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Associated Charities Needs
$4,800 to Assure families
Aid Through 1924.
With eleven of the opportunities
offered by the Associated Charities
for Christmas giving still open. The
Star will continue to acknowledge
contributions throughout the week.
These eleven may be called Kew
Tear opportunities, for the purpose
Is to provide a home for each of
these families throughout 1924. There
are doubtless still people in Washing
ton who will be glad to contribute
toward the last $4,800 needed to'.carry,
these families through next year.
Should at any time. any one of the op- |
portunitles become self-supporting by i
some unexpected good fortune, or
circumstances so change as to render
the families Independent of this pen
sion allowance, which it is hoped will
be fully provided by generously dis
posed givers, before the New Year
comes in. any balance standing.to the
credit of the family wifi be trans
ferred to one of the other opportunity
families in this year’s list.
This has been the consistent pol- ■
'cj*\ in the administration of the op- j
portunity fund ever since it was e~s- j
tablished in 1910. So that every j
giver may rest assured that bis do- !
nation in its entirety will be used !
for his chosen opportunity, or where [
this is already met. or later in the ,
y ear is found not to need further as- I
sistance, will be applied to some other, |
Contributions Coming In.
This morning's mail brought to the
Social Service House additional gifts
for the opportunity fund. All such
gifts are acknowledged directly to
the donor where names and addresses
sre furnished. Many of those who
are sending in contributions give ex. j
plicit instructions that their names
are not to be used iti any published
statement. Doubtless this,wish ex
ists with others who do not specifi
cally so request.
It is because of this that so many
of the printed acknowledgments are
given with initials only'. The excep
tion is In the case of organizations.
churche» and other groups, where
there Is no expressed objection to j
publicity. One such organization is '
the Polly’ Anna Club, which lias had j
the opportunities on its list of be- 1
uevolences for several years. This '
year the club has appropriated $5 for :
No. 7. $5 for No. 11 and $8 for No. 13. 1
Contributions may be sent to John 1
Joy Edaon, treasurer, the Social Serv- !
ice House. 1022 lllh street northwest, I
or to the office of The Evening i*tar, ;
and will be promptly acknowledged.
Opportunity No. 1.
Opportunity No. 2.
Overwork and undernourishment. I
Widow and three children.
Amount asked for, $1,300. Previous- I
ly acknowledged. $448.02; Mr. and j
Mrs. B. E. J., $2: D. M. E.. $2.50: C. S.
K. SI; W. S. H.. $5. Total, 5458.53.
Still needed, $841.47.
Opportunity No. 3.
Opportunity No. 4.
Back to the country. Widow and |
Bix children.
Amount asked for. 5720. Previously
acknowledged. $537.33: K. W. F., $5;
W. R. S.. $5: Mrs. M. S.. $5; M, E. G„
$25; W. L. M„ |5; the Misses F., ss*;
F. J. D„ $6: M. G. S.. $3; M. G. S., $2;
Mrs. A. R. M., 510; H. M. R.. $1; D. M.
E„ $5: C. S. K.. $2; AV. H. S„ $10; C.
H. B„ $2. Total, $817.33.
Still needed, $102.67.
Opportunity No. 5.
Opportunity No. (J.
Three generations all pulling to
gether. Widow and four children.
Amount asked for, $1,300. Previous
ly acknowledged. $476; W. S. P., $2;
H. W. M., $5; E. 8.. $5; C. S. K., sl.
Total. *489.
Still needed. sBll.
Opportunity No. 7.
Doing her full part. Woman sepa
rated and three children.
Amount asked for. $520. Previously
acknowledged. $281.25; Helping Hand
Society, A. M. E. Zion Church, $2.50;
* “The Old World’s Business Outlook for 1924” *
* jL
-k T
Will be a feature of the ' J
I Review of the Year 1923 j
* . I
| to be published exclusively in i
j * Washington in )f
3 MPhi Ifc' fining • J&fcrf \
X Milliii Monday, December 31st j
If American business continues t 6 reach out
X ' f° r uro P ean trade. They are getting it to 4
X some extent. What are the prospects? Is the
X condition hopeless or hopeful? Will 1924 be
X a better year than 1923? T
i, • *
William Bird, an American newspaper man, has been surveying J
X every country of Europe for the past three years—close to all that has J
> happened over there. He will answer these questions from his great J
store of intimate information in the “Review of the Year.” J
* J
* I
i *
"¥■ IF YOU are a regular subscriber to the Star you won’t miss y^
this and the other big special features that appear exclusively w yL-
M in— "*
t The Evening and Sunday Star |
j Let the carrier serve you at your home.
| 7 issues a week—6oc a month |
Phone Main 5000—Circulation Dept. j
* *
¥ ¥ ¥ ¥¥¥*¥¥**,^*****¥*¥^*************¥¥¥
Dr. and Mrs. C. A. S.. $10; C. S, K.. $1;
W. S. H.. $5. Total. $314.75.
Still needed, $203.25.
Opportunity No. 8.
The eternal triangle. Deserted |
mother and three children.
Amount asked for, S7BO. Previous- i
ly acknowledged, $577.
A. G. (},, $10; L. S. D., S6O; W. H. C., I
$1; L. N.. $5; E. C. K.. $3; D. M. E.. I
$2.50; C. S. K., $1; W. S. 11.. $5.
Total. $664.50.
Still needed, $115,50.
Opportunity No. J*.
Ambitious to take Irer daddy's
place; Widow and three children.
Amount asked for, $1,300. Pre
viously acknowledged, $452.50.
M. E. G., $25; A. M. L.. $5; F. H. 8..
$5: C. S. K.. sl. Total,-$486.50. i
Still needed. $813.50.
Opportunity No. 10.
flaying a man’s part. Widow and ]
six children.
Amount asked for. SBB4. Previously j
acknowledged, $706.50.
Helping Hand Society. A. M. E. Zion
Church. $2.50; Mrs. M. S.. $3; U. r>. P„ i
$2; _C. S. K.. sl. Total. $715.
Still needed, $169.
1 Opportunity No. 11.
Infiuenza’s aftermath. Widow and i
four children.
-Amount asked for. $728. Previously ;
acknowledged. $38’7.05.
Dr. and Mrs. C. A. S..\ sls; Mrs. I
A. AV.. $5rC. S. K.. sl. Total, $308.08. 1
j Still needed, $419.92.
Opportunity No. 12.
Shall they stay "put”; Widow and
three children.
Amount asked for, $1,248. Previous
ly acknowledged. $658. Mrs. A. AA'..
{»: C. S. K„ $1; AV. a. H., $5. Total.
$669. "
Still needed. $579.
Opportunity No. 13.
Even the chickens are try iwg to
help. Widow and five children.
Amount asked for, S9BB. Previous
ly acknowledged. $342. Helping Hand
j Society. A. M. E. Zion Church. $5; Dr.
and Mrs. O. A. S.. S2O; C. S. K.. 51.
I Total, $368.
Still needed. $620.
Opportunity No. I».
Good cheer and a wheel chair. Ue
i serted mother and two children,
j Amount asked for. S7BO. Previously
acknowledged, $535.40. J. AV.. $5; M.
S. B„ $10; G. R. C.. $10: Mrs. R. H.
I McG., $3; A. R. C., $10; A. R. M.. $10;
D. AV. P.. $10; L. 0., $10; A. G„ $2;
E. M. W.. $5; C. S. K., $1; AV. S. H.,
$5. Total, $617.44. Still needed,
Total amount asked for. $12,966.00
Total amount received to
date 8,153.69
Still needed 4,812.31
Contributions for Christmas Op
portunities received by cashier ol
The Star December 26, 1923;
Acknowledged. $1,374.50. I. M. A'”.,
Nos. 1.2, 3,6, 12, $10; L. H. Mitchell,
apply as needed. S2B; Anna L. Peck,
most needed, sls; Mrs. E. E. C.
No. 2, $10: R. Q. D.. No. 12, $5; Peggy
A., $1 each, Nos. 3 and 4, *2; Mrs. AA'.
C. Craven, $2.50 each. Nos. 7 and 11,
j $5; Marlon Hastings No. 1. $5; B. S.
1 M., No. 2. $5; cash, No. 2, $5. Total,
j $1,464.50.
T .
j SHELBY, Ohio, December 26.—Fire,
; believed to have been started by a
j cigarette he had been smoking in
; bad, burned Claude Holmes, twenty-
J seven, to death and for a time threat
! ened the destruction of the Shelby
i Hotel. The blaze was confined to
j the third floor, which was gutted,
i About a score of occupants of that
-floor were rescued in their night
| clothing. Exploding cartridges in
I Holmes’ room gave the first alarm.
I The damage was estimated at $5,000.
■ ■
5 lbs. for 9Sc
1332 F St, N.W.
7 \
• ■ i ■ " ■ " - <
,- , i
Admiral Coontz Declares
Naval Service Hampered
by Small Man Power.
| The United States fleet during the j
I past fiscal year was seriously ham - i
j pered by the insufficiency of the al- !
j lowed personnel, Admiral R. E. j
i Coontz. chief of naval operations;
| during that jferlo*. declared in his!
{annual report mrflie public today. !
The report said (he necessity of j
j finding crews for several new light ;
i cruisers commissioned during the j
j year required cutting down of coin- j
piemen ts at submarine buses and }
j elsewhere to a point that meant loss j
jof efficiency.' Admiral Coontz added |
i that it lias been necessary to use .
i first class battleships for the practice •
I cruisers of midshipmen and to use I
destroyers for experimental work,
'taking them away trom their regular]
J duties. "This should not be," de- j
| dared the admiral.
Delay* In Conatraetlon Cited.
‘ In connection with delay Ih com- J
pitting the S-class submarines of the j
I program laid down in 1917, the report ;
I said all r t these should be completed i
: during current fiscal year. "It is j
la sad unenlary on shipbuilding t
j facilities in the United Slates,” the i
' report added, 2when it takes seven ,
1 years to complete fifty submarines ]
' and then have the majority of them ;
• unsatisfactory." The S-boats are the j
i 80n-tonners of the war-time program. !
j Speaking of work on three larger
' fleet submarines, building at the
Portsmouth navy yard, the report
“Not -even one of these will be com
missioned during the next fiscal year.”
Submarine Force Jane SO.
On June 30, 1923, the submarine
force consisted of seventy-five first
line submarines, twenty-seven sec
ond-line (out of commission), twenty
one boats under construction, three
fleet submarines (T-boats out of com
mission because of ‘‘lnferior" per
formance). There were twelve first
. line boats commissioned during the
fyear in addition to the three fleet
submarines, which were laid up again
almost as soon as they were com
NEW ORLEANS. December 26.
| Forty-seven persons, practically all
of them children, and the majority
I negroes, were treated at hospitals
-for pistol, blank pistol and (Reworks
wounds received Christmas eve and
today, but none of the cases was
reported serious. The police had re
ceived no reports of deaths received
from the Christmas celebration.
Successful Men and Women Read
Because They Have No Time To Waste
! - -r - -- i it "• -a I ■, •' ■ ' - . - - ■ ■ ■ ■■■ ■. ■ ■■■■—■.■■ ■ ■ /■ ■ ' v—■ ■ *■■■■ ■■■■» ' l iTTS‘
I ------ , -- r r r -.
, ' ; SEMI-ANNUAL . ,
Begins Today
\ " j :
J " - \ Store-Wide Reductions Mark J V
-feL, 1 Our Half-Yearly Sale ~
Quality and Quantity abound. • '
P-B have but two sales a year and this is one of ' J A ’
| them. Twice a year we clear our stocks thus ■■ -j v/ ]/ \7.
IHee carrying on without carrying over. >j •
(EEEE Merchandise of reputation from our regular stocks. « N FV
=- slo © 'Values below speak for themselves. J^S,{
■ 'll jp p== Assortments are immense. . - --X1 I* |j ~/] " 1
--■■■■ . f It is impossible to convey an adequate idea of their _ j j. 1 L-p-"-■■■■-
=r-.. j '|= variety and scope. j .......
—■ ■ j j EE This sale means rearing apparel for men and yohng ■" j I. 1 [ ■■■'■"
L t \ ' men ’ rom the finest Rochester and London makers in k~ F 1
V English and domestic fabrics. —J
British O’Coats * Men’s Overcoats
103 British overcoats, our own Our entire stock of heavy-weight
importations, landed at the Custom overcoats, representing some of the
House during the past six weeks. All finest mills and some of the finest
great ulsters and of fabrics made from makers in this country and on the
the best mills in England and Scot- other side of the water, are subject
land. to the semi-annQal clearance sale
\ O’Brien’s fleeces from Scotland, Grombie’s from ■ reductions.
England, made up into great coats by the best Lon- Overcoats of every good kind and description.
don tailors. each one up to our exacting standard of quality.
• - \
$37.50 o’coats now . . . §29.50
$65 great coats . . *52-5« Jg S4O o’coats now .. . $32.50
® . /TvT $45 o’coats now .. . $34.50
$7 5 great coats . . $62*50 _ o\ '. SSO o’coats now .. . $39.30
*79 50 ' 560 , ° ,coats ~ow ’’ ’ 849 ’ 50
SBS great coats . . *72 <5W , ' AN' $65 • o’coats now -. . . $52.50
-■ vrnm SA I—rtw~V1 — rtw~V ’ $75 o’coats now .. . $62.50
S9O great coats . . 77* j fxN SBO o’coats now .. . $67.50
SIOO and sllO great ' g 5 o’coats now .. . $72.50
15 S9O o’coats now .• . . $77,50
coats Mw* 80 w I I SIOO, sllO and slls ,
v o’coats now ..... §87.50
175 Patrick Mens and young men’s sack 210 WoiTimbo
. Overcoats • ££S). and Btaple fabrics ’ Overcoats
oAld Models—regulars, shorts, longs, Worumbos, seven shades,
- , stouts, short stouts and long stouts, sin- made in the Chesterfield,
exclusively in Washington gle and double breasted suits, 2 and 3 town coat and great coat
✓ *>y f us * -N? ted f J or^, style ; button style, the pick 6f American and models. All fancy backs,
workmanship and lit and foreign mills, made up by foremost Fu- c j ot j l j s one Q | fi n .
for quality. manufacturers. es t made in this country.
C - A • r., _ ii $37.50&540 grades now §29.50 ~ ~
SSO Chesterfield $45&547.50 grades now §34.50 $ 75 Chesterfield
Model, $42- x SSO grades .. . now §39.50 Model,
_ S6O & $65 grades now §49.50 T TTI
S6O Ulster, grade 2 $75 grades . . now §62.50 Town Ulster
§49-50 Suits .
»75 Ulster, grade 1 «85 Huge Ulster
das-rt sizes 33 to 46. All models, broken lots, S7O 50
\ reduced. Values up to S4O. Specially •
. priced for the semi-annual clearance
y sale.
Trousers - Tuxedos
For the man who desires an Similar mark-down*: nrevail in everv rr . r j
extra pair of trousers and I in this V store. 1 * Tuxedo suits for men and .
wishes to match up his suit, tber announcements will be made. young men. Notch and peak
here is an excellent oppor- ■ / collars. These suits are from
tunity. In Group 1 there are f ST} • g f /P the famous Sanford & Rus
trousers at
,§4.65 w wQf w'm / worsted. Specially priced
Also in Group .2 trousers at Kd
• * *N The Avenue at NintH A
s. .
J , *
rvweew eeem wmw w www* www v v I IJID)J A Sf V f/VW WSmTSmiwy Vff W-.'tt.yyLV.J.W \T
i : ■ a *r v • . - '

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