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Despite Unseasonable Weather ■
Conditions. Spring Reduction
Is Announced.
sls Level Predicted for Egg and
Chestnut Grades.
Coal tlroppfd on an avcraKe of 50 .
C'-nt.- - to SI a ton lu-ri- today. This:
brinss tin ax-erafn- hard grades of!
coal to tin Sls selling price.
The reason fur reduction if said
l.y some dialers to l>c twofold, first. 1
ni tho minis the price has lici-n cut
Irom 10 to 50 Cents a ton. This re- |
Auction was announced hy the I’liila- j
<h Iphi.i and Kcadii.p Coal and Iron ;
Companx. from whom some of Wash- \
ington’s larger firms set their sup- :
ply. Second!}, a number of dealers I
• ■Pi culliiij their margins of profit I
about the same amount in order to I
stimulate the spring and summer,
buying of coal. j
Kgg coal will run with chestnut .
coal at the *ls level for some time, it
was predicted. I>ut stove coal will be j
slightly higher. Coal heretofore has |
bt eii ill! and more per ton.
Krdiictions \nnoiinenl.
Win r. tin coal is reduced to SS.i'.a i
r ton on hoard cars at tin- mines, it j
was pointed out. it must he remem
-1 a red there is a freight charge aggr- :
gating S:?.3S In for. tin coal reaches j
ih yards of Washington dealers, j
whi«li. iin luding transportation costs)
through th. city and nth. r • ss- minis. ,
brings the , ..si m , ..al t.. *l2 and ff: ;
p. r lon.
Larger linns antiouneed the redm - j
tnnis today and others are" expected j
to follow within a short time.
Opponents of Sterling-Reed Draft j
Flay Proposal Before House
< ippnm nls of iin- Sterling-IU• d bill i
for a department of education witlca
cabinet member at its head presented
further arguments today before th. i
House education committee.
1 ir. diaries O'Donovan. a physician I
of Baltimore, said the bill meant an j
“enormous expense when people art I
looking for relief from the burden of j
"WV- are capable of educating our
own children in our own way." said J
tin witness. “without passing up j
the money to a seen tary and his lun -1
lings here in Washington."
Kepresentative Black. democrat, i
New York, opposed the bill's provi
sions for Americanization. The federal i
government would be called upon an- !
di r the measure to define- what Aim ri- j
eanization is, he said, and various i
states might construe it different ly.
Board Fixes $1.50 Per SICO and
Allows $2,000 for Continuance
of School Nurse.
£ racial I»ispat«.ii to The Star.
The tax rate for I Tinge Georges
county lias Imn fixed by the county
commissioners at 51.50 on the ?I0t»
valuation. It had been ?1.35.
Tlio board voted to allow 53.000 for
continuance of the county school
nurs*-. The allowance had been
13..Uni. William A. imVall. member
of tin- board, whose opposition caused
the vote to distil low tin- money,
changed his attitude, causing tin
board to rescind its loimer vot. and
favor the allowance.
I-Vr the county tax budget the roan
rale was lived by the commissioner
sit 27 cents per slod. the ram. n-‘
last year, and tin school rate at 7
i i nts. an increase from Cs cents.
Wat Minister and Socialist Deputy
Almost Come to Blows in
Heated Session.
fir tin- Associated Press.
PA HAS. April 3.—War Minister i
Maginot and the socialist. Deputy ;
Herthon, almost came to blows in the ,
chamber of deputies today, and the j
session was suspended because of J
the tumult.
Yesterday’s sitting of the chamber '
was also suspended because <>f the
uproar that developed when Premier !
Poincare s new government faced i
parliament for the debate on the
ministerial declaration.
1322 G N.W.
The Best in the City on
Swiss Watches
Prompt Service
Reasonable Price *
Pays 6 Per Cent
on shares maturing in 45
or 83 months. It
Pays 4 Per Cent
on shares withdrawn be
fore maturity
Assets More Than
Surplus More Than
Comer 11th and E Sts. N.W.
JOSHUA W. CARR. . .Secretary
'rotarians warned
; Maryland Welfare Director Ad
dresses Meeting of Clubs From t
Three States and D C.
i •
: Special Pisiiairli to 1 he Star.
BALTIMORE. April 3.—Unfaithful ;
j and crooked husbands are usually
' crooked business men. Emory L. ;
!t’oblentz, state director of public wel- i
j fare, declared in an address yester- |
j day before members of Rotary clubs
of Maryland, District of Columbia,;
: Pennsylvania and West Virginia, in j
j rimfi ren.-c lu re.
| "Business ehties are nothing more'
;or less than th duty business owes
tn all forms us soeietj. and tin re is
; .1 direct relationship between a man s
I private business and his bus i ties.,
life.” he said.
Roy Panzer of Hagerstown was ■
tint, uimously selected nominee for the
ji'liiei- of district governor of the thir- j
i ty-fottrth rotary ilistrict. and his i
i formal election will take place at the j
international rotary conference at j
I Toronto in J tine. j
; I
Is the Best
Spring Tonic I
Rebuilds Weakened!
Tissue, Makes New)
Flesh and Strength.
Over Sixty-Eight Years of Success !
f \
Specialized Service
Army, Navy and Civilian
Industrial Loans,
Checking Accounts
4'. Savings Accounts
Banking Honrs: S:;jO to .% P.XI.
1714 Pennsylvania Axe. N.W.
■ = i
Office Space for
In the
Dent Building
Large. attractive. bright,
| well ventilated rooms. Cen
tral. convenient location.
[ . Inc.
Main 4884
| 1409 L St. N.W.
imiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy i iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i

Springtime Slippers for %f _
¥aw El ry Mood
j Tanhark Suede Ruckle j
■ ' Sandal. Russian calf trimmed.
Kami’s Fourth Floor I\T T? I I
I | New Lace Neckwear 300 P™CkS of Crepe Ulld
I Silk cit Each
—Rutiled Lace Collar and Cuff Sets, three and </
four rows of lace, in white and ecru. Several
st > lc? ' . . .. . slo ° Will make "The Busy Corner ’
—ln tlie new cocoa shade, seven and eight rows ot * 7
lac T .V-, u „ II « , , it'lf busier than ever tomorrow
—Real Irish Collars, round shape. Regularly $2.50.
Special. ' $1.95
Real Filet and Irish I.ace Collar and Cuff Sets, —That these arc decidedly unusual frocks for the price -The woman who ha- complained that -tvle makers have
ii.u ‘-oil-ii. sti.ii”iit t utt-. $2.95 is a fact xxh.it li will appc.il tn anx woman wlio appreciates considered onlv the needs of the flapper, or the large figure.
—Real Irish Lacc Collar and Cuff Sets, rcgularh those little artistic touches that lend distinction to a frock . • , , ' , , ... . ,
g, t n- „ i , . , j . , .... mu-l xvithdraxv the cliargc m the lace ot the nexv smart
s-TUf*. M>ecial. $3.9.-> and betray the conception ot a real genius in designing. . **
Kami’s —Street Floor Kong lines of pleating arc pleasingly contrasted with the irocks wc oner m tins sale. Ihe mature quiet
pattern wrought out in the embroidery design which often taste xx ill find many dresses admirably adapted to her needs,
ornaments the bodice, or on the contrary, the slenderizing There are models with the becoming round neck, somc-
Sr # C?*// 1 7 J. emphasis is carried out in long lines of embroidery. The times relieved with a little collar or lacc. The long or thrcc-
Cf I(JCC tS 11 ft r GStS wizardry of line has had a very important place this season quarter sleeve meets the fancy of many women. There arc
in bringing out the predominance of the straight silhouette. dresses suitable for street wear and manv that may be worn
sjk j ry r* —The materials arc roshanara. canton, jacquard and for informal afternoon or evening affairs. Also plenty of
Jf} J # ( blistered crepes, crepe de chine, georgette and satiu. Color.-. girlish frocks tor the more youthful. These arc chicflv
the new soft grays, henna, tan. navy. Madonna*blue, cocoa sleeveless styles. The tiered frock, the wrap-around and
-W omen xxili appreciate the sheer iox-ciiness of the.-e and black. the draped model arc also in cx idence.
\e-ts. in dainty tints—flesh, orchid, nile. peach, and xvhrte
and black. Bodice style, sell straps. Sizes 38 to 42. —LUustrdted above-—At extreme left, a Henna Lanton t repe; at left center, a Navy Blistered Crepe: at right
~, , ~ . _ _ _ renter, a Tan Canton Urepe; at extreme right, a Grav Canton Crepe.
Clove Silk Step-ins, $2.90
Tailored -txlcs or finished with imitation lace. Elastic ,
at waist. In pink, orchid and poach. i j g • 11
j ~~~ or e
1 300 Pieces of Silver-Plated —-Made with five strips of elastic, couti! in || |
I v 'jf j v* front, two sets of hose supporters.
I / j / / Ware at Manufacturer s Cost Lucele Rubber Girdles JJ |
1 \ \ ; / \ 'N Because Slightly Sciatilltd 0> Jl Carted —Made with seven Strips of clastic, brocade
) Y —Our former sales of this class of merchandise have always coutil in front - two of ho " e supporters.
N been big. Disappointments have sometimes occurred where Treotex Girdles, icith Panel Back
jj- I m /* ~\T quantities have been limited, therefore, we suggest that you come Prieed 87 00 It TO
i Hundreds of New :-,S A™, sv
I ” Chapeaux. $4.45 At 95c HHfe- '
For every event of the day and evening, there has been k i -g » Cheese and Cracker Di.-hes 1
created a suitable model. One is sure to find just what j rca( l Trays Loving Cups J
-he is looking for in tliis vast assortment of smart hats. \ Flower Vases (iravy Boats
j j There are many kinds of straws, variously trimmed. Handled Roll 1 rays / / /#' t\ \
including cloche, poke, roll brim, side droop, mushroom. . r. t . ! '
ofT-thc-facc and turhan shapes. The colors black and A-4- O C I E, cr Basket- °) \
white, black and yellow, navy, sand, gray, oak, mclloxv & A Cake 1 ates Cheese and t racket u-he- /
and Mexico. Many smart models for matrons arc in- ‘ ut bets Serving Trays % j! / &
k a /to -y mm / Casseroles Candlesticks, per pair j \X fi
Kann’s—Second Floor ’ Fruit Bowls Flower Vases / 7)
nt ) Coffcc sets •/' i V /
; Introducing for Summertime Use At $4.95 J Sul! lo?i> ts —‘—
i Brighton Rush Rugs
In All Sizes , a a Children's Spring Coats
■Artistic Rugs for the veranda, conservatory, sun ! [1 f 1 f|FI *} \ diflfK
parlor, or anywhere in the summer home, whether i "
it i- by the 'sea. or nestles among the mountains. [p. { j —Finely tailored, of Polaire cloth. Homespun and
Made ot Japanese rush straxv. with colors dyed m . Mtilif/iJi __ !l 111 111 , Tweed, with raglan or set-in sleeves and belts that
the straw making these rugs the same on both half-wav. all around, or tic on the side. Single
-ides. In .xa\ajo eltccts, or have borders ot blue, i/it/fii/tSi z and double breasted models. In rose, tan. green,
brown, green and henna around plain or checker- IllllllllMll = blue and checks. An excellent xalue at this price,
hoard centers.
—Prices are moderate, so come in tomorrow’ and zdji f E '
pit your sdcction " I,ile ass ° rtmcn,s w com - Wyl Hats to Make Little Girls
*fi‘ vB Viora Deep Look Their Prettiest J3.V5
M 2 It SS Striped Duck Sewing ai)d „ dro^.ui> ,. dertrly CT(aK<ll „
K. $10.9p A ttminrrs make youthful faces look their prettiest. 1 hese
4) j.x7f j ft. $6.95 xTX i\OCKGrS have brims that go up or down, and are made of
36x72 in. $3.95 # straw’, or silk and braid combinations. Smartly
Kami’s—Third Floor SpeCl£U, $2.95 trimmed with ribbon, embroidered chenille flowers,
—For windows and doors. These , silk tassels. In pretty spring shades.
r7l i J awnings are in four sizes. - Made —F° r thf sewing room or the . c i r-i _
T 111 fi /lof heaxry-weight duck, in brown porch. Made of selected maple- Ivann s
KjkVMX' V/ 1111/Uf "m/C HI anf } w hite and tan and xvhite wood, highly x-armshed, in natural
stripes. Mounted on good flexi- color. Uouble-xxweu seats and
yg to 50 inches. Specially priced.
Snic bacl - A - rock " ,or Sterling Silver Flexible
With Gold-Plated Trimmings Bracelets. 81.65
a- *i / (jIQC ’ .
' 1 r| „, - Spring's m . With Glittering White Stones
fashionable handbags is the M —To be xvorn at any time, but so very pretty in the
Under-the-Arm Bag, in many J _ m evening, xvhen lights cast their flattering glows upon
of its charming versions. ** m */■ these white stones, ami make them sparkle more
These are of moire silk, in striped or checked than ever. Settings are square and joined together
effects, and arc richly trimmed xvith 14-karat gold- f H xvith two rows of engraved links,
plated corners and monogram space. F'ittcd xvith m/ J n „ . , n . , c .-
mirror, coin purse and safety pocket. (Jtner Bracelets Priced to So.zfo
Black and White Under-the-Arm Bags at $2.95. Kann’s—Street Floor.

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