOD, who departed this
life five years ago today. March 15. 1318.
Forget him? No. I never will:
I loved him then. I love him still.
God called him home. He thought it be-;
To sleep with Him unto eternal rest.
Your memory is as fresh today
As in the hour you passed a wav.
his loving, lonely wife, carrii:
WHITE. Sacred to the mrmorv of mv be
loved daughter and our sister and aun:.
HILDA (’. WHITE, who fssl asleep in
Jesus three years ago today. March 15. 192 p.
God has claimed my darling Hilda.
Claimed tl.e one I loved so dear.
To fill her place there is no other.
Vet I know she did l.er share.
WORKLET. A tribute love and memor.
to o«r dear fttlior. I'RF.DRI' K WORM LET.
%viio departed this liiV four ago lodnv.
March 15. UH9. IIIS CHILDREN. •
J. WILLIAM LEE. Funeral Director 'ini *
Embalm*!*. Livery in connection. Commodious
chapel and modern crematorium. Moderate
price*. 832 T*;>- nvo. n.w. Tel. r«! 1 M 13V.
326 NEW YORK AVE. N.W. MAIN 2606.
Private Ambulance.
412 IT st. n.e Phone Lincoln 524.
Modern Chapel. Automobile Fnncrai«
Neither the successors of nor con
nected with the original \V. U. Spec.re
g2«ar& 940 FSt N.W.
Quick, Dignified •ml Eftbicul Soni«v.
W. W. Deal & Co.,
*l6 II *T. N.E. LINCOLN 34iM.
I Automobile Service. Cluip-*
i THUS. K. X M .LEV & SON'S.
| Undertakers. Kmbalm*r«.
Homelike Funeral Parlors.
( Phone Lincoln 4Sb
Frank Gcicr's Sons Co.
1113 seventh st n.w. Main 247^
Modern Chapel. Telephone HIHI «l«>
- -
C' t?3*a*tsf w«ii4.a\f.
Timothy Hanlon
figl H ST. N.E. Plume 1, 5513.
Model Chapel. Lincoln 142 ?
Private Ambulance*.
Livery in Connection.
*•»•* yilS™* *
Joseph F. Birch's Sons
; AT C t V \\ 7 11*ta!»!i«?ied I*4l.
3034 M bt. X.u . ~M ~e
Ai !1 - mi•’!»<■• S'-rv i’ l ',
Wasklngloa's Uoautlful Burial Ground
Perpetual care—Chapel-—Perfect Service-
Choice plots—Moderate prices-Xerms.
Office, 17th and Pa. Ave. S.E. Line. 650.-J.
For Booklet. Information or Visit to Ceme
tery. Call MR. CAY I.olt. Line. 982.
The Park Cemetery
Xon-seefnrlau Perpetual Carr
Bountiful and fitting location.
! KcadiD accessible on cictr.c car bn-,
i On Baltimore Iwnlevard. al District Bum
I’honr I’rnnklln ITU>.
Write for Illustrated Booklet
iGude Bros, Co., 1214 F St*
j Prompt auto delivery service.
I Artistic—expresalra—Inexpensive. —•

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