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C ontlviiK'd.
• : HNTTURE—Have rhattol trust of $*2,350,
.v able s*2oo monthly and paid up in one
hi*. Should like to convert into flr*t-cla*n
rnltiire for entire home; piano especially
‘•irnl. Address «tor£^ r Office. *
RN ITUUL -Want to purchase some used,
• out tit larire house; also refrigerator, (’all
anktiu «•
1 KMlTK?;—before telling yout oousehold
**°dß call s Wefsenberg and got belt ra*
Ita. Main 9275. 615 E ft. p er.
•RMTITRK-—lf you have any furniture of
her goods to sell, and you want to obtain
‘ -t results, send for Louis Notes. 421 10th
‘ ’ n.w. Phone Franklin 2*>ls. _
1 T UNITE RE and household foods wanted.
’ iu will feel satisfied with prices we pay.
Ruddcn. 416 10th st. n.w. M. 5991.
| HXIfrRE, pianos, carpet*, etc. Phone M. i
-82 for wagon or have me call. •'Weachler/* I
Pa - ave. d.w. !
MRNITCRE—We bu> household furnltnra |
•nd office fixtures. Money advanced on stor
ge. Sachs Furniture Co., corner Bth and D j
***» ; n.w. Wain 6308. I
* 1 RNITURE—If you want to obuiin best re- ,
nils for tour furniture and other mltcel* '
•»neous, roll M. Shapiro, 600 Louisiana are 1
- w. Franklin 3785
,: OLD, silver, watches, diamonds ami old |
owelry neoded in our mfg dept. Full cash j
F **ue paid. Seliuger’a. B*2o F st.
'1 VIIKST. s:z *'- _ fTiTT’.L |
■ NVKVriONS cofnmercialized. What have you? !
lain Fisher Mfg • St Louts, Mo. •
nd sold. A T . Dclbci, Boatmen's Dank
dg.. St. Louis. Mo.
•LD COLD—Bring iu your old gold, allver,
datiniim. diamonds: also discarded jewelry
We need them in our manufacturing dept. Will
■ay highest A. Kaun, F at.
•’AWN tii KKTS cashed; diamonds, old gold,
silver and platinum bought for cash. Louis
• Abrahams. 815 <. st.. opposite Patent office,
'll'-- Good, extra large size. Address Box
2 H. S'ar office. •
'WING lauun glide; must he gtsod condition;
Address Box 3P H. Star_office._ •
L'vi Km" < mr.iici.j. -i/.e. eonditton,
hape. b»*si price. Address Box 77 11, Mari
'VAN ! KI» do cM'hange dictation readings i
. S H Box 78 l*a. n ve. <■ fg *
The following buctnens code —-'.t guaran
tee eatU/ar'inn In Slur reaiUn .4iy a* «-
plaint Invnil rtetssarp to be mene to 7ha
Star util receive prompt attention. For
admission to Kccvmmendrd Service Col
umn call Main sunn. ISranch Its.
AD VERT! sl St I BY MAIL—i .000 MflSl
raphed Inter.-.. $2.40. Mineoeraphing. type
writing. etc. E. \V. K.MOItV, 902 District
Nstional Hank b!dg. Frank!!n 7143.
ANTIQUES, chair cancing. upholstering; by
ex-Spanish war veteran. l<et me serve you.
Urar.klin 7»n:.
pest- desfroved; expert workmen. ACME K\ -
TERMINATING CO., 006 Stth n.w. Er. 2766. I
s» i
Tamps. tanks, fenders; low prices. TUCKER ;
CO., :!06 I. Marshall pi., so courthouse. F. 6426. J
■1 by oxpen. Prices wry ’■••asonahle. French I
Radiator & Kendejr Co., 1407* O n.w. 10- j
Ain uTTmm atoms \xi- ■ i:xiM,!.s kkpur !
e,i by expert. Pr-ce, \.-rv rcusnnsi*,,. J'jtL.NCH •
NBKTOVS Kodak and Camera Repair Bhi.>p.
815 UHli st. n w.. second floor.
< AHPENTEK —Jobbing a sper.aity. Estimates
furnished. MORGAN BRINING. 1357 Taylor.
tl. n w Phone Columhia 3714-W. aayll*
Albert Kahlert A Co. elean your carpets and
xags Unproved steam carpet .-Icanrrs. 353
Warylaitd ave. s.w Phone Main 2U36. Esti- ]
•cates cheerfully given |
CARP RT~< ui; AN IX G and repairing. Capital ,
Jin? Cleaning iV. doe* it rishl -i right price. I
Potomar .-jig lft37> 17' i ■ n.w
t HAIR (A XI XG. I i’HOl.S'rrit I XG' REPAIR
tng. A1 work; owesl pri-es. Mn. - v 7-. 1
l.in spsp I. 1. BAIUEV, 251 Pa ave a.e.
ilf A tits CANEU. I "PH t>l> TE HE !). VoRCM
3233 iOih st. ii.w. Franklin 7453 |
C ONTRAi v POKS AND BCIUDERS: t.irages of |
all classes aud repair work of auv kind: terms
If desired (estimates free). BOBBIN RAN
DALL CO.. INC.. 302 Met.ill bldg.. 908 G st.
gi.w. Main 37ts. lies denfia! phone. T.ln. ~>2oh.
ELECTRIC floor plugs, by earefal and experi
enced man; lowest price. Phone Adams
2706-W 6°
ELECTRIC WlßlNG—Specialists in old bonae
wiring: estimates cheerfully given. Economy
Electric Co.. 1217 29th st. n.w. West 2406.
my 17*
on your work Fa MClerike youraelf with our
method of wiring and inetsllina Svtnrea in
your home Cali Alain 2757 or visit nur show
room. GEO F. MIiXKP,. 903 New York
«_ve. _n w.
ELITE r.LECTRTC CO. wires Groom house,
with fixtures - oninlete. ?68.fi0: floor plugs and
alteration,. M-. 5.55 46 H p,\y.
paint ng. bv skilled mechanic at D'dllr'-il price*.
Paul S--rene. (lug Huh »f. n.w. F. 4891. 10-
repairine. Priees reasonable. P. K. RICH- I
TER. 522 9th st. n.w.. bet. H snd I. Fr. 2454
new floors laid; more prompt serrleo & low»r
rati-s now. .7. C. Price. 912 sth n.w. Call
daytime Fr. 6524 Evenings Fr. 7563-W _
•nd enshlons made to order. lowest priees in
the city Workmanship guaranteed. Our man
will call anvwherc with samples and give
CO.. 619 F s». n xv. Phone Main 3687
rovers made. Est. cheerfully given. Petnrned
free. TITTENSOR. 1424 «tli nw. N. 7702.
rior, bv skilled ntechanies. Best reference* 4 . !
Paul Serene. 908 10th st. n.w f. 4801. 10-
Dutch Boy iea-1 and oils used exclusively, at ;
reasonalile cost: references. R. MORAN. 216 j
John Marshall place. Phone Main 1731. _2B- j
of lawns, hedges and gardens. Cleve. HlO5.
It. Rodman. Address Western and Parks arcs
Friendship station.
Lawn mower repairing; parts fcr
nished. Don't wait until spring. Tel. Fr.
7707. C. F. ARMIGKR. 303 13th st. n.w.
down comforts recovered: reasonable. North
30145. b!. a I Bedding Co.. 1524 7th »t. n^w.
M.VTTRESSES, pillows and box springs reno
vated and remade. Brass beds relacqoered.
GEORGE STEIN CO.. 344 Pa. ave. n.w. Main
most reasonable prices. Let na call, give cell
mate. Prompt deliveries and satisfaction av
•tired. Eagle Bedding Co., 1123 7th st. n-w.
Main 7992.
papered. $5 and up: good workmanship. SAM- j
TEL TAMMARO. Columbia 7919-R. 14- |
PAINTING TIME Is here. Exterior home
painting oar specialty. Always glad to esti
mate CAROW & FRY. 1011 H Bt. n.w
Main 1281.
war pri<x?s; prompt attention: first-class work.
Give us a trial: you will never regret It. I
.an save yon 507 Fon your work. Write Mr.
Mll ,T/HE. 1736 I4th n.w. 10J»
PAPERHANGING, painting and plastering.
Kee Wm. A. Little. Satisfaction guaranteed
on all work. Sl9 9th n.w. Phone Fr. 6754. -
PAPERUANGInG—ReasonabIe priees; no de
lay good workmanship. Enterprise Deco
rating Co.. 1629 34th__st. n.w. North 4051. 30-
ptex polvclirome. $lO and up. J. R. SEARS,
639 New York aye, n.w. North 2030.
PAKEHHANGING —Rooms, s7.ho and up: in
terior and exterior painting at lowest prices.
Metropolitan Pee. Co.. 427 G n.w. Ph. Fr. 800.
papered, sll and up, A. T. GEORGE. 221 13 4 it
.1 ,w. Telephone Franklin 6624. Main 8i56.
Co., 1023 7th si. n.w. We repair all makes of
phonographs Phone Main 5976.
PIANO TCNING —Pianos and players re*
jiairad. reflnlshed and rebuilt by skilled work
men. Piano tuning. $2. Schaefer, Sanderson
Piano Co.. 644 H at. n.e. Lincoln 1007.
<l2 E. Cap. st, Line. 3417—Steam and hot
wafer beating, plumbing, boiler and power
plants. Found tellable for 25 year,.
onr specialty. Quick service in emergency
rases. When yon think of plumbing think of
CAROW & FRY, 1011 n ut, n.w. Main 1261.
and roofing. I/et me repair your old refrigera
tor. Call Mn‘n 7610. SU3 9th 0.w., near H.
RESTORE, repair, refinish antique furniture.
Radio cabinets to order. We build anything
In wood. D. C. Cabinet Factory. 4C7 C n.w.
Frank. 9458.
will show samples. J. A. JONES, 1314 4th
•t. n.w. Main 6731. 4*
worn carpets, durable and cheap. OLD LATT
BEL ECLIPSE, 300 10th at. s.w. Frank. 3877.
SEWING MACHINES repaired and aoldoo
easy terms; quick service: 18 yeara experi
ence; work guar. Col. 4959-J. E. B. Harris. 6-
TINNING, roofing, plpeleas furnace installed;
(is stoves; dependable work. Main 6149.
BHAEFFEK & MOWEN. 1003 9th at. n.w.
order. Free estimates. PEARSON & THOMP
FON. 711 G st. n.e. Lincoln 6268.
WINDOW SHADES and screens made to order.
Free estimates. J. M. BUTLER 4k SON, 4000
lit st. s.e. Lincoln 6965 J.
opaque shades fitted lo your windows, 85c;
tie best quality of opaque shades, $1.15: bong
free. We will call with samples. KLLK
BLATT. Uth ind H ata. 0.0. Lincoln g?»-_
“ m The Star requires from advertisers
in this column references and a do
tailed elatement of their propoMtious,
JR AIS K CAPITAL—Best methods: eorpoTtm*
nrganlaed and promoted everywhere; eslab
tAaAUOO. U. UixcaJ OGK2k. SJO Bbml
Con tinned.
, PARTY with $3,000 to invest in mamifactnr
■ ing enterprise, which will show substantial
i profit. Address Box 8-H. Star office.
LUNCHROOM, complete; a very good section
at 112 st. n.w.; reasonable price; good
business. ۥ
best n.w. location; corner, with rooms above;
a fine place for some one with $4,500. Ad
dress Box IRI-K. Star office. *
, TIRES. ACCESSORIES, established, rapidly
I growing business; wholesale, retail: owner
I leiving city; $2,500. Address Box 273-E, Star
| office. *
' LUNCHROOM for sale on account poor health;
! fine location: cheap rent. 7 H st. n.e. *
j ATTRACTIVE and well paying tearoom. Ap
-1 P!y 2U King George st., Annapolis. Md. 4*
| MEAT MARKET for sate, Capitol Heights,
j Md. Mrs. Lagana. 6*
i AN EXCELLENT paying duplicating and of
( flee service business: any one can operate:
j clearing S2OO monthly; $1,200 will handle.
Address Box 344-E, Star office. *
I 3108 11th SL~N.w7.actj. cos. Irving—l story
I store: good bns. loca.; reduced for quick sale
j to $4.500. L. S. Lipscomb. 612 14th st. n.w. 5-
1 GROCERY and general merchandise, in nrar-
I by suburbs: doing good business: will sell
i reasonable for cash sale. Addresa Bor 285-E,
| Star office. 4-_
• SHOE REPAIR SHOP, established 20 years;
1 reason for selling, going into other business.
j 115 Pa ave. n.w. 4-
! “BIRMINGHAM'' BAKERY, fully equipped.
I Box 23. Colonial Bench, Va 6*
CANDY STAND and dol! stand for lease for
season at Chevy Chase Luke. Apply Kinc Pin
Bowling Alleys. 3330 14th st.. ask for Sir.
WAXTLO TO BUY second trust notes; must
lie well secured. Address Box 212-K, Star
office. 4*
for quick sale; reasonable rent. 509 9th st.
lishcd 1914: on excellent corner in northeast.
Address i'ftx IMS K. Star rffloe. 4*
DifITiCATESSEN STORK—Must sell, due to
1 poor health; located In heart of uptown apart
j men', house district, just off 16th st.; excel
lent buy: reasonable. Edmund M. O'Snlllvan.
| Mu'n 4354. 4*__ |
i buy SECOND TRUST NOTES—They pay a
; large return on your money. I have sev<ra:
that 1 trill sell at a very large discount.
’ Address fox 1-E. Star <iffi> e. 5*
and radio supplies; must be sold: owner s'ck
and unable to take care of business: good
location; cheap rent. Phone Line. <>229. 4*
nished up-to-date; doing good business: In
n.tv. section. Address Box 223-E, Star office.
_ 4*
for sale; near Washington: long established:
cheap for quick sale. Apply room 39, Warder (
bldg.. 9th and F. * ,
IGO INTO BUSINESS for yourself—Make
money marketing proprietary si>ecialties under
! your own labels. We furnish everything and i
I show you hew. Booklet free. National Scien-
I tifi'; 1 Jiitoratories. 236 Monroe. Richmond. Va.
; GRoTeb'Y STORE AND FLAT —Rent, $62.
; 1600 7ih st. Ware. 215 6th n.w.
j LINCII ROOM, soda fountain, etc.; average.
I S6O per day, 52.750. Downtown location. '
I Ware. 215 6th n.w.
i GENERAL STORE, nearby suburb, with post I
! office; over $3.18)0 per mouth business. Price i
XI.OOo. Ware. 215 6th n.w. ;
YOUNG LADY wishes women who would be
interested in the beauty business to finance it j
cu 50-50 t arsis. Address Box 90-H. Star office. (
HOUSE divided into 3 npts., all now occu- i
pied; D mouth lease. Will transfer lease.
Address Box S-S-H. Star office. *
OLYMPIC CAFE. 14th and Euclid—Splendidly
equipped: nice business; cheap rent.
TEA ROOM, fully equipped, busy northwest
j section; good business; suitable for two ladies
|or couple to operate. Owner employed, can’t
give ji proper attention. Address Box 87-U.
[ Star office. *
ROOMING HOUSE- 22 rooms, aii filled, paying
proposition. 7 baths, gas. electricity; moderate i
rental. Address Box 7p-H. star office. • i
tfUOCERY STOKE—Good location, at 527 "tit
1 st. 5.v,.; 7 rooms and hath; doing good; will
sell at reasonable price on account of leaving
! A GROCERY STORE for sale in a nice
! neighborhood: contains 5 nice reora*. store,
hot and cold water; gas and electricity; 5-
year lease: $75 rent: guaranteed a nice liv
ing. $1 .SOtl as it stands. Address Box 68-H,
Star efflee. *
DISCARDED GOLF BALLS made new at home
with our repair outfit: price, $10; all golfers
buy: agents make $5,000 yearly.
Golf Ball Die Co..
308 Empi rc bldg Detroit. Mich. *
FOR SALE—Confectionery store, magazines,
soda fountain, new fixtures, good n.w. section;
rent. *SO; three-year lease; Increasing summer
business Address Box 325-K. Star office
- GOODS STOKE, fine location. Call Lin
coin 5127-W. •
GARAGE, with capacity of 75 cars and doing
business of over $3,900 per month. Is offered
for sale at s4“.otk»; garage is well equipped,
doing high-class business, located on a promi
nent street; reason for selling, on account of
other interest, unable to give this all the
attention required: oath. $5,000. and remainder
ss a note; long lease with rental of $550 per
| month can be guaranteed. Address Box 301-E,
Star office. •
MULTI GILA PH. mimeographs and all kinds of
other equipment In perfect cond tion are offer
ed for use on profit-sharing basis to man, not
only experienced in operating these machines,
but who can keep them constantly busy by
soliciting work: this is a real opportunity for
an honest, ambitious and hard-working man;
give full particulars about yourself in reply;
application confidentially treated. Address
Box 11-H. Star office. *
HOTEL WANTED —Commercial or apertment
house, furnished or unfurnished, by reliable
hotel man; please give me full particulars,
picture, if possible. Edwards. Box 468, Chi 4
ca go.
i HAVE YOU S'J.UDO to invest, with or without !
: your services? If so, you can secure one-half ;
\ interest in a business that will pay you to j
! look into; can handle owu money. It will cost
you nothing to investigate this opportunity. To
arrange appointment phone Potomac LSSB-W I
j Sunday. f»r interview sometime during week. * j
; WANTED—To buy, promot* or finance a
meritorious patent, labor-saving device pre
ferred, Address Box 72-E, Star office. •
GROWING BUSINESS needs more capital:
good security and excellent return. Address
Box 199-K. Star office. 5-
ready to open: new lease can be had; three
years; called out of city, A_ K. Ware A Co.,
215 6'h st, n w.
and 2-bath house; most desirable section for
rooming house bustnes*. This home is newly
decorated throughout, baa elec, ligbu, and
other than the house there is room for a
10-cer garage in the rear yard, which faces
on a 20-foot paved alley. This property is in
the first commercial zone. The price ia under
$14.000 Address Box 242-g. Star office.
J FOR SALE—General store in suburbs; 3 liv-
I iug rooms, double garage, electric lights.
I Price. $3,000 Address Box 6-E. Star office.
I 4-
rent; oppoalte large government building.
Addres.*: fox 59-H. Star office, 6*
IOR SALE—Confectionery and novelty store
with sods fountain, connecting living rooms,
hteeai heat, lease; best class of trade in the
city. 1017 King et.. Alexandria. Va. •
Will, SELL half interest In splendid battery
business on terms to hustler. Phone Monday.
Franklin 6585. 908 10th st. n.w «
WANTED —Partner to go in used-car business,
or will rent place. Inquire at 1625 14th st.
n.w. •
DELICATESSEN and fruit store; best section
of city: doing flourishing business; long lease;
cheap rent; no triflers. Address Box 167-H,
HOTEL OF 17 ROOMS, 4 baths. In best down
town district, in first-class shape; newly paint
ed. papered and steam heated. Address Box
17H-H, Star office. *
TO COMMUNICATE with some one wishlng~to
open a ladies' shop on Conn, ave., good
location, fully equipped. Addresa Box 171-H,
Star. oflice.
ROOMING HOUSE. 12 rooms, h.-w.h., elec.,
SSOO cash, terms; 9 rooms, rent, S6O, bargain;
17 rooms, h.-w.h.; all rented, SI,OOO cash; bar
gains. 63G H n.w. •
A FAST-GROWING organization in the auto
electrical line wants a high-powered sales
man to represent them throughout Virginia
or Maryland, leading to an opportunity to be
come a member of the firm. Address Box
162-H. Star office.
SALK OR TRADE automobile, washing, polish
ing. greasing and slraonlzing business: best lo
cation n.w.; act quickly. Address Box 156-H,
Star office.-
WANTED—Active partner (man or woman)
with $2,500 to take charge of high-grade
established business; must have ability. AJ
dress Box 149-E. Star office. •
FOB SALli—ls there a live man in Washing
ton capable of earning $2,500 to $5,000 and up
ward yearly, who has small capital to purchase
and ability to direct a sales company yield
ing good income with excellent standing; price.
S6OO or best offer; includes good will, stock,
furniture, etc.: nothing reserved; owner must
sell Immediately to cover outside Investments;
no curiosity seekers, as this ia a bona tide
proposition and a real bargain. Address Box
125-H, Star office. »
DELICATESSEN. lunch, groceries; downtown;
owner leaving city; bargain, $1,500. Inquire
820 Iltb at. n.w.
WANTED—SmaII rooming boose business:
small payment down; no brokers. Address
Box 291-E. Star office. •
SB,OOO WILL BUT building and stork (dry
goods and notions) in the suburbs. Phone Mr.
Sparrow. Main 2208, for Information.
FOR SALE —Established food product busi
ness: man with delivery car can make SIOO
weekly. Address Box 135-H, Star office.-
WILL SELL half interest in exclusive mail
order article: unlimited field and constant de
mand._Phofic_Potomac_l7:_Suii<lay; -»
MEN’S WEAK STORE —Downtown location:
rent under $150; owner has other boalness and
will sell at inventory; will take real estate
as part payment; a long establishel. well pay
ing business; about SIO,OOO stock. Addresa
Box 52-H. Star office. *
location: very reasonable rent; well estab
tabedi a, tmgifc Jiddrea* Box 43-ii, Otv.
DELICATESSEN—Doing good business; must
wdl for good reason, r*«sonab!*; a snap at the
prior Addportx Bo\* 48-H, Star office.
DOOMING and hoarding houno. 1C rooms:
a.m.i.; best location; reasonable rent; cany
terms; a bargain. Address Box 47 U, Star
TAILORING «‘stat>llHhioent In h*st location;
reasonable rent; doing good bodDfst; for sale
at sacrifice. Address Box *SGH. Star oflice.
HIGH t'LAdb auto supply burd'iea.*; bat
teries, tires, vulcanizing, ignldon station,
wash and polish stands; doing a tine huainesa;
well located downtown; will sell all or half
interest or any one department. Address Box
2H-H. Star oflice.
NBW and second-hand I took btore, well estab
lished; mail order clientele: priced right for
quick sale. Address Box 43-H. Star oflb-e. •
RAKE OBPOKTCMTY for careful Investor;
a well established corporation is desirous of
issuing a small amount of stock to build a
factory here In Washington to take care of
its increased business; will pay a handsome
return on money from start. Best reference
Small investor preferred. Address Box 41 H,
Star oflice. _ 11*
HOTJSEFt'ItNIHHINGS ami hardware store;
good location. Lincoln 8831 -W. rt*
CONFECTION EllY, delicatessen, soda foun
tain; excellent location; business; very reason
able. Hoorn 3. 42d sth st. n.w. 6*
COULD you tr.dl stock of your company if a
trust company guaranteed investors againat
loss? For particulars, address I*. O. Box 577,
Wilmington. Del. _ •
TAILORING and cleaning establishment for
sale,* doing good business; owner leaving on
account of climate; in best location In the
city; very reasonable. Anply 3444 14fh st. •
on busy thoroughfare in n.w., with 6 pumps:
doing tine business. I*rice for quick sale,
$11.500. Address Bov 278-11. Star oflice. •
CIGAR AND NEWSSTAND^in downtown oflice
building. Owing to sudden death of owner
this place will be sold for SBSO to quick pur
chaser. Address V><>\ 1 *:♦ 11. Star office. •
fCGCRKAM PARLOR and Luncheonette-—Lo
cated busy downtown section, seating over
J 00: artiat'cally decorated and completely
I equipped; chance f*»r right party to make h g
; money. Price, $350. Address Box 166-11,
Star office *
*.. \ <M.I \I: AiViv;>«»Kl Lo- Located busy 14th
| st.: well slocked and equipped: doing big busi
ness; jease ot low rent. Price, 56,500. Ad- j
dress Box 2M-11, star office. • J
CAFETERIA - Corxu-r. near govt. bldgs.; '
splendid appearing, completely equipped and 1
making money. Price. $2,500; easy terms if
deatred Addmm Box 294 KI, Star oflW. *
CIGAR AND’ NEWSSTAND -$7,000. one half
ersh. will buy best known and equipped money
making stand in city with good lease; act
qn s > Addreas Boa 136 H, Star office. •
HARDWARE, GASOLINE, in large auburb; do
inu' big business; no •.•oru«etition: exceptional op
portunity. pr're for business and property. sl3.
000 terms. Address Bo k 249 ft, star office. •
SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY for any kind "of
business, with low rent; store and 2 rooms
rear, a.l f-.r $55. 5227 Ga aro. nw. 6*
HOOKS. STATIONERY', sthletn goods. etc7.
■ established business; g«»o«1 location on Mount
j Pleasant Apply 221 Pa .-r • • •
SHOEMAKER SHOT for sale Lm • : o
• thriving busiuos ■ <;ior. near Slid ers' Home;
, previously fa..- l»eeu offered $1,300. have re
fused offer; Monday I am positively forced }
| t<i sell at auct’on price, as I am unable to |
i attend I.* It 205 I j-vi.iir st. nw. • i
CIGARS \si* CONFE4 iTNBR\ ato». must I
sell quick; income guaranteed. 1108 N Capi
I <B*l st. 5* !
! RESTAUKANT. modern equipment, will sell
at cost of tivture.- and installing: established
business; 3-year lease; moderate rent; near
terminal; and terms. Address IVox 106-
H. Star office. •
WANTED -Smart young man. with some rapi
tal. as partner in second hand jewelry busa
ness: slate full particular* in firat letter lo
C. R. Litibhaicb. 003 Pth st. n.w •
i 306 pistn<*t Nat Run!; HMc Frank. 10287 |
Inquirr Ruom 35. 3r.i floor. 1313 H nw. •
Progrrssivp Business Broker.
410 sth ft. n.w.
Hotel, 50 rooms, several baths, nicely fur
nished. near Thomas Circle; low rental with
lease: also larpe savage. Owner retiring, will
sacrifice this real money maker for $5,000
Fr. 6153.
Here’s Your Opportunity!
We want responsible, wide awake person to
take agency in Washington for complete line
of high-grade, homemade ehoi-olates, bonbons
and caramels. Have attractive, money-making
propeviition to offer to right person. Will give
exclusive territory to person who ran equip 1
s'ore for retail selling. Replies confidential. I
Address Box 330 B, Star office. |
Marshall Business Brokers.
Rooming house, downtown, 17 rooms. 4
baths: price. $2,509.
Beautiful and exclusive rooming house, near
Thomas Circle; electricity, steam beat; price, i
honse on 10th st.; price, $450; rent.
Rooming house, near 13th and Mass, are.;
electricity; well furnished; price. $1,200.
Rooming house. 15 rooms: steam heat, elec
tricity: price. $1,350: rent. $75.
Rooming house, 12 rooms: rent, $65; down
town location: JSO9.
Rooming honse. 21 rooms; electricity; located
near Powhatan Hotel; seren-ycar lease; sacri
fice at $2,500.
Beauty parlor; good location, downtown; do
ing a successful business: modern equipment:
rent. $75: bargain at $2,700.
Radio sales studio, on I4th st.: beautiful
salesroom, reoair shop in rear: price, $5,000; I
lease; rent. SIOO.
| Grocery, meats ard vegetables; near large !
; apartment house, downtown; rout, $55; a bar- j
j gain at 81.500.
; Grocery and mem market, southwest; rent.
$45; 5-year lease; receipts about $490 week.
I Delicatessen a ud grocery: rent. $35; 5 rooms '
i and bath; 3-year lease; price. $3,000; inspect
| this and yon will buy.
Marshall Business Brokers, j
929 New York Ave.
~~P, F. CAR LEY.
Progressive Bnsiness Broker,
410 sth St. N.W.
The following business places have been \
priced low for quick tales;
SSO0 —Rooming house, 10 rooms and 3 baths,
elee. and gas, h.w.h,; near buslne* section;
rent. *lO9.
$509--Rooming honse. 12 roods and bath;
elec.; central rooming section; rent, *75.
*I,OO0 —Rooming house, 10 rooms and hath;
water on each floor; steam beat, gaa and clec.y .
central: fine income; rent, SIOO.
SI.BO0 —Rooming house. 22 rooms and 4
baths; fine location, near business zone and
government buildings: good income; rent, S2OO.
SI,BOO— Rooming house. 35 rooms and 6
baths: water on ail floors: steam beat; central
rooming section; rent, S2OO,
$2,800 —Rooming and boarding house. 35
rooms, 4 baths and -1 lavatories; splendid in
come; rent. S2OO.
SBO0 —Grocery, meats and vegetables; down
town; good income; rent. S4O.
*I,OO0 —Grocery and meats, splendid income;
rent, $63 for store, 6 rooms and bath.
$1,250 —Grocery and delicatessen; fine stand
for fruits and soft drinks; rent, $62.50 for
store, 7 rooms and bath.
s3.ooo—Grocery and meats; fine old stand:
established 40 years: splendid income; reason
able rent; living quarters.
$625 —Delicatessen: fine stand for confec
tionery am| soft driints; reasonable rent.
$709 -Delioatessen, cigars, ice cream and
soft drinks; fine colored stand; good income:
rent, S2O.
S4O0 —Lunchroom; good small stand; rent
SSOO- -Lunchroom and near beer; this place
is in fine business location; rent, $75, store,
7 rooms and bath.
$1,300 —Lunchroom: income about $1,500 per
moni’ ; good stand: rent, $75.
s.■^soo— -Lunchroom in downtown business
section; income about SI,BOO per month; rea
sonable rent. , •
sff>o—meaning and pressing: splendid col
ored stand: steam pressing machine; rent,'s3B.
*l.loo Cleaning and tailoring: central busi
ness section; good income: rent, $75. '
sl,3oo—Tailoring, cleaning and pressing:
new Hoffman pressing machine; new Singer
sewing machine; owner leaving town is sac
rificing this fine stand for quick sale; rent, $75.
Many other business p’aces listed with me
at right prices. Let me show them to you.
Fritnaklln 6153,
ONE. Near Dnpont Circle. Five houses in
one group; about 40 rooms; every room filled:
90 regular boarders; 10 to 20 tranalents; long
established business: bekutlfnl dining rooms;
Income close to $3,000 per month: excellent
monthly profit. Owner desires to retire. Low
price; easy terms. This is an excellent op
portunity for a hotel or restaurant man.
TWO. Near the new Tivoli Theater. Small
hotel or rooming and boarding bouse; 16 bed
rooms. four baths; large, beautiful dining
room; parlors, reception rooms, office: ail mod
ern: very attractively furnished. Lease and
bnsiness for sale. Price only SI,OOO. This is
a rare opportunity for an experienced person.
Immediate possession.
THREE. Near 18th and K, right downtown;
22 rooms. 4 baths; steam heat, electric lighta;
completely furnished, but will sell only part
of furnishings if desired. Moderate rental,
lease. Price only $1,800; terms If desired;
immediate possession. This is an opportunity
for a man and wife or for a family.
FOUR. Near 14th and I*. Ten rooms, two
beths, electricity, gas: heat furnished free.
Reasonable rental. Nicely furnished. Prac
tically filled. Price only $1,000; easy terms.
This is an opportunity for a woman or a
FIVE. Rooming and boarding house on K
i st. n.w. All rooms filled; 28 boarders. Fair
rental. Sec this place if yon want something
i, xms.at.ajm Skm* UaJm smt. P
S23O—ROOMING house, 10 rooms; rent, $36.
sß^0 —Rooming house, 6 rooms. modem.
—Rooming house, 12 rooms; rent, $75.
soo(V—Rooming house, JO rooms, modern.
sooO —Rooming house, 10 rooms. 3 bathe;
£°od Juration and good condition; mod.
s&>0 — Rooming house, 10 rooms; rent, S6O.
ssso Rooming bouse, 12 rooms; rent, $55.
SI,OO0 —Rooming house. 12 rooms; 17th and G.
SI,BO0 —Rooming and boarding business; good
location; 18 rooms, 3 baths.
sr*sG-Grocery and 2 rooms; rent, $32.
$750 —Grwery and 6 rooms; rent, S4O.
SI.OO0 —Grocery and 7 rooms; rent. $75.
sl.6oo—Grocery and 7 rooms; rent, $62.
$2.000 —Grocery and 4 rooms; rent, S6O.
s3so—Confect, and 6 rooms; rent. $45.
s<loo—Confect, and 7 rooms: rent, $55.
$1,200 —Confect, and 7 rooms; rent, s4f*.
$1,500 —Confect, and 6 rooms; rent, SSO.
$3.500 —Confect, and 4 rooms; rent, $75.
$1.200 —Lunch; good business; free rent.
s4.ooo—Lunch and 10 rooms: a bargain.
s7so—Ta lorlng business: well equipped.
$750 —Barber shop. 3 chairs; cheap rent.
s6so—Near-beer and lunch: 7 rooms.
ssso—Dry gauds and notions; 6 rooms.
sll,ooo Candy business, wholesale and retail;
23 furnished rooms; rent. $l5O.
R. M CURTIS’. MAIN 8042. MAIN 8043.
j 216 Machinists* bldg.. 9th aml Mass ave. n w.*
ARMCHAIRS for lunchroom, also steam fable;
cheap. 729 North Capitol st. *
ARMY HARNESS, with breeching and leather
traocs, now. for 2 horses. S3B: saddles, SS;
double-rein bridles, $2; collars $1.25 up; used
double and single plow, wagon and cart har
ness. one-half price. Cogswell's, 220 lltb
at. n.w.
BABY CARRIAGE. Sidway. excellent eundl
fion, $lO. 3559 10th st. n.w. •
BABY CARRIAGE—Lar*— ivory finish; re
versible body; One condition; cost $65; will
sell for.sls. Address 201, Cockerllle ave., Ta
korna r*ark. Md. *
BABY CARRIAGE—BIoch; reversible; exeeT
lent oondltloaT 4506 13th st. n.w. *
BABY CARRIAGE*- Cartoj, white reod; ex
cellent rond'fton; very reasonable. Phone Col.
4680. Apt. before 3or Monday. •
BABY CARRI.TG!!. frosted brown, Lloyd, good
condition sls. 308 luth st.
BABY CARRIAGE bark bine ivory finish, al
most new: reasonable. Col. 5845. 2436 SOth. •
BABY ('All B1 A* Vy~~ Sid way. “perfect coiidl
tfon, > heap 660 Kst a•• •'
I BABY CARRIAGE Whitney reeeralble: Rem
! ingtou typewriter; reasonable. _S6J 15th a.e. *
BAB Y~ CA BRIARk7 Lloyd. reversible, ivory
co!.,r; excellent condition: sls. Phone North
IDOOO. Apt. 754. the Chastleton. *
BABY~t\ARBIAGB—Good condition; $6. I—3
tvt. n.e.
ItAIIV CARRIAGE—BIue and ivory, cheap.
Ant 333. tlio Argonne. *_
BABY - GRAND PIANO —Beautiful little in
sfrument of the apartment size; Terr latent
style mahogany case: 3 months old: special,
$345; easy terms. Arthur Jordan Piano Co..
G at., comer 13th. .
BABY STTtOLLKI! -Reed; good condition. 45
| V at. n.w. 5*
i'.Uil sritol.l.Eli Twin. Stnrge-.*: excellent
condition; very light and easy to handle. 1428
'CI aiiin st. Plume flevelar.l 2428 _ •
I RA.Viii u>uor, sl9- 1800 S at. n.w.. Ap.. Si.
North 3214 W. *
j RED Brass; double -dze; springs and mal
j tress: almost new; $25. G. D. J.. 1610 Bel- |
j moot sr, c _ __ . 4* I
BED. white, dresser and two chairs. S2O. 1621 j
’ If ng st. n.w. *
: BED. ivory : coil springs. mattress. Chiffonier.
: drop leaf table, refrigeraior (White Mountain).
75 lbs.: small ivory table and chairs, folding
•ouch bed. etc. 30 Poplar ave.. Takoma Park,
1 RED col'CH. Englander and two wicker chairs
f t,.ie; reasonable 1 8tgt S st.. Apt. 32. 4*
BED DAVENPORT” beautiful velour, new
j typ> with box spring and mattress com hi
i nation, very reasonable. Also other f ami tore
i cheats 1731 Conn. live. Potomac 2402-J. 4* i
BICYCLES 75. used, sold on payment*. $5 i
down, $2 a week. Vitalie tires, $3 each; Fisk !
' cord tires, $3 each. P. M Corr, 818 9th st. j
I BIG SNAPS-^OffWlife. Half make: desks, 2.
. flat-top; check writer protector, 1 do*, letter |
! rtlcs. wire tray.-; S3O lakes the lot. Ice box i
j and kitchen cabinet. S2O for both. Room 2111, {
4tr_> Cell si. n.w Main 1.202 *_ |
! BiiAT lin.U speed runabout, never been In !
j water. SIOO. Hear 467 K at. a.w. 4* j
BOND 6x7 notehcads. 6>, envelopes. 100 each. )
isl; black or blue ink; monogram If desired: |
selling 500 world's best tiooks, .V each; request j
titles, descriptions. Best's Print Shop. 1115
141 th Main 9043 *
BOWLING AIJ.EYS. balla. pins, pool tables;
remodeling building. 1219 Wisconsin ave.
Apply Georgetown Realty &. Insurance Co.,
1261 Wisconsin ave.
BRASS BED, sls: porch rockers, $2.50. 1926 ;
Ist at. n w
BRASS BED—Large double, with spring* snd
pretty felt mattress: like new; sl2. 1431 New j
Jersey ave. n.w. 4*
BUFFET, fumed oak. S2O; chins closet. $25 •
j exceptional value. 524 Taylor st. n.w., Pet
| worth. ; *
i BUILDING MATERIALS —Old doors, sash,
! plumbing fixtures, steam and hot-water radii
j tors National Woodworking Co.. 79 New
| York ave. n.e. 4 * )
BUILDING MATERIAL—New doors, stock (
size-c g 3 and $3.25: sash. new. 6 light. $1 each; J
I brand-new wallttoard. 3c per sq. ft.; new fire- ;
proof rockboard. 3A*e per sq. ft.; rooting.
"Capitol.” mannfactured by Certaln-teed Co.,
new 1-ply, $1.20; 2-ply. $1.75; 3-p!y. $2-25.
Certain-teed Co.'s shingles, fonr In ooe. new.
per square. $5.00. At bargain prices, lumber,
new toilet outfit*, sinks, bathtub* and fare
nsees New bathroom ontllt. $55, SIDNEY
HECUINGER CO.. Camp Meigs. sth and Fla.
ave. n.c.; main office, 6th and C sta. a.w.
Salesmen at both office* until 5:30 p.m.
CASH REGISTER, National. SIOO capacity j
and receipt; cost $350; sacrifice for $170; j
never used. Second floor. IQS 2nd st. s.w. 5* )
j i\SNi)Ty— <)Mtown: 17 ft.; well equipped; SSO. |
I Columbia 1956 between 6 and 7 *_ 1
I CANOE. Old Town, new last fal!. $63. The
| 1 ■:aylior.se. 1814 N st r. w. Fr 1731. j
I CANTILEVER OXFORDS—Brown calf; size 1
I brand-new; $5; cost $9.50. North 4171-J.* j
(HI 'KinTING AMPlcb UPRIGHT.' very j
slightly used, traded in on grand; a tremen |
■ dous bargain to immediate purchaser. Arthur I
. Jordan 1 ’i an■» Co.. G st.. corner 13th. j
CHIEKOEuBK. mahogany stain. sls. Apt.
; 802. 900 19th st. n.w. •
CHINA CLOSET Dart oak; cheap; good as
1 new. 606 Mass, are, n.e. 4*
j CHINESE FURS—Fox. squirrel, young lamb;
1 very reasonable. Call Tuesday, Wednesday or
j Thursday^ftcr 5. at 1740 18th n.w.. Apt. 2. *
CHINESE EMBROIDERY, Jade, etc. 2 to 4
p.m.: also appointments. Adams 4895. 1934
Calvert at.
CLOTHING, because of mourning; English top
coat. dress skirt, etc.; very reasonable. Ad
dress Box 170-H. Star office.
COATS and dresses, girls’, sites 12 and XB.
- Call Lincoln 9606-J. ; *
COFFEE PERCOI-ATOE. B gals., good for
lunch or park; 520, Phone Col. 1451. 3606
lltb n.w. 4*
mahogany and Jacobean, SSOO cash. Owner .
sold bonsc, going to California. Cal! r
ings. 3141 N at. n.w.
CONCRETE MIXERS—One 5-ft. Boss engine,
truck, loading hopper, only $150; also small
batch mixer. $35. Phone Colombia 5664. »
CONCRETE MIXER, new: sacrifice price. Mr.
Fisher. 1416 K st.
<3ook RUG. genuine antique. Main 2630,
Apt 60.3, *
DAY BED. Englander extension; half price.
Call today or Monday. 2 to s:3*> p.m. or 7 to
9 n.m. 1015 Eye st. n.w.. Apt. 100. *
DVV BEDS! single and double; single and
double I teds; drop-side couches, single cota and
pads: the best. All kinds walnut and mahog
any beds- four-post. hand«oroe outfit. Wc un
dersell all. The Bargain House, 2453 18th
st. n w.
DESK and chair, man’s mahogany; good con
ditton. 4529 lowa ave. 4*
DIAMOND KING—Cost $110: in pawn for S2O;
will sell ticket. sls. Address Box lOX-H,
Star *
DIAMOND RING, solitaire, lady's. 1% carats;
perfect, platinum mounting; French workman
ship; $525; also string of large French pearls,
$30 J Address Box 153-E. Star office. *
DIAMOND RING, 1 carat: diamond stick
pin; bargain for quick sale. Address Box
DINING BOOM MET, 10 piece*, mahogany,
modem des’gu; excellent condition; owner
having city; $275. Columbia 3000. Apt. 11,
1869 Mintwood pi U-W- L_
Slieraton buffet and china closet, in fumed
oak: actnally giving away at $26 for both.
4304 Brandywine at. n.w.
DINING ROOM BET. 10-plece. walnut; good
condition Call Monti>y■ North »472-J.
Part Lane ave.. Park Lane. Va. •
DINING TABLE. sls; botfet, $25: ehifforobe.
S2O- all quartered oak; in excellent condition.
Call Adams 5372-J.
DINING TABLE and chairs, walnut; rugs,
good, heavy: Iron beds, romplete; vacuum
cleaner, talking machine: miscellaneous b«)ks.
including fiction, history, poetry and Brit
tanica. 927 E st. n.e.
DOME, gas. Welsbach, complete. sl2. 624
3rd st. n.w.
DUEBB— Gray crepe, perfect condition: sine
38: sls. Adams 1611. 5
cassian: 9x12 Wilton rug; mahogany floor
lamp, 2 mahogany rocker*, mahogany table;
must be sold at once; no dealers. 1515 Bel
mont at. n.w.. Apt. 6-
DRESSES, two, In good condition. Cot..
1070-W. : 4
DUMB PIANO. $5. Cleveland 598. 5612 Wis
consin ave.; immediately. *
ELECTRIC RANGE—WiII sell for $80; cost
$l4O wholesale. 1624 Minn, ave. n.e.. Kenil. *
ELECTRIC wiring—Elite Elec. Co wires 6-m.
house, with fixtures, complete, S6B; floor plugs
and alterations. Main 5958. 46 H n.w.
ENGLANDER COUCH, $10; single iron cot,
sl. 2014 G n.w.
■ ENGLISH SADDLES (imported). leather
lined, never-rvat stirrups. $25 up; bridles,
doable run. never-rust bits, complete, $5 ap.
Cogswell's, cor. 11th and C sts. n.w.
FENCE—ISO feet rabbit wire. 4-ft widths;
•incut sort* CKfei ta On, JBfi, * ,
FUR COAT, handsome Persian lamb; rcanon
able. Telephone West 3047. 5*
FURNACE, pipeless, for sale. At 2916 Carl
ton ave.. n.e., Woodridge. •_
FURNISHINGS for 4 mows. $150; also apt.
grand for sale; 4 rooms for rent, if desired
1935 17th n.w. Phono Potomac 2201. •
FI'RNTTI'KK—For sale, for customers; hand
some ivory bedroom suite, several cheap up
right pianos, antique settee, Sonora phono
graph, consols style, electric wind, with rec
ords; oak office tables, cheap dlnine room suite,
etc. Nations’ Capital Storage. 1438 U n.w.
FURNITURE—Just arrived, so ne of ihe finest
bedroom, dining room. living room and parlor
suites we have ever offered. We undersell all.
The Bargain House. 2453 18th st. n.w.
been a rime we could offer you a full line of
handsome bedroom and dining room suites,
chiffoniers, dressers vanities, cliest of drawers
and betla at the prices. The Bargain House,
2453 18th st, n.w.
FURNITURE, suitable for one room, kitchen
and bath, complete; phonograch. cost $225;
will sell $75; clean, good condition. Segers.
600 10th
FURNITURE —Refrigerator, nearly new, $8:
white enameled double bed and spring, SB.
2012 O st. n.w. care Janitor •
FURNITURE—Dining room extension table,
caid table, mahogany settee, brass bed. hair |
mattress and spring, books, pictures, and
other household goods. Sell at once very 1
cheap. Apt. 4. 1467 Irving st. 4*
FURNITURE—Big sacrifice, leaving city; va
rious furniture, piano, hall clock, antlers, etc.
Monday only 1400 Newton st. n.c. 4*
FURNITURE—-Handsome walnut dining rts.nt
sui'e. $150; and walnut vanity four-post bed,
dresser and felt mattress, the kind they sell
for S3OO, only $135. The Bargain House, 2453
18th st. n.w.
FURNITURE—Three-piece overstuffed tapestry
suite, library table, day cooeb, new breakfast
set, white enamel-top table, Columbia Grafo
rtola, N d Atlanta 4400-W. •
FURNITURE—Antique and old: have one lot
of mahogany and walnut furniture, including
bedroom suite. Can lie seen at R. Tucker’s.
Warreuton pike. Fairfax Court House. Va.
FURNITURE, gold-leafed, French ts*r.od; i
beautiful settee and chair; good condition; j
genuine tapestry covering. 1731 Conn. ave.
Potomac 2492-1 4*
FURNITURE Mahogany Ituokease and table,
cane and mahogany rocker: wilt be sacrificed:
leaving city, 1434 Harvard n.w.. Apt. 21. 4*
FURNITURE for sale; ulse Thor washing
machine, vacuum cleaner. Eureka. Adams
2242, _615 Upshur st.
FURNITURE—Mahogany chairs, davenport and
v'ftrula: bargain. (Vcd. Apt. 301 •_
FURNITURE for summer camp: tables, chairs
leather couch, beds, cuts. 1426 Buchanan st.
n.w. _____ •
FURNITURE, mahogany; round dining table
with leaves sls; serving table. sls. or $27.50
for both; 3-mirror dresser. $12.50. Phone Col.
5086-J. 916 Hamilton si, n.w. •
FURNITURE—Four-piece walnut bedroom suite,
mattress, springs; used three months, good as
n»w. Can lie seen one day only. Call Main
8013, bete-ecn 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday. •
KL'UXni Ub Bed, chiffonier. dVe*ser and 2
eta r- bt good condition. 2737 Conn, eve
FURNTTURH of it room house, including I
piano, vlefroia. nearly new living and dining
room rets. rugs, bedroom sets, wardroltes.
< sewing machine, refrigerator; house sold; leav
| irg for California 19-12 Calvert st. n.w.
' l ake l!o -k Creek bridge ear. *
I FURNITURE -Oak dining extension table,
sideboard, chairs, china closet, bookcase, flat
top desk. l«edroem set. two dressers and wash
stands. small refrigerator mailing, carpels.
Sunday. 9 and I p.m. 2423 Pa. ave. n.w. *
FURNITURE -Contents of 5 room- and kitch
en. reasonable to quick buyer. Flat can be
rented at a low rental. I’hone V 8168 J. or
eat) at 35A Todd pi. n.e. No dealers. 5*
FURNITURE Dining room set with rug 9x
12, $100; upholstered wing chair. S2O; four
piece inlaid parior suite, upholstered, tn cr *■-
t tonne. SBO. Morris chairs. $6: two tables. $4: •
i wardrobe. $25: brass lieii spring and raattres.-.
\ $18: sewing machine. $6 elsxny clock, $4:
j kitchen table, stepladders. 2212 Ist c tv. ;
jN. 8035. _ • |
; FURNITURE for 3 l.h.k rooms; party leaving:
city; npartmeto for rent at 505 I3tli st. s.e.
j Mrs Co
j FURNITURE—(tamer, leaving city, most se t ;
I 6 piece dining set. mission, brass lied, good i
! vprings and mattress: white be<J. complete:'
j sanitary cot. chiffonier and dresser, section
i btstkease, two long ladders, work bench, good
j 100-ft. hose: n« reasonable offer refused. Call j
■ Si'td.xy or Mnndny 4529 lowa ave. • 1
M 11'l uE- tve undersell all handsome bed- j
room suites, walnut dining room suites, over- \
stuffed suites, dressers, chiffoniers, chest of t
drawers, vanities, dressing tables, secretary- !
bookcase, flat-fop desk, mahogany lady's desk,
orersluffed davenport, 5 oak extension tablet..
50 oak timing chairs, library and tables of all
j kinds, living room chairs and settees, hand
some mahogany day bed, single and double
! beds, cots and mattresses, rockers, odd chairs,
i walnut and mahogany beds, 10 handsome ice
j boxes, floor and table lamps, porch chairs;
i everything you need to fit up the home nr
summer cottage. Our prices cannot be beat
this aid* of X-w York. Don't buy until you
have visited The Bargain House. 2453 18th
st. n.w. Adams 43rtn-,t. j
j FURNITURE—Dining room, consisting of side
i Itoard, china closet, table. 6 chairs; also 2
I parlor table,_hatrack. 17 C n.w *
i FURNITURE—Entire con'ents 9 room house.
1494 21st st. nw. Pbone North 8778.
FURNITURE—Me are pleased to save yi i 1
from 505e to 75 r ;~ on furniture and home fur- (
niahings. Because we have no overhead or j
salaries to pay we can give you the very best
and medium grade furniture at prices that no i
one .vise in the city can duplicate. Goods
guaranteed. Living room suites in velour,
high grade, from $125 up: mohair from S2OO i
up; secretaries at $35; mg*, tattles and many ■
other goods very reasocabTc. 1731 Conn. ave. j
! Potomac 2492-J. -1*
(GAS RANGE. 3-bnrner with oven; tireless
i cooker, two wells; music cabinet with mirror,
j etc. Home until 2. 1243 Jackson st. n.c..
Apt. 4. Hrook’ar.d
GAS RANGES New and slightly used, all
' sizes: less than half price. Why pay morel
1 Every range guaranteed. J. W IVillicms, 1
: 609 6th st. n.w. _M*Jn 298.; 2b*
GAS RANGE, 4 burner, low oven; four white
enamel beds, without springs or mattresses;
good condition. H7 Ilth st. n xv. •
j GAS RANGES—Good cabinet and high ovens;
need cleaning; choice, $5.50, delivered: new
and others. Rebuilding and repairing a spe
eialty. 626 G *! 4*_
GAS RANGE, good 4-burner: miseellaneou*
lot of books and a few choice curio*. 1391 F
st. n.e. Phone Line. 4835. 5*
GAS STOVE. Detroit vapor; price reasonable.
K S. King. Branchville. Md. 4*
guaranteed; 20-ft. double copper coll, $9 25-
ft. doable copper coil. $10.50. SIDNEY
ÜBCHINGKR CO.. Camp Melga. sth and Fla.
ave. n.e. Main office, 6fh and C st*. s.w.
Both offi'Ts open until 5:30 p ro.
GENUINE human hair switches; sl2 value.
$6; gray hair switches. $8; hair work at low
est prices. Col. 5808.
GOWN—Afternoon: size 36; worn twice; very
pretty and reasonable. Phone North 1358 <•
j GRAY MARINE ENGINE and ■dutch. ”l 2 'hTp. :
j will demonstrate. 1215 Vce st, a.e.. after 4
i P_m.. *
GUITAR—Gibson, with heavy leather case: '
perfect condition; cost $110; will sell for s4d i
cash. Call North 7261 after 5:30. • |
HARVARD CLASSICS, perfect conditionT half :
price. 805 East Capitol st.
HARVARD CLASSICS-20 per cent redaction
on new set, Pbone Col. 8925 or call 2626
Garfield st. 4*
HEATING PL4NT, hot water, complete for
S-room bouse. $350; two 5-ineb gate valves.
2112 H st. n.w. 4*
13tli at. n.w. 5*
nt. n.e. 6*
lent condition, very cheap. 507 Maryland
ave. a.w. 4 *
HUCKSTER WAGON and horse Call bet. 6
and 7 o’clock p.m, at 156 Shott’s alley n.e.
Good harga'n. 4*
HYDRANTS. 3, .40-heavy, cast 3 and 4 inch
sewer pipe: all $25. 810 E st. s.e. *
ICE BOX for small store; 6x3; sls. 626 Kea
yon Yi.w.
KITCHEN CABINET. Hoosier. White Beauty,
coat $80; sell for $35; play pen, $2. 004 B
Bt. «_ W. •
LADY’S WHEEL. Columbia bicycle; good
condition: sls. 907 11th st. n.w.
2308 Ashmead pi. Pot. 1171.
LAT ROBE and _m an tel. S2O. 224 14t h pi. n.e.
LATEOBES (3), 1 coal range, sls. 2112 H st.
a.w. 4 *
LAUNCH —30-foot; perfect engine; good sea
boat; made of finest material; reasonable for
cash. Tom Faunce. 901 Water st. s.w.
LAWN MOWER, genuine oat iawn swing,
porch swing, two 8-foot Ario-lux curtains,
a'l nearly new; sacrifice; 50 feet garden hose.
2821 14th st.
LINOLEUM —Blue and white block, SB. Frank
lin 8729, 1409 20th n.w. *
LINEN, bedding, silver and clothing. Call
mornings. Mrs. Barr. HIT O st. n.w. 5*
LIVING ROOM, dining room, bedroom furni
ture for sale. Apply 8419 Quebec st. n.w., 10
to 5 o'clock Monday. 4*
LIVING ROOM SUITE, handsomest velour;
also mohair anites; best springs and construc
tion: lowest priced in town; other furniture
Cheap. 1731 Conn, ave. Potomac 2492 J. 4*
MARINE ENGINE. Regal 20-horaepower, 4-
cyl., 4-cyc., nearly new, run less than 30
hours. Propeller and shaft, electric starter
and lighting generator Included. Ideal power
plant for work boat or cruiser. Price. $650.
Monarch Marine Construction Co., 6th and
Water *t«. s.w. Phone Franklin 5R7-W. 4*
51 ETA L GARAGE. 10x18; cost $250: sacrifice
$75; also one to rent $7 month. Rear 317 F
n.e. Lincoln 4821. *
MILLER CORDS, five, 31x4; slightly used; S2O.
Stuns*. 913 M n.w.
MORRIS CANOE —Perfect condition: complete
equipment. Can be seen on Rack 166, Great
Fills Boat House, or call Line. 944.'
MOTOR BOAT ENGINE, 5 h.p., good as new;
price. SSO. J. Harig, 1426 Irving. Adams 4936.*
MOTOR BOAT—Mahogany and cedir: 25 ft.,
cl^ap wotth iootaag after. J*eU
OFFICE FURNITURE—Desk, chairs,"”
iron Room 218. Bond bid*. •
PAINT, any color and tsize can, $-.75 gal.;
absolutely guaranteed. Color card nulled;
delivery service. 707 H at. n.e. Lldpold 5150.
PAlNT—Weathershleld house paint, manufac
tured by Certain teed Company, white and
other color*, $2.25 per gallon. SIDNKY
HBCHINGER CO., Camp Mclg*. sth and Fla.
are. n.e. Main office. 6th and C ats. a.w.
Salesmen at both offl«*e« until 5:30 p.n. _
PARLOR CABINET, small table*, chairs. 1316
Kenyon st.
PECANS for sale, 35c pound. Address* Box
342-K. Star office. *
PIANO, Sohnier; will sacrifice to Immediate
‘■ash buyer. 4116 3rd st. n.w. Col. 6137. 6*
PIANO, upright mahogany, SSO; quick; casb.
Violin outfit, $lO. 615 Otis pi. n.w. 5*
PIANOS—Save SSO to SIOO on slightly uaed
guaranteed player pianos by coming over north
east to the low rent district. Now on hand
mahogany, walnut and fumed oak players at
•155. $295. $345 and $395. The Piano Shop.
227 Penn, ave. aoutheaat.
PIANO—-Upright; exceptional tone. Call Cleve
land 1572 4*
PIANO, beautiful tone. i**st condition: sacri
fice. S9O. Columbia 6566. Apt. 204. Cort
PlANO—Upright mahogany, line tone; elegant
! condition; no reasonable offer refused; also .
: 9%12 nig; no dealers. 1133 24th at.. Apt. 4. * |
PIANO Upright, mahogany; cheap. Call after
1 Sunday or alter 0 another time. 1707 Euclid
ft 1 Hi■ I ! * ‘ •
PIANO. Weber upright, excellent condition.
$125; rugs, refrigerator, table. 1764 K nt. n w.
PlANO—Upright mahogany: excellent for prac
tice or home; bargain. 1100. Taylor, 1634
Rhode Inland ave. Msin 3521. •
PIANO Stieff, upright, unused, with bench,
cost s77s; will sell for $550: SIOO cash and sls
per month, (fell Mala 4539. •
PIANO Price, $l5O caab Phone (jjj. ISIO-J.
PLAYER PIANO, stolti xv Bauer; good can
rtition: excellent tone; price, $350. Apply May
6. ridellly_Sforage Co. 5»
(PLAYER PlANO—Koabe Clarendon: practi
; ‘ ally new; best condition. Call Line. 3(»2U
j after 6 p.m. 4*
PLAYER--A player-piano like new may b*
ha J by pajing off the balance due: ea«y temts;
75 perfect roll.-* included. See thin at once
227 Pennsylvania tvc. southeast.
PLAYER Why not a fartory rei’ondltjoned
player? Lik*- new ir. every respect, fully
guaranteed, saving about S2OO. and easy terms
See us before purchasing. The Piano Shop,
227 Pennsylvania ave. southeast.
PONY, Shetland, buggy and harneee; cheap
for cash. Can be seen Sunday. 229 K at.
n.w. 4*
POOL TABLE’ complete. 4xß ft., $55. 32 O
st. n.w. 4*
REFRIGERATOR, medium siae tftar 6 largest
metal screens, largest *ize child’s white
enamel bed; all perfect condition. 664 E st.
n.e. •
REFRIGERATOR, 175-lb. capacity; drepser
and reed living ro4»m set. 3 piece**: nearly new;
reasonable. Sunday, 9 to 3, Apt. 45, 1321
Belmont si. n.w. •
: REFRIGERATOR. 75-lb., line condition; cheap;
1 .ad>*M navy blue poiret twill suit aize 40. $5;
! kitchen gas range, $5. 1616 «. s.e.
REFRIGERATOR Too large for domestic
u«c: suitable ft»r store ur restaurant; will
tiad* for smaller one. 605 6th st. n.w. 5*
ROYAL electric cleaner, never beer. used. SSO.
ta;! Mam* 1774
RUGB oxl2. $lO each; brass bed. spring
and mattrem, $lO. Phone CltfHml 2107. •
l<l G 8 -We have the finest assortment of
oriental rugs and tar«c**trh « at the very lowest
pri“** in the city; Bokharan. Shinty. aKouaul*.
Mahals and many others. Ainu line aswirt
menr of andirons, candlesticks: many other
< nn aye., second floor. 6*
BUGS Assortment large an»l small Navajo
Indian rugs al»o Indian pillow tops, suitable
I for radio pads, at $1.75. 1751 Kilbourue pi.
| Adams 1540 •
! HUGH, >rw g machine, carpet bweeper, cheap.
L - • 5491 137 14th at •
I >AFE N!us‘ \a-;ate and will give good sized I
' iron saf«- to puny who will haul it away. In- j
i qnifv 1217 G at •
IHAXUPIIONE i soprano ailTfr-plated, gold j
I bsll. can : ipypr ism| S’orth i>42B. • |
j SAXOFHONB- Will sell my~C melody and I
case. 2 months old, for S9O <asb. 2222 Flagler i
pi. n.w. Pot. 662.
HEWING MA< HINES K igertt. Standard. New!
I Home Portable Electric and many other makes j
from $lO to $35; renting, repairing; ail nil- •
I chines guaranteed. Capital Sewing Machine ]
i Exchange. 43 II n.w. Franklin 3778. 6* ’
! SEWING MACHINE. "Rineer. drophesd, $lO. |
Col. 323. 031 Keefer pi. n.w.
SEWING MACHINE—Bound-bobbin, Singer,
bargain; like new. 23rd st. n w.
SEWING MACHINES, 3; 4 1 email ice
box. wardrobe. 2 swivel office chairs. Apply
422 6th st. nw. • ;
SEWING MACHINE- —Singer, drophead, good :
aewer:_cbean. 1222 n.w. • !
SEWING MACHINE—Singer drophead, 66.
ilk*- new; round bobbin. lltb n.w •
jFEWjVG MAt iHM S- -Don’t mUs this soie.
I in machinp*: b • sold reirardietts of i>rtov.
I 1132 9th at. an. Phone Franklin 4431. Open
ft uni 12 to 8:86 pm. |
SEWING MACHINE. Singer, practically new: )
I davenport-bed dining tabie and chair*; very
j reasonable. Sunday. 11 to 6, Apt. 108, Bur
) linglon Hotel. • j
| SEWING MACHINE, Singer, perfect condi- i
’ tion. $29. Apply after 6 p.m. at <a> M st. n.w * |
■ SEWING MAt HINES—D h. Singer. sls New
Home, sl3; Standard. *ls; New Idea!. $10; !
i others at 416; all guaranteed. New machines. .
I $.? per month Renting aad repairing. Open !
! evenings. S. U. Singer Shop, 313 Pa. ave ;
! s.e 1 incoin 273 j
SHORTHAND MACHINE and instructions. $3;
1 2i Salle accountancy, S2O. Jacoby, 1330 Piiir
mcr. t. • |
SIDEBOARD, large oak; six-foot extension
table: five solid oak chairs; ail $35. Pbone i
: Cleveland 791. • ,
SINK —Copper, perfect, with fittings. $3. 1843
. S at. n.w. *
SNARE DRUM—Nickel-plated. $5. Apply 112
Quo st. n.w *
STAMPS- Ant breaking up large collection
i mostly nineteenth century I; many rarities;
I cheap. II interested address Post Office Box
1233. Washtiig’on. D C 4*
in perfect condition by our factory experts: a
big bargain for immediate sale. Arthur Jor
dan Piano Co.. G st.. corner 13th
STOCK One share Commercial Loan 4 Trust,
hi u discount. Address Box 3S-H, Star of
fice. *
STORE FIXTURES, slightly uaed; acale, ree
istcr. case, refrigerator case, cheap. 3301
11 tli »t. n.w. 6-
STROLLER - One reed stroller; good condition;
$3. 1428 Chapin st. n.w.
Sl'lT-Lady's, navy bine, tricotine, size 16;
too small for owner; will sacrifice cheap. 421
91 h n_e •_ |
SUIT. tan. size 36. good condition reasonable.
921 U st. s.e. •
SUIT —Spring, lady's blue poiret twill Woo! 1
te\; size 18: too small: cost $65. sell s2o;'
bargain. The Woodsidc. 19th and U sts. n.w
Apt. 609. after 11. •
SUITS- I Julies’: two browns, two grays: sizes
i 3649. Phone North 10000. Apt. 440. 3»
| SURPRISE lax of dahlias, gladioli, etc.. sl,
: postpaid; sore to please you. Catalog free.
1 Aleut Dahlia Gardens. Capitol Heights. Md •
TABLE —Wicker, practically new. ssl Col.
7332-J. mornings. •
TALKING MACHINE —$330 console, sacri
fice for cash. 4116 3rd at. n.w. Col. 6137. 6*
TRICYCLE, girl s: was $10; will sell $7; Fairy
make: wardrobe, mothproof, was $65; will sell
S2O 2633 Adams Mill rd.. Apt. 24
TYPEWRITERS— Two Underwoods, pica type,
fine shape; will be ready Monday and priced
low Address Box 217-K. S ar office. 4»
TY PR WRITER —Remington No. 10. excellent
condition. $23. Apt. 6. 1619 30th *t. n.w.
TYPEWRITER. Remington. No. 10 first-ciass
eondition. $23. Stauss. 913 M n.w. •
TVPEW HliEH —New Portable; sacrifice for
cash. After 3 p in. 310 M st. n.w. •
TYPEWRITE US -All makes; easy terms, low
est prices. Typewriter Sales Service, room
302. 1311 G st. n.w. «
1891. Und.. L, C. S.. Rem. and Royal, $3.25
mo.: 3 tnos. in adv.. $8.23: 6 mos.. sl3.
TYPE WRITERS, all makes, sold, rented and
repaired: low prices and terma. National
Typewriter Exchange, 610 F gt. n.w. Main IS.
TYPEWRITERS —Rent reduced; aeßing of a
large number at sacrifice prices, some real
bargains Open evenings. American Type
wrlter Co.. 1481 Eaat Capitol at. Lincoln 82.
TYPEWRITERS, all makes, sold and rented
Low prices. Buy on $5 monthly payments.
Save money on ptriable*. Washington Type
writer Exchange. 913 N. Y. ave. FT. 1014.
VACUUM CLEANER. Koval, and attachments:
snlendid bargain; $25. 3230 Park r>l •
VAcnjffnlXNEßS. electric:”'new:~s2o and
$13.30. Columbia 6366. Apt. 201. Cortlandt.
VACUUM CLEANER. Monarch, good condition
al! attachnients; cost $73; sell cheap. Phone
Xorllt 8630. Apt. 702. •_
VACUUM CLEANER (Eureka) and attach
ments; bargain at $12.30. 1832 Biitmore st..
Ant. 7. •
VACUUM CLEANERS —’’Hoover Special.” S2B:
Eureka. sls; practically uew. 1330 Randolph
st. n.w. 0*
VICTROLA. No. IX: excellent condition; cheap
tor cash. Cleveland 2686. •
vToTROLA, portable, good condition, cheap.
North 5218. 6*
VICTROLA. walnut cabinet, excellent condl
tlon: 50 records. 1328 V st. s.e. 4*
VIOLIN—First-class; reasonable. Call North
WARDROBES —One walnut, one oak ; good con
dltlon. Call 1322 3th st. n.w.
WARDROBE TRUNK —Full size; almost new.
234 F st. n.w. 4*
WARDROBE TRUNK; reasonable. Phone Co
lumbia 769. 4*
WALL PAPER, 60.000 pieces, from 10U, to
tOei less than regular prices. You can save
money at. Mahoney’s Wall Paper Bargain
House, 324 Pu. ave. s.e. Yes, wo hang wall
) TORY.” BOU * 00-. 80S LOW ax* HAITI.
ItfQftH. JfIJK . ... I
WATCH MOVEMENTS, assorted. 10 don.: re*.
(tenable. Col. 4859-J. •
1 GAS RANGE, Hide oven, good condition. <10;
1 gaa range, 4-burner: 1 dresser, 1 wardrobe,
1 davenport, 1 ice box. $5 each: I kitchen
table, <1.50; 2 small tables, 50c each. 17 D
st. s.e. 4*
—including desks, safes, die cabinets, lockers,
chairs, tables, stands, 'edgen, etc., at less
than cost to manufacture.
FufnitiWe Dept.,
310 Bth St. N.W.
BTH and K STS.
Lady’s solid platinum solid
diamond ring; diamond weighs
2 carats and Yt less 5 points;
absolutely perfect; mounting,is
handmade, a very fine design,
set with 6 diamonds. Party in
need of money; must be sold at
once to raise cash,
Lady’s solid platinum dia
mond engagement ring, a beauti
ful diamnod and very fine cut;
diamond weighs 1 carat less 5
points, set in a very fine hand
made mounting, set with 4 dia
monds and 4 sapphires. You
must see this big bargain to ap
Gentleman’s diamond ring, set
with 3 large diamonds. Party in |
need of money; must be sold at!
Lady’s solid platinum flexible
diamond bracelet, set with 59
large blue-white diamonds.
Party leaving town; must be
sold at once at a sacrifice for
Lady’s solid platinum dia
mond dinner ring, set with 29
large blue-white diamonds; ex
clusive design. Must be sold at
Lady's solid platinum dia
i mond engagement ring, abso
: lutely perfect, weighs 1 carat
j less. 14 points; the mounting is
: handmade, set with 8 diamonds
; and sapphires. Party in need of
I monev; must be sold at once,
! a \vritte>Tguarantee
| 918 F ST. N.W.
I BARGAIN. Atwater-Kenf 5-tube, inclosed in
I glass: used 3 months; complete; A-I condition
including loud speaker. 4 It batteries. 1 stor
age battery, loop antenna. 4! Bates st. n.w. 6*
3-TUBE long distance set; cost <B3; bargain.
433 West. 1131 41 h n.e. •
SUPER-HETBODYNE Kit. complete. S4O. Mr.
I West. 1134 4th ti e •
i 5 TUBE NBUTKODYNB—CompIete with tubes. 1
$65; bfifgair.. Hines. 1134 4th n.e. • |
weeks; leaving city; <3O complete. Apartment
391, S')! Butternut st. n.w. •
CLAPP A EASTHAM—New; sell half price.
1228 Maryland are, n.e.
RADIOLA V—List, <143.30; sacrifice for <3O.
stripped. 1016 G sc. •
Complete: guaranteed; <3O; installed. 1120
Lament n.w. •
uet; brand-new; cheap. North 1104-W. •
2675-W. Will demonstrate. •
WILL sell tor cast, factory-built Freed Eisenan
Nentrodyne NK-5. brand-new. with 5 tub's,
headphones. 4 Burgess batteries, all for <l4O.
Eight-tube super-Hetrodyne with 8 tribes and
6 Burgess batteries. Ultradyne patent, best
standard parts: bargain at $133. Itadiola
j Senior, new. complete with phones, batteries
and tube. <22.50. All in perfect condition and
| fully guaranteed. Address Box 28, Culpeper,
i lit l.
I GUARANTEED 5-tube Nentrodyne for sale
| cheap. Phone Uyattsrille 596-W, or address
j Box 160-H. Star office. •
AERIALS ERECTED according to Dlgtrlct
| regulations: low m prire. high In quality: sat
! isfacUon guaranteed. Col. 4813-W 4*
CHICKS—Rocks. Anconas, 14c: Wyandottes.
, 13c; leghorns, 13c; mixed. 9c; free range;
i carefully selected; catalogue and reference,
i 11. D. Is>cg MHlerstow-c. Pa.. Box 25. •
, CUSTOM HATCHlNG—lmmediate space: mam
i moth f andee incuivators. Call Col. 6638.
FOR SALE—Two Jersey cows. J. F. Parker.
Phone Bethesda l-J.
HOUSES —Several good. serviceable work
horses, cheap. Marlow Coal Company’s stable,
316 A st n.e.
HOUSES, double team: also new set dooble
harness and wagon: selling account of replac
ing with motor truck. Can be seen at our
stables. 1313 4bj st. s.w. Wilson A Co.. 7th
and B sts. -
HOCKS AND RED EGGS for batching, from
J. J. Matthews, 2039 K st. n.w. Phone Weal
688 stock for gale.
EVERGREENS, hedge plants, shrubs tr»e«
and roses for home ground planting. Fairfax
Farms Nuraery, Fairfax. Va. Ph Fairfax 4-F-4
CHICKS Rocks, Reds. Isc: Leghorns. 14c.
Ready now J. B. Henry. Falls Church. Va.
Phone 7 W-2. . 7*
HATCHING EGGS. K. I. Reds. <1 per 15;
<5 per 100; laying hens. 300 Marion av>-.,
Clarendom •
HEDGES, extra large. <6 hundred; barberry,
A-I, 25c: fruit trees, flowering shrubs, grape
vines. seeding and sodding of lawns. Gnash
Bros.. Landscape Contractors, Bowie, Md.
local phone Franklin 1414. •
WHITE LEGHORN EGGS, setting of 13, <T:
fine stock. 3012 South Dakota ave. n.e. •
COWS, two young, cheap for cash, e! S.
Peabody, Vienna. Va. •
COW, fine, family, with two-week-old calf.
Telephone Bethesda p. 6*
WAGON, strong open spring, cheap. Harry
Pounsberry. Benning, D. C. •
QUALITY CHICKS, postpaid, per 100, Leg
horns. <10; Rocks. Reds, Anconas. Orpingtons,
Wyandottcs. sl2; Lt. Brahmas. <ls; assorted,
<7. Catalogue. Missouri Poultry Farms, Co
lumb!a. Mo. •
TWO YOUNG COWS; give rich milk. F. T.
Daffer, McLean. \ »_ 4*
DAHLIAS, sc: 30c dor..; single and double:
known varieties. Geraniums, ferns. Phone
West 033 \V. 2579 Tunlaw rd. n.w. 5*
NINE GOOD MULES, wagons and harness for
sale cheap; out of bard work: two harrows,
two plows cheap. L. E. White Coal Co., stable
Nd l‘>. L st. s.e.
CUSTOM HATCHING, 3c per egg; White Leg
horn baby chicks. <l6 per hundred; eggs. <3
per hundred. J, W Morton. Laurel 54-R. f
WHITE LEGHORNS—BI* kind. large eggs;
285-egg capacity: 90*5, fertility guaranteed:
5 cents each; setting. <l. Revere Poultry
Farm .Selva station. East Falla Church. Va.*
BABY CHICKS, Rocks, Reds. White Leghorns;
hatches every Monday; delivered anywhere.
Phone Col. 3242-J. Tatoraa Feed Store. 25
Carroll ave.. Takotna Park. *
JERSEY Black Giant eggs, <3.00 per 15.
Jersey Black Giant Poultry Farm, Duan-Lor
ing. Va *
White Pekin and Indian Banner.
Barred Bocks, U. I. Reds, Leghorns.
338 Indiana Are. Main 4702. »
Rakes, spades, garden hose,
shovels, prunning shears. Paint
o£ all colors, $2.25 a gallon.
Washington Salvage Co,
1 *503 lOlii NwW*
Will give yon more eggs and keep your her.-
laying Phone Franklin 88 and let ua tell you
It. Sold and distributed by Wot. Jam ■.
• Son. 1007 B st. n.w.
rre J. wkB f n. | reds and white leghora*
Immediate dellrerr
Ttoaton terrier; beautiful; <2O uj
1228 Maryland ave. n.e.
GERMAN POLICE DOG puppies for sale; tic
celebrated Wldener breeding: perfect spec:
mens; regis-tration papers with each pap: <7
»?■ tius Buchholz, Occidental Hotel. Ma
FOX TERRIERS—Pair; mated; gentle; *
645 G n.e. •
PERSIAN KITTENS—White, blue eyes; ttiu
oogtibreds. 1124 10th st. •
AIREDALES-—Excellent quality pups fron
reg_bqpred_parer"s 6931 Georgia ave. *
AIREDALES—Puppies. grown dogs; etuc
service; registered Moik, Clarendon rd., sm
schoolhonse, Fort Myer Heights, Va. Clare-,
don 66-W-l. •
SHETLAND PONY; P conG i all Line. 236 : .l •
COLLIE—White male; $25. 1348 North Car
lins ave. n.e.
CAT—Beautiful oruuge Persian; pedigreed
great bargain. Col. s|s.-,.
WHITE COLLlE—Reasonable; ;>edigreed: ii ,
telligent; farm raised; healthy stock; moth,-
half-sister to collie at White House. Ca
Columbia 9952 after 7 p.m.
DOG—B-month old Scotch collie” male! Ca
Sunday. 1703 10th st. n.w
CANARIES —Beautiful; guaranteed aatiafa
fory songsters. Female* for breeding. sl.rr
Brass and enamel bird cages. ATHERTON -
338 Ind. ave. •
GERMAN POLICE—I 4 weeks old; eligible
A. K. C. registration. Wilson. Glen Echo. <
the canal below end of Cabin John car lire
CHAMPION bred Airedale, male, to mouth. 0!
with registration papers; good dispo- t
vigorous Dr. Clayton. Mt, Rainier, It-at;
vine 664-W
PEKINGESE PUPPlES—Handsome, pedigree
prize-winning strain; very reasonable. >*
breeder. 1013 M n.w. •
POODLES—Very small; male, <7 . ft mac s
626 Eye st. n.e.
BOARDING HOME for your pet; Peking*--
puppies for sale. Clarendon 599-W-2. •
Mine,” the most handsome pit terrier <n t:
U. S.: solid white, each eye set in black spe
about size of silver half dollar: house brek
raised with children, pedigreed, register" 1 ,
soid for no fault; have moved into apart
menl. If you want the most attractive a •.,
j companion in the U. 8. come look ‘‘Pal" 0"-
| M J. Money, 2140Vv H sU n.w. Phone w
* 2564 J. •
MALE Boston terrier puppy: sire, Drury'* ft
I wt. 603 Eye st. n.w.
COLLIE-—Beautifu! male, and pupa ae-c
--j weeks old. Adams 60.
I COLLIE PUPPIES. 2! thoroughbred. ast
and white beautifully marked, 3 mo
Nash, 2613 Dumbarton ave n.w. •
BOSTON TERRlEßS—Pedigreed, male ar
female, nicely marked, 8 weeks old. Co
9743-W. *
AIRED.VLE —Will sell pedigreed male,
month* old. sired by a champion and clig.t.
for registry: bouse broken and raised w,t
childn-n: for <35. 41 Bryant st. n.w. I'm t-
Potomac 1439-J. *
BOSTON BULL, thoroughbred, male, cheat
1419 Crittenden st. n.w . Adams 914 *
ARB TOC' INTERESTED in“dogs'; pood f* ,
free book today; tells proper care, feeding
training. Dog-Aid Medical Company. Dept
SO. Vine »t,. Cincinnati. •
BOSTON TERRlEß—Beautiful male pupn;
ped'greed and eligible for registration ■ "Sr
13th st. n.w. 4»
BOSTON TERRIERS, females, pedigreed- el,
gihle for registration; ts-aufifnily mark''
1018 Douglas st. n.e. North 7280
POODLE PUP—One. white; beautiful pet
j 1308 K at. n.w. *
SHETLAND PONY- Young, partly broker. 4
1 beautiful color; price. S3O. Can bo seen s
Montrose Station, electric car Hoc. or R-vk
• ville pike. *
BOSTON TERRIERS, collies, fox terrier
English baits and other breeds of deg. ye
fishes, rabbits, etc. Schmid's Bln! Store. 71.'
13th st. mw._ Frank. 61T1.
RUSSIAN WOLF HOUND—The aristocrat n'
the canine family: the most iteautiful of a;
breeds: pure white; an ideal companion and
protector. Address Box 287 E. Star office.
PERSIAN CATS—Orange, pedigreed; male an
female. Call Adams 5013-J. *
KIDS, male and female: good milk strain
bargain. 2371 9th st. n.w. or P. O. Box 307
RIDING HORSE, sound, pleasant~gait, s2'u
. Box C. Fort Mver. Va. '*
PUPS—2 beautiful toy Boston. 1323 Gi;v
SCOTTISH TERRIBB! pedigreed! 7 month ■
old. Telephone North 4903. 1328 Bth st. n^w
NOW OPEN, country bc.arri'ng kennels; _.e»4
your dogs when you are on vacation; l»v
runs, shade, best food and care; do* ccraele
attached! champion bred Airedale pupjee* f>
sale. Hospital for Animals. 2115 llt’a »v
I Phone North 160$.
I Betntiful Persian; various colors; pedigr"4
| stock: house broken. 727, 22nd st. West ' '.c
8121 14th ST. N.’ r COLUMBIA 571
E.*r beautiful. iKMiigrpM Boston puj»P
for anle. Kensington tfC»-K-40.
APPKRSON TOURING. 11124 demon* trate :
! tlrs word nays it all: just nicely broken it
' 2nc-, discount; terms if desired. Thi- - » I
".tact Babbitt." .levvell Motor Co.. 173 S 14*1
, st.
AUBURN SPORT TOURING. late '23: exc4
tlonal condition: must sell. Days, 2901 141
st. After 5 p.m. and Sundays, 1854 Mo»
roe st. I*.
BCICK SIX COUPE, late 1922; excellent cor
dition; fallv equipped; S9OO cash. Mai
3230. Apt. 704. 1336 Eye at. n.w. •
BCICK ROADSTER, excellent condition; sa>
rifice, <193; terms. $165 cash. 1123 1W ’
st. n.w. '*
BUICK TOURING. 1922. 5-pass., In wondf
ful mechanical condition; fine cord tires. *
price; easy terms. Don’t miss this. It '•
really good. Mr. Hines, Potomac 1673. ISK
Conn, ave. n.w.
BCICK ROADSTER, late 1921 High Toon'
mileage very low; only good tires, bumper' *
windshield wrings, etc.: $550: small cash pa.
ment down. Open evenings. Justice Mot-'
Co ■ 1515 14th st. n.w.
BITICk 6. late model: owner, leaving, w;
sacrifice: just come, make offer. Navy Y» Vi
Garage. 9th and M s.e '
BUICK TOURING 7-prssenger. in A t con
lion: good paint and tires. 427 K st. n.w
BUICK SEDAN. 1924: four-wheel brakes -as
550 miles; naval officer leaving city this w*'’k
Address Box 161-H. Star office.
BUICK TOURING. 1924 ; 6-cyL. 5-pass.. In pc
feet cond.; driven less than 3,000 mi.: terms
to respon. parties. Address Box 1-U, Star oflic-
BUICK 6. 1918: $125, or will sell for SOO ,-a
Adam* 1109. •
BUICK touring car, in good condition; can he ,
seen at 1935 sth st. n.e. or phone Mr. Weave-
Potomac 740.
It 1 IUK sedan. 1922. 7-paesenger; U. sTTord*
perfect mechanical condition; hampers ar I
other extras. Address Bo* 115-B, Star oft*-
BUICK SEDAN. 1924. 4-wheel brakcTon
used one week; will sell at a reasonable t
dnetion. Address Box 203-E. Star office
BUICK TOURING. 1924. 6-cylinder. sTa- n
ger; aelliug on account of buying an iaclo' .* •
car. Address Box 202-K. Star office.
BUICK 6-cylinder light six tonring, good "tire*
repainted, new top: Model E-45; $176; term*
Rob Roy Mackey, 513 ]oth st. s.e.
paint; completely overhauled; $475; terms. Mr
Moran. 1502 14th st. n.w. Franklin 2332 0
2565 15th st. evenings, (•
hauled: excellent condition: S4OO, Including a!
charges. Terms, $l6O cash, balance s.’<
monthly. 1800 14th st North 9860.
CHANDLER DlSPATCH—Thoroughly m.-r
hauled: excellent condition: S4OO, Including aV
Charges. Terms, <l6O cash. balance s2l
monthly. 1800 14th st. North 9860.
CHANDLER DISPATCH—"Nuff sed ir TTar 11.
wonderful shape; 4 new' Goodrich cord tir—
<7.oo, Jewell Motor Co.. 1738 14th st.
CHANDLER SEDAN. 7-pass., 192lTfirsT-c’a»-
condition throughout; all practically n»»
tires. Accept your car as part pay me,
terms. Open evenings. Justice Motor < o
1515 14th st. n.w.
CHEVROLET sedan, 1923; bargain:' te-m-
Col. 10200. V. B. Loving. •
CHEVROLET sedan. 1923; mileage, 9 hu*
excellent condition; many extras. North 571.
Apt. 110. *
CHEVROLET coupe. 1923: excellent condit: ■
a bargain at <425. Call Col. 1706. Mr. Shoe -
CHEVROLET 490 touring, 1922; In good 1 ■
dition: <200: terms. Barry-Pate Motor <
Col. 1706. Mr. Sbocky.
CHEVROLET SEDANETTE 5 nasae-cer. ife
disc wheels; excellent condition; <6OO. 1765
P st. n.w.. Apt. 1/ Fr. 7875. 5*
cellent condition; run 1.700 mites; bumper
lock, motometer and cap, stop and park
lights, extra tire, wind deflectors, special
carburetor, etc; price, $450. Can be s> •'
after 6 p.m Libera! terms. John A. IV,
herger Co.. 3700 Georgia ave. Col. 56T,.
CHEVROLET TOURING—Former owncr~~h ■
foreman, so car i» in excellent mediani ul
shape: a real bargain. $350. Jewell Mob r
Co.. 1738 14th st.
CHEVROLET TOURING, late ’22; barga n
with terms. 1139 sth st. n.w. 4*
CHEVROLET coupe. 1024; run less than a
thousand miles; private owner. Address Box
94 H, Star office. 5»
CHEVROLET TOURING. F-B. in good e*n*i
oaci utr OemßMUaUau Ufi 19U pC a«.

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