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Significant Departure From
Methods Seen in With
holding Statement.
B.r the Associated Press.
BERLIN, December 26. —The delay
ed appearance of the reichbank’s re
turns for the second half of Novem
ber suggests to several financial writ
ers the possibility that central bank
ing Institution is traversing a de
cisive transitional period, the out
come of which will mark a signifi
cant departure from the bank’s pre
vious methods. The newly appointed
head of the reichsbank. Dr. Hjalnmr
Sohacht, is thought to have ideas on
the issues of gold currency and pri
vate credits which will ultimately
cull for a complete overhauling of
the bank’s policies.
That the reichsnank’s statement for
the last two weeks of November
should be held back until Christmas
eve. which marks the beginning of a
three-day banking and one week
bourse recess, occasions only re
stricted comment. With the Decem
ber returns still outstanding, an ade
quate survey of the Institution’s pres
ent resources and liabilities is wholly
precluded, especially as the twelfth
month invariably makes heavy drains
on its credit service.
Taper Marks Increase.
The returns for the latter half of
November reveal an increase of 308-
000,000 trillions of paper marks in
its holdings of private checks and
drafts, which, oddly enough are offset
by an almost equal amount of newly
floated currency, although the bank’s
communique intimates that the lat
ter was chiefly occasioned through
the enforced absorption of emergency
currency of municipal or private ori
The conspicuous increase in the
bank's acceptance of private bills of
exchange suggests to some observers
that the reichsbank during the latter
half of November and possibly be
yond that time proved a useful milch
cow for industry, trade and com
merce. which sought its loaning ac
comodations at an annual discount of
5»0 per cent in preference to paying
anywhere from 20 to 40 per cent for
short-term loans on the bourse or
meeting equally excessive rates in
the private banking world, which, in
addition, continued to hold aloof from
the general extension of private
The reichsbank’s current returns
also failed to make clear whether its
heavy advances on private credits
were based on the paper mark, which
at that time had not yet been defi
nitely stabilized, or whether the loans
are returnable on the basis of gold
New Problem faced.
Whether the army of borrowers
who helped to swell the relchsbank's
fund of private chits hoped to profit
from the Inflation period’s last gasps
by making a quick touch in paper
narks which ultimately found highly
respectable enchantment through ef
fective temporary stabilization or
conversion Into foreign currency, is
only one of several queries prompted
by the belated November accounting.
Up to December 22 the reichsbank
had drawn 750,000,000 rentenmarks
of its allotment of 900,000,000, which
it is obligated to place at |he dis
posal of the central government and
on which interest is to be paid. Pre
viously it turned over 300,000,000
rentenmarks to the federal treasury,
which the rentenbank by the letter of
Its charter is to place at the govern
ment’s disposal free of interest. These
rentenmark holdings, which are com
puted In the relchsbank's statement
on the basis of the stabilized paper
mark, are primarily intended to ab
sorb the government’s discounted
treasury bills, which, it is announced,
will shortly disappear from the cen
tral bank's returns.
On January 1 the rentenbank will
transfer to the reichsbank the sum of
1,200,000,000 rentenmarks, which will
he wholly reserved for the purpose of
private credits and advances to the
note printing banks.
Report on New York Conditions
“Shows Tenant Worse Off.”
ALBANY, N. Y., December 26.
Housing conditions in New York city
are worse than they were three years
ago and a progressive aggravation
of the conditions continues. Gov.
Smith was told in a preliminary re
port of the commission of housing
and regional planning just) made
public. The committee said a com
parison with the 1920 report of the
governor’s reconstruction commission
Indicated these outstanding facts:
Rents have increased forty to
ninety-three per cent: factory wages
show a decrease; there is a greater
demand for homes and vacancies are
fewer; rooms regarded as unfit for
habitation are occupied: little repair
ing has been done; sanitary con
ditions are worse; ventilation is bad;
there is unbelievable congestion in
virtually every block: high rents are
taking money from food and educa
tion: standards of living are being
lowered; emergency rent laws are
being evaded. Gov. Smith said the
report “presents a living picture of
homes in New York and it is im
possible to escape its meaning.
Housing conditions presented by this
report show the tenant to be worse
INDIANAPOLIS, December 26. —The
Rev. Alphonse J. Smith. D. D., pastor of
the St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic
Church here, has received notice of
his appointment by Pope Plus XI as
bishop of the diocese at Nashville,
Tenr.., It is announced.
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