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Mrs. Coolidge Receiving a Group of|
Guests by Special Appointment
at White House Today.
FOI.TiOVrtNCJ a custom establish
ed earlier in tlie soason, Mrs.
Coolidge is receiving a group
of guests by special appoint
ment in tbc red room at the White
House fliis afternoon, Mrs. Coolidge
w ill give a reception to the Pi Beta '
I'hi Sorority Friday. April 11.
'the Chief Justice In He
Guest at Unban Kmban.j .
The ambassador of Cuba and Senora j
tie Torriente will entertain at dinner.
Saturday evening in honor of Mr. i
Chief Justice Taft.
The ambassador of Crest Britain. .
Sir llsmc Howard, was the honor!
guest at dinner last evening of Mrs. i
John V>. Henderson. The guests in- .
< hided Senator and Mrs. Ceorgc H.
Moses. Senator Henry Wilder Keyes.
Senator and Mrs. David A. Reed. Sen- I
ator and Mrs. Walter K. ildge. Sena- j
tor and Mrs. William H. King. Rente- j
tentative and Mrs. John Jacob Rogers, I
Mrs. Stephen K. Klklns, Mrs. Roliert I
U Owen. Miss P.eatrice Henderson
and Mr. Coleman Jennings.
The Secretary of the Interior. Dr. -
Hubert Work, has been joined by Mrs. ■
Work in their apartment at Wardntan I
Park Hotel. Mrs. Work has been at !
Walter Reed Hospital for some weeks j
recuperating from a fall.
The minister of Bulgaria and Mint, j
Panaretoff entertained a company of j
eighteen at dinner lasi evening.
The minister of (Plate mala and |
Mine. Tattour entertained at dinner I
last evening in the legation in New
Hampshire avenue. Their guests in- j
•lu led the minister o£ Switzerland j
anil Mine. Peter, tho minister of i
Czechoslovakia. Dr. Chvalkovsky; the i
minister of Greece and Mmc. Tsatna
<ios. Hie secretary of the legation of |
Czechoslovakia and Mine. Kurazova. I
the attache of the Cuban embassy, )
Sen or do Quesada; the attache of the i
Serbian legation. Mr. Slobodan God- i
jevac; the dire tor of (b- consular
service anti Mrs. Wilbur .1. ('arr. Com- i
missioner ami Mrs. Cuno Rudolph, I
Judge and Mrs. Milton Flliott, Miss !
Virginia McK.nney. Miss Frederica i
Me Kenney. Mrs Francois Berger Me- j
ran anil Lieut. Commander and Mrs.
The Secretary of State and Mrs. !
Hughes will be the guests iu whose j
honor the vice chairman of the United |
States Tariff Commission and Mrs. ;
William S. Culbertson will entertain
at dinner April 22.
The military attache of the French i
embassy, Gen. Dumont, was host to a
small company at luncheon yesterday
at the Hotel Hamilton. His guests
were Maj. Gen. Hough of Ohio, Brig.
Gen. H. Riley and Col. Noble Bran
dor. Judah of Chicago, who were in
Washington in the interact of the
Rainbow Division.
Tlie military attache of t.be Argen
tine embassy and Mmc. Valotta will
entertain a company of twenty-one
at luncheon, Friday, at tho Motel
Representative and Mrs. J. Mayhew
Wainwrigbt will be hosts at dinner
this evening.
Mmc. Heilmann, wife of the first
secretary of the French embassy, will i
be at home tomorrow afternoon from j
5 to 7 o’clock at her residence, 2113 ]
Bancroft place.
Senora Dona Angela Klizalde de |

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Ycaza. sister of the minister of Kcua
dor, Senor Dr. Don Kafael H. Kli
zalde. is among the passengers I
aboard the Paris sailing from New
York today for France. Senora do 1
Yeaza has spent the winter with the j
minister and Senora de Klizalde and j
is returning to her home, in Paris. j
• Miss Catharine Mcl.ahe returned 1
i to her home, in Pensacola, Fla., the !
I first of Hie week. While in Wash- j
ington Miss McKane was the house l
| guest of Miss Mary Smithwick, j
daughter of Representative and Mrs. |
John H. Smithwick of Florida.
! Mrs. Willard Sauls bury, wife of
t former Senator Saulsbury. will be at I
home tomorrow afternoon after 4
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Grosvenor
were hosts at a buffet supper last
.evening in their residence on 18th
street in compliment to members of
I the board of trustees and members
•of the staff of the National Geo
-1 graphic Society in celebration of Dr.
1 Grosvenor’s twenty-fifth anniversary
; with the society. The guests were
seated at small tables decorated
1 with spring flowers, and those assist
i ing the hostess were Mrs. Kdwin A. i
i Grosvenor, Mrs. Frederick Coville. and j
| Mrs. c. Hart Merriam.
i The guests included the Chief Justice, |
1 Judge William Howard Taft; Judge .
John Barton Payne, Gen. Adolphus
Greeiy. Miss Hose Greely, Mrs.
Charles Sheldon. Col. and Mrs. K. J ,es
( ter Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beil,
Mr. John Joy Kdson. Dr. and Mrs. C
1 Hart Merriam. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Graves. Mr. George Judd. Prof, and
I Mrs. Greggs. Miss Sibyl Peck. Mr.
; and Mrs. Franklin Fisher, Dr. and
i Mrs. Kdwin A. Grosvenor, Mr. and
; Mrs. Wharton. Miss Mabel Grosvenor.
, Miss Filian Burke Mr. John Oliver
ba Gorce. Mr. and Mrs. McFall Kirby,
j Dr. James Howard Gore, Mr. and Mrs. ]
j Boyd Taylor, Dr. and Mrs. Showalter,
I Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Hildebrand, Dr.
; and Mrs. John Foote, Mr. Franklin
: Adams, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Corey
| and Mr. and Mrs Frederick Bimpich.
! Tlie large audience to pree Mme.
i Anna Pavlowa yesterday afternoon
j included Mrs. Coolidge. who occupied
j the presidential box and was aocotn
-1 panied by Miss I-aura Harlan and
j Miss Mary Randolph. Others at the
I performance were Mrs. James H.
i Mann. Miss Julia Mattis. Mrs. Mar
shall Field, Mrs. Alice Pike Barney,
i Mrs. John W. Davidge, Mrs. Albert
I Douglas. Mrs. Ross Thompson. Miss
| Mabel Hoardman and Dr. and Mrs.
; Toni Williams.
| Former Senator Carroll S. Page and
I Miss Alice Page of Hyde Park. Vt..
; ~~ i
ll i!
jj ?21 NINTH STREET, N. W. |i
1 . ~777.~ ~~ .!
MRS. \\ \l.l lilt r. GFOItGF,
Wife of Senator George of Georgia, who has gone lo their home al Vienna,;
to remain for pnrl of the spring.
i have returned from a month’s visit at ’
Miami, Fla., and have taken a suite of i
rooms for a few weeks before their re- j
turn home.
Mrs. James G. Field and Miss
Katherine Field, wife and daughter !
of Capt. Field, are in Washington for i
the week, slaying at the Hotel Brigh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Fairfax, {
who recently left Kgypt. will visit in j
Naples, sailing from there within a J
few day’s and reaching Washington !
about the middle of April. Mr. and I
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ini jifii—==iri»
]Mrs. Fairfax have spent some weeks)
i in travel abroad, taking the:
j Mediterranean trip.
I 1 Knslgn and Mrs. Vincent P. Conroy. ,
who were married recently in New
York, are spending part of their!
I honeymoon in Washington. They are
I visiting Commander R. It. Higg- all
: the Meridian Studio apartments. Mrs.
j Conroy is the daughter of Mr. and)
'Mrs. Porter Schafer of Annapolis
Knsign Conroy’ was in the Na\:.l
Academy class of 1327 and is now j
j attached to the U. S. S. Colorado.
I Miss Idly Jane Axton is spending
the Faster vacation with her parents, 3
Chaplain and Mrs. John T. Axton, in j
Washington. Kn route home from
Mount Holyoke College Miss Axton
was the guest of Mrs. John Carlisle
at Atlantic City for the week end. <
Mrs. W. Bivingston Crounse enter
tained a small company at luncheon
today In her residence on Milltay
road. She will be hostess at a small
informal luncheon tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Breckinridge
have gone to New York, where they
are making a brief stay at the Van
derbilt Hotel.
Former United States Ambassador
to Spain and Mrs. Joseph K. Willard
and their son-in-law and daughter, >
I Mr. and Mrs. Krnnit Roosevelt, were ;
among tin- guests at dinner last !
evening of .Mr. Robert Williams of j
I/ondon. who entertained at the Plaza, j
in New York. Mr. Williams, -who;
has been at the Plaza for several j
week, sailed today aboard the Paris )
for Kurope.
Mrs. Franklin Hamilton of Milton,!
Mass., and her daughter. Miss Flisa- i
beth Hamilton, arc- guests of Bishop!
John W. Hamilton al Btoneleigh Court, i
Mrs. M< Andrew, wide>w of Gen. |
James W. McAndrew, will be hostess j
to a company at dinner this evening j
at Meridian Mansions.
Mrs. Fdgar J. Ornie and her mother. .
Mrs. John Henry Tilton, have return
ed to their apartments in the Ontario j
from the Hotel Dennis, Atlantic City, I
where they have been since early in i
. The debutante ball committee yyill
I hold a meeting tomorrow afternoon
at 2:30 o’clock at the homo of Mils’-
I Janet Moffett, 2011* Massachusetts
i avenue.
t Mr, Pannely llerriek sails
’ To Join Parents in France.
i Mr. Parmely Herrick, of Cleveland
! sailed from New York today aboard
• the Paris lo join his father, the J
United Slates ambassador lo France, j
lit>% c« myiitfry, at! *«*nforr.
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Return to a Golden Age
Good taste has become a national tendency.
We are growing in wisdom and grace.

Ewen Mr. Ford, who told Julian Street thas
he would not give five cents for all the
art in the world, had to round the cor
ners of his radiators to conform to the
public desire for better lines in the in
expensive car.
may be that we shall return to the placid
j) ways of the golden age of good taste
in America. It was then that Duncan
Phyfe was making furniture, Samuel
® Mclntire was designing houses and Paul
Revere producing exquisite silver.
What happened to taste after 1800 in our
im, OTmrtry is a sad story. But we are on
the highroad to recovery. The Lifetime
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Mayer & Co.
Seventh Street Between D&E>
I.ubomlrskl, Is among- those sailing !
today from New‘York aboard tbs I
Paris for Europe.
The counselor of the United States
embassy in Paris, Mr, Sheldon WUiy-4
house, is among tho passongori- 1
aboard tho Paris sailing today for
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