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Howell Government Has
Been Very Courteous in Tut-
Ankh-Amen Case.
?:jr in? Associated Press.
* CAIRO. Egypt. April 2.—The Anier
-5 -an minister to Egypt, J. Morton
Howell, in the course of an interview
declared he had l»een advised that
;■ dispatch had been sent to the
.American press to the effect that the
American minister had sustained an
affront at the hands of the Egyptian
government while engaged in an ef
•ort to settle the dispute over the
tomb of Tut-ankh-Amen.
T wish to say that the United
' htatos government is in nowise era
‘"roiled with the Egyptian govern
ment, either with respect to the tomb
dispute or any other matter," said
the minister, "and there has been no
iffront in the case. I used my good
dices in an unofficial way to assist
Prof. Breasted (Chicago University)
and other parties interested in
science here in an edveavor to ar
. rung" an amicable settlement of the
dispute, and if some of those inter
ested in the settlement of this con- ‘
troversy bad been more discreet in !
their language and in their altitude,
toward the Egyptian government. ;
matters would have been rendered
mueh less arduous for those of us
t hto are leading our best efforts to
, effect a compromise .
"I wish to express appreciation of i
the courteous treatment accorded me
by the Egyptian government, an ex-!
pression in which J am sure Prof. |
Breasted heartily concurs.”
‘ Steals Away From U. S. for Den
mark. Sent Back, Refused
Entry at New York.
7 y n ? Associated Press.
VKW YORK. April 2.—Mother love, j
stronger than bonds which made him
■ n American citizen, led thirtcen
■ ear-old Erik Hervig, Brooklyn i
• anine High School student, to sneak |
board the steamship Frederick VIII :
aud sail to Denmark as a stowaway. ;
lOtik returned to New York \ester-I
day on the same ship and was do- !
tained by Ellis Island officials be
cause he lacked a passport. A special
board of inquiry will pass upon the
case. Meanwhile he is a lad without
a country.
Krik wants to be a Dane, because
his mother, the divorced wife of a •
■ aturalizi d American, who is now I
lead, lives in Denmark. He has been ■
, iving with an aunt and uncle in!
He stowed away on the Scandina- i
ian-Ameriean iiner a nn>ntli ago. i
He was discovered, but the captain 1
‘ook a fancy to him, and, when he !
"•as refused admission to Denmark. ;
provided bond, and the boy was al
lowed to sec his mother.
Jury Finds Former Prosecutor j
Guilty of Blackmail.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 2. j
■ William J. Corcoran, former district i
ittorney of Middlesex county, was :
ound guilty of blackmail by 'a, jury !
in the superior criminal court here i
yesterday. The jury was out four
and one-half hours.
Mrs. Theresa Duggan-and .1 War- j
ren Kane, indicted with Corcoran as j
accessories, also w.i ■ found guilty, J
while Theodore (*. Bears, a third co-1
defendant, was found not guilty.
Electric power wires in Hloomsburg, i
t’a., were made hot enough to melt i
accumulations of sleet and snow. ‘
fTH»III i —»r——a————«——i■——■^—■Mb
j Haka & omnp?mv) |
! j
Pennsylvania Avenue Seventh Street
■Hm \
, ■ |
1 The Saks de Luxe
I - Hat— I I
Into this Hat we've put all the quality
possible for—
sct ! i
D ! j
i *
According to our notion—
, Hat quality consists of three
things: material excellence,
style correctness and individ
Conceding all three of
these essentials we can con
sistently call this the Saks Hat
de Luxe—and quite assure you
that equal at the price isn t
It s one ot our special pro
ductions. Shades shapes
and proportions that you will
Street Floor
•' • 1
j Failure to Reach Wage Agreement
. With Operators’ Association
Halts Work at Mines.
j by the Associated Press.
Kansas CITY. April 2.—Forty
j thousand coal miners in Missouri,
Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas are
idle today as a result of the failure
1 of representatives of the Southwest
■ ern Interstate Operators’ Association
land miners to reach an agreement
on a new wage scale before their con
! 1 fcrence here ended last night.
) The operators demanded a lower
I wage scale, while the miners asked
1 a threo-yera contract, which caused a
| deadlock in the conference shortly
: after it began last Thursday. Uou
' Terence representatives of the miners
! placed responsibility for the cessation
I of work upon the operators for their
j refusal to permit the miners to con
j tinuo work under the 1923 wage con
! tract, pending arbitration,
j Without a new contract the miners,
I tinder the union constitution, are pro
hibited from continuing work. How
j ever, they are permitted to work for
: independent operators who agree to
j the three-year contract plan.
| Our mid-day sandwich got its name
• from the English Earl of Sandwich,
i who used to lake his bread and meat
j in the form which bears his name.
i Ice is not cold enough to
keep the food you cat as it
should be kept. The
average temperature of
the ordinary ice-box rarely
gets below 5S degrees and
rises as the ice melts
causing food to spoil
The Frigidaire cooling coil | j
is equivalent to a 200 i j
pound cake of ice—it is K j
12 degrees colder than ice n
and never melts.
Frigidaire—electric refrig- I
eration —provides a con- B
slant safeguard to health. 81
17 Styles and Sixes
$250 up, f.0.h., Dayton, O. n
m i.i i> ur.HT t 0,.
121 u K S|. V\V. J i
j Kranklin TUT
Also on Display si ’■
Woodward .V l.othrop,
: Arrives in New York on First Trip
, to United States—Refuses
! lii the Associated Prgfs.
NEW' YORK, April 2.—Dr. Robert
j Bridges, eighty-year-old poet lau-
I reatc to his majesty King Geo re V
jof England, arrived on the Celtic
Sntfi SivCn
Unrestricted Choice of Anything in the Store
Fixtures ||| « ||| Part of !
for ">s4 Store
Sale | / t for Rent
j ’
Here’s the Story Briefly: Why the ValuesAreGreat
J J jSBSSm Our Seventh Street Store carries a tre- 1
Our Seventh Street Store in its present niendous stock—more than SIOO,OOO worth'
J physical condition is one of the largest shoe the finest made in America,
have decided to rent that part of the build- Merberich never has had a half-way policy. |
j means reducing our stocks to a point where 4 and J j off on KV ER\ I HlNti in the j
j it is possible to make this move. Seventh Street store is our idea of putting- it j
• across successfully.
L Slippers, Hosiery, Novelties and Findings
This opportunity has no restrictions or This sale gives you unrestricted choice of You can go to box after box of fine foot-1
ireservations. EVERYTHING in the Sev- such nationally known makes as: wear for men, women and children and you j
enth Street Store has been cut *4 to The Educator Anatomik The American Girl will see the nationally known and nationally j
fine Easter footwear w'e bought for our . advertised makes we have been advertising!
usual trade is naturally part of this event. ross Buster Brown Patrician f or years. Most of the people of Washing- i
Everything is of our own stocks. As you Bally (Imported from Switzerland) ton are familiar with the standard prices on
would expect, The House of Berberich has Steadfast Craddock these lines. Now IN EVERY CASE a flat
bought nothing in the shape of odd lots or * * , reduction of either r 4 or X A is to be taken on
other “sale material.”. That has never been Burt & Packard Ground Gripper
every pair of these shoes while this event j
I our policy. - Heywood and other nationally known brands is on.
7th oN e LY Store I RFRRFRIfHN 1 111
TL . ■ ■ ■ _ ■ H ■ I ■ n Bo wl S 3 - g To get to our Seventh Street Store
J hi* event is at the Seventh M.B S Jk at M take any 7th street car going up from [
Street Store ONLY. Regular Pennsylvania Avc., and get off at "L” !
~ , , street, or any car going down 7th street t
prices on these shoes prevail at the I .. na .t Cl from the Mt. pleasant district, 14th
i Pennsylvania Ave. Store. Washington S Largest and Most Progressive oboe House and You and other points, and get off
at “L.”
yesterday for his first view of Amer
Reporters who met Dr. Bridges at
quarantine had little success in ob
taining an interview other than the
poet’s prepared statement.
“My opinion of American poets?” he
said, repeating one of their questions.
"That’s tho very last thing I’ll talk
Paving the road to possible inter
views, some one asked Dr. Bridges
what his address would be during tho
few days he would remain In New
York before going to Ann Arbor,
Mich., where he will deliver a series
of lectures at the University of Mich
France Makes Offer to Regain
Speed Laurels—Other Awards
by Uie Associated Press.
PARIS, April 2. —Tho French gov
ernment has offered a prize of 2f0,000
francs to bring’ back to France the
world airplane record for speed, now
held by Lieut. A. J. Williams. United
States Navy, with his mark of 266.09
miles an hour achieved at Mitchel
Field, N. Y.. last November. The
prize Is divided, 140,000 francs to
the builder of the airplane and 60,000
to the manufacturer of the motor.
Several other prizes are offered* — |
150,000 franca for the hydroplane. !
speed record, 100,000 francs for a new i
| distance flight, to which 50,000 will l
| be added if tho duration record is j
broken simultaneously, and 25,000 for j
the altitude record.
Tl*e offer of ihe prizes was the first
official act of Laurent Eynao upon
assuming his duties as high com
missioner of aviation. M. Eynac was
formerly undersecretary of state, for
• aviation, the head of a. large staff at 1
, a high salary. The undersecretariat !
was eliminated by the new Poincare I
government Cor reasons of economy. '
M. Kynao is now not even a “dollar? I
a-year man,’* his present salary be- j
ing nothing,
i Prince of Wales Recuperating I
From Recent Accident.
j IjONDOX, April 'l. —The Prince of j
Wales, traveling incognito as the j
Karl of Chester, left for Biarritz this j
morning, lor ten days’ recuperation j
from the effects of his recent racing !
1 accident.
11l If
j i
I A Golf Suit \j;
1 I for Business 1 i
i I Men
! ¥ \\ ear 'em to the
k office wi t h long I
I trousers and change
Ito knickers at the
| clubhouse.
I Gout
f Trousers I
Knickers I
j I $47,50 j
k Match ll
Jr -FORK'’-MOST 'll
f Value in Town 1
I Red Star 1
/ Special |
( *29M j
1 A Real w
I 535 Value V|
H 3-Piece Suits
I 2-Trouscrs SuitsJ^
wp' 11
Ml i>

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