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km ■■■■■■■ ft'b m ■■■■■■■ a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■*■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Baßßßßßß mm ■■■■■■■ ■ ■■■■■■aa BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
■’"~"• ' - ~ ■ ■
I Royal Household Day—Showing New Things To i
I The Shopping Center — llth and C Sts. — Est. hS77 — A. Lisner, Pres. **
I Beautify Aid Male The Home lore Comfortable—Moderate Prices
r .-*• j . , * -' ‘
Wednesday is household day. a day \vic feature things for the home, many at special prices. Now that fall has actually made its presence felt, homelovcrs are gathering the new thing’s to bring
about that glorious home atmosphere Managers in charge of our decorating departments will willingly suggest when you are 'in doubt. Consult them. This page announcement gives iust an inkling of
■ the manv interesting needs readv for your choice. % ’ 6 J &
■ ' ! . *: yi* r ,
■ S,oooGuaranteed Perfect Window Shades—Lower Priced Wednesday I " —■ 1
You will soon be housecleaning, also rearranging the home for the long indoor season. The right kind of Window Shades play an important part in beauti- Irish Mercerized Table I I
- tying your home. Shades must roll right and loolk right before hanging your Fall Curtains and Draperies. We think it advisable to look over your windows r* I 'T 1 IKT l •
B and check up your requirements and attend this sale. A chance to replace the old “worn outs” at small cost A great opportunity for contractors and builders. UCUTIdSIi 1 OUS CUUI IMapkinS
m ' ||||i Such are commo:i *y advertised* at reduced prices. Household Day, Wednesday. Some Reasons below.
a ||| A| || I K ||j i|| |m 1 • fecj in every respect and .mounted on best grade 70-inch Damask, yard, 54.\54-inch Tops, hem
■ j| a 11l |M | ' Larger Size Shades at Special Prices I 22x22-inch Napkins hemn ;d, dozen $3.75 I ■
■ 1 /)u . ColQr Shades 54 inches by 6 feet,’ $2.54 54 inches by 6 feet, 52.6 i g* 118 aild extra heavy qual- 20 inches wide, yard, 75c
■ W. C. Opaque Shades , Our Best Oil Opaque Holland Shades on Harts - Hartshorn rollerT 72x72-inch Cloth, each. #5.29 45 InchS w'ide, yard, SU9
3 each, 58c Shades, each 88c horn rollers, each, 98c sl.lß each Best Grade Opaque 72x90-inch Cloth, each. #6.75 54 inches wide,’yard,’ $l5O
m ■ , , , 22-mch Napkins, dozen,. #6.75 Pai.i, Boyai-Sfco.d Floor.
All shades are packed complete with fixtures ready to hang. The colors to be had are cream. 42 inches by 6 feet, $1.71 48 inches by 6 feet, $2.00
■ ecru, olive, myrtle and dark green, also white. Don't fail to take advantage of this sale. Selec- inches by 6 feet, $1.94 54 inches by 6 feet, $2.50 “” —— ———
tions mav be reserved for a later delivery. ' _. . _ . _
j> « * Paiaiai Royal—Second Floor.
; September Sale of Rugs Offers Advantages for Alert Home-Lovers jS&
a Beautiful floor coverings from America’s leading mills. Favored weaves—service-
B able and rich*appearing faithfully reproducing Oriental patterns and color tones. J
B They truly are, as a lot special, values of extraordinary merit.
■ Stephen Sanford's Seamless Axminster Rugs
J Seamless Rugs, Beautiful Designs and Color Combinations \
m Seamless Brussel Rugs Seamless Velvet Rugs, All Fringed 1
I inch.*-;, *85.75 . S *K3S s fA f •
B ratal* Royal—Secoad Floor. 2,/ XOt - lUCII, 90,75 94,35 '' >\W& >'"V
■ Stamped Art Needlework September Sale of Furniture Features Kroehler 3-Piece ;
j for the Home—Extra Values! Bed Davenport Suites and Odd Bed Davenports 5 f
a ' m „ r e" h4,e b **" ushcred into this salc and PriMs tow toy reduced-savings from 10% to 3JJ4* and 'Mf '
m Household Day in ' our .Art Needlework Section many splendid * r> t. . . -i-'V WSgSßrnsr
saving are features. » ♦ Buy by our partial payment plan.
25c Bedspread .Fringe 25c Glass Towels S9O Kroehler Three-Piece Bed Davenport Suite
■ Each September Sale Price at $75
B . The kind that washes'. All- Stamped on good quality white
Of birchwood, dull mahogany finish, plain design; upholstered . in Great Vn.
! • S 3 89 Slamaad Bedgareads at S 2 25 w.th Spanish leatherette. Bed davenport with armcKair and arm derprice Sale —For This Week Only—
! ■ Extra heavy
Three beautiful basket designs for French knot, lazy daisy and com- . w . * -
f bination French knot and lazy daisy, with bo.ster attached *lls Kroehler Day Bed $135 Three-Piece Kroehler Three-Piece Kroehler f}* V> rOCkfM find
H Stamped Bibs, 2 for-25c 25c Bucilla Cotton, 19c Sale price at $ 94 -50 Bed Davenport Suite, slls Bed Davenport Suite, $226,75 MJxZM Cllltl
9 Good, generous sizes, to protect For working the bedspreads. Tiered wit'b tnrrh* •P f dul ,J mahogany fin- Large size, upholstered with tapestry, ■— —^
m the kiddies while eating., Cute ■ SHTmSvITh cSt SlrfnJ tsh upholstered w.th Spanish leath- loose-Marshall seat, spring cushions,
designs on dry-well • toweling. Stamped Aprons, 69c • e Pat ’ Reduced tnS94SO -PR f r^, tte ' Be 4 davenport with armchair large bed davenport, large armchair and tM t M
(g Regularly 19 C . At 2 for 25c. Made up and stamped on un- Reduced to $94.50. rocker to match. Reduced to large arm rocker. Reduced to $226.75. ** O
W 'T Tumch bleached muslin, with braid, belt $112.50 Kroehler Day Bed I
9 ■ a ” ds,rinßs Sale price at $92.50 Three-Piece Kroehler Three-Piece Kroehler
■ Stamped for cross-stitch cm- Sttth Curtains, 89c Pair Birchwood, dull mahogany finish, Bed Davenport Suite, $162 Bed Davenport Suite, $250 /W M fm
■ broidery on unbleached muslin. Stamped on fine quality scrim cane panel ends, upholstered with Df birchwood. dull mahogany finish, Large size, upholstered with Baker V JR I J
■ e, . e, .__ at 89c pair. tapestry, soft spring seat, spring upholstered with velour, cane panel ends, velour and plain blue velour, has Mar- W M
i Car,l Table Cover,, 75c Aso on dotted Swiss a. «c edge, plain design. Reduced to “‘U "aVmch'air.^""SfeW tatffS “S ▲/I •/
a£p7i?SSSKS!tSS%i ,802* f • • s92 ' so ' armchair. Reduced to 5250.00.
• Lace-Trimmed Scarfs Three-Piece Buffet Set Three-Piece Cane Library Suite, $220 S2OO Three-Piece A W
■ 98c 39c Set Birchwood, dull mahogany finish, upholstered with 1 Cane Library Suite, $162.50 j j ■
3 Manufacturer's samples of Stamped on jacquard cloth, two tapestry, large settee, armebajr and rocker. Reduced to BijxhwoAd, dull mahogany finish, upholstered with
g Dresser Scarfs, in a varfety of beautiful designs. . $220.00. blue velour, Queen Anne design. 1 settee, 1 armchair Overcoats——All Sizes 34 to 44
styles; greatly underpriced. - Palaia R«>*j—Main Floor. . PalaU Royal—Fourth Floor. and 1 rocker. Reduced tO $162.50. n . j c •. .
Overcoats and Suits identical with these grades
■ 1 ■■ -s . . " ■ 1 i ■ 1 11 ' 11 1 ■■■ will sell during season at S4O to SSO and more.
| September China & Housewares Sale—Note the Exceptional Values! iS?
■ ****' "to ■■lug", »•»““ mninmurid. itamMenw otjiuriu their products.
_ lain, thin quality, sea Hoped shaped diahea, oonalatinf of 4 -, “ , y lth pin wbeel Ordinarily $5.00. September Sale prioe. Absolutely aenltary. eaay to keep $9.00. September Sale price $7.89. Choice of florel, gold
■ ,-upa. 4 aaucera. 4 large alre.plaiea, 4 aauee diahea..! plat- . ..W* •• illustrated. Or- Choice of 4 decorations Set conalats of 6 dinner - cletn an i ßhe<l j„ lithographed white stamped and bluebird decorations. Set consists of 6 dinner
ter and 1 open vegetable dish. An Ideal aet for llghChotise- Rharlly 7sc eacb. September Plates. 6 bread and butter plgtes 6 sauce diahea. , .... Plate*. 6 bread and butter plates. « soup plates. 6 sauce Every Overcoat and butt m this offering guaranteed
■ keeping. - Sal* nrioe 4B„ ,pSI 8 1 platter and 1 open vegetable enamel. l-quart alie. Ordinarily dtahe*. 6 nine, 6 aaucera, 1 each sugar bowl, creamer, platter, . . ..
1 * prlo *' 4,0 diah. • $6.00. September Sale price, ss.»s. open vegetable dish and bowl. strictly all wool and handrtmlored in every essential detail.
? Kitchen Seta 4 piece* as - Medicine Cablaeta. White- delivery.
P illSttetS. Choice of gold S°° 4 de h 4J?UM^* a bJSi2l , th teed elLentT ' ft* 4 ““t H * mtA * H » T * ket »- as »“■*« G Street men’s Clothing window.
■ r n iß oz: 0. 5 ..ep.....R.y.^..-.8^.,.k,«t.
• KinT—-
fu m urn* urn mmm m mmmMmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm See Today’s Times for Other Housefumishiflg NeWS. ______ BBB .______ BBBB __________ il __

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