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W" ■ I 1
(Continued from Eighth Page.)
the week-end at Fredericksburg:, Va. t
the home of her parents. After her
May In Atlantic City Mrs. Parker will
go to New York before returning: to
ber home in Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hamlin Ever
wtt left Washington last night for
Hot Springs. Va., and will remain
there for several weeks.
Madame Hannenfedt, widow of Gen.
Hannenfedt of the Imperial Guard
of Russia, and daughter of Mr. L. T.
Mertvago, was the guest of honor
yesterday afternoon at the bi-month
ly tea of the French section of the
Twentieth Century Club, at the home
of Mrs. George Bowerman.
Madame Hannenfedt is well re
membered in Washington, as she,
made her debut here while her father 1
was naval attache of the Russian em
Biie gave an interesting talk yes
terday in French, speaking of her
experiences during the Russian rev
olution and her flight through Swed
en to America.
Mrs. Bowerman was hostess and
Mrs. Francis Walker presided at the
Mr. John Massic and Air. Frederic
Holton left last evening for Miami,
Fla., where they will spend a fort
The ladies auxiliary of Providence
Hospital, Mrs. John Foote, president,
•will give its annual benefit for the
free wards of the hospital Tuesday
morning, April 10. at Keith’s Theater.
Marriage of Mrs. \i\on
To Mr. Iliuikiii Announced.
Tlie marriage of Mrs. Marjorie R i
JCixon to Mr. Roy Howard Rankin. !
both of Washington, is announced. !
The ceremony took place yesterday I
at 12:30 o’clock, in the home of the j
bride at 3107 34th place, Cleveland t
Park, the Rev. J. J. Muir, chaplain of
the Senate, officiating. Only the im
mediate members of the two families
witnessed the ceremony and later In
the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Rankin
left for an extended trip in the south.
They will be at home after May first.
The bride of yesterday was the widow
of Mr. Charles C. Nixon.
Mrs. June Hull Bird, chairman of j
fthe civic section, will be hostess ut
the tea to be given by the Women's
City Club, in the clubhouse, 22 Jack- I
son place, Sunday afternoon, from |
4;30 to 6 o’clock. Receiving with Mrs. |
Bird, will be the guests of honor. Airs.
Arthur Capper and Mrs. Ralph H. •
Cameron, wives of Senators, who are |
members of the District committee: (
and Mrs. Hyman B. Swormstedt. Judge
Alary O'Toole, Mrs. Ellen Spencer
Alussey and Mrs. Virginia White
Speel. Presiding at the tea table will
be Mrs. Clara Sears Taylor. Mrs. Wil
liam W. Whittier, Mrs. Giles Scott
Rafter and Airs. William Wolff Smith;
with Miss Hope Thompson, Miss
Lucille LaVarre and Aliss Alary Arse
nath Johnson, serving as their assist
ants. Throughout llie tea hour, an
Hawaiian orchestra will render native
The members of the casts for the
three one-act plays which will he
given tomorrow evening at the Play
iiouse for the benefit of the Child
Welfare Society will present their ;
* 1 ■■ ■ 1—
H Morrisons 8
Known for Remarkable Value Giving
1109 F St. N.W. Near Eleventh
Hi! Continuing Tomorrow |P
j|i|| Friday |||l
111 Our Great |||
H Special Offering ||
|P of fewest. Spring |||
A value demonstration that will serve to conzincc rM|A*g
{BoiyS you that your nezv spring wardrobe can he
bought to advantage at Morrison's.
WVTO An extensive array of apprerved styles assures
y our finding here a type to suit your desires.
The obviously superior qualities—the fine de
nW® tails of fit and finish will certainly commend
themselves to the woman and miss
KWg accustomed to paying much more
than $25 for her SUITS,
|||| COATS and DRESSES. ||g|
Come—See them all tomorrow! SKftK
All sices for women and misses
111 A Special Group of
i| Dresses M
Smart spring styles
from* from our regular slock, I wym
formerly priced much
New Silk Crepes, Taffetas and Print- SMg
(Tfwrz Silks * n combinations of wanted col
£ss“2 ors—all sizes. SNyvg
plays this evening at Walter Reed
At the buffet luncheon to be given
at tbe Club of Colonial Damee tomor
row at 1:30 o’clock Mrs. Lars Ander
son will give a reading and Miss Alice
Colm&n of San Francisco and Naw
York will sing. Miss Colnian was for
merly with the Royal Opera Company,
in Brussels, and is In Washington to
take charge of the dramatic work of
the Washington Opera Company.
Mrs. Percy Duvall will entertain at
tea on Friday between 4 and 6:30 at
her residence. 820 Connecticut avenue,
in honor of Miss Hazel Dawn, who has
many friends in Washington. No cards
have been issued.
Former Vice President and Mrs.
Thomas R. Marshall had several close
friends dining with them last evening
at the Hamilton Hotel In celebration
of Mr. Marshall’s sixty-ninth birthday
Three interesting plays make up the
i final program for this season at the
Rams Head Playhouse, where they
were presented last night for the first
time, by Robert Bell and Walter W
Beck, the producing directors; James
Reynolds as art director, and the full
strength of the Rams Head company.
The plays Include August Strindberg’s
powerful one act drama, "Pariah"-
Alice Brown’s clever character
comedy, "Joint Owners in Spain," also
in one act, and "The Tents of the
Arabs,” Lord Dunsany’s story of the
fascination of the great desert. In
which all tiie Rams Head players ap
pear. In colorful costumes. In a "real”
desert atmosphere designed bv James
Reynolds. This program at the Rams
Head Playhouse will continue through
Saturday night. March 24. when the
first season of the Rams Head Play
ers will come to an end.
l>ast night’s audience Included; Mrs
William Wheatley, Mr. and Mrs. Cor
coran Thom. Mrs. George D. Hope,
Mrs. J. ('. Boyd. Mrs. R. R. Govln.
1 Airs. H. H. Kerr. Airs. G, T. Longcope,
Mrs. W. P. Aleredith, Airs. F. S. Nash,
j Airs. Henry \\ . Filch, Airs. James Car
; roll Frazer. Mrs. Heiberg, Mrs. Dodge.
| Airs. Bryant, Airs. Grosvenor, Alme.
1 Ash, Aliss Helen Jones. Air. Edgeeomb
jL. Jones. Mr. Raymond Georges. Air.
land Airs. Berry and Commander T. C.
Plans for the Goucher dinner, to be
held April 7. are going forward under
the direction of Miss Baldwin, presi
dent of the local chapter, assisted by
Aliss Helen Dyer. Aliss Edna Slone,
Aliss Irene Rice, Aliss Alarie Dowell,
I Miss Lottie May AlcGee, Airs. Paul
, Sieman. Airs. Stuart Alarshall and Mrs.
j Robert C. Howard.
j It is expected that the dinner will
I be the most successful event ever un
• dertaken by the Washington chapter.
I the guests of honor are being chosen
from those prominent in political and
educational circles.
Air. and Airs. William Jackson
Turner of Washington and Virginia
announce the engagement of their
daughter. Helen Somers, to Air. Wil
liam Hughes Stokes, son of Dr. and
f, «!Sws®B
Mrs. William Royal Stokes of Balti
more. No date has been set for the
wedding, Mr. Stokes served through
the war as lieutenant In the Aviation
Corps, U. 8. A.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kline announce
the engagement of their daughter,
Genevieve Carter to Mr. William Mar
vin Denham. The wedding will take
place early In April.
The military attache of the Japanese
embassy, Maj. Gen. Hatsutaro Hara
guchi. was host to a company of four
teen-at dinner last evening In the Presi
dential suite of the Willard. Among the
guests were Gen. Mefrrltto W. Ireland,
Col. Matthew A.. DeLaney, MaJ. M. M.
Scott, MaJ. Frank B. Francis, MaJ. E.
E. Hume, MaJ. p. A. Schule, MaJ. G. F.
Lull, Capt. William C. Williams, Capt.
Edgar Price and Capt. H. W. Mahon.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses bare been laiued to lha
John W. Barr and Minnie H. Taylor, both
Os Wlnchetter, Va.
Albert U. Laldlow and Joaephloe Stout, both
of Gberrydale, Va.
John It. Burton and Viola Bellows.
Ernest Johnson of this city and Charlotte
James of WoodTille, Ud.
McCeney Werllch and Gladys C. Hinckley.
Leo E. Rhode, and Eva T. Martin.
David F. Hawk and Annie Debne, both of
laltlmore, Md.
J. Henry Kuegert of Baltimore. Md., aud
Lillian C. Mints of Halethorne, Md.
Charles J. Crltchley and Helen K. Orem,
both of Baltimore. Md.
Walter Kadtke and Mab'.e Maddox.
Deaths Reported.
The following deaths hare been reported to
the health department In the last twenty-four
John J. Stephens, 84 years, 1816 Q street.
Flore Freund, 84, 1711 New York avenue
Elisabeth T. Van Dyne. 39. 2700 Connecticut
avenue northwest.
Samuel D. McPherson. 44. Sibley Hospital.
Jannic Gleason, 51, Georgetown Hospital.
Gertrude A. Shannon. 3H. 101.4 North Capitol
Sullie Marshall. 70, Gartleld Hospital.
Mii-i.i Barbers. 58, 715 G street northeast.
Oawe'.l Welti, 45. Georg,- Washington 11»
pitai. *
Henrietta Hcbwanz. 73, 511 Kenyon street
Ida M. Waterbury. 62. 907 Varnum street
(f 3.T .Gumangljam ft 6b, j)
?f ,h 316 7th St. N.W. &
Two and Three Piece Models jjn
BH If and embroidered and braided suits. j|
Inf Ines, Poiret genuine Camel’s
Smart Camel's Hair Suits J/
Chic springtime creations possessing met flj
/ r 4r distinctive features in novel pockets, I JOJ
Iff in lY sleeves, cuffs and trimmings; finger- m Mr/
If M j|A tip, and jacquctte coats; Jr ff
ViR, /W narrow and self girdle belts tying on
V\. Canton Crepe d* *T ft Satin Crepe fr/
/jp Flat Crepe *P IW• •tJ Poiret Twill
iff Chiffon Taffeta JL Satin IJ
yflL A great variety of new printed styles very smartly fashioned in fine Ml
Vg quality silks. Every dress worth much more than the sale price and Jff/
iff you will find all sizes.
Vw Very special purchases enable us to offer JOJ
/Mr $7.50, $8.50 and SIO.OO styles at— |T(
(ff I covers a collection of hats
j Unßt ‘ r^ StylC
Noeaaa, Tt, IM3 8M itmt north-
Olttlnga, T 4. 814 Reek Crssk Chart*
Baima Catherlna Wet eel. 88. Chevy Chase
Franklin B. Ktatler, M, 1013 Roesdal* street
Bdward Colltaoa Ford, 87, MB Tlh street
William 1,. Tubman, 03. Galllngar Hospital.
Bdgar L. Culver, 82, Oalllnger Hospital.
Paul Brown, IV months, 1710 13th street
June Mailings. I months, Children's Hos
Catheriae B. MeCluie, 4 months, 4U Tth
Street southwest.
George Clstterbuck, 01, 1148 2lst street
Lucy Brown. 48, 800 Ist strest southwest.
Mlrlsa Thornton, 28, FrecOmen's Hospital.
Frank Coates, 0 month*. 3708 By* street
The nineteenth annual knitting arts
exposition la to be held in Philadel
phia th* flm week of April, under the
auspices of the National Association
of Hosiery and Underwear Manufac
i Special for St. Patrick’s Day £
* I Blackistone s Remembrance Box, $5 £
| ERS suitable to the day and delicious ROSE- £
* MARY CHOCOLATES, daintily be-ribboned •
* in green. Special, $5. Send one to your “Colleen.” *
Shamrocks and Grein Carnations
Bereath-Day Adventists East of
SClsaiasippl Will Convene School
at Takoma Park.
A month's Institute for trained
nurses from most of the sanitariums
and treatment rooms operated by the
Seventh-day Adventists east of the
Mississippi river, was convened at
the Washington Sanitarium in Ta
koma Park today. Intensive courses
In public health work, denomination
al medical missionary methods and
field work are to be given.
This will be the first nurses’ insti
tute ever held by the denomination
and teachers from every part of the
country will help deliver the Instruc
tion lectures. The method of Impart
ing Instruction will include class dis
cussions, study and recitations from |
I book*, personal planning- of courses
and various methods of work In co
operation With Instructors.
The curriculum will Include Bible
hygiene, In which special emphasis
will be placed on the manner In which
Bible truths can be Incorporated In
health talks; ministry of healing, de
nominational health administration,
child welfare and school nursing,
classroom methods In teaching, edu
cational physical culture, preventive
medicine and personal hygiene, ad
ministration and organisation of san
itariums and schools of nursing,
foods and nursing technique and pro
I t
Hemstitching, ■ Pictorial
All Work S? TP Spring Fashion
Guaranteed 1219*1221 G Street N.W Books, 25c +
w Store Hours: 9to 6 , 4
| Silks |
| at Special Prices J
1,000 Yards Paisley Silks o«f ! 51.50 Yard ♦
4 \ wonderful display of these Popular Silks at a special price for Friday only. All ihc
wanted backgrounds of navy, Copenhagen, brown, tan, terrigan and henna, and also many light Y
backgrounds. Remember—Friday only. ?
♦ Z
t Canton Crepe, $2.25 Yd. Chiffon Taffeta, $1.98 Yd. 4
Regular $2.98 Quality Regular $2.49 Quality T
T <0 inchea wide, in zinc, silver, Dutch blue, j n co | or s of Navy, Dutch Blue, Silver, X
“ almond green, Copenhagen, kaffe, mohawk, seal, * Yi
Congo brown, navy, midnight, black and white. Black and W hite.
4 Silk Section—Main Floor. 4
X “SILKENWORSTED YARN”— A new combination of Silk and m X
A Wool; good quality light-weight luster; in many colors, including Silver 1— 4
▲ Gray, Pea Green, Burnt Orange, Firefly. Tan. Lavender, Pink. Harding II I R 4
Blue. Black and White. Our instructor —Mrs. Ilollidge—will be glad • • 4
to help you with your knitting. 6 for SI.OO 4
A Art Goods Section—Main Floor. 4
z * ♦
4 Ribbons at 25c Per Yard 4
4 Qualities L'p to 69c 4
J In ->4 to 7 inch width.'. Two-tone satin, tinsel edge, Picot edge, Roman stripe, flowered. In
▼ many combinations lor trimmings, spring frocks, hair ribbons, etc. One big lot for 1-riday and J
4 Saturday selling at 25c per yard. ▼
4 Notion Counter—Main Floor. ♦
4 U A Jewelry and Imported Novelties —A New Department 4
4 M r e take pleasure in announcing this new department devoted to Jewelry
4 (I H and Imported Novelties, which will be under the supervision of Miss Margaret
R L. Sechrist. Here you can find the latest in Novelty Jewelry. As opening day 4
U Q specials we invite your attention to the following; 4
♦ y O Music Box Bangle Bracelets, Les Lenere Pearls. 24-inch 4
♦ H U %°re?B«dJ;.” C irted color,, length, «ktt. gold cU.p. Inde. -
♦ I { 49c ’ 98c ’ s l - 49 - structible. Guaranteed. $2.98. 4
♦ ! A J Jewelry Section—Main Floor. 4
| Friday Will Be a Banner Day in Our J
I Downstairs STORE j
♦ __ Pre-Easter Sale of Girls’ J
♦ jWfc;. and Kiddies’ Dresses J
I Wc have purchased two entire sample aK
lines from several manufacturers—and m ■■ ■ ■ 4
we got a good price. And so you can x I ■ 4
RxSfftiCyK buy TWO of these dresses for the price Hj |lf
of one, if you choose. The Kiddies’ HI
Dresses are in sizes 2to 6 —some are r 1 4
& panty dresses; the Girls’ Dresses are from LdCIl 4
| /f( 7 to 14—some with Knickers. 4
LJ Materials Kiddle Kloth Trimming +
♦ §JM Bates Gingham New'Spring ' Smocking 4
4 S y 1 Amoskeag Gingham Colors Embroidery
4 y New Hampshire and Tucks 4
♦ Gingham Combinations Ruffles 4
♦ Chambrays and 4
♦ Sateen. and Natural +
4 Pongee checks Combinations 4
4 Downstairs Store. ▼
X Valan Crash TowHlb*. I ! Absorbent Toweling, for Kerry Crash Toweling i 4
• real Irish; threw red cross- I roller or tea towels; good made of Jute and Linen;
bar designs to select from, • quality with selvedge bor- unbleached: with
X A very good value— at ders; made by the S ft_ neat narrow border; IQ x
+ one which cannot *>OC famous Boott Mills. just the thing to use +
▲ be duplicated when VJ a very good or ro 'l er toweling. VTJ i
X this lot goes I Q. value I Q« Special . * X
♦ Dowiurtalra Store. Downstairs Store. Downstair* Store.
7 . . __ . __ Hand Towelsi guest si*e:
T Wim* aN BUck color: rood quality soft absorbent ♦
a wua mue fftripe. gooa quai- with hlrh luster- for material; plain and colored
▼ ity and soft finished; 10-i** bloomers aprons AO borders; slight imperfections ▼
♦ w^ P c ,,Rh^cf'r S at kiddles- 'dresses and 28c that can’t be noticed. Very 4
4 w UIT.J Ea. many other things. VJ special for board ng and i
▼ this low price Special X Cl# rooming: houses. No
♦ Dowiwtalni Store. | " Dimnstalfi* Store. phone orders . ♦
Ij #l.lO Dosenu
I——J Downstairs Store. ▼
Turkish Bath Towelst ex- _ . _ I X
tra heavy quality; Oft— Boott Towels, elxe OC. _ _ «... jj
large size 22x41 39C 19x83, cut hem- 25C Red SUr Sanitary >apklM« 4
#4^sD<«. fc stitched hem. . .. inchea Veryspscla! 10c Z
Downstairs Store. Downstairs Store. Downstairs Store. 4
Downstair# Store J
Just a* Easter comes, we are selling about 1,400 4
pairs of the latest smart styles in Slippers and 4
A Oxfords at a price that makes them one of the 4
very best footwear values we have ever offered.
You’ll bo delighted at the big assortment of
styles, and you 11 want to buy two or more pain ▼
4 All Sizes in ihe Combined Lot 4
fiat ATof in Every Style ♦
4 Black Satins Black Kids Tan Calfs 4
4 Gray Suedes Tan Kids Black Calfs 4
a And Many Other Leather Combinations 4
4 Downstair. Store 4
Autolst Knocks Assailant From
Running Board of Car.
Raymond Reed. twenty-two years
old. 114 8 Ttli street southwest, was
attacked by an unidentified colored
man. who Jumped on the running
j hoard of Ills automobile as he was
. passing r> M street southwest about
12:10 o’clock this morning.
The intruder dealt the motorist a
j blow. Reed quickly returned the com
pliment. knocking the colored man
to the street. Thinking the colored
man had been seriously hurt, Reed
reported the incident to the police,
but the assailant disappeared before
the officers reached the scene of the
en counter.
“Juat Like Hoar"
jHarp sane 3nn
516 12th Street N.W.
f»Oc Luncheon Sso Dinner
Also n la Carle “With Service”
11:30 to 2:30 4:30 to 7
Formerly Shlosa Cafeteria

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