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Coolidge Sets Aside April 21 to 27
for Study of Preservation.
Vital Peed of Wood Resources Told
hi Proclamation.
President Coolldge Issued a procla
mation today setting 1 aside the week
of April 21-27 as Forest Protection
week, and for the celebration of Ar
bor day, wherever practicable, within
that week.
The President urged all citizens and
the press to give common thought to
the protection of the forests from fire
m order that the nation’s wood sup
ply may be guarded and the parity of
the streams insured.
The President's proclamation fol
Protection In llurntlal.
"Whereas, It is essential to the con
tinued comfort, welfare and prosper
k ity of the people of the United States
that abundant forests, widely dis
tributed and maintained in a condi
tion of high productiveness, be for
ever wisely conserved as one of our
greatest natural resources; and
“Whereas, because of our constant
ly increasing need for wood and other
forest products, together with our
pact failure to provide for reforesta
“ tion, we are drawing upon our sup
plies cf timber four times as fast as
they are renewed through growth:
Fire Is Chief Peril.
‘Whereas, the most formidable
agency of forest destruction and pre
vention of reforestation is fire and.
of the fires which annually devastate
vast areas, fonr-fifthe are ascribed in
origin to human agencies and virtual
ly all may be controlled and made In
nocuous through prudence, care and
“Therefore, I, Calvin Coolidge, Pres
ident of the United States, do urge
upon the governors of the various
states to designate, and set apart the
week of April 21-27. 1924, as Forest
iTotection week, and, wherever prac
ticable and not in conflict with state
law or accepted customs, to celebrate
Arbor day within that week. I also
urge all citizens, either in association
or an individuals, all schools, and the
press of the land to give common
thought to the protection of our for
> esta from fire, to the end that, in the
future as in the past, these forests
may supply us with wood, protect the
purity of our streams and otherwise
nerve the people of the United States.”
Xess of Silver Dollar, Dated 1801,
Also Reported—Parse
Snatcher Gets $5.
A duplicate-key worker robbed the
apartment of Mrs. Bertha De Gros
sart, 1321 Kuclid street northwest,
last night of a watch, earrings and a
diamond ring.
Police have been asked to trace a
silver dollar dated 1801, property of
Halbert E. Payne, apartment 24, 2G59
Connecticut avenue northwest, re
ported stolen. Several other old coins,
a silver button hook and lace tray
cover also were taken.
Mattie Pollard, 1520 S street north
west, was robbed of her pocketbook,
containing $5, by an unidentified col
ored man last night as she was pass
:ng near sth and R streets northwest.
Miss Annie Furuhjelm, member of the
parliament of Finland, is leading a
j movement for the repeal of the prohibi
tion law in that country.
After you have walked all day In
anoes that pinch or with corns and
bunions that make you cringe with
oain, or in shoes that make your feed
nervous, hot and swollen, you will get
instant, soothing relief from using some
4U.EVS FOOT-EASE in your foot
bath and gently rubbing the soro spots.
When shaken into the shoes,
41. LEV’S FOOT-EASE takes the fric
tlon from the shoes, making walking
or dancing a delight and takes the sting
out of corns and bunions, hot, tired,
aching, swollen, tender feet. Sold every
where. For FREE Trial Package and
a Foot-Ease Walking Doll, address
As EBONITE “Strings** !• a Stick,
/gp St It With |
Araund the Stars
EBONITE as a lubricant
in your gear boxes adds
fifty per cent to the life
of your car, that’s why so
many automotive engineers
indorse it.
The cost is practically
nothing when you consider
that one filling is enough
for all season, and the re
pair bill savings.
Sold by dealers every-
I WJtejl where, in five - pound
KSWVV cans > a °d at authorized
ranilT service stations.
Grandmother Knew
There Was Nothing So Good for
Congestion and Colds as Mustard
But the old-fashioned mustard plaster
burned and blistered while it acted.
Get the relief and help that mustard
plasters gave, without the platter and
without the blister.
Musterole does it. It is a clean, white
ointment, made with oil of mustard. It
is scientifically prepared, so that it
works wonders.
Gently massage Musterole in with
the fingertips. See how quickly it brings
relief —how speedily the pain disappears.
Try Musterole for sore throat, bron
chitis, tonsllltis, croup, stiff neck,
isthma neuralgia, headache, congestion,
pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains
and aches of the back or Joints, sprains,
sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted
feet, colds of the chest (it may prevent
To Mothers: Musterole is also
made in milder form for
babies and small children.
Ask for Children’s Musterole.
35c and 65c, Jars and tubes; hos
pital size. $3.00.
Bitter than a mustard plaster
'{ ' a—
.wav j y
ve AHoTHee.
se i ,
-£g twig. But--j
HCF2 Tne iOiPr?essfON , i
Federal employe Organization
Elects Officers.
Joseph Stansfield of the Interstate
Commerce Commission has been
elected president of the Federal Em
ployes' Union, No. 2, after a week of
Others elected were W. N. Camp-
I Or * M Otcam DHiQ S7AOO I 11a* been built the “Honor BUt" Way for. .*12,500.00 |__^r
■ / J r w | I Built the ordinary way would sefl for 16,500.00 I
l selection of “Honor Bilt” Homes is so complete, and our Easy
I J@U' '-"*■- ' "’ -M. ■ Payment terms so liberal, that all were able to get just what
■ aSP”'*% / -«y < <a: ; ’} X*&' v *> *'•'
they wanted, at the price they wanted to pay. ■ J
■ J - - Judging from the thousands of letters received from these
■ Ttl . rf..,T— p--•»* «w- » . r f> happy home owners, all are agreed on two things: They got
I Lt y ! an «,« M the best home their money could buy, at the lowest possible
I *3522 Meath ord'L^'way°^,uid ‘itll so* y . ?T’.!.* P rice - Man y saved m <> re than $2,000.00 on their completed home.
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■ ————Miiuj-nj They are High Grade Permanent homes. Many have already been built in otir
H most exclusive suburbs, such as Chevy Chase, Cheverly, Cleveland Park,
H -jrtWSf.jAv. Rosemont and others.
’H ie “Honor Bilt” Ready-Cut idea of construction, “the great labor saver,”
IliiiiißP ’* simply applying to residence voostmction the same principles as are used in
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■' M Home?
It contains nearly 100 different house plans, t^k
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Rl Bis : «' P Our Architectural and Free Plan Service, Ch^B^>S|U
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gER. faction.
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jCome and See Exhibit Located at ii
§ Oar Beautiful Exhibit wt* I ■sTpV tHI •) 111 Il| »«> ii j I f flff 704 Tenth Street, N. We 1
I ™™££“ fa h'on to bar. \PIH I\\|l fI I 5:30 p. m. I
■ Phone Saturday. 4:30 p. aa. M
bell. pension office, first vice presl- |
dent: Mrs. Sophie J. Bergner, tariff I
commission, second vice president;
S. P. PergTlsson, weather bureau, I
third vice president; Mrs. R. C. |
Pierce, general land office, fourth 1
vice president; Mrs. Harriet Hifton- I
King. Library of Congress, fifth vice I
president; William Sanger, light
house bureau, secretary-treasurer;
H. O. Nolda, Veterans’ Bureau, re
corder, and Henry McGowan, gov
ernment printing office, guardian.
Shriners at Service.
i More than 100 members of Almas
.Temple were guests of the Vaughn
] Bible class at Calvary Baptist Church
i yesterday. The Shriners, In full re
j gaiia, marched into the auditorium
of the church, headed by Illustrious
i Potentate Harry F. Cary. Prof. L.
D. Bliss, class leader, presented the
morning theme, “The Kingdom Rent
Asunder.” The service was inter
spersed with selections by Almas Band
and Vaughn Class Orchestra.
K. of C. School Elects.
Evelyn A. Green was elected pres
ident of the Woman's Council, Knights
of Columbus Evening School, last
night. Lioretta Ryan was chosen vice
president, Elizabeth A. Fleming sec
retary and Regina Gardiner treas
urer. The council will meet Wednes
day night to consider plans for a
post-Lenten social affair.
Right After You
—let the furnace go out is an excellent
time to call u* in to install an
Electrol Auto
mcxtic Gil Burner
—lt usually takes us but a day to
Electrolize any type of home heater.
You owe it to your pocketbook and
family to have an "Electrol”—the most
economical and satisfactory of all oil
Sole Distributors for D. C, and Vicinity
tU'Plxtmbing equipment atid repairing.
RirT'Q Engineering Co.
OIVJVjO 1310 14th St.
Children’s coughs
often become dangerous when
neglected. Give Dr. Bell’s Pine-
Tar Honey at once. It contains
just the medicines your doctor
prescribes to break up a cough,
combined with the good old-time
remedy—pine-tar honey. It loos
ens hard-packed phlegm, stops
coughing and reduces inflamma
tion. Children love the taste.
AD druggists. Be sure to get
the genuine.
DR. BELL’S Pine-Tar Honey
■ ■ — 1 " ' - !■ I ■■l -- ■■
I Systematic Saving |
—acknowledged die surest method—is actually < ►
made possible at any of our stores.
Start a little “A & P Savings” Bank at home ◄'
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on your daily purchases, and keep it up (or a y
month. >
Give us an opportunity to help you save— \
start today. #
—churned from rich, selected milk in the choicest dairy districts of *
the country. i ►
(highest) in ior 1 lb. molds, lb.. Of3o 4 [
(fresh from tub), lb. OmC < ►
Every ounce of our Batter is guaranteed i ►
ft —are to be found at all A&P Stores—in abundance. Our prices are consist- » < * ‘
» ently low—and you know, of course, that the quality is of the best. » < *
Fancy Apple Sauce. ... 2 cans, 25c | Mixed Vegetables, can....... 13c i ►
A&P Peeled Apricots, can.... 31c « lona Corn, can 10c
Del Monte Apricots, can. .. .. .33c | Golden Bantam Corn, can. ... .25c < [
aTd ........ 2 can., \\ e lona Peas, can 25c \ >
A&PR£Raspbem«,can....27c A&P Asparagus Tip», can 39c V
Astona Maraschino Rhemes. .. 1 c | p e j jj on j e Asparagus Ups, can. . 45c < *
ToMAToES^^^l3c£loc: i
All Washington Acclaims It! Try it today! ' \
► India, Ceylon, Java | * MAA Ak/ | India, Ceylon, Java \ ►
► Orange Pekoe » Our famous THE A | Orange Pekoe
< \ i/ 4 -Ib. Sealed, Dust- NECTAR BRAND, im- i /2 _| b- Sealed, Dust- <
< , proof Carton | P° rt «i fro™ ™est proof Carton S
A y << Tea Gardens of the Far » >
S aA ' ■rni | East and sold EXCLU- | \
<1 I siYELYbyus. r 'Jxjkn <
► JL || Guaranteed—of course! | i ►
y P Large STAR Qp <
j; D soap ZdZr* :
I* A&P Eraporated | Guaranteed | PURE S
3 Si 28c | 27cDoz. | 2Lb5.,27c
Doable-Tip | Large, Mealy J ►
6 Boxes 29c I 15 Lbs. 29c I
I|VHHI"J s ■ ■ 1H W
jfili] 1■ B 1&I ■ I B B I■ I bVTSV
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