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Admiral Asserts Inducements
Offered by Navy Fail
to Attract.
By the Associated Press.
Graduates of medical, dental and
pharmaceutical colleges and of
nurses’ training schools are finding
the opportunities of civil life so at
tractive that the medical department
of the Navy in having increased dif
ficulty in getting suitably trained
personnel for its work Surgeon
General E. K. Stitt, in his annual re
port made public today, declares
that, despite an intensive campaign
during the year, including the send
ing of 12.000 personal letters to young
doctors, it was not possible to keep
the Medical Corps up to its authorized
“It is apparent/’ Dr. tstitt said,
that the inducements offered by the
Navy are not sufficient to attract the
young physician. It seems, there
fore. that some legislative action will
he necessary in the near future if the
Medical Corps of the Navy is to be
recruited up to the strength for which
appropriation was made by Congress,
or even if the vacancies occasioned
by resignation, retirement and death
are to be filled.”
Health conditions generally in the
Navy during the fiscal year were
“It seems certain,” the report
said. The death rate of 3.23 per 1,000
was “the lowest the Navy ever had,"
and admissions to the sick list also
wore unsually low.
During the year care of the Navy
and Marine Corps dead in France
was transferred to the permanent
••are of the Army, with 217 marine
dead, and 23 Navy men still carried
as unidentified or nnlocated.
"it seems certain.” the report
said, "that the time must soon come j
when, despite all the effprts and re
search. a certain number of bodies
now carried as ’unidentified.’ must be j
declared ’unknown.’ and those .‘un- j
located’ as ‘missing.’ ”
NEW YORK, December 26.—8. Og
don Chisholm of this city, a retired
banker and well known advocate of
prison reform, has announced that
President Coolidge has appointed him
international prison commissioner to
succeed the late John Keren. Mr.
t'hisholm is known as an ardent ad
vocate of the International code of
procedure In the handling of pris
oners. which, he said yesterday, he
would try to have adopted by the
International prison congress when
it meets in London in 1325.
I ■ ' ~ I
Authentic Fashions in
Evening Clothes j
As Tailored by Saks Experts
, Persona! ideas may prevail befittingly in one's
Street Clothes to a large degree. But for evening
wear —where you are the bidden guest—all must
conform to definitely prescribed fashion.
There are niceties of design and features of
craftsmanship that weigh importantly—all of !
which have been faithfully carried out in Saks
Tuxedos with shawl or notch collar; In the
Dress Coats are points and lines which must be
“just so**—else they are all wrong. Same is true
of trousers and waistcoats. Clothes matters
of much moment when you step into the light of
critical observance.
All ready on the moment of demand here.
Tuxedos (Coat and Trousers).... $37.50 to $65
Dress (Coat and Trousers) . .SSO and $65
• Black or White Waistcoats $6.75 to sls
, Third rioor
*.’ I .
n. , r: M £v.:.7 1 ‘ . .*£=-1
Abe Martin Says:
Nobuddy but a giant ever
found his size in pajamas.
These days when a feller calls
on th’ President an’ says it wuz
jest a friendly visit, an’ that
nothin’ wuz discussed, we kin
believe him.
(Copyright, National Newspaper Service.)
Seat Pleasant Children Neither Ab
sent Nor Tardy.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
26.—These pupils of the Seal Pleasant.
Prince Georges ocunty, Elementary
School have been neither absent nor
tardy since the beginning of school
in September:
William Carr. Hubert Kaldenback,
Charles Shellhorn, Roland Watson,
Cody Whittington. Caroline Richard
son, Hazel Dixon, Dorothy Dixon,
I Frederick Bean, Marian Richardson,
(Gwen Kaldenback. Doris Brown. Mary
Wells, Nelson Brown. Elmer Honey,
! Roger Beane, Fay Kaldenback and
j Mary Shellhorn.
PARIS* December 26. —Mme. Marie
Curie, working with her husband,
Prof. Pierre Curie, in their modest
laboratory in Rue I'Homond, made
her momentous discovery of radium
twenty-five years ago today. At 4
o'clock this afternoon, the hour
that saw Mme. Curies experiments
crowned with success. President Mil
lerand, accompanied by members of
the cabinet, the diplomatic corps and
several prominent scientists, will
meet at the Sorbonne to celebrate
the anniversary.
t :
Rt ce Claims Fanners Are Suffer
ing From Delay in Utiliz
ing Plant.
Expedition in disposing of the Mus
cle Shoals property in order that the
manufacture of commercial fertilizer
may not be longer delayed is urged
by Representative B. Carroll Reece,
republican, of Tennessee.
Unless the government can gej a
better offer or stronger guarantees
for the production of fertilizer the
property should be leased or sold to
Henry Ford, Representative Reece
“In the development of Muscle
Shoals,” Mr. Reece said, ‘‘the nitrate
or fertilizer features, together with
due regard for the national defense, j
should he the primary consideration. |
“A continued delay in th,e dlspbsl- |
tlon of Muscle Shoals cannot be Jus
tified. The farmers are entitled to
relief. The plant at Muscle Shoals
working to capacity will produce an
nuallv 250,000 tons of Chilean nitrate
or 2,000,000 tons of the plant food in
gredients used in ordinary commercial
Special Dispatch to The Star.
FOREBTVILLE, Md.. December 26.
—Tonight at 7:30 o’clock the annual
Christmas entertainment of the Kor
estville Methodist Episcopal Sunday
School is to be held at the church.
A number of interesting features are i
planned. I
Superior Printing
Small Work Exclusively
909 12th St. N.W.
Telephone Howard S. Fisk
Main 1816 Manager
=iiii lin 11 ini in i(i if Tmi
| T ] Integrity |
E | Our reputation for dc- E
S pendable work at lowest S
” M consistent cost was not S
55 I v won in a day, but is the =
S reward of years of satis- E
E factory service. E
5 Every Tinning job we 55
55 | handle—small as well as Z
55 I large—must conform to 5
E j. - “Colbert” standards, must E
5 J\ strengthen Colbert’s rep- E
5 utatfton. 55
55 || jrwe’rj ready to Replace S
“ VJ for Repair your Roof.
S Heating — Plumbing—Tinning 5
1 621 p Street |
♦ •
All Purchaaea Made on a Charge Placed on Bill Rendered teb. Ist
m. S. Kann Sons Co. a
—. —ln W«ck *n« colon
Weather / s B | ,II TTrTTT Bu ** BH u 10 -
Due. Telephone Main 7200 “THE BUSY CORNER” Penna. Ave., Bth & D Streets »tmt noo*.
After-Christmas Sales
—This is the best way to spend Christmas money and secure —Special sales to dispose of strictly Christmas stocks, also pro
the most value and satisfaction in the spending.. , * vide opportunity for those seeking New Year gifts.
After-Christmas Clearance Winter Coats
tie ’ jSfc* »—A tempting opportunity to supply coat needs just when cold
wSk Sff weather is most likely due.
RcgufaHy $98.50 and SIIO.OO O
llIKw/ Fine Winter Coats. it/V/
an Jim —Wonderful values to be found in this lot of superb coats. If you
, . have been wishing for an exclusive coat, here is your opportunity to
111 H 19 i|ljw secure one'at a most attractive price. These coats are made of Gerona,
lll|k aL WUI Ormandale, Arabia and other fashionable high-pile fabrics. In straight
ftt ——J IIU ~ i IISnL line, wrap-around, flare or tier modes. Every coat is beautifully graced
\"■ lUfWi /MM WJ\ 1 ll« with collar, or collar and cuffs of Platinum Wolf, Genuine Beaver,
j L 11/Kr - ll IH VBV wlwOA Viatka Squirrel, Natural Squirrel or Black and Taupe Fox. Lined with
I Crepe de Chine. Warmly interlined. And in navy, brown, black or
1 ‘ M * llm kit fox - In fact > these coats embrace all the fcatures which an excep
j tionally fine coat should. For small, average and large women.
iPifelßir o a I • f O /> 1 Regularly $29.75
Stylish Loots aearance Price
—Modishly made of fine wool plaid or striped —Warmth and smartness are added by collars of
i/jk . ... natural or dyed opossum, coney viatka, badger, red a || |
rlt materials. In straightline, W’rap or belted fox or of self-material Practically lined and warmly W I II I
i \ . . , . interlined. In tan, gray and brown. \IP W
M models, with inverted or patch pockets, rag- —Sizes 14 to 18 and 36 to 44. / ■
V lan or set-in sleeves. Kann’s—Second Floor.
I ■
Pretty /V\ Thursday the Second Day of Needfuls for
Underthmgs ( ® Ur After-Chri -h .m m . T l bms Eye
tor Women Sh ClcOTflllCG Diapers, size 27x27, slightly
rately t rimmed d* | e?r| Pialr s2*o^)
stylcs |"h/\ —lnfants’ Knit Toques; all
1 .—Bloomera, of fine quality A §UU white and colors. Regular
j sateen; reinforced; hemstitched J 95c values—
ruffle at knee; some with two 1 i _
P r ’ ce - % —lnfants’ Hand - painted
-Jersey Silk Bloomers, good Shoes for Street and Dress wear comb, brush and powder
bottom with °shirr'cd "cuff* and —Silver Brocade —Brown Kid —Black Suede box - Regular $1.95 value—
—Pa,ent Leather —Black Satin $ 1 40
and navy —Manv combinations and .novelty effects in gore pumps, strap effects. Cuban, French, Spanish •
I Kann’s-Second Floor. and , mhitar y *“'*■ Kann’s-Second Floor.
—Sale on Fourth rloor.
0 0— * □
Rug Specials for Thursday! f 1 The Year-End Sale j
50 Beautiful Wilton Rugs Silk Remnants
——— Continues, With Most Attractive
Dresses Offerings in Desirable Silks
1 VMhW&r — For daytime, -Canton Crepes J | -Fancy Silks
'' afternoon and eve- —Messalines | —Wash Satins
ning wear. Excep- —Taffetas Wm —Brocade Silks
tional values —Satin Charmeuse * —Plain Corduroy
At —Lingerie Jersey To —Printed Georgette
BVMrFr. Choice Thuraday. 9x 12.F,. $11.50
sc:q.so hX Afte -^r maß JX. ' w -u*.**
er Dy «r «•-««•„ zsw«-
Q Ik 00 Q f J
. r . r . i j i ' P * —AH suitable lengths for making dresses, blouses. linings, etc.
—A very fine assortment of Oriental designs in the pop- values— _ AII desirable plain and fancy weaves to select from,
ular shades of taupe, blue, rose and brown. Each Rug At Ktnn’s—Street Floor.
possesses splendid wearing qualities. Q 3 0 x -
9x12-ft. Gold Seal ' Our Entire Stock of m Hundreds of Pairs
Cone t™ A sl!r re * vats- 0 • Lace Curtains and Panels
Thnirp choice, a yard— ' At _ - _
Mill: 95,. fc'VQ sA Regularly $2.95 to $4.93 \
* DC Special Thuraday,
-Oriental, carpet and tile pat- -Full rolls and cut pieces. Sev- . . Pr. or Pc.— / lilißil h \
terns, and of good quality. eral pieces of 116 warp, and for- All SUItS for- / MMUM 11 1 \
Kann’s—Third Flom. . yard, arc a.,0 .n- merly priced from A-j gA MM Pi 1
D . $49.75 t 05135.0- 1 ' J
, 1/ —ln the assortment are: \
Two Accessories for Good Cooking 1/a I Marquisette Curtains, /Jftr
" /fl Novelty Braided,^Bunga
ft rlf
V- • three bowls, 1, V/» and Nottingham Lace Cur
-2 quart sizes. Specially Also an after- tains, etc., in white, cream color and ecru. 2 long—
fT'lrn 67c VHr Christmas sale of Ilto6 of a kind. j i
Blouses. Superior Quality Double-Paced Velour Portieres
RVMa«B=== —Yellow Mbdng Bowl Sots, made of yellow ————— —Regularly $24.98 to $32.98. A A A
Iff |F f 7/ earthenware, with white band and subject Read Details in Special Thursday, pair. 4)XV/tUU
m V I If I to manufacturer's imperfections. Sue differ- y . , m. w
' ! J ent size bowls in set. Specially lOOay S UmOS. _45 tn d SO inches wide. Ito 3of a kind, in varidus color com
\ / priced, a set.. * *Jv binatiens. ......
Kann’s—Third Floor. Kann's—Third Floor.

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