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Radio Audience Invited to Amphi
theater Sunday—Bishop
to Speak.
The fast Invisible radio audience
that listens in every Sunday afternoon
through station WCAP to the religious
services at the Episcopal Cathedral at
Mount St Alban was invited yesterday
by Rt Rev. James E. Freeman, Episco
lial bishop of thediocese of Washington,
to attend a special open-air service In
the amphitheater, Sunday afternoon at
3:30 o’clock, when the bishop will
The service has been arranged at
the request of the radio congregation.
Bethlehem Chapel, from which the
services are broadcast on Sunday, seats
only 420 persons, and as many as
3,000 have been turned away. The
amphitheater seats 25,000. and 50,000
can be made comfortable in the
grounds and hear all the services by
Will Present Service Flag.
One of the interesting ceremonies
Sunday will be the presentation of
the national service flag of the
Brotherhood of St. Andrew to the
National Cathedral. Senator George
Wharton Pepper of Pennsylvania will
make the presentation address, and
the speech of acceptance will be made
by Gen. John I*. Hines, deputy chief of
staff, acting for Gen. Pershing. The
flag and its stars will represent 105.-
102 Episcopalians on the rolls of the
brotherhood who saw active service
during the world war.
The Cathedral choir will be aug
mented by a combined vested choir
of the Episcopal churches of the city
and the United States Army Band. A
groat processional preceding the
service will l>o led by Gen. Dejeune,
and will include, the Cathedral Chap
ter In their robes, the vested choirs,
the Episcopal clergy and a large
group of clergy of other denomina
tions and the band.
Sixty senators and representatives
will usher. Special care will be
taken of invalids. Ample parking
facilities are assured.
rilonois Delegation to Back Him
for Speakership.
Representative Martin B. Madden of
Illinois, chairman of the House ap
propriations committee, has been
given the unanimous indorsement of
the Republican members of the Illi
nois delegation as a candidate for
Speaker to succeed Representative
Gillett, who has announced himself as
u candidate for the Republican nomi
nation for the Senate to succeed Sena
tor David T. Walsh, Democrat.
During the contest for the speaker
ship last fall some of his friends |
persistently voted for Representative
Madden, although he was outspoken |
in his support of Mr. Gillett.
_ yo«f husband
EVERY housewife is justly proud when she
can serve a delicious dish that her husband
will relish and praise. It’s no easy task to please
a man—especially when you thriftily plan to give
him made-over meals.
But you’ll be amazed at the difference in even
the plainest of fare when you use rich, creamy
FRENCH’S MUSTARD— on hot dishes and cold
—and in your cooking too, just as you would
add pepper or any other spice. For no other
mustard has such flavor. A tablespoonful
greatly improves soups, fish, roasts, and many
other cooked foods, while sauces, salads and
savories are far more appetizing when made with
FRENCH’S MUSTARD. Try the recipe shown
and see if it doesn’t win you a compliment tonight.
Phone yoor Grocer now for e>tr of FRRHCH'S Mustard.
In the asnhary carton with its bandy wooden paddle,
yon will find a Leaflet of other unusual recipes that will
delight the man folks, «<«< help yoo vary your means.
Halt mdy hy Urn S. T. Frew* Om*aa» Rodutttr, N, T.
siiiifinjeaei<rtirWrfrrri«rriftrfT ifr
w* 3 *
§ Here’s a Dish He’ll Like \
m TJJOIL three good sized sweet potatoes. Allow them to a
m JO cool. Cut Into ball-inch squares. Cut into very thin B
M end small pieeea two atalka of celery. Use one white B '
M onion chopped fine. Season with salt and Punch's B v
■ Pappcr. Mia thoroughly and pour over this a dressing ■
■ made ee ftillii ses 1 tablespoonful French's Mostabd; I
■ 1 tablespeonful vfoegsr, 2 tablespoonfnls sweet cream. ■
I Ms together* thoroughly and then allow the aalad to I
■ mend to the refrigerator one to two hours. Oarniab with I
® French’s
If yon desire dry Mustard Flour for medicinal
porpoaee, or if yon prefer to mix Mustard Flour 88.
for your table condiment, we recommedd n| (JP**
French’s D. & F. Mustard—pecked only in cans M
—of the finest quality, pungency and flavor— I
-” 7 *
■to——a—^——— —
Abe Martin Says:
There’s some folks standin’
behind th’ President that ought
t’ git around where he kin watch
Not havin’ money is th' root
o’ most evil.
(Copyright. John F. DtUe Co. >
-ain— asp)
I The Laun-Dry-Ette
V The Laun-Dry-Ette washes clothes quickly
I and thoroughly—but it docs far more than this,
I It whirls the clothes dry for the line in one minute.
I The Laun-Dry-Ette has no wringer to crush
» the buttons or injure the fasteners. By whirling
I the clothes dry it makes possible doing an entire
W washing without putting the hands into the water.
■ * Let us demonstrate. *
Sold on very easy
terms or cash
National Electrical Supply <3ojßS|
1328*30 New York Avenue^
Ballon Urges Officials Make Be
quests for Relief Only in
Emergency Cases.
With 1300,000 available for repairs
on school Buildings during the next
fiscal year and a repair list which
would take $1,250,000 to meet, SupL
of Schools Frank W. Ballou yesterday
called a halt on additional requests
for repairs. Dr. Ballou urged school
officials not to submit any more re
quests for repairs unless in casea of
The $300,000 appropriation for
school repairs will not be available
in its entirety on July 1, however, as
the board of education proposes to
lay aside immediately $70,000 for
emergency repair work- This will
leave $230,000 for the ordinary re
pairs to the schools.
Birds Killed by Badio Waves.
Powerful radio currents are blamed
for the deth of a flock cf blackbirds
near Burlington, N. J. It is sug
gested that the powerful radio waves
electrocuted the flock in iflidalr as
they were passing over a part of New
Jersey where a powerful radio sta
tion is located. The birds fell to the
ground and showed no sign of a
Five detectives lined up in the squad
room of police headquarters yester
day to hear words of praise from
Commissioner James F. Oyster and
to receive from his hands watch
fobs piesented by the Piggly Wiggly
Corporation as a token of apprecia
tion for their work in the recent hold
up cases.
The honor men were Detectives E.
J. Kelly. Arthur Scrivener, Thomas
Sweeney, Ira Keck and Joseph Wald
ron. After Acting Superintendent
Charles Evans had presented Com
missioner Oyster, the latter said:
“I’m. not going to make a speech.
I want to> tell you, though, how much
the Commissioners, as well as the
people of Washington, appreciate the
work you are now doing. We recog
nize the value- of your services and
we are gratified with your good work.
And this applies to the detective bu
reau as a whole.
"It is my belief that a little con
sideration and a kind word add in
spiration for yon to work that much
more heartily, tie gentlemen, rep
resenting the f iggiy Wiggly Cor
poration, have come here with that
consideration and something that has
more intrinsic value than kind words.
Jn Their Own Words * •
Only five yeCLYS CLgO the first package of Rinso was made in
Cambridge, Mass*, put on a grocer’s shelf, sold to an American house
wife, and used in place of bar soap, to do a weekly wash. Today
w over a million packages of Rinso are sold every week. What is it
about Rinso that has given it this sweeping success?
The following letters, a handful only of the many received by
the makers of Rinso, tell in the simple, sincere language of the
women themselves just what it is that Rinso does and why it comes
as one of the greatest practical discoveries of recent, years to the
American housewife*
did I get” 11* s h°e polish on compliment”
“I am doing washings for people who bvr' 1 ,11 their bands “The other day, after she had finished
are not able to do it. At first I tried //Gylß jjjj # hanging out her washing, my neighbor
everything. I would say to my J il f “The fact that Rinso made my remarked, ‘There’s no getting away
husband, *1 hope this helps me, clothes clean without rubbing from it, that Rinso is the stuff to wash
but no help did I get-* My grocer them to piece® on the A \ ' ax. with!’
said one day, ‘Why don’t you * board meant much to r* “That coming from the
try Rinso?* At first I washed me, for I have two |/ Jfh\ mother of two boys who,
from 7 o’clock in the morning until noon. children. Rinso proved such a mfljlfij needless to say, has a none
I got so tired I could not sleep. Now I am help in the laundry and when I too small washing, is rather
through washing and ironing in one day. at last found something that did t IjpwNhja pretty compliment. ”
“At a demonstration at our store not not hurt my hands I expcri- ftfu"
long ago, I bought a case of the large mented on the walls and wood- f r “ « jr\r -v-nr rrr
size package of Rinso. The lady who work and now use it for general “Ml LLUI Mbb
lives above me asked if I had a ma- cleaning. tlp 1 . . _ .
chine. I showed her my two hands. I “The children get ink and shoe pol- USOQ. to COITIC OUt SO
cannot give Rinso enough praise and ish on their hands and they take Rinso vpll c\wt>A Tsur «a«t tU**,
I would walk a mile for it.” to wash their hands. I call it ‘Rinso yeilOWCd DUt HOW Uiey
the Universal cleaner’l’* ate SUOWy white ”
“I SAW AN AD in “BOUGHT thirteen £d«“”toK ,M ' Th “‘
the street car” boxes at our church fair” i found it makes a wonderful
* soap solution I couldn’t get
I “Not long ago I “ l bou B ht a package of any other way. This soapy f.A J
saw an ad in the / \ . ft? Rinso just to try it out and solution just re- _J' I \
street car‘Soak- A 1 At( JUka'P < used it according to dircc- moved every bit of I
ing takes the ißpvJk* 1 twos, and really the results then it a.l
om*\ I _ \.n place of rub- 1 were marvelous, and I have rinsed out com- ■
bing.’ The next day bought since at our church pletely. There was 1
< JWi y\J> I sent for a box of jT fair 13 boxes and I have noth^mg left to rji \.\
* Rinso and tried it. recommended it to my neigh- yellow the clothes
3- ' I was delighted with bors who are using it with —there couldn t #
the result and now wash my / good results.’’ because there was no soap to stick
'H ui Ign, children’s clothes without any S— y * it was all dissolved.
mVII effort whatsoever. I just had 1 «?> P™ delighted with my wash
JSPIF to write and tefl you how „ L .. —my clothes are always snowy white.’*
' ‘wonderful ’ I think Rinaoia and “I FELT I OWED IT tO f
“It is wonderful for scrubbing floors. my sisters hr and near” “The MAGIC-LIKE way
Without a doubt the best thing I have ..... It- f ?>
ever used. I also cleaned my enamel sink “I have felt for some time that as a * It Cleans paint
with it and it is wonderful. Then I duty I owed it to my sisters far and K JB 1 • , 41 , r , t
found that Rinso is excellent for remov- near to tell what a blessing Rinso is J * j J I feel that my clothes are
ing finger prints from white paint and »» my home. There are no more jjf a\ not clean if I use any other
for washing all woodwork. tedious washdays, and I am fin- V soa P or soa P powder, but
“I can assure you that anyone who has ishing washing when my A , what ? particularly wish
used Rinso will never use anything else neighbors are starting. I shall . to praise Rmso for is the
because it is both labor saving and time never use anything else to J 1 P“&c-hke way m which
saving.** washing!” * it cleans pamt. ”
that simply SOAKS dirt out
RINSO is a new kind of soap that dis* Just shake some Rinso into a saucepan, I Hi
solves completely makes a rich soapy add hot water, and you’ll get the wonder* II 1I A |
solution that gently soaks ont all ful soapy solution that is the only soap I | | jIHwM
the dirt. you need for your set tubs, your boiler, | I ■»
It does away with the old constant rub* your washing machine. L
king—rubbing soap on the clothes to get Rinso is made by the makers of Lux. It iu|Bj||
them soapy and then rubbing the soapy meets today’s needs for a special laundry nßftL.
clothes to get them clean. soap just as Lux meets modem needs for n|H WWbKKM
Then it rinses out thoroughly leaving a special soap for fine things. Get Rinso '' '
no soil in your clothes to make them from your grocer today regular size or HrPHT
gray and dingy. No bits of soap to turn big new package. Lever Bros. Co* Cam* P HH "
them yellow under the iron. bridge. Mass.
SMade by the makers of LUX
I hope you will feel as 1 do and
recognize In this much more than
appears on the surface.”
Lieut Walter Emerson thanked the
Commissioner and Messra William
son and Good of the Piggly Wiggly
Tries Kellogg’s Bran—restores health
after 12 years of intense suffering
Mr. Firth writes that he Buffered 10 ye«rs for ceMtlpmtlon could n»t
... . ... , find anything to give him relief.
for 1— yoirs from constipation and wMks ago 1 tdrlstd him to try
his friend for 10 years—a total of 22 Krumbled Bran, as I had told him
. „ . , what wonderful results I had gotten
years’ suffering permanently re- f rem u. The gentleman in tjueation
lieved by Kellogg’s Bran, cooked
and krumbled. regular without taking medicine.
Tonnt for auccees.
Gentlemen; WILLIAM FIRTH, Jr.,
For 12 years I had been troubled 5« Volan St, MerchaatviUe, K. J.
with indigeation, caused mostly by
constipation. Cntll about a year ago .. , , _
1 would suffer from 4 to 20 weeks at Katen regularly, Kelloggs Bran
" time - ig guaranteed to relieve the most
I happened to see year Krumbled chronic case of constipation, or your
Bran in a store, purchased a package. grocer returns your money. Kat
and got almost immediate relief. I 6 , , , . „ . .
am still eating the Krumbled Bran two tablespoonfula dally—ln chronic
erery day, cases, with every meal. The flavor
The moat wonderful resolta «b is delicious. Try It In the recipes
talned with your Krumbled Bran I e ' n every package. Made in Battle
will now relate. A gentleman who „ . „ ,
has been taking medicine for abont Creek. Sold by all grocers.
Corporation for the consideration
displayed by them In behalf of the
detective bureau.
With Commissioner Oyster were
Inspectors Pratt, Harrison, Shelby
and Headley.
:l oll ‘y wa y you oau prop
\\ erly increase the attractivc-
Ai'iif/i ,ICSS an appearance of your
:! «.'W( I -fl lawn or garden is to first he
_l/ equipped with the correct
J W t3r, implements—RAKES, HOES,
| ers, lawn rollers.
SHEARS—Come to Head-
I » ■ quarters for garden needs!!
a TC a An excellent variety of Lawn. Mower
I , and Vegetable Seeds, attractivelv
tlajt priced. Procure your seeds HERE!!
| Riuidlolplhi & West Co.
| 1332 New York Ave., Main 4870

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