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Mrs. Coolidge Is Taking a Trip on
the Mayflower This Afternoon
. With a Party on Board.
MRS. COOLIDGE is taking a
few hours’ trip down the Potn- I
mac today on board the j
Mayflower with a party of j
friends on board. They will return j
about 6 o’clock.
The President bad as a guest at
luncheon today Senator Fess of Ohio, j
The ambassador of France and Mme. j
.Tusserand came to Washington this
morning from New York, where they
arrived yesterday on the George
Washington, after passing several
months at their home in France.
The ambassador of Belgium and
Baroness de Cartier are arriving in.
New York today on the Belgenland, ;
after passing several months in Eu- i
rope. They will probably remain in j
New York for a short visit before
coming to Washington.
tVattles-Ashford Wedding
Os VnuMunl Interest Toda>.
Unusually beautiful in appointment ,
Is the wedding this afternoon of Miss |
Annette Ashford and Lieut. Thomas
Lippltt Wattles, U S. N.. which is
taking place at 4:30 o’clock in St.
Thomas’ Episcopal Church, the rector,
the Rev. C. Ernest Smith officiating.
The decorations in the church are all
white and green, chrysanthemums. :
palms and ferns being used.
The bride is wearing a gown of ;
white satin, the skirt draped to the ]
front and caught with a pearl orna- j
ment, showing the full chiffon skirt ;
edged with rose point lace. From the
waist line hangs the long square
train, and from the shoulders a deep
.■ape of rose point lace, which meets a
bertha of the lace, completely cover
ing the satin waist of the gown. Her
tulle veil is held by a band of pearls
and she carries a shower bouquet of
lilies of the valley. Her only orna
ments are the seed pearl earrings
worn by the brides of several genera
tions in her family and a breastpin of
seed pearls to match, which is a gift
of the bridegroom.
Mises Agnes Ashford is maid of honor
for her sister and is wearing old
Mue tatfeta, the basque waist finish
ed with a bertha of silver lace and
silver lace falling over the full
taffeta skirt. Her hat of blue taffeta I
has a cascade of silver lace falling
over the brim at one side, and she is
• arrylng an old-fashioned bouquet of
' E Stokes Sammons, Proprietor :=> J<
830 13th St. N.W. Phone Main 4874
weeks ago as & week-end = , —=r^^
spectfl and repeated all of
last week, that we cannot _ jfafegCQMiP
Ignore the urgent requests
from thousands of our pa- '*v9l£
Irons, who have asked us to
supply them with this dellcl- f
Walnut have determined our .
this week’s spsc«al. YOU have I jr \~
mads the selection —the puD- -
(SIT-' '■ ~
pink roses tied with pink ribbon.
i Miss Nancy Wattles and Miss Caro
! line Wattles, sisters of the bride
! groom; Miss Julie Hume and Miss
j Royall Draper are bridesmaids, and
j wearing pink taffeta and deep cream
j Chantilly lace made like that of the
j maid of honor, their hats being of
j taffeta with cascades of ribbon in a
' deeper shade of pink, and their old
fashioned bouquets are of pink roses
tied with blue ribbon.
Mr. Charles Carlin Is best man for
Lieut. Wattles, and the ushers are
Lieut. Emmet Forrestal. Lieut. Rock
well Townsend, Lieut. -Dixwell
ivetchum. Lieut. Trevor Lewis, En
-1 sign James McWilliams and' Ensign
Edward Graham, all of the UnHed
; States Navy.
I A reception will follow in the home
! of the bride’s parents. Mr. and Mrs.
i Snowden Ashford, when the latter will
receive with the wedding party. She
Is wearing a gown of black velvet.
! gracefully draped and trimmed with
ermine and a .black velvet hat with
: a black lace veil. Mrs. C. W. Wattles
! of Alexandria, mother of the bride
groom. will also receive with them
and is in black.
The house is decorated in white and
green, the only color being in the din
• ing room, where aututnn leaves are
i used, and the table has a centerpiece
i of pink roses.
Later in the day Lieut, and Mrs.
i Wattles will leave for a wedding
; trip, the latter traveling in brown
i satin-baeked crepe made plain, with
i a plaited flounce at the bottom of the
skirt and similar flounces on the
sleeves falling from the elbows. With
this she will wear a small brotyn vel
vet and satip, hat and a brown polo
"coat with a fisher fur collar. Lieut.
Wattles will return to his ship No
vember 15, for a short cruise and his
bride will probably return here to
remain until after the debut of her
sister. Miss Agnes Ashford, early in
The Secretary of the Treasury. Mr.
Andrew Mellon, left yesterday for
New York, to join his daughter. Miss
Ailsa Mellon, and spend the week end
with friends at Fort Washington.
Long Island. The Secretary will re
i turn to Washington Monday.
1 The minister of Panama and Senora
de Alfaro will give a reception this
afternoon at the legation for the Pan
ama colony in Washington, in com-
Recently returned from the Philippines, where her husband. Col. Bongbton.
wan Judge advocate of the Philippine dh Islun. He Is now general counsel of
the Veterans’ Bureau.
memoratlon of the twentieth anniver
sary at Panama independence.
The military attache of the French
embassy, Gen. George A. U Dumont,
will entertain at luncheon Tuesday in
honor ot the counselor of the em
bassy, Mr. Adre de Laboulaye. The
guests will Include the military at
taches of foreign embassies and lega
The military attache of the British
embassy and Mrs. C. E. C. G. Charlton
returned to Washington this morning
from New Y'ork, where they spent
several days. They were guests at
tea Friday in New York of Lady Arm
strong. wife of Sir Harry Gloster
The solicitor general and Mrs.
James M. Beck, entertained at din
ner last evening for their daughter.
Miss Beatrice Beck. Mrs. Beck and
Miss Beck will go to New Y'ork Tues
The counselor 6T the Polish lega
tion. Mr. Hipolit Gliwic. is among
the passengers aboard the Majestic
sailing today from New Y'ork for
Europe, where he will spend several
| months on leave.
Senator Henry Cabot Lodge is the
guest of Senator Le Baron Colt in
his home in Providence. K. 1., and
was the guest of honor at luncheon
yesterday of Senator Colt.
Mrs. John Alien Daugherty will re
turn to Washington tomorrow after
a trip to Philadelphia and New York.
Capt. and Mrs. Emory Land have
with them the mother of Mrs. Land,
Mrs. Dwight Chester, who has arriv
ed from Sostou to spend the winter
with them.
Capt. and Mrs. Land will attend the
Army-Navy game in New York, No
vember 24.
Mrs. William Wheatley w ill “enter
tain informally at tea this afternoon
for her neice Miss Virginia Carter
McCullough of Norfolk. Va.. who will
spend the winter with her.
Miss Hoyall Draper entertained at
breakfast this mbrning at 11 o'clock,
in honor <*f Miss Annette Ashford,
whose marriage to Ensign Thomas
X.ippitt Wattles will lake place this
afternoon. The guests included Miss
11 1
II Mai OTtoma* Cirott Is
mm ii
■I Gala Night ii
|| Monday ||
■ 1 Come and make merry SB
= ■ —there will be souvenirs
S| —good food, dancing, a gg
§s riot of fun sb
|! Until 2:00 A.M. ||
£S Make arrangements for 5S
SB your party, but phone Js
Ii for reservation. Cover SB
*■ charge Gala Night, $1.50
|| per person. gl
if MuyrQcwis f|
|| ‘TruunpFiont ||
|fi if ( ftyuxolisSanoL ||
Telephone Main 4336 " s
Cuticura Heals
White Blisters On
Limbs and Body
Some time ago I had a breaking
oui of small white blisters on my N
§ limbs and body They
itched and burned so
badly >ha< I scratched,
causing large, sore erup
tions I could not sleep
a< night on account of
die irritation and my
clothing aggravated the
breaking out The trouble lasted
about four weeks (
4 I tried several different remedies I
but nothing gave relief I sent for a
free sample oi Cuticura Soap and
Ointment which helped me I then
purchased more and after using
them daily for two weeks I was
completely healed ’ (Signed) Miss
E. S. Wallace, Rt. 1 Dover, Tenn.
Cuticura Soap, Ointment and Tal
cum promote and maintain skin pu
rity, skin comfort and skin health
often when ail else fails
StaalM PtmStK*ll Addreut “o«tle«r* lakar-
UariM, Dipt. H. Mad ton ««, Kill." Slid erery
where. Soap 26c. Ointment 26 and 50c. Telco m 26*.
Soap thwet without mug.
Agnes Ashford, Miss Julie Hume. Miss
Nancy Wattles, Miss Carolyn Wattles,
Miss Klizabeth Zolnay, Miss Alberta
Gilbert. Miss Catherine Shaw and
Miss Nellie "Wood.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ellis will en
tertain at ;a small tea this afternoon
at their residence on 19th street.
Mr. and \ Mrs. Harold Walker will
entertain at dinner this evening.
Mrs. David Stewart Hendrick will
have as her guests next week Mr.
Jan van den Roach and Mrne. van den
Bosch of Haarn, Holland.
Mine, van den Bosch, formerly Miss
Frances Kennedy of Washington, will
share honors at the tea which Mrs.
Hendrick -will give Thursday, No
vember 15, with Mrs. Edmund J. Mor
gan. a bride of June, formerly Miss
Hilda Larabee of New York, who now
lives in Washington, where, with Mr.
Horgan, she has taken an apartment
at the Connecticut for the winter.
Col. and; Mrs. W. Ci Harllee have
as their guest the latter's niece. Miss
Madora Robertson, daughter of Mrs.
Sterling Rbbertson and the late Mr.
Robertson bf San Antonio, Tex. Miss
Robertson -has just completed a visit
with Mr. and Mrs. France Rutledge
at Rorkport. Mass., who entertained
a large ihetuse party in her honor.
Mr. and; Mrs. Harry S. Black en
tertained at luncheon yesterday at
the Plaza in New York, when among
their guests were Prince and Princess
Francesco'Rospigliosl, who spent lin
early part; of this week in Wash
Mrs. Heftry Getty Chilton, wife of
the counselor of the British embassy,
will return to Washington this after
noon froth New York, where she
went Thursday. She was the guest
at tea Friday of Lady Armstrong.
Gen. Nelson A. Miles. U. S. A., has
been joined by his daughter. Mrs.
Reber. wife of Col. Samuel Reber,
who will be with him for the winter.
Col. Reber will be in Japan and China
during the- winter. Their son, Lieut.
Miles Reber, a member of the grad
uating class from West Point in June,
Is now stationed at Camp Humphreys.
Miss Helen Thompson is entertain
ing at bridge today, followed by tea.
when her guests ineiude Miss Janet
Moffett, Miss Charlotte Harriman,
Miss Ruth Butler, Miss Margaret
Zane, Miss; Florence Reiger and Mrs.
J. B. Earl. \
Former Premier and Family
Mailed Today for England.
Former Premier of Great Britain,
Mr. David; Lloyd George, and Dame
Margaret Lloyd George, accompanied
by their daughter. Miss Megan Lloyd
George, sailed today from New York
aboard the Majesties for their home
in England after spending a few
weeks in this country. Last evening
Dame Margaret entertained at dinner
in their apartment at the Waldorf-
Astoria, when her guests where
former United States Ambassador to
the Court of St. James and Mrs. John
W. Davis, Col. and Mm W. H. Owen,
Sir William Sutherland. Sir Henry
and Lady Thornton, Miss Thornton
and Miss - Megan Lloyd George,
daughter of the hostess. Mr. Lloyd
George made an address at the
Metropolitan Opera House In the
i arly evening after which he, with
Dame Margaret, were the guests of
■r n- at a supper party given by Sir
Apples and Cider
500 Bu. Stayman Winesap
On Sale Sunday
| ?LOO bu. up. Open until Xmas. 13
miles from District line via Ga.
Are. Pike, turn right Sligo, just i
beyond Silver Spring, straight j
through Colesville to
Lucknough Orchards
-Editor, Md.
—from prospective purchasers for well situ
ated business and investment properties.
If you have for sale business or other In
come-producing property and will communicate
with us, either by letter or telephone, we will
assure you most energetic action looking to
Us quick sale.
1416 Eye Street Main 3434
My Coffee
Hill grown, hand-picked coffee
of fine flavor, aroma and
strength. I
1 pound (ground) package, 32c
1 pound (roasted) package, 32c
N Magruder’s
Fine Groceries
Conn. Ave. & K Street
‘Established 1875
Heni'y and Lady Thornton In their
apartment at the Waldorf.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Napoleon
Bonaparte arrived yesterday In New
York aboard the Majestic from Eu
rope, where they have been through
the summer. They were guests In
Biarritz of the former’s brother-in
law, Count de Moltke-Hultfeldt, and
Joined in Deauville the Duke do
Morny, a member of the European
branch of the Bonaparte family. They
have been In for a short visit
beford sailing for this country, and
were entertained at dinner by the
Brazilian ambassador to the Court
of St. James and Mme. da Gama, who
.were In Washington for several years
when Mr. da Gama represented Brazil
here. Miss Blanche Strebelgh, daugh
ter of Mrs. Bonaparte, is remaining
In Eur6pe and will sail next week
with Miss Camilla Livingston for this
Col. and Mrs. Frank Jewell enter- i
tained at dinner last evening at the
Washington barracks in honor or ,
Miss Laura Winder Marshall, do- ,
butante daughter of Gen. and Mrs.
Richard C. Marshall, jr. The other |
guests Included Miss Laura Bryn.
Miss Diana Camming, »Mi»s Betty
Byrne, Miss Eugenie Lejeune. Mr.
Theodore Bennett. Mr. Dabney Maury,
Mr. Harvey Jones, Mr. Thomas Lewis
and Mr. Blaine Malian.
Gov. E. Lee Trinkle returned to I
Richmond yesterday after a visit of
several days to Mr. Marshall King.
Mrs. Herbert J. Slocum has gone to
New York and is spending a few days
at the Waldorf-Astoria.
Mrs. James W. Gerard, wife of the
former United States ambassador to
Germany, has returned to her home
at 1015 sth avenue, after spending
some time at Hamilton. Mont., with
her mother, Mrs. Marcus Daly.
Mrs. E. J. Henning, wife of the
assistant secretary of labor, and her
daughter. Miss Beatrice Henning, are
spending a few days at the Hotel
Astor, in New York, where they will
be joined by Mr. Henning today.
• Mr. John F. White entertained
fourteen guests at supper last even
ing at Le Paradis in honor of Miss
Elizabeth Hanna.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Snow, Jr.;
entertained informally at dinner last
evening in their apartment at 2001
16th street.
Miss Bessie J. Klbbey arrived in
New York from the Majestic today,
and will come at once to her home,
2025 Massachusetts avenue.
Maj. and Mrs. Gillespie
En Route to Washington.
Maj. James A. Gillespie, U. Si. A., and
Mrs. Gillespie, who have just returned
from Europe, are at the Hotel Astor,
In New York, for a few days before
coming to Washington.
Mrs Harley Calvin Gage entertained
‘a compaiiy of nine at luncheon yester
day at the Shoreham. This is the sec
ond of a series of informal luncheons
Mrs. Gage is giving.
El Club Cervantes will hold its in
augural dance of the season tonight
at 9 o'clock, at the La Fayette Hotel.
16th and I streets northwest, in honor
of the honorary members of the club.
The honorary members who are now
in Washington and anticipate attending
the dance are: Resident Commissioner
Felix Cordova Davila of Porto Rico,
Senor Don Jaime Agelet y Garriga,
third secretary of the royal Spanish
embassy; Mr. Pedro Capo Rodriguez
of the Carnegie Endowment for Inter
national Peace; Mrs. E. C. Hunt and
Mr. A. Eckhart of the Argentine em
bassy. Many attaches of the Latin
American embassies and legations will
also be present.
A feature of the dance will be an
exhibition tango by Senor Manuel
Giron of Guatemala and Miss Ruth
Oritfin of AVashington, and there will
be a ■ brief program preceding the
dance, including musical selections
and formal jjresentation of the honor
ary members.
The dance will begin promptly at 9
o’clock. It is requested that all who
expect to attend co-operate with the
executive committee in the matter of
arriving at the dance at the stated
lour to avoid confusion and embar
rassment during the program.
Col. and Mrs. Oldroyd entertained
Halloween in honor of Mussey Tent,
Daughters of the G. A. R., by giving
a banquet of 170 covers. A musical
program was given by Mrs. Viola
Thipert Klinge, Mrs. Sarah Deeds,
Mrs. Mary S. Parker and others. - Col.
Oldroyd presented a beautiful silk
flag to the tent, of which Col. Oldroyd
is called “the father.’ 1 By request
Mrs. Sarah Deeds read “Our Country’s
Flag.” Mrs. Parker’s song poem, sent
by the request of Mrs. Oldroyd.
Dr. Edith Se A’llle Coale will be
hostess at the Women’s City Club
teas for November from 4;30 to 6
o’clock. Assisting Dr. Coale tomor
row afternoon will be Mrs. Howard
L Hodgkins. Miss Elizabeth C. Har
ris, Miss Marie K. Saunders and Mrs.
George Eastment. Mrs. William A.
Graham Clark wiil preside at the
tea table.
Miss Ruth Mae Hansford will sing
a group of songs, and Miss Mary S.
Apple, contralto, will also give a
group of songs. Miss Hilda Hanes
will accompany at the piano.
Miss Susan Randolph, daughter of
Mrs. John E. Hope of Mobile, Ala., is
spending the winter here with her
aunt, Mrs. Thomas G. McKnew.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Abbot have
returned from Mount AVilson, Calif.,
where Dr. Abbot has been engaged
in astronomical researches since the
middle of July.
Announcement comes to friends in
this city from Easton. Md., of the
death in that town of Mrs. Nannie
Cox Goidsborough, wife of James
Goldsborough, internationally known
as a painter of portraits and a con
tributor to art in the leading maga
zines. She died at the family home.
Perry Hall, near Easton, Thursday
night. A number of her paintings
have been shown in the Paris salon.
She was a sister of Mrs. Frank Sco
field, wife of Rear Admiral Scofield.
U. S. N.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been iasued to the
AA’illlam A. Knott and Laura A. Manning.
Thomas L AVattlee of Alexandria, Va., and
.Annette M. Ashford of this city.
Itoscoe Beverage and Eva M. Mundy, both
of AVaynesboro. Va.
Richard A. Wood and Hayzle M. Oole.
Walter A. Wine of this city and Nertha G.
Linton of Manassas, A'a.
Clarence Moore and Mary L, Moore, both
of Dare, A’a.
Charles C. Cabllsh of Charleston, W. Ta.,
and Cora P Ort of this city.
Rudolph J. Lehntta and Agnes G. Coffey.
Joseph S. Mankins and Margaret Johnson.
Horace Lombert and Louise Porter.
Albert Levin and Ruby C. Bowers.
Harold H. Kunstman and E. Marie Rlpke,
both of Detroit. Mich.
AVllllam E. Rrlcker of this city and Kath
ryne O. Monday of Rockville. Md.
Hugh R. Minter and Margaret R. Ely, both
of Baltimore, Md.
AVilliam H. Quigley and Mattie H. Gross.
Charles E. Maxwell and A’irginia Skelton.
AVilliam Edmunda and Annie Brown.
Scott A. AVolfe of Baltimore, Md., and
Martha S. Jones of Dunkirk, Md.
Deaths Reported. *
The following deaths have been reported to
the health department in the last tweuty-four
Oliver C. Smith. 28. Emergency Hospital.
Flora S. Kerns, 50. Walter Heed Hospital.
Hortense Councilor. 24. Garfield Hospital.
Edith Corse. 46, Columbia Hospital.
Alice M. Emmerich, 60. 514 East Capitol at.
Quenten Errico, 12, Casualty Hospital.
Joseph F. Farrell. 66, 2316 Naylor road s.e.
Floyd Parsons. 24. Providence Hospital.
Assunta A. Varrlale, 65, Garfield Hospital.
Walter Bausermau, 5 months. Children’s
John Brittian, 5 months. Children’s Hos
Anthony C. De Vote, 4 months. 346 McLean
ave. s.w.
Harry W. Lewis. 49. 938 22d st.
Linton Graham, 28. Garfield Hospital.
Thomas Johnson, 69. Freedmen’s Hospital.
John Anderson, 58, Gslllnger Hospital.
Obzine Jackson, 19. 10S4 26th st.
Annie E. Butler. 72. 105A Benning road n.e.
Charles E. AVinifleld. 1 month.
Hospital. #•
Infant of William and Grace Mackey. 2
days. Columbia Hospital.
I am now In receipt of a letter
which explains all the things that I
have long wondered about,
i The letter Is anonymous. It could
not well be otherwise. No man would
dare sign his name to such a fulmi
nating compendium of Information.
It is strange how you wonder and
wonder about the mysteries of life,
the complexities of mathematics and
the idiosyncrasies of insanity, and go
on wondering and wondering, and
ithen somebody comes along and makes
: the whole thing clear. 1
That Is the case with this letter. 1
give it accurately as It was written.
| I know that the reader will be as
1 astounded as I am at the utter sim
plicity and clarity of the writer's
! views. I understand some of our
I English critics have been complain
ing of the oommonplacenoss of my
platitudes. Here at least is something
, that surely will excite their admira- i
1 tion. The letter follows:
I "My Dear Doctor;
j Zev’s great straight victory for!
j America shows how the main |
i strength of our country lies in her
1 isolated superfluity. AVhat about the j
: predicted Napoleonshtp of Count Tol- i
-stoy’s great prediction with Papyrus ,
| the league of nations newspaper !
champ beaten by five lengths. Can it
I be said that the U. S. Marines Biave got I
the salt monopoly when It comes to j
: considering political conditions in the I
U. S. In a vision, while Mr. Wilson
was President down in AVashington, I
j once saw a symbolization of the pre
! vailing political issue concerning the
democratic and republican parties in
that 1 saw a thoroughbred pair of
horses or super-asses at a race. It
led me to take up the study of horse
, Racing of which I was then in all
l most total ignorance.
1 Hut 1 found it to be largely a
branch of the modern science of gov
ernment well worth a Marines at-’
i lention.
j Our politicians and Statesmen being
| what they are can you tell if the de
; velopment of the world war as It
: parallelled these events in the United
j States Marine Corps in 1911 that
centered on August 15 of that year in
I a place in the United States Navy
| Yard at Norfolk, Va., known as the
St. Helena Brig.—are they to be in
terpreted as a precaution for or
against them in 1924.
Yours truly Still.
the New Napolean.”
Charles Beck. Company G, 18th In
fantry, United States Army, died yes
terday at AValter Reed Army Hos
pital. The funeral was held this
morning at Arlington national ceme
tery, where the interment was made
with military honors. Mr. Bock was
a native of Norfolk, Va., and was
thirty-eight years old. At the age of
sixteen years he enlisted in the Army
and at the time of his death he was
serving his sixth enlistment. He saw
service in the Philippines during the
Spanish-Amerlcan war and later in
the Agulnaldo insurrection and In the
world war.
He was a brother of Mrs. Ida M.
! King, 70 Rhode Island avenue north-
I west, who survives him; another sis
! ter. Mrs. George Madert of Clarendon,
[A’a., also survives him.
Births Reported.
Th» following birth* havo been reported to
the health department In the last twenty-four
Ferdinand 11. and Annie hoy.
Clarence A. and Nettle B. Moore, girl.
Robert E. and Krnma M. Brockman, boy.
Alfred li. and Mary V Cheatham, girl.
Joseph 11. and Olile M. Gill, boy,
Kenneth it. and Edith K. Peirce, girl.
• Michael A. and Lucy Tozzolo, girl.
• Edward G. and Lillie M Bos*, boy.
I John I. and Priscilla Costolon. 'T*o>.
Anthony B. and Anne M. Kendo), boy.
1 John J. and Eleanor F. Sullivan, girl twins.
J I ( and Mary Terry, girl.
Winston K. and Lena Haynes, girl.
Thomas E. and Henrietta A. Miller, girl,
j John M. and Catherine Regan, boy.
i Lloyd A. and Frances White, girl.
• Christopher I*. and Lillian Schillc,
I Tyler and Maybelle Dennett, girl,
i Roland B. and Naomi Jones, girl.
I Lake W, and Haze! C. Koontz. boy.
Louis SL and Julia Shade, boy.
Paul E». and Victoria Hiser, girl.
Edward and Florence Allen, girl,
j Henry N. and Ollie Shephard, boy.
I PIN Masonic, belonging to Army”man. caTl
Col. 8671. * .
I POCKETBOOK—d7th ■and New York ave. Can
! have by desor bing. 301 10th et. n.w. a*
| WHIST WATCH -Small. 9th and Florida ave.
j n.w. Owner call and identify and pay for
I this tui. 910 Florida ave. n.w.
HEADS, pearl, on string. Phone Col. 4728-W.
; Reward. i m
: BRIEF CASE —Leather, on Rockville pike, near
; Halpiic. Please phone Rockville 74. 4*
; BULLUOp BITCH-—White, in whelp; a acrew-
I tail. I'iease return and receive reward. 71
j Pea 5«
! 1 'AT— Vicinity 1222 16lh st. b7w7;~Tsib-taTled7
I black. white and yellow. with collar: un
j mistakable if seen. Reward. 3«
j CHOKER—Squirrel, between 7th and 9th or.
J I. st. n.w., Friday morning; return to 467
| H st. s.w. Reward. •
I COMB-—Large, red, Tuesday u|ght7 from
Marion apt. to 20th and Penn. ave. t. w West
1345 after 6. • ]
j DOG—Brown and white fox terrier; no tag or j
j collar. Lost in vicinity of 28lh and Conn,
ave. Answers to the name of Trixy. Liberal '
reward if returned to owner, 2206' Pa. ave. 1
I n.w. Phone AVest 655. 4* ' j
EARRING —Amber gold mounted, on Oct. 17th.
Suitable reward if returned to Mrs. M. E.
| Reilly. 209 T st. n.e. 4*
EARRING—Jade, on way National Theater or
I Emergency Hospital. Reward. North 3693.
I FOUNTAIN PEN—Engraved. MUs Violet
Spinkle. S. Charleston, W. A’a. Reward.
Line. 1844-W. 4* 1
FRATERNITY PlN—Tail Phi, set winTpetri*
I and garnets. Lost Irlday on 19th st.. between
t ; B and Eye sts. n.w. Reward. Miss Rose
j Moser, 19X5 Eye st. n.w. 4,
iFOX TERRIER, wire haired; Thursday; white, 1
2 black spots on back. Head and ears tan.’
Reward. 525 24th st. n.w.
FOX TERRIER—AVire-haired, female, named
“Trixy”; tan and white; no collar; neax I
' AVardman Park. Reward. Inquire Hannan,
j 2206 Pa. ave. n.w.
GLASSES—Tortoise rimmed, ln~caseT~Saturday
J morning, downtown. 2811 Mills ave. u.e. or
I phone Monday between 9-4:30, Main 2520,
! Branch 142. Reward. 4*
KEY HOLDER—Leather, containing ten nr
eleven keys of various sizes. Reward. Call
North 2675. _ 4«
KEYS on ring with Hecht Co. check Return
and collect reward. 503 Evans bldg, 3»
KEYS in bunch on Tuesday. Please return to
H. D. Turner, 911 N. Y. ave. Phone Frank
10385. Liberal reward. 3*
LEATHER CASE—November i, with notes on
primrose paper; heavy Masonic gold ring,
square, compass and O in gold letters In ruby
set. Liberal leward when returned to owner.
Rev. H. Clay Smith, Box 284, Cumberland
Md. *
MONEY—A sum of money yesterday between
16th and K to 13th and F on bus or between
13th and P, 13th and G and 14th and G. Re
ward if returned to Apt. 1, 1827 16th st.
North 5163. •
NECKPIECE, brown fur. Reward. Return
to Hotel Graf lon.
PlN—Eastern Star; Initials on back, M. B. H.
Reward. Col. 3592. 3»
PIN. silver, large round antique. Park rd. to
Arcade Market. 16th st., Columbia rd., Chevy
Chase cur to East T1 ornapple st., returning
via 14th st. car; valued for association. Liberal
reward. 37, Toklo. Col. 5656, W. Afle.
PlN—Small, cameo; in the shopping district,
perhaps in one of the large stores. Thursday, !
Nov. 1. A liberal reward if returned to Albert 1
Soelden. 1423 New York eve, n.w. 4* j
PURSE —Containing watch, wedding ring and
keys. Reward: Columbia 9325-W. 4«
Revolver—New Colt. No. 93956, Metropoli
tan Police Dept., from automobile, D. C. 94468.
on AVarw'ck ave. between M and N n.w.,
October 28. Notify Bth prpclnct. Liberal re
RlNG—Lady’s diamond ring, Oct. 28, n.e.
section. Inquire 624 Eye st. n.e. 5»
SHEEP DOG—Yellow, part collie; black muz
zle and white feet; had collar with name
“Brownie.” P. P. S., Geophysical Laboratory,
Washington, D. C. Cleve. 334. Reward. 5*
UMBRELLA—BIack silk, shepherd's crook
handle; valued associations; reward. Phone
Columbia 5556. 4*
WALLET —About Oct. 20. Will party who
called Mr. J. D. ('assets at Chevy Chase Club
and at residence by phone please call again?
Betheada 11 or Main 7500. Suitable reward.
WATCH—Lady's, gold, initialed, in case. 13th
and lowa avea. or Potomac Park bus. Col.
! 10467. 4»_
WRIST WATCH—GoId. Elgin, monogram H.
: F. A., October 81, at 21at and G or near ad-,
tfxess. Reward. C. Bough. 1423 Monroe st.
Was Census Bureau Geographer and
Secretary National Board on
Geographic Names.

j /i._i iOl
mPxk.,.' -'. A vSaS“ if''-
Charles Swift Sloane, geographer of
the census bureau and secretary
of the,United States board on geo
graphic names, died at 3:55 a.m. Sat
urday, November 3, at his residence,
*J737 Willard street northwest, after
£\short illness.
Mr. Sloane was born at Ashland,
Pa., July 7, 1859, the son of Thomas
J. and Mary S. Sloane. After grad
uating from Dartmouth, class of 1880,
he entered the United States govern
ment service as surveyor in the sur
veyor general’s office, Santa Fe, N.
M.. and later was transferred to Far
go, N. D., where August 10, 1885, he
married Miss Christine Engebretson.
In 1890 Mr. Sloane entered the
United States census bureau, and upon
completion of that census was trans
ferred to the United States geological
survey. In 189 S, preparatory to the
taking of the census of 1900. he was
made chief of the geographic divi
sion of the census bureau, later be
coming geographer, which position he
held up to the time of his death. He
had charge of the preparation and
design of the illustrations and dia- j
grams used in all census publications.
Mr. Sloane is survived by his wid
ow and two sons. Charles E. and
George G. Sloane, and a sister, Mrs.
Sallle B. Cook.
Funeral services will be held Mon
day at 11 a.m. in Epiphany Lutheran
Church, 16th and U streets north
west, of .which Mr. Sloane was a mem
ber. The services will be conducted j
by Rev. W. C. Waltemyer, pastor.
Funeral services for Rev. Linton M.
Graham, a deacon of the Protestant
Episcopal Church, recently acting as
an assistant to the Rev. J. E. G.
Small, in the Episcopal missions to
colored people in Prince Georges,
Charles and St. Marys counties,
Maryland, who died at Garfield • Hos- j
pital Tuesday of typhoid fever, were ,
held this morning at St. Alban’s]
Protestant Episcopal Church. Rt. Rev. j
James E. -Freeman, Bishop of Wash- ]
Ington. conducted the services, as- i
slsted by Rev. C. T. Warner, rector of
St. Alban’s parish, and other Episcopal !
clergy'. j
Preceding the funeral services, holy :
communion was celebrated. The in
terment was in Woodlawn cemetery.
Alice May Emmerich, a- native of I
I Washington and well known in the
section of the city in which she ]
resided, died yesterday at her home.
314 East Capitol street. The funeral;
will be held from the family home j
Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Rev. ;
Howard F. Downs of the Waugh j
Methodist Episcopal Church official- (
ing. She was the daughter of the j
late George and Mary Emmerich and .
a sister of George M. Emmerich of I
this city.
Carb of fEfjanfes.
MeALWEE. I wish to extend my sincere I
thanks and appreciation to relatives, friends j
and neighbors for their kindness sympathy
and beautiful floral tributes at the time of !
the sndfen death of my devoted mother, ;
SHOOKS. Suudciilv, Wednesday. October 31,
1923, MELVIN N. of Asli Grove, Va., hus
band of the late Catharine S. Brooks. Fu
neral Sunday. November 4, n£ l:HO p.m..
from the residence of his daughter, 2225 13th
st. n.w., Key. W. H. Brooks officiating.
Relatives and friends are cordially invited.
Interment at Ash Grove. Va, 3*
BROWN. Friday, November 2, 1923. at the
i Southern Home. 24' VI Pennsylvania ave. n.w.,
i SARAH P. BROWN, widow of the late
Capt. Benjamin Brown. Remains resting
at the S. IB Hjnes Co. funeral home, 2901
14th at. n.w. until Monday morning. Funeral
services at the Southern Home, 2403
Pennsylvania ave. n.w., Monday, November
T>, at 11 a.m. Relatives and friends invited.
Interment. Arlington National cemetery. 4*
BRUCE. Departed this life Friday, November
2. 1923, at 10 a.m.. at her residence.
1622 11th st. n.w., GEORGIA A. BRUCE,
beloved wife of Augustus G. Bruce and de
voted mother of Elizabeth Bruce-Douglas.
Jessie Geneva Bruce Burke. Ethel, Augustus
t>.. Jr., and Jeremiah Bruce. Funeral Mon
day, November 5, at 2 p.m., from Mount
Zion M. E. Church. 2»th st., between Dum
barton ave. and O street n.w. Interment
at Mount Zion cemetery. Winston-Salem,
N. 0., papers please copy. 4*
BRUCE. All members of Coronation H. of
Ruth, 5122, <l. U. O. O. F., arc notified of
the death of Sister GEORGIANA WRITE.
A meeting is called at the hall. Son.. Nov.
4, at 3 p.m. Funeral Mon.. Nov. 5. at 2
p.m. from Mt. Zion Ch., 29th bet. Dumbar
ton ave. and O st. n.w. Wear all black,
with white gloves. M. B. DUCKETT, M.
N. G.; G. E. BENNETT, W. R. 4*
BRUCE. The officers and members of Miriam
Chapter, No. 4. O. E. S., are notified to
attend the funeral of Mrs. GEORGIA
BRUCE, from Mt. Zion M. K. Church, 29th
st. between Dumbarton ave. and O st. n.w.,
Monday. November 5, at 2 o’clock. Wear
all black with white gloves.
BRUCE. All members of Virginia Tabernacle.
No. 31, G. T. T . O. Fishermen of Galilee, arc
hereby notified to attend a call meeting
Saturday evening. 8 p.m.. 12th and You sts.
n.w.. to make arrangements for the funeral
of Sister GEORGIA A. BRUCE, 1622 11th
st, n.w,, who departed this life Fnday morn
ing. November 2, 1923. at 10:10 a.m. Fu
neral Monday, November 5. from Mt. Zion
M. K. Church. 29ih and Dumbarton ave., at
2 p.m. Friends invited.
BURSEY. Friday. November 2, 1023, at 8:45
p.m., at his residence, 316 2nd st. s.c.,
ISAAC 8., beloved husband of Susie H. Bur-
I aey (nee Hobson). Funeral from the above
' residence on Sunday, November 4. at 5 p.m.
Friends and relatives Invited. Interment,
Richmond. Va. (Richmond, Va., papers
please copy.) 4
CARTER. Entered into rest October 30, 1923,
i 10:20 o’clock p.m.. at her residence. 1423 S
i st. n.w., MARTHA CARTER, the beloved„
1 mother of Bessie Smith (nee Carter); the
sister of Susan Bell, Betsey Brown, Carrbv
Tate and Moses Tate. Funeral Sunday. 1
o'clock p.m., from Vermont Avenue Bap
tist. Church, Rev. James Willis, pastor.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend.
COLBURN. November 2, 1923. at 3:45 a.m..
at her residence, 6609 Georgia ave. n.w..
ELLA, beloved wife of Milton F. Colburn.
Funeral notice later. •
DORSEY. Friday, November 2, 1923.’ at 5:30
p.m., at his residence. 1526 Church st. n.w..
JOHN G. DORSEY, the beloved soo of Lu
cretia M. ifnd the late John E. Dorsey, and
the eldest and beloved brother of Lucretia
Chase. Irene Dorsey Claytor and R. Norman
Dorsey. Funeral from his late residence
Monday, November 5, at 1 o'clock. Rela
tives and friends are invited to attend.
(New York. Philadelphia and San Francisco
papers please copy.). 4*
EMMERICH. Friday. November 2. 1923, at
7 a.m., ALICE MAY, -daughter of the late
George and Mary Ellen Emmerich. Funeral
from the residence of her brother, G. M.
Emmerich, 1847 Calvert st. n.w.. on Monday,
November 5, at 2 p.m. interment private,
i ricaao cmlt-flowcrs. 4
I CLICK. Friday, November 2, 1923, at 1:29
a.m., at 5019 Western ave., JOHN H. F..
JigediOft years, beloved husband of Magda
lena Click (rec Streb), father of Mrs
Amelia A. Wolfe and John H. Ollck. Funeral
from above address at 2 p.m. Monday.
November 5. Friends and relatives Invited
to attend. 4*
HENKEL. Friday, November 2, 1923, at 7:50
pin., ELISE, mother of Edward Henkel
and the late Alice Henkel. Funeral from
th< residence of her son. EDWARD HEN
KEL, 6309 Connecticut are., Chevy Chase,
Md„ Monday, November 6, at 3 p.m
Interment at Rock Creek cemetery. (Bal
llmorc. Md.. and Hamilton, Ohio, papers
I please copy;.) A*
HOLLEY. Departed this life November 2,
1923. at 6:30 am., AGNES- NOVELLA,
devoted child of Louis and Mabel Holley
aged (J years. Funeral from her late re-:
dence, 336 15th st. s.e., Monday morning
at 10 o'clock. Interment at Mt. Olivet
; cemetery. Friends and relatives invited to
Too sweet to live.
Too loving to stay:
So God sent an aug'3
And took her away. ’
LEWIS. Departed this life October 31. 192::
at his sister’s residence. 938 22nd st. n.w
i mourn their loss a wife, Ella Lewis; two
sisters, Mary E. Davis and Louise J. Lewis;
: mother, Sarah A. Le-wis. and five children.
Funeral from St. Luke’s Church. 15th si. b
; tween P and Q sts.. Sunday. November 1
j at 2 o'clock. S*
NEWMAN. Departed this life Friday, No
i vember 2, 1928. at 8:30 p.m., at his re
• dence, 146 C st. s.w., GEOftGK S. NEW
; MAN. the beloved husband of the lare G«or
i glana Newman and devoted father of Eliza
■ beth Nelson and Walter Newman and
i step-father of William Burke. Notice
; of funeral later. (Baltimore and Wilming
j ton, Del., papers please copy.) *
■POWELL. November 2, 1923. at 7 p.m
BAMUEL E., beloved husband of Lillian A
! Powell. Funeral from his late residence
| Idylwood. Va.. Monday, November 5. at 2
j p.m. Inlerpient at Fairfax Court House. 5*
i PYLES. Friday. November 2. 1923, MATILDA
E., beloved wife of Edward Pyles, aged 53
years. Funeral from 3913 Davenport pi
n.w. on Monday, November 5. Services at
the Eldbrook M. E. Church. Tenleytown, at
2 p.m. Relatives and friends invited to at
tend. Interment at Prospect Hill cemetery.
RILEY. Ladles' Columbia Aid Association ar
hereby notified of the de&M. of Mrs. ANNIE
AMELIA RILEY. You are requested to •’
tend the funeral from Mt. Carmel Baptist
Church, 3rd and I sts. n.w.. Monday, No
vember 5, 1923. at 1 p.m.
MARY E. BOWMAN. Rec. Sec’y.
i SLOANE. Saturday. November 3. 1623, at h:‘.
residence, 1737 Willard st. n.w., after a
- 64. Funeral service at Epiphany Lu
theran Church, 16th and U sts. n.w.. Mot
day at 11 u.m. Friends invited to the get'
Ice. Interment private. 6*
i VAN SCrVEH. Suddenly. November 2. 192 S
WILLIAM E., beloved husband of Nellie V
Van Sciver. Funeral from his late res
dence, 622 L st. s.w., Monday, November .-.
at 2 p.m. Relatives and friends invited
Interment Rock Creek cemetery.
?n #lemoriam.
BABBXNOTON. In sjd but loving remec
brance of my dearly beloved son, JOSEPH
A. BABBINGTON, who died five years ago
today. November 3. 1918.
Sweet _ memories will linger forever;
Time cannot change them, it’s true: •
Years that come cannot sever
My loving remembrance of yon.
CASASSA. A tribute of love to the memor
of my dear daughter RACHEL, who departed
from us seven years ago, November 3. 1916
We did not know the pain you bore,
1 did not see you die.
I We only know you went away
And did not -ay good-bye.
' CLARKE. In memory of our mother, JENNII.
I CLARKE, who passed away five years a? •
j today, November 3, 1918.
Faithful hands that tolled so long.
Ups that tulfg our cradle song.
Come and bush our sighs once more,
L : sh f en burdens as before.
FURLONG. In fond memory of our beloved
wife and devoted mother. LILLIE B. FTL
LONG, who passed away November 3, 1919
To day recalls the memory
Os a loved one gone to rest;
And those who think of her today
Are those who loved her best.
j LEWIS. COLE. A tribute of love to the meu.
i ory of our Is-lored ones. HERBERT LEWIS,
I Jr., who died November 3. 1916; HARRY
LEWIS, who died September 3, 1917;
CLARA M. t’OLE (nee Lewis), who died
j October 14. 3918; NORMAN H. COLE, who
I died October 13. 1923.
I In the cold..moist graves 1 saw them lie
My grief too deep to tell.
| Oh, how I miss you. dear children,
i No tongue can ever fell.
I wateched them day and night,
j I held their hands in mine;
' Until at last with a broken heart
j 1 saw them breathe {heir last;
j And I said. O God. if It is ycur will it js
I Side hy side my loved onee now are sleeping
In the grave’s dark, dreamless bed:
j While the willow boughs seem weeping
As they bend above mu dead.
j Some day in your path I will follow,
j When life's toil no longer shall lie.
( At the throne of God 1 will meet you,
i There to rest eternally,
i PARKER. In sad and loving remembrance of
j our darling baby, EVEEYN MAE, who de-
I parted this life one year ago today, Novem
ber 3. 1922.
Gone, but not forgotten.
j WHITE. A tribute of love and memory of
my brother, HARVEY C. WHITE, who died
suddenly two years ago today, Novemb .-
S, 1921.
| Undertakers. Embalmer*.
Homelike Funeral Parlors.
Phone Lincoln 480.
Frank Geier's Sons Co.
j 1113 SEVENTH ST. N.W. M.m 2471
i Modern Chapel. Telephone. ‘' lntu *■*»«»
ikrrp &
joy M. Party—Main 984—Gerald Walak.
S9taßlish*6 ias.9
IftP-lfte PCNNA.AVC.
ONES‘MAIN 5512-55 U
817 PA. AVK. S.E.
{ Model Chapel. Lincoln 141.
Private Ambulances.
Livery in Connection.
3619 14tb St. At Spring Road
CoL 464
Joseph F. Birch's Sons
3034 M St. N.W.
Automobile Service.
i WILLIAM LEE. Funeral Director and
Kmbalmer. Livery In connection. Commodlou,
chapel and modern crematorium. Moderate
price*. 332 Pa. ave. n.w. Tel, call M. 138 S
Timothy Hanlon
641 H ST. N.E. Phone L. 5543 '
Neither the successors of nor con
nected with tho original W. R. Spearu
940 F St N.W
Private Ambulance.
• 412 H at. n.e. Phone Lincoln 824.
Modern Chapel. Automobile Funeral*
Quick, Dignint-d and Efficient Service
W. W. Deal & Co,.
916 H ST. N.E. LINCOLN 8200.
Automobile Service. Chapei.
1208 H STREET. N.W.
main iob *o««DrMorjr.
Geo, C, Shaffer. SSkJfc
Prompt anto delivery service.
4rtl«tlc —expressive—inexpensive.
Glide Bros. Co.» 1214 F St.

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