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Rejoices a! Show of Teeth
by G. 0. P.. Members, Stop
ping Probe of Melion.
R\ iituiiKitit wn.i.mi wn.i;. i
lit hind Senate republicans' sudden ,
counter otiVnsivc against the demo- j
fiats on the Mellon investigation 1
proposal there is some unrecorded j
history big with present and future)
significance. Nothing has happened)
in Congress for a long time that i
| leased President Coolidge so much*
us liie tl. O. I’, majority’s tardy ex- j
hihilion of ’’fight.” It was so long'
in forthcoming that reports of |
estr.i ngciinrt between the 'White j
House anti the republican leadership j
in Congress began to obtain cur- |
reney. The administration made no j
■•■ fret of its bitter disappointment)
over the Senate’s failure to roll back ;
the democrati.• attack. In private '
■ onversatlon White House spokesmen. •
iin luding members of the cabinet,
• x pressed themselves in vigorous. 1
not to say violent, terms. Then came I
ilu President’s demand for the J
J >aughfrty resignation. That changed i
the situation with the swiftness of a!
lightning flash. I
t ielded lu Senate,
lu effect. Mr. colidge s retirement of 1
the Attorney General was a tardy
concession to senatorial pressure, j
theretofore sternly resisted. When the j
President yielded to it. lie acted, in j
The words of Sena lor Pepper, "none ■
too soon." Had he delayed much j
I miter -had tin administration con-j
i uiu'il to 'gnori counsel tendered 1
1 -.inkty in the name of parly expe- '
da in \—Senator Mclvellar’s resolution 1
■!■• investigate Seeretary Alt Hon miglit '
have takiii a entirely different 1
course. Thu-, the political fate of Air. !
Coolidge’s administration, in a wav.i
Was materially affected by ills event- |
ul l acquits.'-, iov in the Senate's view 1
about Daugherty. The alleged pur- .
l>ose of the democrats to decimate '
tile Coolidge cabinet, one by one.;
might otherwise be in progress. with
no effectivi republican defensive i
measures to say it nay.
Think Tide Turned.
Senator llobinson. of Arkansas, the!
democratie leader of tin Senate, tlis- (
avowed any eonneetion with, or even
knowledge of. i!o AlcKeliar-Melbtn j
enterprise, -w hich proved to be friend-j
less when ii was formally launched, !
P>ut republican leaders arc inclined j
to think that when they showed their j
teeth and indicated their readin -ss i
to check the investigation epidemic |
it acted as a deterrent to any item •- j
cratic ambitions to put Mellon. Hoover. ,
Wallace. Weeks and others on the)
rack which devastated L'cnby and i
Daugherty. |
In both republican and democratic)
senatorial quart ts. as well as at ihe j
White House, Hit-re is now :t tlisposi- j
tion to think that legislation hence
forward will have the right of way
ahead of investigation. Senator Robin
son’s statement, pleading for that kind
of procedure, is regarded at both ends
of Pennsylvania avenue as clearing the
atmosphere. Meantime the President!
is busily conferring with leaders of J
tiie majority like Senators Watson, i
f’nrtis. Pepper, Hrandegee and Reed I
with a view to speeding up the legis- j
lative program Most republicans wel- ,
come this as a sign of somewhat firmer !
leadership on Mr. Coolidge’s part. Not 1
a few of them hankered for more of it
in recent times. To the taunt that the !
G. O. P. majority in the Senate was)
"running wild" came the retort that j
"nm 1; ■ ■ IPiuse was 1; i' i ,
mo g
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I ■ 4;; .■ :
• - ■ —•- '
ior no effort to "pull it up.” Kvents of I
! tlie* past few tlay.s are regarded as hav
ing led the republican administration j
: and the republican Senate out of a ;
i situation that many party leaders j
; 1 rankly feared was heading toward a 1
1 crisis. It was not a situation that i
j threatened to interfere with Calvin
j Coolidge’s nomination at Cleveland. |
; But it contained the possibility of j
jeopardizing ivis chances for election j
jin November. Those clouds. G. O. P.
I enthusiasts declare, have now relied by. j
Oppose Wanton Inquiry.
! There has been some democratic
| heart-searching, too. while the dis- t
’ organized and somewhat demoralized!
j '
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j republican forces at Washington have ■
been pulling themselves together. The
! marooning of McKellar on tiie Mellon
: investigation adventure was a sign •>f J
I the times. The democrats ha\t no
apologies to make for dragging nut
| the evidences of corruption in high !
■ federal places which the oil and
i Daugherty investigations uncovered,
j They do not intend to cease fire in
1 any direction where they think there ,
• are legitimate targets Hut the Rob j
I inson statement plainly indicates that
i the democrats have decided not to
| lend themselves to any program of
i wanton inquiry for sheerly partisan
Both republican and democratic
loaders arc earnestly speculating on
the eventual effect on lie presid-n
--| tial campaign of Washington's r. o nt
cycle of rumor, revelation and n
murse. Republicans profess confi
dence if will h« vt “btoan over” by
: the ides of November. Democrats do
not intend t•. let it “blow over." They
: are convinced they tan tarry the
j country on the issue of “lepubiitan
ntisgovernment" sine.- and there
will bf the utmost vigor displayed by
them in warming up the issue as
much as may be necessary during the
next seven months.
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