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Complain of Preferential Kate
Clause, Holding Government
Is Short of Tankers.
Sinclair and Western Are Protest
ing Concerns.
Two petroleum companies—the Sin
clair Refining Company and the
■Western Petroleum Refiners’ Corpora
tion —filed a protest with the Ship
ping’ Board yesterday against the
application to petroleum products of
the preferential through export rate
clause of the merchant marine act,
on the ground that there is an
Inadequacy of government tanker
Commissioners Thompson and
Plummer, before whom the protests
were heard, said the briefs presented
would bo given due consideration.
The protests of the Refiners’ asso
ciation, composed of sixty-five com
panies in Kansas. Oklahoma and
northern Texas, declared the "asso
ciation realizes, of course, that the
policy underlying section 28 is not
an issue before the board.” as Con
gress "was responsible for the legis
lation" which placed upon the board
the “responsibility of determining
whether adequate shipping facilities
are afforded by American vessels.
Cites Scarcity of Tonnage.
The brief declared, however, ffhat
shipping facilities "can not properly
be considered adequate unless ships
open to charter by any exporter are
available upon any reasonable de
mand." In this connection the asso
ciation submitted figures showing
that out of 293 American tankers on
July 1. 1923. all except fifty, whicli
belonged to the Shipping Board, were
owned by oil companies and com
panies transporting such commodities
as molasses.
W. H. Reed, who filed the Sinclair
protest, declared the board bad only
one “clean tanker." and that was
under charter by the Sinclair com
pany. He said that during a eix
month period last year his company
shipped oil in sixty-eight vessels,
only five of which were American.
The man does’ not exist who cannot
use Star Want Ads to his profit.
There’s No Waiting
The Money Realized From the Sale
of Stock in the
Wardman Mortgage and
Discount Corporation
Is Put to Work Immediately—Earning Dividends
We haven’t an idle dollar—and we have a
The Members waiting market for every dollar as fast as it comes
in. That’s what pats this Corporation in the unique
of Our Board position it occupies—and makes its proposition so
f inviting to investors—both large and small.
Need No
. * . The two things that usually eat up profits are—
Introduction operating expense and unemployed capital—wheth-
Harrv Wardman Cr . is “ cash or sewed «P “ promises to • pay.
President Wardman Park Either or both of these factors cut down the profits
Wardman earned by the money that is actually at work—
apartment?" 8 which in turn affects the dividends disappointingly.
dwellings in Washington,
D. C. President Ward-
SS5it S SwSio“ d DiS> We not hampered by either of these ele
John Poole
President Federal Amer- Os operating expenses we have practically
icon National Bank. Dt- _ _ # J
rector wardman Mortgage- none. Our officers are serving without salary. Our
and Discount Corpora- , . . . , , . _ .
tion. investments are made / without brokerage fees. On i,)|
the other hand, our stock has been sold for cash—
W. Wallace Chi swell with 60 days being the limit for deferred payments.
President People’s Mutual
Benefit Insurance Co.
Director Wardman Mort- in / L .1 . r. •
gage and Discount Cor- All of which means that gross profits arc vir
poration. tually net profits with us—and will be distributed
. _ .. , . in dividends at the coming period—in July.
James D. Hobbs
Treasurer National
C °oonS-' So you can see why I am so sanguine that we
p°re?td e S n C t C will more than reach our required dividend. You
wardman Park Hotet can see, too, how buying stock under the terms of
Second I tee Presiden t ’ ’ * ,
ami Treasurer wardman this first allotment makes it immensely profitable to
Mortgage and Discount 1
Corporation. these shareholders.
Ezra Gould With your purchase of 8% Preferred, for which
Pr c s t de«t Washington _
Mechanics savings Bank. you pay $125 per snare, goes a share or Common.
Former President They figure a full dividend of sl2—but it will great-
Trust Co. Former Presi- ly exceed that, if I am not mistaken—and I don’t
dent of Dupont National *«• i_ I t- L_
Bank. Director Wardman tnink 1 am going tO DC.
Mortgage and Discount
It’s the most attractive investment 1 have ever
Thomas P. Bones known to be made. The Wardman Construction
c^nst«cUon CTtf cm ard Company’s building program will keep this money
employed—and for which you could not wish better
wardma-n Mortgage security. So there is less of the speculative cle
an d Discount Corporation. J .
ment than surrounds many contemporaneous chan-
Hon. Daniel Thew Wright "els of investment.
Former Justice U. S. Su
preme Court of D. C. , . . ,
General counsel Ward- There may perhaps be some point concerning
man Construction Co. ... . . , , , , ..
General counsel Ward- which you want to make mqmry. Please don t
man Mortgage and Dis- , ... . . . . •„ .
oount corporation. Direr- hesitate to do so—m person or by mail. It will be
and answered promptly and fully.
v • !
Charles L. Selecman Subscriptions can be made for all cash—or
expert E fi^ t ßea? P K«^t r e upon the basis of SSO per share cash—and the bal-
ZShiJSSS’LrSt ance in 30 and 60 day.
count Corporation.
Hubbert R. Oninter Sincerely,
Secretary Wardman Con
struction Co. Secretary _ _ ... _
Harry Wardman
gage and Discount Corpo
ration. 1 |
- Phone Main 4100
Plans for a large celebration In the
interest of development of Columbia
Heights as a business section, to be
given coincident with the opening of
the new Crandall Tivoli Theater, 14th
itreet and Park road. April 5. were
inaugurated last night at a meeting
of approximately 200 business men, in
the ballroom of the Arcade. Harry
Crandall predicted that Columbia
Heights will be the largest business
section in Washington in the next
A general committee was author
ized. and Joseph Sanders, president
of the Arcade Company, was named
chairman, to perfect plans for the
celebration, which will include a pa
rade. J. Clinton Hiatt, u vice presi
dent of the Columbia Heights Citi
zens’ Association, was named perma
nent secretary- C. C. l>ancaster. also
a vice president of the Columbia
Heights Citizens’ Association, pre
In addition to the business men,
there were representatives of the
Park View, Mount Pleasant, Piney
TIHE Oliver chilled plow
stands today as one of
the finest products ever
made —because James Oliver
was content with nothing less
than perfection. He aimed to
give the very most he could.
Qiting the public the very
greatest value possible is
the underlying policy of
many successes. It is the
policy of Hearst’s Inter
national. Backed by un
told resources, every issue
is filled with features.
Read “The Letter” by W.
Somerset Maugham, in
Branch, Washington Heights, Pet
worth, lowa Circle and Thomas Circle
citizens' associations present and sup
porting the movement.
Other members of the general com
mittee named were Alton B. Carty,
William F. Dlsmer. Hr. .1. V. Mac-
Kenzie and O. J. Van Kpps.
Headquarters of the committee on
arrangements will be in the offices of
the Arcade Company.
Any woman can fool a man by let
ting him, think he Is fooling her.
America’s Cold Remedy
Hills Bromide Quinioe
Tablets Used Last Year
You can depend on Hill’s Cascara
Bromide Quinine to break your
cold in 24 hours—la grippe in
three days.
There’s no guesswork about
Hill’s. It has been proven in
millions of cases. More than
\OOO,OOO American families used
one hundred and fifty million of
Hill’s tablets last year.
For headaches, constipation, acute
pains due to colds, la grippe and winter
complaints, Hill’s Cascara Bromide
Quinine has no equal. Don’t delay—
get Hill’s today in red bo* bearing Mr.
Hill’s portrait. All druggists, 30 cents.
Blimfrimnfr MM
Colored Voile and /\j nA
Tomorrow We Place on Sale 240 lrish Lace Fashion hf M| |
Lovely-colored, Hand-drawn Summery JM f
Undcrthings "r$ ! *
\T r\*\& Gowns, in delightful styles, L—-J \Ti '
V Ullv 1 X vvliij are trimmed with Irish lace / I
~ ~ ~ Wl —in flesh, orchid and peach, //' \
W ' Special, $5-50 *•
A k Envelope Chemise, of fine. Special Sale
sfoA /W ■ \ Simple little frocks of fine voile, hand- sheer voile, matching the Ctrl*' R*ht r / I
/!" drawn in varied delightful ways—three styles of the gowns trim- & o ore
/ < \ \ of the attractive styles are sketched. nied m Insh lace ’ 2 ’ -Linen FrOCKS
Rosebud-trimmed Chemise 5)4- 9S
1 Spring’s Loveliest Colorings and step-ins, trimly tailored Tory tractive frocks for
/ J Orchid , Almond Green, Yellow , and hemstitched; in flesh. younger girls of 7to 14—and
LJ , Honeydew, Coral, Silver, orchid and peach-each gar
// \ • ment, $1.50. It s best to choose early. There
Copen and White Cotton Underwear Section, Th.rd floor a - r c -' . diffe « nt j tytc ?T
*/ /ll v smartly emhr oi d ered—with
/ i v\; \ It is frocks of this sort that one needs contrasHng^hade and cuffs °‘
i:;ij -a several of, in Spring and Summer — Il ,‘^ n r f ht orang v e - orchid - soft
71 ® almond green, blue and rose.
/WM \ quite attractive enough to wear away JS? iSn.
millJvfm 0,1 vacations —and surely charming to
' "car at homc - Th * s ver y low price Hand-Colored Easter
i -v makes it possible for you to choose ' Cards with Envelopes
1 i several of them, and then be saving— Box of 10,50 c *
JBr /J for the value is exceptional. Two different assortments.
\ iinnsp bress swtioß. Third floor. neatly boxed, each contain
: JMI _ . Lovely Colored ing 10 different cards in
m Imitation Flowers
V ~ . r . floor.
Make most charming cor-
I - \ sages and boutonnieres for
. one’s frock or taillcur.
I . Xj t\ Sketched: LW
V Lovely, Large, Imported
f: I- ‘ 1/ —— fi Hand*drawn yellow voile frock Violets, in deep, rich purple. /J.
/. J JSRyi I; . - With V-neck and amart collar. mauve and white, some with />\W
/ (I K; “=“,r; foliage. 50c to $5 bunch.
\ ! I IS IV'-'1 V '-' '/ The corsage of violets illus- XkA
U 4-1 1 Peach-color voile, attractively
\L-~. hand-drawn, $5.50. tratcd JS 52 •
/ ! T / Exquisite Orchids, in the ;j '/$
_ >. 1 Lovely orchid voile, trimmed in natural orchid colorings, \3v
1 f f/w hand-drawm work, $5.50. with maidenhair fern, $125.
(/v I Dainty Lilies of the Valley, M&t
Jj~- $1.75 and $3 JO.
t I . Fashion’s Gardenias, in the
yti***' p4»-.^.. — lovely pink and yellow’, as -J k | 'm\
WU A well as natural white, 50c to 1; i
U \A Boutonnieres, of lovely lit-
V N tie flow’ers, very colorful. 50c til
each, ' jW
▲rtilcitl Floirrr Seetim. Fir*t flow. . \\ ‘ •
Three Smart New For Woman’s Hours
Special Offer for a Limited Time. Golf Oxfords for Women Ea *f— PaHs Ws
Re-Covering Umbrellas With the Popular Crepe Rubber Soles Exquhiite
at Special Prices I Arnold Glove-Orip Golf l ovely confections of bro
r\„c em • - cades and fllmv georgettes..
This offer should be very interesting, for April, # Oxfords, $lO pair; oi lustrous satins and flowered
with its many, many showers is not far off—and ] \ L. / olive elkskin, have the crepe de chine. Luxurious
umbrellas need to be ready for much service. same exceptional com- in design, wondcrfullv lovelv
These special prices for re-covering both 26 and 28 , ..! . i fort-fitting features that hi their combining of brii
inch umbrellas: all Glove-Grip footwear Hant colorings. Sketched, a
AU-COtton Taffeta, $ I I i iac kinri,,, gold and rose brocade in but-
Bcst Cotton Taffeta, SESO . laTt terfl ' V
Piece-dycd Silk and Cotton, $2-50 - combination last. ™ ce an d sleeves
Best Dyed Silk and Cotton, $3,25 Tan Calf Golf Oxfords, Others’s2s to SBS.
Yam E)ycd Silk and Lisle, $3.75 JL pair; with saddle of Xetli*e* Sertion, Third floor.
AU-silk Satin Edge, $4 the smart itnitation liz-
CaibrelU Section, First floor. | 1 j atd sldn—Crepe rubber Swillg FfS-ITICS
— ,,^^ — __^___soles and heels. » , » a .
1 Very opecial t $1
Smoked Elkskin Golf . .- ~ ,
_ . , . Artistic frames, finished m
i ,i c j c . C .. . , ri Oxfords, pair; smart- gjit or silver. Attractively
In the Special Size Section , Third Floor ly trimmed in tan calf- ' designed, complete with
The Large Woman May Choose skin ; bluchcr model. glass, at this low price--sl.
__ _ _ __ _ with, crepe rubber soles sizes, from 5x7 to 7xll.
I\ l 1 t t* Tk T I 1 \ , . Tiotore Section, Fifth floor.
Distinctive New r rocks andheeis.
* * Women's Shoe Section. Third floor. * j J
t $39.50 to L 1 M
Colorful Flowered Chiffons
For street wear are attrac- _ __ _ f
and Smart Printed Silks
Encourage the Scarf Mode jl\ .
Coat models are particularly . >» \
liked because of their straight. Fashion has taken alt of Spring’s loveliest fabrics, i 1 \
tailored lines. bizarre designs of a famous Russian artist, old- >"* \
Checked Cambridge crepe, world, fanciful patterns, gorgeous chiffons laden i '-A
with many buttons; makes a with colorful flowers, brilliantly striped ribbons. / /
smart sports frock. ’ And out of each and all of them she has made a j /
Pleated Georgette and lovely charming scarf. Here one may choose from a wide /
printed crepes for afternoon. collection of chiffons, georgettes, silks and ribbons
Satins, too, one of which we —that will make the smartest of scarfs.
sketch, in fashionable black, r_„ ir r „.„r,„
with flattering collar and cuffs Flowered Chiffons , $2.75 to $4 f or the Smart ft omau
of lace. $69.50. —with backgrounds of gray, yellow, blue, Traveler ISeW
For dinner and informal eve- orchid, white—flowered in exquisite hues. Colored
ntng, handsome beaded geor
f?r; s J? & feX CM *° n ‘ $lB5 Over-nieht Bag
styles that give distinctively — l,l springs newest and loveliest shades—a vvw lu b ul x - ,a F>
smart lines to the large * wide variety of each.
woman vv
. , Printed Pussywillow Silks , $4.50 - Distinctive and smart
Special Size Section, Third floor. , , ,f . distinctive ana smart
with backgrounds of black, white or sott enough to accompany the
colorings for bright prints. smartest dressed woman on
A . r - Figured Crepes , s2£o and $4.50 a short journey, is this bag.
Attractive Sweaters for the —gay dainty prints in many colors. l > cat^ e er U,nC hTf o
® , . . . —that make those smart stock scarfs to wear Putty Gray Green
Os Lustrous Glos are coat models in tan and navy—tailored • with strirtlv tailored suite _
, styles that the large woman may wear with smartness. $12.75. Wltn stnctl y tailor ed suits. Bluc Brown
Os Pure Silk are tuxedos in fancy weaves, with long, length- Chl«*B Section, r,r,t floor. Ribbon Section, Flnt floor. —j n 16-jnch size; lined
giving collars. Very attractive with a smart silk skirt. $35. section, bccom floor. with colored brocade.
Sweater Section, Third floor. Tr»Teli«* Goods SOCtiOB, First floor.
- ■ - - ■

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