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THE PRESIDENT—‘®t’s a Boy."
The week's play by the President
Placers, "It's a Boy." proves to be
especially well adapted to the capa
bilities of the members of the stock
organization, and the opening per
formance last evening revealed in
most effective way the amusing fea
tures of that excellent comedy. There
were countless laughs throughout the
three acts and prologue written by
■William Anthony McGuire, and no
meftiuer of the company failed to
come through with sorrre contribu*-
tten to the general hilarity, while
tnere Is also a real story with gen
uine dramatic Interest.
It Is the old game—the young man
engaged in a prosperous business,
which he has built up through his
own energy and capacity: the big
company that desires to control his
growing system of chain stores, and
the offer, which he accepts, of a large
salary with the established organiza
tion on condition that he sell out his
own enterprise, only to find at the
end of a year that his services are
not wanted and that he has not only
lost his own business, but the sub
stitute job as well. Then it Is back
to the old home town, the assistance
by friends and neighbors into a new
Mne of activity, and the prospective
return of prosperity.
John Litel, as Chester Blake, the
young business man. and Edith King,
as his wife. Phyllis, whoae desire for
luxury has led to the unfortunate in
cidents of the work in the big city,
have excellent roles, in which they
combine the amusing experiences of
the birth of a first’ child and the
more serious phases of disappoint
ment in their financial Affairs, the
latter involving moments in which
their acting is marked by strength of 1
Adrian Morgan, as William O’Toole, !
friend of Blake, cast for a juvenile I
part this week, proves to be a strong !
member of the company, well adapted [
to the comedy which is abundantly
supplied and a lively figure through
out the scenes of the play. Eunice
Hunt, the new ingenue, as Marjorie )
Fletcher, friend of Mrs. Blake, also
contributes to the success of the pro
duction. while Helen Travers, as Mary
Grayson, grandmother of the baby,
continues her excellent work.
The others in the cast, all of whom 1
are deserving oK praise, are J. Irving ;
White, as Judson Blake, the grand j
father; Milton Boyle, as Maurice Hem
mendinger, interet'.fng dealer in pre- |
clous stones; Awics Grant, as Rita 1
Pendleton: Leo v-indhard. as R. W. j
Pendleton, representative of big bust- I
ness; Gustave Bowhan, as Uev. David 1
Talbot, who officiates at the Chris* j
tening. and Joseph Alienton. as Ken
neth Holmes.
KEITH'S—Miss Patricola.
An excellent program, music and 1
comedy predominating. Is offered this I
week at Keith's, that very popular sing- I
er. Miss Patricola. occupying the top- i
line position. Miss Patricola made a
wonderful hit at this place last year
when she appeared before a Washing
ton audience for the first time and her
reception last night was Just as etn- j
Phatic, as at least a dozen curtain calls t
were given her and she finally had to
beg off with a neat little speech of |
thanks. Her offering consisted of new
dialect songs and every one went over I
with a mighty punch. She also 'abcom- 1
panied herself with a violin in one num- i
ber. demonstrating her ability in that |
Another good number was that offered I
by George Austin Moore, who sings
well with several dialects to help out
and is assisted by a clever little lady
who comes from the audience on an in
vitation from Moore, who has been
pleading in a song for a partnes. The
couple work well together and put over
several songs that are new and catchy.
—" . i
Henderson’s—Standard for Quality |
Established Over 50 Years
I 3 $642 Combination 10-pc. Mahogany I
Dining Room Suite, $439
tIA handsome suite, included in which are a 66-in. Buffet, j
Closed Server, Oblong Table, and Chairs with haircloth
seats. We quote this bargain as an example of the savings
created by our Sale of Odd Living Room Pieces, Dining
Room and Bedroom Suites at
10% to 33 l /s% Reductions li
fiThese furniture offerings merit immediate attention from
all contemplating the refurnishing of winter homes. Dis
counts are bona fide—merchandise is regular J. B. Hen
derson stock, the finest.
James B. Henderson
Fine Furniture, Laces, Draperies, Upholstery, Paperhanging, Painting I
1108 G Street —Pkones ££ \
t The LOUVRE }
4 1115 M7 F STREET I
New Arrivals
y \
—Fall Frocks
Our Frocks came from makers who take their -inspira
tion from Paris and the best that skill can pro
duce as their standard of value.
Therefore our Louvre prices mean something. '
$25 00 to $159.50
— V
. 1
r Coats —both the Sports Models for these early days—
and the Dressy Models for the cooler weather.
Plaids and stripes predominate in the sports. The
Dressy Coats are in. the luxurious deep-pile fab-
rics—trimmed with the best furs.
$29-50 to $275-oo
The Hats are gems—truly distinctive creations—smart
and of th« highest type of refined modeling.
• Street, sports and dress designs.
SIO-oo to $35.00
Paul Specht and his splendid orches
tra shared honors with the topliners,
the audience demanding numerous en
cores from the combination and never
Beaming to tire of the tuneful jazz aire
offered. Paul Decker and company have
a new playlet, entitled ''Doubt,'' and it
was presented so cleverly as to cause
numerous laughs and hearty applause.
Baggert and Sheldon opened the pro
gram with a clever juggling act; Moore
and Freed proved to be a.good musical
team ; Roye and Maye were seen in an
exceptionally fine dancing act that
scored an emphatic hit; the Arnaut
Brothers were entertaining as bird imi
tators, and the usual house atractlons
fill out the program. i . •
COSMOS—‘The Carnival of Venice.’
The vaudeville and photoplay head
liners this week of the Cosmos
Theater bill, alone probably offer
finer entertainment for the money
charged for admission than Wash
ington has had before. “The Car
nival of Venice." greatly improved
in setting and costuming and also by
the addition of two fine dancing num
bers, returns with Mile. Donatella,
the wonderful tambourlnlst, heading
the galaxy of artists that compose
the company. While their selections
still include the attractive Italian
classic numbers, there is a cohoession
to the modern spirit of Jazz which,
with Mile. Donatella's tambourine,
makes an applause-winning combina
tion. The number runs longer than
formerly and Is well worth seeing
and hearing.
The remainder of the acts make
largely for laughter are, some
of them, both novel and very amus
ing. They include Boyle and Ben
nett in a great eccentric dance offer
ing under the billing “Scrambled
Legs," which offers both clever art
and comedy; Fisher and Gilmore in
j a laughable sketch. "Her Bashful
I Romeo," in which a desperate modern
1 Juliet finally lands a rustic Romeo
who is always funny and never over
j does; Monroe Brothers, the “Bounc-
I Ing Babies," In their well known
j tramp comedy and net hounding,
i which offers something exceptional
and smooth in the way of acrobatics;
I Hal Johnson and company in "Mr,
Chaperone." with a chaperone quite
Lowest Rental Rates
! General Typewriter Co.
; ’£ Stores
j 1423 F SI. N.W.—616 I4th St. N.W.
ROOF $1.50
paint a
Red and Brown.

From the owner s stand- j
■ point, no other roof paint (
justifies a higher price.
1221 N. Y. A\e.
Phone Main 1352.
/ \
— I —I J -J 1M " ———— I
;« amusing In his or her way as the
bucolic Romeo, and Elsie Huber, a
cloved little singing comedienne with
new songs which she e.lnp;s effec
Allan Dwan's Paramount produc
tion of "Lawful Larceny,” Sam Ship
man’s well known play, is hand
somely mounted and well acted. It
varies a bit from the play, but re
tains all the interest and grip of the
latter. It has a prologue with Nita-
Naldl as Cleopatra, to suggest the
modern vampire who is foiled In the
modern story, and a feature Is a
daring Hawaiian dance by Gilda
Gray, the famous dancer. Hope
Hampton, Lew Cody and Conrad
Nagel are featured with Miss Naldl
in the picture. A funny two-reel
comedy, satirizing the contlnuous
a New Appeal
B Roast Lamb—Mint Sauce
The new touch is in the
Mint Sauce. Make it the
way you always have.
Then add a liberal
I dash of
Motorists—o n c - h a 1 (
mile from the District
Line on Colesville
Pike, this quaint haven
200 years old serves
the famished. A din
ner at the end or begin
ning of the drive, a ( \
memorable dinne p— \
chicken country style j
and much more. Come I j
| out I
» '
* Distinction in Dress ~ 5 1
--is not a privilege reserved for the woman of wealth, but the
g right of every w©man. It is something priceless—yet we place g
it within every woman’s price! If one chooses one’s apparel
here, there is no risk, no uncertainty, no chance of getting the
“wrong” thing, nor of paying more than one should.
New Satin Frocks at $35.00 1
U— are replete with all the newnesses of the Autumn mode. You’ll find the
lovely beaded designs that are so chic—smartly slender frocks that are J
tiered—lovely new fringed models—all in colorings that vie with each
other to express the hues of Fashion. ‘ .
L r This Week Is Wooltex Week
In Our. • H
I September Coat Sale! y
To the other great assortments are added the season’s new
Wooltex Coats priced at— ,
j s ' 20% Saving *
Over Last Year’s Wooltex Prices! t
Coats in all the lovely fall materials, enriched by beautiful
• furs, assured for satisfaction by the Wooltex label in addition
to our own. -
Four Great Groups—Women’s—Misses’ *
1 *65 *7JM2 *95 *llO
g This coat sale gs ours, the great opening event of the 5
Fall, enabling you to get just the coat you wish—at a saving.
No charge for storage until November first. Why not take ad
vantage of the opportunity? M j
by i - * Women’! Coats, Second Floor. p i
‘ * Misses’ Coats, Third Floor.
Illpy For MISSES—From Paris
New Sport Coats, $15.75 *
They’re soft and fuzzy—like a Teddy bear
o*. an( * c l u^e as saucy-looking. They have just'
JiP: the ri&ta note of warm, rich color-dull Chinese S
' n —to appear
£os llilfi at their best on. an autumn golf course.
Misses’ Shop—Third Floor. „
ac i b a m g .. Basal
dancing craze and the Movie Chats
complete an unusually good bill.
GAYETY—"Hippity Hop.”
Harry Shannon and Artie Leemlng
are practically the whole show at the
Gayety Theater this week. With their
odd make-up and ability In handling
comedy lines and situations there is
hardly need of.any one else except as
flllers-ln. They display good talent
in eccentric dances, particularly so In
a little turn entitled -'The Dance of
the Wooden Sollders." Their best
laugh-getter Is a sketch termed "A
Lesson tn Base Ball.”
Aline Rogers and Nellie Nelson are
I Hundreds New Coats j
Specially Priced to Early Buyers
All the New Cloths * | Jf
Fur Trimmed and Self Collars
See the Smart Coats at kJ\ U A |
$45 and s49s® i
The Handsomest Coats ®
—to be shown this fall % w
Are Specially Priced 7 {**l j|
569.50T598.50 \ I
■ 5125 I
I I Beautiful Sport Coats u 4 VjjW
S2S to 579.50 I
Fur Trimmed Suits / |
and Tailored C iJr I
Special, $35, $39.50 \ I
I $49.50 V\ ||
S Thousand New Dresses |
| *25, 5 35,
clever girls with a good selection- of
song hits, and Alfretta Symonds, who
Is well known to Gayety audiences,
plays the part of tead’ng lady with
ail her old charm.
Others In the cast are Joe Forte,
Gus Legert and Arthur Powers The
chorus, a bevy of yoathful and
sprightly ypung women, appear to ad
vantage In a number of pretty cos
The "Ten Musical Spillers,” an ag
gregation of colored musicians for
merly with Jean Bedlnl. furnish some
of the jazziest Jazz tunes to wind up
the show.
I Jileffs I
H fc/ 1216 F St. N.W. W * | |
| Just Received From Paris |
| * —a collection of fashionable
s Velvet Dresses
—from which we offer
, $ 55 each - y
These frocks, in street, afternoon and dinner styles, are of
beautiful quality chiffon velvet—black, navy, brown and taupe —
3 entirely handmade—hand-beaded or hand-embroidered. Paisley *
beading, cut-out and panel embroideries, all new,, are seen in the
different styles. All have becoming round necks, short sleeves and
J shirred or straight hip lines. ”* '
The quantity is limited.* Sizes range from 36 to 42:
/ , :7im \.
it. imm'emiry h
f Continues to Offer the Most M I
| Remarkable Values in' Jfv
New Fall Apparel for j&r
Women and Misses
|j • '■ ‘ V . I
Special Values On Sale
,- - H
I Sumptuous,Cloth Coats
P ’higher Type i
Modes—Made of Superb
Quality Velvety Fabrics
—Embellished With
the Richest of Furs I
. V Splendid Choice $
) In All Sices | i
The majority of the styles are con
fined to but one of a model. Therefore |g
we urge early attendance for best a
A Deposit Will Reserve Any Coat for
|- . ' - A., ' ’ ' ■ ‘ v ' I i
Hnty~Five. Dollar 1 |
r Tomorrow I
• - - *- IVERSARY ' I
1 <£ | •
dm! I •
ode as accepted by fashion for fall |
tance qualities are far superior
iard at this mdderate price. # fe ;
linating will find satis
fie selections pre- >
There is good * ' * £ "
ice in all
sizes. * t
F St. N.W. Nr. Eleventh E|
m vmjfwwsmtfA -

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