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tavonologue in addressing the au
dience that was well received. Alto
gether his work stood out as one of
Xha big features of the bill.
Mulrcy, McNecee and Ridge open
the program with a clever roller
skating act; Harrison and Dakin, with
Billy Hogue, offer pleasing patter,
songs and dances; Mile. Rhea and
Santoro, with Alex Cross and Joseph
Mach, jr., present a fine dancing and
musical turn, the dancing of Rhea
and the violin playing of Mach de
serving special notice: Jimmy Watts,
female impersonator, is as funny as
ever; Valerie Bergerle and company
score a hit in one of her old play
lets. "Judgment.’’ and Joe Morris and
Fio Campbell are as good with their
fun as they were five years ago and
are the laughing hit of the bill. The
regular house attractions filled out
the program.
Cosmos Excellent Closing
The Cosmos Theater will close
Its season with a final performance
next Sunday evening. And its bill
of entertainment this week, selected 1
evidently with tnc idea of leaving a
pleasant memory, will rank with its :
best offerings, for it combines qual- i
ity and novelty in a higher and bet- <
ter degree than most of the enter- i
which has preceded it. i
While two headliners are announced. ;
| Women’s Vests
| ELASTIC KNIT RIBBED zSx GS> /|\ | 10110100008
$ OAEZE VESTS. very && | fjL TA | ft fi lei Peerless Liquid Shampoo, 14c. &.
slight irregulars. Reduced IA ~ <&B\ ■ Im] g IW/lB i fiS Mg 50c Perfumes and Toilet Waters. S
| 'Vom vq no.m.F pvtc! H I WM I Si -I $
WOMEN S DOUBLE EX IRA H li M I —' L - J Bj 50c Vanidor Compact Powder, UOc >
$ SIZE RIBBED GAUZE 11 EL W§l I Handbrushes.se.
| VESTS, sll8 h„ y impe r- 17 | J 810.818 Seventh Street |
5; ,ccl ■ Ivory-like Hair Receivers, 25c. • c
* |
The Once-a-Month Disposal—All Broken Lines
i J^A i
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Percale Dresses 1-1 ATQ $2.00t053.00 |
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Dress /• /%J §
I 1 & ; ,gl “ , “ s»m $1 -oo 98c
I Poiret Twill Dresses Accumulations of assorted
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N All wr>r»l <snnSn Drfggog \V omen s spn. g o V at and Square-heel, Full-sash- i
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79c to $1.25. Yard ... INeeuS . Quality Derby Ribbed Sport
I rx.i. 1 t-v SON’S SEAMLESS AXMIN- R __ y#s f Wp -ir 00 qualities. $
Silk and Dress ster rugs 9xi2. standard Boys Wear Women’s Hose, 17c
i rv i a ' at ■*' ’ * r-s i— OVERALLS, lot of Bttle Q dd ] ot OI - Women’s Per-
CjOOUS Kemnants In handsome nQ7S oyS - Blue .Chambray and feet Quality 29c Cotton Hose,
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A A J FLOOR MATS —Heavy Jones, Jr., and Kid- /-'’T,; ct „CHL-
/ | Duro oilcloth floor mats, in in-All Brands, Sizes PA. MIK ITOSe $
A Via attractive patterns, t 3 to 7 oyc $1.39 I
Useful sewing lengths in RUGS
V r„ n , r i- ( hinp Yard-wide SIENCILtU KUUS», loxoo 4toß, in checks and mixtures. Chiffon Silk Hose—about 100 $
pi a iti and Farirv Radium Silk si . ze ’ ,n P atterns °j Reduced for a pairs—in black and spring $
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“Glos” Crepe, Serge. Prunella COCOA MATS tor entrances HATS, in attractive styles for Children S Sport HoSC 5
and Wool Crepe in plain and nd automobdes Thick and the littlc fellows. S
N novelty effects. of T h W r °own Black and colors ... OVC " C . .
s . ~ . shades of brown. nnv ., n.ik-i-t- - n . 59c and 7oc Mercerized $
BLACK SATEEN, 39c Yard- £a C h >"C BOYS PANTS, sizes 7to Seven-cighths-length Sport
wide Mercerized Black Sateen, 4 JAPANESE STENCILED 16, made of serviceanle luate- HosCi pcr f ec t quality, in plain $
close weave of RUGS, closely wovea and ex- rials and tul! knickcr styles and clocks.
5 high luster. Four d? |OO tremely serviceable. In brown cut
yards for * •v/v/ pattern only, (t i 75k BOYS NORFOLK SUITS, Odrlc an A Pndc
45-INCH FRUIT OF THE 9x12. $7.00 value in all sizes 7to 17. Two-pants , U -R llO5 *
LOOM COTTON, regular 50c RAG RUGS, 18x36 in bright suits and one-pants all-wool VVomeilS Wear $
U Ismd. known everywhere for mixed patterns. AQ colors ‘a n tf* rke- BLOUSES of dimity and §
i its superior wearing Washable. Each .. colors and pat- QC ; tucked and erribroid- S
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CAMEL’S HAIR COATING, many attractive pat- | A d to; shirts charming effects of handwork,
U One-piece $3.00 Gray Camel’s terns. Vard wide. fVC m sizes 12 to 14 neck- hemstitchings and filet lace.
I: Hair_ Coating, all-wool qual- T VS^MMJ»’T«i» cv. to ” d *- Cho,Ce >»4 »» «| 05 §
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SPREADS, of beautiful qual- .7,. . . . .. , binations. Yard *DC preen with fanrv ao $
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i SSieZbi Sfv& of white nainsook, with hand-
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r UNION SUITS. Men’s White Uce. 98c values 79C IOC Stamped Goods
Checked Nainsook Athletic MIDDY BLOUSES AND rnf2m i . Choice ZV
i! Union Suits, knee lengtn, with SHIRT WAISTS for girls. COLORED NET—Odd lot UxllOlce, 20C
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Sizes 34 to 4o i>VC sizes—worth SI.OO and fo . r Bnmg or trim- BJ to 89c Stamped Pieces, me ud- $
NIGHT SHIRTS, irregulars $l9B Choice ... OVC m,n g- Yard XiOL mg Tan Centers, Scarfs, Van-
$ of Men’s SI.OO Muslin Night 8 MIDDY SKIRTS, of white R^P^ D ki b,ack l cJ r ar ? e etS rbSKnN
Shirts, in all sizes, 16 galatea, in pleated styles, with and desirable color 'ir fl Scarfs, Childrens Rompers,
$ to 19 OO L- bodies or bands. combinations. Each . etc. ■ i
5; SHIRTS, odds and ends $1.59 and $1.98 | |YA ——— AJJ . 5
Men’s Soiled Shirts, about 8 values 1 • vrVf iNotlOll Oddments 3
dozen, in broken BA-, PIQUE HATS, for little Long Silk GIoVCS Enameled Shoe Trees, 9c. k
5 sizes. Ch0ice........ »/vC children; also Organdie Bon- <CI AO 15c White Twill Tape, bolt, 5
$ MEN’S TIES, silk and knit- nets; white and col- * 9c> v
ted fiber four-in-hands, in ors. SI.OO and $1.50 16-button Perfect Quality 10c Wash Cloths, Sc.
$ many desirable colors | C/-r •a.’- values jSfOL> Silk Gloves, in black, white, Body Waists, 19c.
$ and patterns It5C Second Floor, King’s Palace, beaver, cocoa, mode, gray, etc. Waist Linings, 29c. Q
the Jack Powell instrumental sextet,
in “Watch the Drums," with Powell,
a marvel at the drums, and his in
strumentalists, artists every one of
them, and ‘‘The Four Horsemen, ’’
with John Jenny, one of the real
novelties of many seasons, with an
offering that yesterday’s audiences
were loath to let leave the footlights.
Van Cello and Mary open the per
formance with a unique novelty in
foot juggling that outstrips in its
every feature the best that the Jap
anese foot jugglers have ever offered
in Washington. Van Cello is a mar
vel with his feet, and Mary as
comely and Imposing a ‘‘company’’
as ever supported an acrobatic star.
John Orriu and Gillian Crew, in
“The Town Clown," have another
novelty in a mimic of the barnyard;
who ranges into a musical field with
imitations of every instrument in the
orchestra, and Will J. Ward, with
new songs and brief, snappy, all-new
jokes, is fitting company for all who
precede or follow him. The bill from
its first to its last vaudeville number
is typically Keith at Us best.
Nor is the photoplay entertainment
behind in any respect. Gloria Swan
son, in “A Society Scandal.” did not
return to the screen as a fine clothes
rack, but as an actress worth while
in the story of a woman, with an un
worthy husband, who lost her repu
tation through the eloquence of a
lawyer and the perfidy of a man
whose reputation she had tried to
save. It is real, live drama. There
is also another of the snappy series
of the "Deather Pusher" fight pic
tures, with young Billy Sullivan fur
nishing the punch at every pass and
a victory in the end. *A film farce
that fits the election campaign ahead
furnishes laughter.
Gayety—“Whirl of Glxls.”
There Is variety a-plenty in the show
at the Gayety Theater this week, and
the attraction is not all girls, al
though tho title is “The AVhirl ot
Girls.” For those who delight in real
burlesque comedy and wish to get a'
good, hearty laugh off their chests, it is
recommended that they spend a matinee
or evening at the home of burlesque
on 9th street and see and hear Fred
Binder and Vic Plant in situations
that would make a sphinx change ex
pression. There have been a number
of good comedians at the Gayety. but
they come one at a time, and are
usually supported by lesser lights.
Binder and Plant share honors, and
their effort* combined brought many
a peal of laughter from last night’s
For those who prefer the feminine
In burlesque the producer* have fur
nished a score of pretty girls, led by
Flossie be Vere. a vivacious soubrette
brimful of life and good looks. If
your eyes hold out you will enjoy
this part of the program. June Be
Way and George Wiest are old favor
ites with Gayety patrons, although
not old themselves. They have one of
tho cleverest song acts on the circuit.
Mabel Bellow has a number of good
songs, and In addition puts on a cou
ple of good dances assisted by Saul
Hite. Others in the east are Billy
Shuler, Billy Brooks and Ray Year
As an added attraction. June Bobby
and her female jazz band furnish
lively tunes. A popular feature of
tho show is an offering of old-fash
ioned songs, in which ballads like
"Silver Threads Among the Gold”
score a hit over the latter day offer--
ings, and had some of the “old boys”
In the audience joining in the
ruses. The chorus is deserving or
special mention, being young and
. pretty and well drilled in both song
-and dance numbers.
' A quartet composed of George
Wiest, Billy Shuler, Ray Yearwood
and Vic Plant surprised the audience
■with rather good harmonizing.
Mask and Wig Club.
A dihUnffui-shed audience which lit
erally overflowed the Shubert-Belasco
Theater* .last evening witnessed with
unrestra’aved delight the recording by
the Mask and Wig Club of the Uni
versity of Pennsylvania its thirty
sixth annual - .♦riumph—for triumph it
was, unquestionably- The program
announces “ThAt’s That,” as a pro
duction, but it ie» an achievement, as
well as a triumph
There are many* habitual theater
goers, not all graA'afes of the Lni
versity of Pennsylvania, by any
means, who maintain that the Mask
and Wig Club offering* s are ’’the best
shows” that come to Washington.
Basis certainly exists for their claims.
The "girls” are unques* ionably as
beautiful as those of many a profes
sional cast and chorus, th<* costumes
could not be more gorgeous vor elab
orate, the scenic investiture nlere pic
turesque, the color effects more har
monious or the novelties more yur
prlfling. As for dancing—well. It is
continuous, practically, from Initial
rise to final descent of the curtain.
And such dancing!
Tho customary “side issues" of a
Mask and Wig Club visit to the Na
tional Capital were not overlooked
last evening. Between the first and
second acts, while the curtain was
down, the audience could hear, though
not see. that a visit was In progress
Inackstage, with Secretary Mellon and
Senator Pepper, both Pennsylvanians,
ami Gen. Pershing, as honor guests.
The cheering was explanatory. At
the close of the performance a de
mure little “lady” of the cast sud
“H W. 3b. mitoses Sons rEr
Order . For Rugs *
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ze * Price. Awnings made to order, made of
9x12 $29.75 * John Boyle’s woven or painted stripes.
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denly was transformed into an acro
batic, gymnastic, gyrating cheer
leader, and led the entire company in
“Penn” tributes to the city of Wash
ington, and again to Secretary Mellon.
Senator Pepper and Gen. Pershing.
The U. P. grads in the audience, and
there were many of them, rose and
Joined in the well known “Penn-syl
van-i-a” song.
As for "That’s That,” the title con
veys no Idea of the magnitude of the
production. Having given perform
ances la Lancaster, Pa.; Pittsburgh,
Cleveland, Ohio; Detroit, Mich.; At
lantic City and. all of last week, in
Philadelphia, the presentation last
evening was finished, any previous
rough edges having been smoothed to
perfection. The genius of Charles
Gilpin stood forth in the music and
lyrics. Kdwin M. Lavinc scored an
other success in designing the pleth
ora of costumed, and the dances bore
testimony to the marked ability of
Charles Snyder Morgan, jr.
The cast comprised Henry Roberts,
Edwin R. Cox, jr.; Raymond de S.
Shryock and James H. Prothero, Jr.,
in the feminine roles, and John H.
Reiners, Jr.; Eugene C. Felt, Paul
Thomas, James C. Bohan, jr., Harold
E. Merrick, and Theodore J. Phillips,
jr. The chorus, male and "female,”
i consisted of groups designated as ex
| citement-eaters, jazzhounds, flower*-
| market aids, waiters, winter-haters,
snow-dodgers, bathing girls, coun-2
try maids and boys. Special scenicl
i and costumed feature Included "Mah
jong,” with such subsidiaries as
flowers and seasons, bamboos, winds,’
dragons, circles, characters, heavenly
twins and dice: "Stags”; “The Books
, in My Library” and "The Bandit
The visit to Washington last eve
ning of the Masii and Wig Club of
. the University of Pennsylvania was
an event.

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