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600,000,000 to Be Ready for
Spring Navigation Along
Hudson River.
Not since the war have the brink
men gone into the closing months of
the year with such determination to
pile up stock as is manifested in cur
rent reports of 132 manufacturers do
ing business in forty-three states, ac
cording to a statement of the Common
Brick Manufacturers’ Association of
America. The situation on the Hudson
river, which provides the brick supply
for Greater New York operations, is in
dicative of what' is going on in all
the large brick-producing centers. By
the tlmk Hudson river navigation
opens next spring it is anticipated
that the plants along the river will
have 600.000,000 brick ready for ship
ment to their markets. This is 50
per cent greater than the winter stock
in any recent year.
‘•Plants are running at full time and
will continue until freezing weather
stops operations,” the statement says.
“Those plants equipped for winter
running will continue throughout the
interim before the coming season.
These preparations are going on with
the New York manufacturers, in spite
of the fact that quantities of foreign
brick still lie on barges 'at the docks
and many more millions of brick are
on their way from Holland and Ger
I‘There apparently is not much left
of the buyers’ strike and operations
are at the usual volume in nearly all
parts of the country. The orders on
the books, according to current re
ports. have increased during the past
thirty days, while the stocks of
burned brick are just about holding
their own. Prices remain stable,
ranging from sll to $22. according
to the amoufit of transportation
necessary to put the brick on the job.
The large production figures and the
state of the orders on the books are
encouraging in view of the fact that
many yards are closing for the winter
due to weather conditions.
Interest in I.umber Move.
“The brick men observe with some
Interest the published statement that
American lumbermen are preparing
to ship 3,000.000,000 feet to Japan.
Since the order from Japan equals
about 40 per cent of the total con
sumption of lumber in this country
in an average year, and the source
of lumber Is rapidly diminishing, it
is apparent that many operations
which normally, go in lumber will
seek other materials. This condi
tion, it is beli'Wd, will give new im
petus to the already growing demand
for brick. The brick manufacturer
generally has never looked to resi
dence construction for a market.
Co-operative advertising effort, how
ever, in the past few years has been
directed largely to the home builder
and the results attained have caused
the manufacturers to think more
seriously of this market.
"In a normal year the United States
should build 600,000 homes, if 25
per cent of these should have exterior
walls of brick it would use 6.000,-
000,000 brick, which Is two-thirds of
the greater production in any year.
All permanent materials combined
have been getting only about 11 per
cent of residence buildings. Amer
icans use lumber in home ctiilding
because they think it is cheaper.
With its rising costs the difference
between even the cheapest form of
construction and fire-resistive con
struction has now been practically
wiped out. As this fact becomes
better known more and more will
permanent materials be used, and
brick, above all others, is the most
accessible and economical for resi
dential building.
“There is a marked labor shortage
in some parts of the country and
this is a problem Which disturbs
.manufacturers. A change in Immi
gration laws seems to be the only
means of relief.
“The cost of producing brick has
not been loyvered during the year
and there Is nothing to indicate that
it can be made at a lower cost next
By the Associated Press.
NEW YORK, November 3.—A dead
lock exists over renewal of the con
tract expiring June 1, 1924, between
tho Producing Managers’ Association
and the Actors' Equity Association,
by the refusal of a steering commit
tee of the managers to accept the
Equity terms. Augustus Thomas an
nounced the proposal was rejected
unanimously after a stormy two
hour session yesterday. A further
attempt to meet the situation will be
made at a meeting of the managers
early next week.
Gee Shubert, who conferred with
Equity heads, reported, the actors’
terms" to the managers. The terms
amounted practically to forcing a
"closed shop’’ on the managers, said
Mr. Tl. mias.
Easy Terms
One Block From New Eastern
High School
Sample House
1810 A St. S.E.
6 Rooms and Bath—Complete
in Every Detail '
/ K«r Sale by
Hofferberth, Burklin
& Fred
(Our reputation is part of our profit)
1002 Woodward Bldg.
Main SS«O Line, 8325
Or Tonr Own Broker
Detached Home
1406 Delpfield St N.W.
Open for Inspection
SUNDAY 2 to 5 P.M.
First Floor-
Large Reception Hall. Living
Room, Dining Room with open
fireplace, Kitchen, Pantry.
Second Floor—
Four large Bedrooms. Two
Baths. (oneaahower),Screened
in Porch.
Third Floor—
Servant’s Room and Large
Store Room.
| 1412 Eye Street N.W.
Main 2TOO
Building: on northeant Corner of 12th and (i Mroets northwest. Mold for
Sylvester \\. Labrot, to a local Inventor, by Shannon & l.uoh* and Story dk
Co. The lot has a frontage on 12th street of TO feet and ou C« street of 25
Directors of National Boards’ Asso
ciation Favor Amendment for
Amendment to the by-laws of the
National Association of Heal Estate
Boards, by which a city, county or
intercounty real estate board shall
have the right, subject to the asso
ciation's regulations, to control the
use of the term- “Realtor” within its
territory, was approved this week by
the board of directors of the associa
tion and will come before the national
committee of the association for final
adoption at the midwinter meeting of
the association in Augusta.
Other amendments approved by the
directors and to be passed on finally
a*t the Augusts meeting provide:
That each member board adopt the
code of ethics of the national associa
tion as a part of its rules and regu
lations, For violation of which dioip
iinary action may be taken, and that
any member .board neglecting or re
fusing to maintain and enforce the
code with respect to the business ac
tivities of its constituent members
may, after due notice and opportunity
for a hearing, be expelled from mem
bership in the national association.
That all association dues be pay
able in advance.
That member boards be entitled to
representation by one accredited vot
ing delegate for each ac
tive members or fraction thereof.
That each board shall vote as a
That the midwinter meeting be
definitely designated as the annual
meeting of the association.
That the last three living past
presidents be added to the board of
directors and given the right to vote,
and that the treasurer become a
member of the board of directors.
In a section where discriminating people are establishing perma
nent homos; where values arc sure to enhance; where the very
contour of the land assures one of a panoramic view of the city
that will always endure. This Lome has six nice sleeping rooms,
two complete baths, open fireplace and many other attractive fea
tures. The lot is full sized, nicely landscaped, with a double garage
and inclosed rear lawn. Situated just half a hlock south of Massa
chusetts avenue on 35th place.

This home, in the most convenient location imaginable, is being
offered no tv at the original cost because the owner's health necessi
tates going into a smaller house. There are four good sized sleep
ing rooms, besides a screened sleeping porch, two commodious
baths, brick garage, exceptionally deep lot to a wide paved alley.
The price is so reasonable that it will be a most pleasant surprise
to you.
1415 K Street Main 280
Open Sunday After 11 A.M.
Corner Home in Michigan Park
' 4112 12th St. N.E.
We wish, just for the sake of education in the ideal com : .
bination-of home comfort qualities, that every homeseeker
in Washington could see this home. It answers every ques
The location is in a most charming, convenient section
of popular Brookland —and the house is on a 60 by 110
corner lot, with garage, contains 7 good rooms, with hot
water heat, electricity and gas, and is metal w-eather
stripped throughout. #
See It Sunday
(To get there, motor out R. I. Ave., to 12th St., thence
to Michigan Park— or take the Brookland car to 12th St. and
Michigan Ave., and walk 1 block.)
Shannon & luchS
Exclusive Agents
713 14th St. N.W. Main 2345
V, .
* % -
Plan of Bonding Agents to Elim
inate the Irresponsible Among
Those Given Attention.
Objectives set by the various state
i associations now meeting in annual
! conference will boos interest
throughout the National Association
! of Real Estate Boards.
! Resolutions calling for a $2,000
bond for every real estate broker
as a safeguard against irresponsible
agents, and asking that applications
for a state broker's license be in
vestigated by local real estate boards,
were passed by the Illinois Realtors’
Association in a series of suggestions
for better public protection.
Urging the need of a modern tax
system for Ohio, the Ohio Association
of Real Estate Boards, at its conven
tion. issued a call for defeat of tax
measures coming up next month on
a referendum vote in the interest of
simple justice to the home owners
and real property owners of the state.
The Ohio realtors declared strongly
for the adoption by Ohio of the ”in
j diana plan” of check on tax and bond
; levies and for the abolition of tax-
I exempt Acutitles by both state and
federal governments. The association
is actively opposing a proposed old
age pension bill.
SCRANTON. Pa., November 3.—The
; general grievance committee of the
; Pennsylvania Coal Company has voted
I to call off the strike of 10,000 miners In
. the Pittston district and send them
1 back to work Monday. Rinaldo Cappel
i Uni, president of district 1. addressed
the gathering and urged the strikers
to return to the mines. He scored the
men who worked but a few hours a day.
The meeting lasted more than six
Boards at Louisville Session
Authorize Establishing
Institute. -
Establishment of an American Real
Estate Institute to prepare and con
duct a correspondence course In real
estate practice for the United States
and Canada was authorized by the
hoard of directors of the National As
sociation of Heal Estate Boards at a
meeting with the advisory board and
officers of the association, just con
cluded at Louisville.
Development by real estate men
themselves through their national or
ganization of a correspondence course
through which men now in the real
estate business or young men enter
ing the business may be given access
to authoritative Information covering
206 Raymond St.
Walking Distance of the Car Line I j|
Fireproof building, containing 10 rooms, 2 baths, elec- |||
trie lights and hot-water heat; lot is 70x200: 2-car hre- I
proof garage. ||l;
$25,000 H
Thomas J. Fisher & Co., Inc. j I
738 15th St. N.W. Main 6830 11
P ' " 11 ~v'=' ■■■'u ---■ '■ —7" ■ ----i. ■ y . j
-- ;■■■ ■
! There has been
wonderful buying Activity in
rWesley Heights-]
The Homes that have been sold since we
placed the development on the market has estab
lished a new record for Washington. But it’s not
to be wondered at—we’re building a community
here—not twenty minutes’ ride from the White
House—in a superb natural setting—and with
such protecting restrictions as will maintain the
high standard established.
Homes of diversified types—Center Hall—
Cottages—Bungalows—relieve monotony—and ac
centuate distinctiveness.
Prices Range from $8,250 up
!• Motor out Mass. ave.—across Wisconsin ave. to
Jewett street—or hy car line to,Mass. ave. and Wis
consin ave.—Jewea street is just to the left, leading
from the west.
W. C. & A. N. Miller
Builders and Realtors
1 1119 Seventeenth Street Phone Main 1790 j
= :
A Home of Distinction . |
On the Avenue of the Presidents
5317 Sixteenth Street
(In that beautiful section just opposite the reservoir)
Solidly built of Blue Granite Stond, IG-iuch walls, two-car
garage in rear, of same stoye as house. This home contains 12
rooms—3 baths, quartered oak flooring', back stairway, beauti- ■
ful doors and woodw'ork. finished in mahogany and white: in
closed breakfast porch; "two sleeping porches, one open and one
Inclosed. • ,
This home will be open for your inspec
tion every day and evening until 9 P.M.
Built by Q. U. Small
We Invite Your Inspection
l '
L. E. Breuninger & Sons
. Agents s
706 Colorado > Bldg. - Main 6140
the whole field of real estate practice
is the third step in a threefold plan.
Preceding parts . provide for the
spread In schools throughout the
United States and Canada of a two
year course in real estate practice
already organized, and for the outlin
ing at a national conference of edu
cators and real estate leaders next
month of a liberal four-year course
of college grade for real estate edu
cation In American universities and
Business Progress.
In its entirety the plan constitutes,
officers of the association believe, one
of the moat notable steps »ver under
taken py a national business group to
put business, through organization of
its body of business knowledge, on a
professional plane.
The new American Real Estate In
stitute. analogous to the American
Institute of Banking, will be carried
on as a department of the activities
of the National Association of Ileal
Estate Boards, under the auspices of
a special committee appointed by the
association’s board of directors. H.
U.' Nelson, executive secretary of the
national association, will be manager
and director of the institute. An ap
propriation has been made to cover
the Initial expense of preparing les
sons and starting the course
It is expected that the institute will
be organized and in' operation in
about six or seven months.
Washington. Oregon and Idaho pro
duce nearly half of the coi_»morciai
apples of the United St' too.
Huerta Says He Has Not Talked
With Calles and Will Begin
Campaign Soon.
MEXICO CITY, November 3 He-j
ports circulated that Adolfo de la
Huerta, former secretary of the treas- |
ury, and Gen. P. Elias Calles, former i
chief of the cabinet, had agreed to a I
private conference to discuss the presi- !
dentlal succession conflict brought
denials of such a conference by Senor 1
de la Huerta and the supporters of
Senor Calles.
De la Huerta announced that *he
would begin his presidential cam
paign trip throughout the republic
after the political conventions.
.34th and R Sts. N.W.
Cheapest and Best Buy in
the City
16 builtr- 11 sold —s left
3401 B St.—corner houie; 2 stories
and cellar brick; 7 rooms and 2 baths,
built-in garage, front and rear porchea.
Lot 29x88 ft. to alter.
34th Sk, North of R
2 itorlea and cellar; 6 rooms; ail
modam conveniences; front and raar
porches; large yards. Easy terms.
It will pay you to inspect these
houses before buying elsewhere. Light
ed at night.
James Martin
721 13th SI. Vi. W.
M. 2850
PRICE ONLY, $12,000 ■
Very Reasonable Terms
This is one of Lhe Ch*vy Chase homes that our salesmen picked out as a • Best BuV in Uiif chanu
ijigr section. The horoe-like appearance of the outside as well the inside add to its appeal
The house Itself is well built —contains eight rooms, bath, hot-water heat and built-in garage
and sleeping porch. The entire property is in first-class condition. Vacant and ready for immediate
First floor has very large living room—with open fireplace, dining room, librarv, kitchen, bed
room. sleeping porch and bath. ,
Second floor has three nice bedrooms.
Ilrlve or ride ««t Connecticut Ate. to McKinley, east to 3.”td ntreet and north to Oliver Mreet.
The Best New Home Value Ever Offered
29 Built—ls Sold
Sample House, 716 Decatur St. N.W.
Price, $8,750 to $9,750, Easy Terms
Tapestry brick homes, both English and Colonial styles. Your choice of an
open concrete or covered porch. Houses 20 feet wide and some of the lots are nearly
200 feet deep, extending hack to large alleys.
Six large and spacious rooms. First floor contains reception hall, living room, dining
"room with French doors leading out op back porch. * Kitchen equipped with white enameled
cabinet, one piece porcelain sink and drainboard and outside pantry; service porch. Second
floor: Three latge bedrooms, each with large closets: extra linen closet in hall; tiled bath
with built-in fixtures. Master bedroom, 11x19 feet. Double rear porches are 10 feet wide
and extend full length bi house. i
To inspect, take any Ninth Street car ,to Gcorgia t Avenue and Decatur Street; walk two
blocks east to property; or phone for free service.
. ' \
Owners and Builders
Bcut this ad out
See For Yourself
. Inspect Any Time Sunday
Just Completed
scription is given below. '
/Six Rooms and Bath
Hot-Water Heat Electricity
Built-In Garage
Many Other Features
No. 625 Orleans St. N.E.
(Between 6th & 7th—L & M—N.E.)
Main 2100 1412 Eye St. N.W.

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