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“ -------- ' ' • 1 •*"
iqpi|j iVff PT&]j o /p p |, n |p Pjpi o i] spa °
the mw fitangs tor al featured aft typical Saving Prices
w Cr II
Royal Worcester and to' $3.50 v J ' DEAL. AT " 39c and 48c ~ __- S \ Varrl.WiHo
Bon Ton Corsets School Shoes Washable 22C Yd Z3C Yard-Wide
■ .o?«,A v ssKrwSs?-h o oU at SI 79 Pair Cretonnes * M * Percales, 19c Yard
u rc» ; sizes 32. At... , y ., .*f. * Good substantial qualities, built on com- toSnw '"in'toigtlu“from*2%> W “yimlS 36-inch Percales, light and dark grounds,
t«c ß °tSb r an^ :o e7t«mfS B s r kin CoUUl:elaH ' butt?n*.tvl« Lundreds £X for faillerte* in a large assortment of new styles and
' models: heavily boned; guaran- •J fa lot from Sl'.’to 11 and 11*4 to 2. Get tho V !■ m ..._ :/ • ■ f £li rta ,Vr B ’i 'w*^ 1 and . c ° ver,n|r " of all colorings, such as checks, dots, plaids, rings,
teed throughout; sizes 26 to 34. $*5,50 children's school shoes here tomorrow at ' ' 77 ' j» Bea-titlful light or dark coloring*, in floral. Stripes and neat figures; dose-woven, so?t-
Goidenberg- i—Third Floor. Goldanberg'a Flr»t Floor.
/ 00111 51068 W 7TW ATKST: * THE DEPENDABLE STORE*' egCOt8 ' ni ol^l d ,WFir,t Floor. I
SSO Rug“-One r Day H
- D M ir.We Room SU^-9xm,. t a n d 8.3x10.5 ft, tO 845 W HltCf C>.OatS
*H IP[ These beautiful rugs of a quality that as- * €
i r ■ ---■ - . ™ M _* _
■-n \ row at savings that should bring you here to Canton Crepe plays a prominent part in the fall dress Plam (P A |TA “Stylish .Stout," \
supply fall and winter needs. Strictly perfect fashlo , ns ; and tomorrows sale affords unusual savings on and J* W/■ Till sires 41 to 53, in
grade—the product of the famous Alexander one of tie most desirable qualities offered this season. Ex- Fur VP V eluded in This Re-
Smith & Sous’ mills. Choice of handsome Ax- ceptionally beautiful m weave heavy crepe quality with Trimmed markable Assortment. |P| l^gg
minsters and Wilton Velvets, “the latter with nch. lustrous finish. The assortment include* Black, Navy. trtmmea —* mJ V «
f r : n(r ,. r i pnris and spimk« a well a «. Brown, Gray, Tan and .Sandalwood. 40 inches wide. ftf/r/Mr
sortment of designs in floral, medallion and $275 Satin DucheSSe $2 Chiffon Satin Such savings OH quality coats ai C1 dl cl\ .vi-v..! -
W Oriental patterns, showing rich colorings to <co IQ ‘ ci SQ early in the season. A fortunate purchase ox several txSSiJf ?\ \ \
harmonize with any room decoration. <o . inch Bifck’s.uh Duchcne. 35-inch AiN.uk chiffon satin. hundred garments at a big concession brings this un- WMWtHTV
jSOIFZdm Iftlirwiiillff and Velvet Rugs, $22.65 . coat. . _U i/rjTSI
iV% L K snszjssrstjf Cr * p , e o „ e Moire i? 2f y Kmt A host of new Eall and Winter raodels - sho ' vin 8 ™ n r »»-
111 sons- make; perfect quality in floral, oriental and me-
dallion designs, light or dark colorings 40-inch All-allk Cr«p« de Extra fine, rich, lustrous-flnlsh - majority fasten or tie at Side.
$12.95 Wool and Fiber Congoleum Art Rugs $3 Brussels Rugs, $239 n rw w., Wl,„l. 7i HtfV
Rugs, $9.75 $7.85 Firrt. c.rp« c,/. F«e Gr.d. ‘'*° c %£ The Fme Quahly Mater.aU Include AtT3UO
, Thrc'l'"rod Brussels Ross, all-wool face, Velour, Overplaids; High Pile, Lustrous /V_lXTrj
Hodges make Reversible Wool by the makers, but upon close ‘ ' v nT^Tfil
and Fiber Hugs. 9x12-ft. large examination we find the. injuries with woven colorings, in floral. „ . , . r? / • tl Seal Plush and Imported Mixtures ( | I //F ? I 1 i
room size; handsome medallion aye
and neat figured centers, with anC e. ‘ 7.6x9-ft. M*e. In hand- s ; ze >7x54 inches—(First Floor CT A T-* All
colors!' b ° rd er S: deS ' rabk! . oom^rtrbordfra 81^18 - a " W ' th -Bargain Table.) i)4"lllCll All" W 00l LFCpC fu^s^ mdSOiLh E len^hs hUrian Q
Exceptional Values in Regular $225 Value at The new fall shades of Sorrento, Reindeer, Brown, also Navy V y i '•
"y m "*k -ft TT and Black, as well as rich mixtures. Linings of crepe de chine. I L y\
Mk.l AITT OI I I 1 X / satin de chine or fine, lustrous Venetian cloth.
Jt 1 JL/ JL A•J! J Complete range of sizes, including 16 to 46, regular, and extra j| •
sizes. 41 to 53, for larger women. '*~LA T/
For Misses and Women We meet the popular demand for crepe dress goods with G«id.Bb. r .-_B*e*«d n*or.
± a special sale tomorrow of these fashionable fabrics at a —— —————————————
f IPV lowered price. Beautiful, soft, firm-woven quality, of just ' ' ■ •
Wt* VI ■ r M the right weight for autumn dresses,and full 54 inches wide. Oil Onaaue JJ)
A J Navy, brown and black to choose from. Tomorrow at $1.79 Window Shades -till 111111111 g OlIX!
® Tweed Suitings $3 Wool Tricotine SBc Thread Silk Hosiery
l\ \ The values are remarkable—the variety something to $1.49 $2,49 J
V \ marvel at —and the quality of these beautiful frocks so out 54-inoh am-wool Tweed 44-inch ah-wooi Tricotine, Slight seconds of the regular m P* /\ #
/ j' n f nrHimrv that those women acquainted with our SU- Suitings, in a large assortment heavy-wale quality, in black, SI.OO kinds—about 100 dozen in g ■ ■ RSk
// °1 e orainary tnar to- 4 ■ I of neat mixtures for suits, capes, navy blue, burgundy and plum. t h e j ot • RO od heavy-weight oil I 'V ■ ■ -aSt—
J/ perior dress values will be surprised to find such unusual CO at«. f ? r Q w , Ve [ our 2'e’ fioth. in whites ecru. JL A fill COMH 1
dress values at this moderate price. $ I Storm Serge, 89 c e9 OP medium and dark greens;
There are dresses for street and afternoon wear —v 42-inch Storm serge, a dose- id. 75 mounted on good, strong spring Humming Bird” Pure Thread /:
• , j I 1 rfvtpA nt twyifd qugllty. In black, navy, 54-lnch All-wool \ elour. an rollers. Complete with all fix- Silk Hose are \V r ell known hv all
tailored or fancy models, beautifully styled of brbwn and burgundy. extra fine quality, for suits. , ures nose arc well Known Dy all
? _. . _■ 1 : „y . s,. capes, etc., in black, navy blue lur s * women who admire dainty, snujr-
Rich S«tlti Cantons r Geia..b«*_rir*t ru.r. and brown. < o«idenWa-F«ftk Fw. fitting silk hose—made of fine qual- vfnVvMHBSI
. Canton Crepe t I ——— ity thread silk, with three-seam ft (J
Crepe de Chine P \ back, double sole, heel and toe; lisle fIV tim
Poiret Twill ror Wednesday A Special garter tops. Shot™ in black and JySllte-e
Sale of Autumn Hats igSaH/fl
and silk stitching. Afternoon Frocks of Canton Crepe and . Women’s Sport Hose, in silk and wool
Satin Canton, finished with tiers of circular designs, also w ° ol and cott °n and silk and cotton! t. /
straightline models, in panels or draped effects. Beaded / Pl»»n and clocked effects, in popular /tUulliiiilM(/Juu
models; som- trimmed with collars and cuffs of fine lace. / \ mmA sha dcs. L r ' ce *T an ec froni HOSIERY
Sizes 16 to 48 for misses and women. Out*of u the m / \ s**vU tO $225
Colors of Navy, Black and Brown. DrJitnr* 1 II in*’h Lisl ,® St ®f k ' Children’s Cotton Stocking, fine
Goldenberj*—Second Floor, Ur dinar y j # \ ||Yg f van!’ ... ribbed :inblaok. white, cordovan
■ _ _ [/«/.,«. II I IJjSr 1 * Goldenbsrf’t—First Floor. Tty . . . U . Sh '. d . n . . .’. .? U r»e
$1.65 “Mill Run” 81x99 .s=l^
Seamless Sheets at $1.19 24c Yd. /' \ v\fi® W ]U D „’„ -vr T7r.11
Heavy Serviceable Seamless Sheets, full bleached and _ 32-inch Outing Fannels, extra V a \ / Jm |Xj
nicely finished; made of even thread sheeting cotton; hand heavy double fleeced quality, 1
torn and ironed; Little defects which in no way impair the light grounds, in neat colored J j • j
wearing quality, makes them called "run of the mill.” Note stripes; for making warm win- mtr ,/ Ji Va I ~ITT P Qtl TO 11 I
the extra size—Blx99 inches. ter undergarments for women 9 v, -A. VV V-V JL VS-JL JL k, AJ-X
$1.79 Sheets, $159 $3 Bedspreads, $2.49 children. ML
81x90 Seamless Blea ch e d Crochet Bedspreads, full dou- ,__ /tli / 1 «L Ik / J
sheets, fun double bed size; hle bed eige; Jn he avy raised 35c Shaker h 1 lannel, 25c iM U\s n , . r .... . . . L* ■ TAN r « M rJ f—
heavy firm woven grade, free Marseilles patterns. I*ll/ Because of their originality Ot designs, SU- wQI I 'JJJ 1 Al U /■ r y kn.
JnSS&Sd'SbS*. 7& $230 Bedspreads, $1.79 Z/J /ZL /
54x90 Seamless Bleached Crochet Bedspreads, -t hre e- fleeced quality. #7? and DeautltUl colorings, these specialized Hats . \ / S / Mg \\M Amgi Jg. A M I?
Sheets, single bed size; hand torn quarter bed size; in assorted IJ| are meeting With an enthusiastic welcome from OUr dlScnmmatmgX / aS wOK
and ironed; perfect quality. ' Marseilles designs. Goidonb*r,s-Fir,t Floor. |/| clientele. They exactly fill the popular demand for Fall Hats and / VA \m V F.vprv man qccino- these two-
i 1 o i rti xt j ill “ v p"«”o« u st“hU' y .o ata mod ' ra,e / p ? nt^ iuit , s r ll “r re r g -
September Sale of Home-Needs materials- colors-
’ • mi , , • -.—: Velvet*—Felts — Duyetyn- —Fabric Gray—Black—Red Sandalwood— T"’’ - * kj. ■ sale an opportunity to choose his
a Sin I i [~ *—Combinations— Castor—Wood Browns I Fall suit at a real saving.
— tt=j Children’s $2.25 Longcloth Part-Wool Blankets 4 The careful tailoring, the good
JL "im Sleeping Garments $4 45 Pair style^ and splendid wearing fabrics
iv Os warm, soft, fleecy-finish T x- 1 . 06^1 'toxsq 1 inVh fell new fall colorinc-s and oat terns.
Ml , Fi.idmg ironing flannelette, in assorted striped r t.u. ,’: c * g^: c », y ’ size, in pUid« of blue, pink, tan »fw nrid nil n»-r»r.l' ce .„ oc
Electric Cooking Sheet steel Ga« or g, , 75 Heavy Waah Hoards, with iron effects j double stitched through- fine chamois-finish grade, espe- and gray, with aolsette bound »Mjn.i4 mRi a ßu all-wool true-blue serges.,
Stoven, well made— Oil AfoYf Uvena, fit Bollera, with cold racket— out . ma( j c w jth drop seat and cl »Hy desirably for undergar- ends to match, also white with Snorts and Conservative Rtvles to
85C uve J 1 burner: we “ wood handles; large (Man teV sfre, Mo 6 vears ments. Ten yards ip each piece. .. Pink or blu* borders. W \ opOWS ftHQ COnSCrvaHVC SiytCS tO
made No. 8 size- $1.49 o.ldei“4’t-Tbix7 nU, ‘ Ooldenbw. —First near. Oeld«b«tWourth ittoer. Hlßl WL \ S dlt CVCty lllUn. Blue SCFgCS 1H
ii ~ ,T I Ihl.ov $1.09 ' ” “ p *~ . . . . VVJBa. sizes 38 to 50, including stouts.
N6W Fall Sweaters nc^erwear Cassimercs in sizes 34 to 42.
W] ffl'i Our splendid Fall stocks of Sweaters'will enable you to Children _ p j-j-fy-f j~kJ4 =
make to best advantage. styles—all Women's Pants, S9c— *WOA at 10x118
- Gauze Cotton Pants, with mus
:"i2-f t . size- ue oil* *as7o r ted *a— 'cl&iV'Z JSft Jersey Sweaters, $5.95~~ Girls' Sweaters, $4.98 - kn «: perfect quality.
$1.79 AQr ooiator, 2-quart trade trade sizes in set— All-wool Jersey Coat Sweaters, Heavy Wool Shaker Rrth rq c y es t s IC c Women’s J X
• , ■ , 4VC size— cn„ in navy, black, brown and gray; Sweaters, for school wear, pull- syc ests, aoc womens !I 'jlWFnt In fl\\V V • j
r “ ' qo c . made with tailored pockets, belt over and coat styles; white and Gauze Cotton Vesta, band top flnf\ \\\\V\ \
~ '
*OOI ~ ■' /? _Wool Sweaters ’ made Brushed Wool Sweaters, , bonnet and the transfer de-. / 'u I \
1 with belt-and pocket*; all fall hi W buff odC browni lF~h sign for the smocking come to- lif j
AJhwoot^J Little Tots' Sweaters, and short perfect
swith all-around belt, pockets Coat Sweaters, in brown, tan, 9 V chine or wool canton or a flan- /7 j L McCall
and tailored sleeves; sizes 48 jade and jockey red. Union Suits, 89c Boys' nel if it is to be worn this fall. | 1 Fnuern 1
"TlSr* huiZ - XO Extra Size Sweaters, V. 98 Sweater Sets, $6.98—-Kid- Wh te Knit Union Suits, low IPs McCmII Printed k—/ >—-j 2901
by * ounce^— 5-quart trade »l*e— Baolieta, good size—
with long —Golf Sweaters, heavy wool, V- neck and short sleeves; sizes 8 Pattern No. 2901 laSjCtC&3m
$1.79 $1.59 $1.49 98c ’ c”o S k .-fi«S WW J •
iaBMHM _j L j |B piH 11 lit IH— rTmriiiIIHIIWMHMWMHMMMMMWWWMPWWWWWI .1 OoldMberg-t—Third nsor. pink; Tull cut sizes. o»ld*Bh*r» ■—Fint riser. ■ 1 ' - ■■-■- 1- -1 ,
. ..... ' £ . ■ . . : > . ■ I

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