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——^————— gwrm—
Easter Novelties—Splendid Variety-—Fourth Floor
S. Kann Sons Co. a ===.-
for Monday • . * , .. r .
Telephone Main 7200 “THE BUSY CORNER” Penna. Ave., Bth & D Streets • on s | I
fEMaM®Ma r aMajajaMSM3MaMefSJ2ieiSMSMsfaiaMsisMSJsiajaisjai3isiaißisf3ia spsiaMSMaMSMajaMaisjaMSMaMEiaMeMa 1 SJSEISMSMSISEEI2JEJ£JSjCi : j
i ,— ■— -I I || 600 Pairs Highly Mercerized
I Trunk Values Extraordinary I | Made to Sell at S I to .I. > a Pair
I A ¥ . .C 1 ni 1. HI . , 1 I | —Special Monday ,
|A I An Important Sale, Planned to Meet and Excel | I aPair JL *UU
ft the Records of the Big Sale One Year Ago | |P|I | | 81 1 ijlljj ' marquisette, i| jl
J I —Trunk sales at this store mean something to tne traveling public, and when one is announced there | | length and width, with [|
| | ||| j| —When we tell you that we have scoured every source to give us high-grade trunks for this event [| ders. Variety of differ- p |
mrjfiTjL... ■ Azte? i and the quick response of the manufacturers in making concessions, you will realize that this sale is [I [| ent lace cfTccts to selc^ 1 ii]
out of the ordinary and will be' on hand early for one or more of these trunks. || m|||p
111l 1 1 their regular value these trunks are moderately priced, and in view that there is every indica- |j T 11111111 sortmcnt arc Iar ‘‘ l, j* ||
* I ANNOUNCING || tlon of price advances on trunks, our sale prices jar e little short of sensational, || fIA edge At |l il
IT7~ •110 ** I g U ■ •0' a I I curtail’Ad' Center | I
Kim lark JIUgS I | ~ I • 1200 Perfect Opaque Window Shades I | I
° | I oIMyiJLU I ; 111 « Nik Si « IB I i —Regularly 65c, Special, Monday, A Ant 111
—They are the latest word in a liber rug, and combine g I^lmlVnilir Ji I • Sfii v iJiSnW' \W~< r 1 L e» fr'4VA )'J/M 1 Jff ] .«awl pi eac * l ' .• •■ V k
everv attribute that a good rug should have. Thev are — g g ji <■ « ■ util uli I a ?r— —* !I. : •«? ® g g —Mounted on excellent spring rollers, complete with ij
g g <J| HuH JgS
-Soft -Pliable I I nIOB i Jfwll I I dark green, 3 ft. wide by 5 ft. 9 inches long. / {||
—Durable —Washable | | fr? « < ; M I IllftWiftf ° k&? ' f kM’l itt* § 1 <-AA V 1
f Reversible -Fire-rexisting | lj | | ISCdS |
I] —ll you want a pretty and serviceable rug for any floor— g ‘ : p '[u dAAA H ,10 fit
b and most persons do—you will come tomorrow and in- g | —Full Size Ward- —Regulation Size —Full Size Ward- —Full Size Ward- pn I lOllllcO Ftdr\'^ x 5
I spect our large showing Until you do see the rugs you | | robe Trunks Wardrobe Trunks robe Trunks robe Trunks I I * $
| cannot appreciate how love y they are. Fascinating m | | -Today’s value. -Today’s value. -Today’s value I I Reversible styles, full fi
I design beautiful m their soft colorings and so hne and | | 550.00. special d* O OT 545.00. special d; c} * £«.o° specla! **2 66 530.00. social |OO I | bolts. 65c and 75c values. . I i|
| smooth 111 weave as to be a genuine delight to every | | Monday .... Monday ... Monday .... VOZ,.VV Monday .... Wi.OO I I Special, Monday, yard, #TE3I' I
| woman who appreciates handsome floor coverings. | | -Made with double dow- -Made with raised open -All rounded edges, hard -All hard fiber covered and I I M \ I^'i! JnFlgj j
r 3 {=l . liber covered. Bulge open . . S iJsJ bJ: rM\ s ■
1 You can afford Kimlark Rugs for every room I g eled, oval raised top, loop bulge top hard hber top. loop draw bolts, and hound; corners protected | b ©JES'I frjlil I
§ • in the house § i] draw bolts and spring lock: covered, edges rounded. -pring lock. Corners pro- with flat brassed hardware; ra s "■ |\ l|iil’
1 11 corners protected with best corners protected with tectcd with best brassed soring lock. Equipped with g 1 W . 1
m —Because they are uncommonly low for their high quality. 1 | flat brassed hardware. brassed .hardware, loop hardware Equipped with 8 garment hangers laun- I | -Made in rich tapestry effects. A ' I
—ln most cases you can buy two Kimlark Rugs lor about what g* S „ • ~ . , draw bolts and spring lock. 8 polished hangers, dust ? « ’ ra S ;j.„i r,,_ s im r m P r« 8 » -n —r
you expected to pay for one. g *1 Equipped with 10 polished Equipped with 10 pushed curtain, ironing board, elec- dry bag. double clothes re- | g deaneries and fanev wark I I 41 M pJ ( '
bj 1 SI garment hangers, laundry garment hangers. laundry trie iron holder, clothes tainers and shoe oockets. ® 1 Heavy quality in a pood as- pi *
a Our Prices are as follows; I I bag. shoe box, clothes re- bag. shoe box, clothes re- ratamer, laundry bag and Also drawer section, hat | g sortment of colors. L-i,!.|
[g • g gi tamer, drawer section, nat tamer, drawer section, hat shoe box, also hat coin- ’ gi g . , t; lj
P] —9xl2=ft. Kim* I CA —4x7-ft. Kim- OO compartment and locking compartment and locking partment. drawer section compartment and has cx- ig g CrctOllllo DHF Harbor C-iiair v>USlllons
ij l ark Rugs. ... .t/vr lark Rugs *P' • VTV/ g j 3a t j iat ] oc bs all bar. and locking bar. tension trollev. g S M V aiii. s»wrial Monday ->rw ®
P SxKbft.Kinv (PjO rn -3x6-ft. Kim- AA [| S g i —<Wc \ alue, Special monda>, 39C '
— vAA Kim- (C-J AA § Steamer Wardrobe Trunks y \ Dress Trunks g g —Light and dark colored cretonne, filled with soft cotton; % i
fg d u „s 1 3.00 lark Rugs •&3,vfvl a Today’* Value, *29.50 Toda/’a Value, *12.50 [a g tufted style, and handy size tor office chair, vickcr nirn>- g
1® * -27-in. Kimlark d» |CA I I Special Monday, $21.66 —Regulation Size Ward- Special Monday, $10.33 I I, I !
Runner. Yard... I S ra —Hard fiber covered and bound: loon —Neatly lined; metal hingre covered [3 [g 00 Jrflirß Kuillcd
[a g drawbolts and spring lock; corners robe I ritllKß tray; reinforced with flat brassed llj —49 c Value, Special Mon day, ’ !
-*-« i -m • fa § protected with flat brassed hardware. hardw’are at corners; spring lock. 34, fa _ . /Vb “t 1
iff /rff If/I iff r 3 neatly lined; equipped‘with garment today* Yalue, 36 and 38 inch sizes. W. g j 1
r Gil IjCISG Floor I I hanger*, laundry bac, t>h M pocket, Snerifll Mnndav M V n rr , 11 -Excellent quality marquisette, plain hemmed top ready | ,
g • ™ g ® drop-front drawer and smaller ones. special, iTiuiiuay, v’-f.oo —rlllP UfCSS 1 milkß g Sto shir on rod. Ruffled edge. Good tor lower hah ot rg
‘‘Seconds”—Cut From Full Rolls S g Kann's Third Floor. —Made with raised open bulge top, Today’s value, S2O ICA "2 @ @ windows.
I Dunoleum—Congoleum—Pro-Lino S | m SS? IS; rJ I I .*i»- rWrtfl I
fS g iUB EKI , . , ... . —All hard-nber coc-erea, with rounded IS [S dow or Door Awnings r-y r\ 3 .
3 [ yj| 'v|y Avi H Lquipped with S polished garment edges, double dowels, loop draw bolts s @ rj » li S
| jj B hat>Brers ' clothes retainer, laundry and sjwing^l^k^ Matly cloth lined; Extra f
eood hardware; clamp catches and (Ixture^'for'n!ediuin. 1
—About 14 patterns in the lot—tile, parquetry, mosaic and car- g [g ..J B|] lock. 32, 04. 36 and 38 inch sizes. + size windows and - 1 if .
8 pet effects. Imperfections arc so slight they will hardly be noticed, p] ® ' 1 ■■ -U ® M S 3 doors. J ‘ r’ J
Kami’s —Third Floor. || Kann's Third
isiEjaieraiaiaiaiaiajaisjsisiaiejajeiaiaiaiajajeiajaisjafsiaiaiejsfaisiajsimjsjajEJSfeJsjasiaiSiS r i
\A Host of Values Call You to the Housewares SalelM
H -• ■ k
HoilS<‘WlH'(‘S I ~l! China and Glassware
V*; , w lor spring lor aprmg i*
, e Wear-Ever Aluminum Ware J. a o c I- —Plain White Pie —Tea Pots, import- if - Iliißl.i
I Warranted to Last a Lifetime _ Moth gags, suit -Bpno, quart size. 4 c^ , "» 6 niece Pf. ate *» Sy rac us c f % ed J a P a »« e ="th
§ qi: -nt Iloiible-Un Sflucf* I c ; r < ( SllVPl t lV{ll < P k A "P■ CC C / khlllE. Slightly 1111“ f I 11 * CIUViTC. »- PC-
I pansT Especially priced at. 79c' cia rat. ca..* 69c and sprayer; two m A -Console Sets, oA Community Par perfect. JQ ! ij cial, each.... 25C Mirror Aluminum
a each V Ulg&g. set. Spe- ()O r —Cream Ladles pieces; quadruple Plate. silver- 0 for.. 1 i , miw
I c.ke ,-Mott P«w, 12 cU, M " 0C -S. K «r Shells , plated. Special- di s c omhmed -7-Piece Ula*. W.i • Jb tolSy silk rcflccts 8 I,ousckc< l’-|
Sstjle. tncia at J3C i *«•» •" d 59c #.fTN\ e~w- —Oltve Spoom patter,,. Spe- : , ' r , S 'V?, t ” n,b J' rS ' H iilffc Complete for mg. B
3 —Fry I’n ns. cold stylo | in Pickle Forks $6 98 rial ) pitcher. ..pc- | .j, aa aq —2-quart Double £t AO
i L handle; il - inch size. $ 1 .491 -Moth Paper. 6 \ Vj/Bi ] Mop8 ’ <R ttO _ Sardine W.VO cial- cal price. JQ [ g $14.98 Boiler M .VCH
~eilU J j sheets. Spe- IC,. lj Jr\J Special forßs I (I*7 QQ A Set J • 5-quart Tea Ket= if* 2ip | i
cial at aJ«SC W* «P# «9u —Carlsbad China —Vase Lamps, $3.45
© ■ a> l= o-^ s P; c. - - at " “ I
m f—t leach... .#I>WL \ for | $1.29 M A Hi -Vegetable for •••• 1 six 4C a -Electric Light
I -Clothes Wringer.
I ITID I ® I caThs2.9B “ M ah ° 8 any'S«fens. Special pHceAach 49 C -Cut Glass Sugar “pofteT ja H
I UJUI TAB ;; lalnlmed - SP,C ' al !£;£ “S! at, each- Utility PllcTTrs, Bo f s ’ ••W tvarc. Special price. | ■
I W Special no dri/i Oft . M cial at. each- ..no 2-qt. size. £Q perfect. Spe- $7.98 * ;*
| Bath Room Fixtures af...'.... 98c $36.98 | sB>9B $5.98 Kacfl 49c eta,. eaefl.. 9/-VO . ■
oqT Stone Jars for Pickling | CiCh ’ • Stoneware j Galvanized Iron Ware I
S Soap Holders I XVC ** © T\TT\T]\T T> %W J A Ol? - .. —B-quart Water Pail. |r , V
b— Toilet Paper Holders- 1 Th • I 11 * r,|| \w /\ fl i’ j —Combinets, Special *7 f\ s-r Special, each i^v|l
and * yyc *1
i _ $i.69 51-Piece Diimer Set, Special, $24.98 , White Enamelware |
5 Baskets for Home and P UrC AlUlllinUin-WUI’C —42-piece Cottage Set,! 100-piece Dinner Set, || ■■■■“ Manning & Bowman
Laundry * ' i very attractive border, green fem decoration, on Double Coaled, Slightly Electric Goods Reduced {| ■
lrpcda'r p d ricc Hanl,,ers - $1.69 tXZi :rt‘T' ll Semi-porcelain, No. 328. Syracuse China, Special:;; i mp erfeel MI $3.981
|i P .„;i.s. imr*’f: 79c ■^.. S ": 9Bc A? i| Special price- pnee- I
|SS .. Sp " ial .. pric " 89c r 89c, pK $1.45 $9 98 - $19.98 89c 189 c $9.981 I
—Waste Paper Baskets, two side ' .. _ . ° a ’’ W | |i'ji % —6-quart Berlin Cov- -2-quart Rice or Ce- —Kieetrio CnrUng ts i aq'i^
J. handles. Special price, q Pe .'. $ 1 t ered Saucepans. Spe- QQq Boilers. Special, JQq Special at 1 .VO | ■

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