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Bob Lawrence to Lead Community,
Singers in Unique
Public concert tonight at 7:45 j
’clock; doors open at 7 o’clock;
admission free; the new Kastern \
High School. 17 1 li and Hast Cap- i
itol streets:
(a) March. “Brig. Clen. Sam
uel D. Rockenbach,"
G. Dahlquist I
(b) Overture. ’‘The Merry
Wives of Windsor," Nicolai i
* (c) Selection. “Paust".. .Gounod
(d> Excerpts from "The Bur
gomaster" Ludcrs
(e) “Love Sends a Little Gift
of Roses”..Ope.nshaw
“Love’s Old Sweet Song."
"The Sweetest Story Ever
(Joseph Dufresne. cornetist,
accompanied by the Army Band.)
Told” Stults i
(f) Specialty. “Semper Fide- 1
Us.” with F*rench clarions.
Sousa I
(The Army Band. Capt. J’. W. I
Lewis, commanding; William J. 'j
Stannard, leader.)
(a) “America." (b) "Salute to
the Flag.” (c) "Oath of Allegi
ance,” (d) "Acquaintance Song.”
"Massa’s in the Cold Ground,”
(WCAP Glee Club. Robert Law
rence, director.)
(a) Fourth movement. “Sym
phonic Espagnole” . .. Lalo
<b) “Valse Pantastique,”
Burl, igh
(Eugenia Botkin, violinist;
John S. M. Zimmerman at the
(a) “tiiannana Mia." Italian
street song Friml
(b) "Mighty I.ak' a Rose," Nevin
(Juanita Proelich, soprano;
Mrs. Earl Carbauh at the piano.)
“Love’s Old Sweet Song.” Alolloy
(WCAP Glee Club.)
* Harmonica novelties (selected).
(Littleton and Healey.)
Community singing (selected).
(a) "The Honorable Chop
sticks" Foster
(b) “The Shadow of the Bam
boo Pence” Poster
(Kdythe Crowder, in costume;
Eva Whit/ord Lovette at the ,
(a) "Russian Cradle Song."
(b) “The Swan" Saint-Saens
(Josef (Caspar violin ensemble,
eighteen players; Dora Minovich
at the piano.)
(a) "Where My Caravan Has
Rested” Loh»
(b) "Depuis Le Jour." from
"Louise" .Carpentiet
(Mabel Latimer, soprano; Miss
Community singing. "Nonsense
Louise D. Leeds at the piano.)
(Everybody and Mr. laiwrence.)
(a) “i Bring You Heartease,”
(b) “A Birthday” Woodman
(Mrs. Joyce Craig Wiley, mez
zo-soprano; Margaret Bowie
Grant at the piano.)
(a) “Mellow Moon” ’... Hall
(Earl Carbauh and Master Bob
(b) "If Winter Comes"..Tennent
(c) "When Song Is Sweet,”
» (Earl Carbauh. baritone; Mrs.
Earl Carbauh at the piano.)
(d) "O Promise Me." De Koven
(e) “Some One Loves You.
After All" Tierney
“Now the Day Is Over," Barnby
“Now the Day Is O'er”..Barnby
(WCAP Glee Club.)
“The Star Spangled Banner”
A "Bob” Lawrence community con
cert will be given tonight at 7:45
at the new Eastern High School with
a program of unique %010 and con
certed numbers, catchy additions to
the famous "Hambone" song and
Freight Tax Extra >
“The Old Essex Pep
Plus Hudson Smoothness"
, ' j
Thcncw Essex has all the stamina ,
for which its forerunner was / I
famous. And its 6-cylindcr motor / I
built by Hudson, gives smooth- '■’******—, t .. ,„
ness of performance heretofore \ \ | ft
exclusive to the Super-Six. V
It* economy includes not only
exceptional gas, oil and tire mile
age, but a policy of minimum j W
maintenance cost parts f
The New e'sSEX
A SlX—Built by Hudson
Salesroom, 1160 Conn. Ave. N.W. Service Station, 633 Mass. Ave.
Washington, D. C. Franklin 7700
Hamilton Kotor Company. Hamilton. Va. Henson Kotor Co.. Winchester, Va. Campbell A Beahm. Luray, Ta.
Kt. Vernon Sale* 00., Alexandria, Va. Culpeper Sales and Serrioe Co., Cnl- j -a ramnhell ReeHrill* v.
‘- h Robert V. Norris, La Plata, Kd, peper. Va. ?! “• Campbell, HeedriUe Va.
Walker Auto Corp., Charlottesville. Ta. Rook rill* Ante Sales Co.. Eockrille, Kd. Tl «> Auto Supply Co., Saluda, Va. SSSSSSSSSSBSISBS
Ashby Kotor Co., Quantico, Va. Baker A Coe by, Columbia, Va. Chesapeake Kotor Co.. Kilmarnock Va
Bates Bros.. Oranfe. Va. Har»ra»e A Lewis, West Point. Va. Pitta Kotor Co., Frederioksbur*. Va,
Salesroom, 1823 14th Street—North 7522 Service Station, 211-213 B Street—Frank. 7696
community singing, directed by Mr.
i Lawrence.
' The outstanding musical feature
of the concert will be the Army
| Band. Capt. P. W. Lewis command
! ing, and William J. Stannard leading,
l the band playing from 7:43 to 8:30.
I and including among its selections
I cornet solos by Segt. Joseph Du
r j fresne and a striking arrangement
lof Sousa's “Semper Fidelis." with
ten French clarions,
j The Carbauh family, Karl. Master
' Bob and Mrs. Carbauh, will be heard
| in a return engagement, with bari
{ tone solos by Mr. Carbauh, duets by
j Bob and his father and xylophone.
I numbers by Bob, with Mrs. Carbauh
at the piano. '
Instrumental numbers will be fur
. nished by Littleton and Healey in
| harmonica novelties, Eugenia Bot
kin, who will render violin solos.'
| assisted at the piano by John S. M.
I Zimmerman, and thde Josef Kasper
violin ensemble of eighteen players,
which will present the unique and
difficult feature of playing Neruda’s
“Russian Cradle Song" and “The
Swan” of Saint-Saens as solo num
bers. Dora Minovich will bo at the
piano for the ensemble.
Vocal solos will be supplied by
Edythv Crowder, pupil "of Dr. T. S.
Ix>vette. who will do a group of Fay
Poster Japanese songs in costume;
Juanita Proelich, artist pupil of Earl
j Carbauh; Mrs. Joyce Craig Wiley.
! who is singing through the courtesy
of Paul Bleyden, and Mabel lauimer,
soprano soloist of the Sacred Heart
A novel feature will be the ap-
I W. & J, SLOANE 1
1508 H STREET, N. W. [Opposite the Shoreham ]
Occasional Furniture for
the Living Room, the Bed Room and the Hall
at Very Attractive Prices
Butterfly . . . SSO up Spinet .... S7O up Book Troughs . s2l up
Card 55 up Secretary . . . 175 up Floor Lamps . . 75 up
Console. ... 35 up Mirrors .... 15 up
End 22 up Sewing Cabinets 22 up
Gate Leg . . . 62 up Windsor . . . 2»20 up Smoking Stands. 18 up
Reading. . . . 30 up Wing .... 130 up Tea Wagons . . 50 up
Sofa 70 up Side 15 up
Arm 70 up
Easy 100 up
Odd Chairs . . 60 up
We also have at this time an unusually large stock of
Scatter Size Oriental Rugs
At Very Attractive Prices
,"■■■ "■■■■ ■■■■ - r■ ■
Large Size Rugs
at proportionately low cost
Sloane Endorsed Merchandise Carries an Assurance of Satisfaction
Makes New Design for Monument
To Mark Tomb of Unknown Soldier
Thomas Hastings Submits Sarcoplmgus Inscribed
With Quotation From Harding’s Speech—WiU
ftvil* rrvi// IP/>/)VfiPnce mi Vf/if/ur.
1 One of the first matters submitted i
to the consideration of the new See
i refary of the Navy Is the selection of
i i a suitable, monument to mark the
■ j tomb of the "Cnknown Soldier" in the
. 1 Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington
; 1
r, - :
i ! pearance in several songs of the
3 | WCAP Glee Club, trained and directed
» ; by Mr. Lawrence for radio work.
- • The accompanists for the soloist i
■ will i>e Mrs. Eva Whltford Lovette,
i Mrs. Enrl Carbauh. Margaret Bowie
.• i Grant and Miss Louis, I). Leeds.
. S As usual there will bo 1.40) seats
I free to the public and 200 beats re
; ' served for member*.of the association
1 j and for those desiring to secure re
. j served seats for 25 cents. No chil
f droll under four years of age will
■, be admitted and all other children
t must come with adults and sit with
them throughout the concert. The
- doors will open at 7 o’clock.
I cemetery. The President has charged j
the Secretaries of War and Navy with J
that duty.
Recently Secretaries Weeks and j
Denby rejected the design for the !
memorial submitted by Thomas Has- I
tings and approved by the Pine Arts i
Commission. It represented a square I
stone shaft thirty-five feet high, based j
on the tomb, inscribed on the sides j
with tributes to the heroic dead, and |
I ornamented near the apex with has [
i reliefs of a soldier’s war e*luipmeiit. |
Since then Mr. Hastings has submit- j
ted another design to meet the gen
eral criticism against the other that j
it was so large that it impaired the i
architectural beauty of the aniphi- I
theater. j
The new design shows a ,-arcopha
gus of the same horizontal dimen- j
stons as the tomb on which it is •
based, and about ten feet in height. ;
It rests on a fiat pedestal of simple |
lines and is partly upheld by two j
bended male figures of classic mold, j
The large stone casket shows varl
i ous ornaments of mllitjxry signifi
cance. and on one side are inscribed
the following words from the ad
dress made by the late President
Harding at the burial of the un
known hero:
“We do not know tho eminence
of his birth, but we do know the
I glory of his death. He died for
' IBs country.'’
; Secretary Weeks has suspended <
judgment as to the suitability of tiic
; i>cw design until he can meet with
' his new associate. Secretary Wilbur,
I for full consideration of the plans
1 and tpeelfltations.
Discusses D. C. Schools.
Or, Krank W. Ha 11 oil. superin- ;
tendent of District public schools, |
; yesterday read before the member- i
i ship committee of the Washington
; Board of Trade a paper on the local
school system, which lie recently
1 broadcast b> radio.
Ready for Occupancy
dr a I Mansions,
these attractive new
apartments will
strongly appeal to
those seeking refined
comfort with reason
able rentals.
One Room and
Bath to Five Rooms
and Two Baths. All
large, outside rooms, • i
with spacious closets.
Open for Inspection fntll U I*. M. I
1430 K Stmt
Mala 41M
See the important News on Page 33.
50-pound Imperial Edge
Capital Brand Mattresses, 5 19 75
A famous mattress at an exceptional price. Made of all - cotton
felt. Constructed layer upon layer. Covered with handsome art
ticking. The edge is the famous Imperial that prevents the mat
tress from spreading. These combined features add to the comfort
i and sen ice of this unusual mattre's at a v ery low figure.
I ■ ■ I ißil
j '
Walunt finish. Double and IValnut, mahogany or ivory
Twin sices. Period model. Tvory finish. finish. Double and Twin sices.
Double and Twin sices.

Simmons Wood and Ivory Finish Metal Beds,
A closing out of discontinued patterns. These Simmons all
metal beds are period models developed in mahogany, walnut
and ivory finish. Handsome in appearance, they add a touch of
refinement to any bedroom. Just 15 of these nationally known
Simmons Period Beds to sell at $16.75.
Fourth Floor—The Hecht Co.
TheHechi Co.
7th at F
~ .
It's no use to wash your hands with
j fine toilet soap Ts
J It you expose
them to harsh kitchen
| soap an hour and a half
every day in the dishpan
No matter how carefully you wash your hands with fine
toilet soap—they just can’t look smooth and white if you
use kitchen soap for your dishes. For it’s at most ten minutes
a day that you spend washing your hands and it’s a full hour
and a half that they’re in the dishpan.
n When your hands get rough and red, chap easily—of
course you blame dishwashing. But there’s away to wash
dishes that is easy on your hands.
Toss a teaspoonful of Lux in the dishpan. Feel the nice
soft suds. Lux is as easy on your hands as fine toilet soap.
' Use it for your dishes always. There’s a big new package now
—as well as the regular size. Lever Bros. Co., Cambridge, Mass.
I Gone - that in-the-d J

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