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*jfcnate, at Night Session, Adopts j
Measure Previously Approved
by House.
Upper Body Devotes Three Hours
in Effort to Make Up Time.
Iho Rogers bill sot- reorganization
o. the consular and diplomatic service
'as passed last night by the Senate.
(t previously had been approved by
*!ic House and now goes to the Presi
In an effort to catch up on its pri
vate calendar the Senate last night
devoted three hours to consideration
oi relief and pension measures and
other bills. Among those approved
and sent to the House were bills;
Permitting the leasing of uuallot
• d Indian lands for oil and gas pros
i’ermitting so-called “Kdge corpora
-1 ons to maintain their reserves “in
x ether form than bank balances.”
extending the insurance and “col
■cet-on-delivery” feature to third
class mail.
Authorizing the Navy to accept
lands near Pensacola, Fla,, to assure
* water supply for the ideal naval
air station.
Authorizing extension of time for
<he payment of money due on home
stead entries within the Fort Assin
niboine reservation. Montana, and
Fort Berthold reservation. North Da
Porto Kico Measure Approved.
The office of governor of Porto Rico
*"ould become elective in 1932 under
snother bill passed by the Senate. A
Proviso carried. in the .bill would
authorize the change at an earlier
date if Illiteracy in the island should
• be reduced to 30 per cent before 1932.
The Senate earliier In the day
passed a bill authorizing the sale of
the GaspariUa Island (Florida) mili
tary reservation.
Wife of War Secretary May Keep
Work of Patzka.
A portrait of Secretary Weeks has !
lust been painted by Mr. Patzka. a i
Hungarian artist in this city. It may i
not be included in the large collection
Jf former secretaries displayed at the
*Var Department, for which it was de
signed, however, because Mrs. Weeks
considered it su»-h a good likeness that
, *he said it shoeild be kept for their
wvn home. If that is done, the Secre
tary of War wf.ll have to sit for
another portrait /or official use.
Field Named Hero.
The flying field at Fort Crook. Neb., I
< las been designated “Offutt Field” in
Vmor of First Lieut. Jarvis J. Offutt,
lir service, who died August 11. 191 S. |
'com injuries received while flying at S
Valheuretxx, France, as a member of j
the 56th Squadron. Royal Air Forces. I
p —lßE=rr=rr?jHE====^H&T===r?jHEr"r^igßi—■—IHlr—=r-iHEI i,.^lHigaejslEll—-4-=lElßffSgMßra»^
. Fur Chokers— $0.95 t Fur Chokers — st£.oo
and Scarfs O iy? |A fy*jftW 4%. and Sc ar^s U
\\ Sibe nan Squirrel and Fitch || Wprm lg |lp || [g || i|| ill Mink, Fitch and Siberian ! jj|
Chokers—Opossum and Tibe- I || Squirrel Chokers ; Tibetine, Fox jj ||j
" v tine Scarfs in all the newest 6QQ to 614 ELEVENTH ST an d Scarfs—-popular 001-3
3 Third Floor. Third Floor. U
ri ,■ ■■'■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ ' " ' ■ n
• = Smart Skirts —$5.50 Favored Blouses —$1.95 Dress Slips—sl.9s jj
The popular Tan and Gray i Dimities, Broadcloths and Nainsook Slips of sheer qual
shades, m Silk and Wool combma- . Vode^-Overblouses and Tuck-in ity and they are shadow-proof;
tions and Roshanara Silk—knife models with Bobby, and Tux- self hem. Trimmed with hand em
.U plaits, combination plaits and , edo collars—splendidly tailored. broidery and lacc. H
wrap-around models. |»
1v f Other Skirts uh to $19.75. Other Blouses—uf> to sls. Other Slifis uft to $12.75.
Third Floor. Street Floor Street now
j Two Sp ecial Features in the Inexpensive Dress Dept. |
, jj We’ve added Again tomorrow we n
new styles to shall offer these
this group of s' remarkable
1 Frocks Frocks j
| «*ls ' •* *25 |
They are summer time models—in /ißulMvfflifjl They are surprising valuewl very I
Crepes, Satin and Tub Silks of staple or MfM |R|l| *&£££. J.
radiant colorings—and trimmed with an / gXjjM I JP Printed Crepea, Cantona, etc.
effectiveness that creates new fashions /jj Every popular spring and summer color
and possesses new charms. / // mjnzSf is included.
m For street, sports and afternoon wear— // U Jf\ For street, sporta *nd afternoon wear— ;
■ in all Women’s and Misses’ sizes. [I v jJ k in all Women# and Misses’ sizes. 7
Second Ploor “ ~ r UtOtmA Tloox I
it ■ U
The ‘‘Drastic Clearance of Sports Coats |
Really this is one of the most interesting sales to which you’ve had recourse—for we've made the reductions very deep to I
7 insure clearance of these practical and smart Coats— •
*lB s33 s4B
1 U
,T Third Floor £
I*l . ' ■■inn II
j Abe Martin Says;
Os all th’ foolish questions,
askin’ fer William Jennin’s
Bryan’s permanent address is th’
Opposition makes th’ mare go.
(Copyright, John V. UUlc Co.)
Twenty-five girls of the Premiere
Club, one of the oldest business girls’
clubs of the local Y. W. C. A., will
hold a week end party tomorrow and j
Sunday at Vacation Lodge, Cherry
dale, Va. Miss Mildred M. King, sec
retary of the Business Clubs of the
Y. W. C. A., will act as hostess and!
I__.- ■ ' j
§ RADIUM stimulates the func
tional activity of all the glands
GLAM) EXTRACT feeds them
after being stimulated into action
restoring and RETAINING
o’DonnellV Drug Stores
Peoples Drug Stores
Other Leading Drug Stores
I. C. C. Fixes Liability for Fatal
Accident on P. R. B.
Derailment of a passenger train on the
Pennsylvania railroad near 8L George,
Pa.. January 30, which resulted in the
death of three and injury of thirty-three
persons, was caused by the defective
condition of the leading' engine truck,
probably contributed to by excessive
speed, inspectors of the Interstate Com
merce Commission have reported.
Broken leaves in both engine truck
springs and an engine truck wheel loose
on the axle were reported as the prin
cipal defects. The report urged more
thorough Inspection and repairs to loco
We have fresh shipments of
bright, well screened coal ar
riving daily.
Let Our Prices. Main 3068
728 14th St.
I Bbillttsbom I
3 A Wto 614 At ELEVENTH fl
! A Sale of
;! Original
Model n
$ lO
■ •
Lol PH
mm ■■■
They fill the French Room and give
you a wonderful variety for selection—for
Street, Sports, Garden and Dress Wear.
n Charming types —of course at very rn
pi extraordinary reductions today and tomor
row only.
Fourth Floor.
§Whev&yoitrDonarr CountTUari Little 8 Girls’
720-21-24 7tK S’t.-N.W. 98c to
Agent for Home Journal Patterns $3.98
Compare With §5,00 Dresses /!* jttk /\ f*
Just Received in Time for ■
May Day Festivals {]/ W*%J fj
A dandy lot of crisp, fresh white Dresses for girls, 4 ■
to 14 years. Made of fine voiles and organdy, with dainty s
lace insertion and ribbon trimmings. At least 10 wonder-
ful styles to select from.
Girls’ White Net Dresses Girls’ Costume Slips
Kino sheer net madras ' £\ f\ Costume Slips for
■ ever crl s|) organdie g Bl a# girls’ white dresses, in if
Blip*. Embroidery and 'fA soft muslin; lace and A1 V A
laua trimmed; wide rib- embroidered yokes; f *
bon saah and net ruffled. ruffled embroidery bot- mW » ow*
Size* 7 to 14. tom.
j Women’s Fiber Silk j j JkSflTwOMEfFs FIBER sTIK j
(Glos) Hose M * |_ (GLOS) VESTS
Henry fiber Bilk that will fire ■* ) i 1 vtuoto
long wear. Made with dob rare) I Beautiful 0 loser )
carter atop. Seamed bark and A m m W ( Glove Silk Vesta. Bo- I ||J
tS?SSf»nS'mJ?*- *.>M .. rfoCHKaH
Humming Bird Silk Hose "I'* " , pTCTvTWPf
; Eaek Pair Gmmntmd to Give r J Ves,^W'W
I w Perfect Wear * I *SO wr. n h l /\/ n oWA M
Wo will replace each pair that does not ■ ZZJCIZ ) drawstrings. Regular | / */91.* ISS 9HH
five you salisfacttoo. Heavy (bread silk. ala amt extra sizes. JL M / fcl
Black and all spring shades I \ ... , , , it T UM
■nwMmMMMiMChildren’s V Sport | Womens Gauze Ribbed J- /
/ | w. men wbo q want Rib- §3 \ \ Jl
£|M|Boys’ and GirU| Acom
m 1 *1 Style Onion Suits; rx- nmrf
H. T ? d 1 tra well shaped for P
f°4 ®b« r rtlk, black, brown. longer wear, drop \
rrav and champagne. seats; to lU a 1.
powder blue. (
Big and Little BoyJ Clothing for
May Day and General Wear \ A Miracle Sale of Women’s
113L98 BOYS’ ALL-WOOL 2-PANTS $ r*WW V7 _ |
novelty belted styles, for boys W 'i
7 to 16 years, with two pairs mr
W.OO Boys’ Wash Suits A |
fpe^ ta u« j-i 49 $ W QC \
aits of
nt£bi.?3 J*l 4Q if ’ COMPARE THESE DRESS- HI f §
duck knicker- A $ = TO SI6AO DRESSES—YOU 111 $
Wn\ W,LL appreciate the 1/ / $
_ , $ liyr SAVINGS BY BUYING /I , $
Boys Percale and $ FT I TWO OR THREE f I $
Muslin Blouses $ Ia J Fhowing at this low price everj [I (I ji
UlV, ** C * i ■ J thins that s new in Dresses, includ- f 5i
j|H a Q1 or R IA I ing daintily lace trimmed, richly silk I / 3
4MC lO ul,bD $ f/\{ 9 embroidered and braided and the new ( LI $
S j A>l tailored "Mah Jong." In lot are f I jJ* «
Silk-like merceriaed atrtpetl, fine s vc ( "hite dresses for confirmation N*—"Tl
nadras and percale blonacs, in S lYijf \h/wnSt Cl«raduatinn. all high colors and Jl L\
it (ached or detached collar, as 5; blacks and navys. Ar S
veil as short styles. Plain whites MBBOBH 15 so 52 Sizes w m
and nretto striped patterns. All > S
sizes. r/SS//W&£/WWSSSSSMS4fSSSS/S,'fa//’/'tfSSSffWWf>S//SS/ / ///w////w» / s„„ft
Washington’s Mn*f / *
I C l‘tr*2“ t ° ar *i 2 * B J°JL 5 gm I Baby’s Dept.—At
\ CDDIWr PAATC nBL Little Tots’ Silk Coats
i Jimll I) Wn 1 J ITT, ih - art
5; jty' Mlx white, pink and blue; Jm Ji IB
ftT! $ liandsomoly made. mWL
Jr t Wi .d h sniockin& ’ y t oke v|/ gJL 1/
| $2.00 Little Tots’ Voile Dresses
f\ J j fki| ' aaß rjlv not !•■ made dresses o? finest fll
s / I klj ATSc* c voiles, in all plain colors. »jj
S I Y |J fW c'ff Nr.’grYT J including while and dots. M ~ ■
s Ik \ II ’1 ,m}£nN t s Sleeveless, short or long lie ■ 4v V
I I \ \(h g I s styles, with finest ■ lj|
VI \f w * llgH Jpy J | of laee and ribbon trim* yg
\ I f mmss. Sizes to 0 years.
§ III* A GOLDEN OPPOR- 1 Nhr > nd-npw nain* ok
$ h+J* TUNITY TO SAVE BIG fl i igj styles, yoke or bis op 111 i* I
\I i f MONEY FOR THE IMOM $ l \7Z UO\>
Iff/ \ WOMEN WHO BUY l| P® ■ | long dresses for babiee. /W^'^
|/i / J TOMORROW, s 1 Infants’ Organdie or Silk A,fg ' ri
-SIJ f J Final cut prices have been IE P®/¥| R r> i , f r
5 / A put on these coats for im- IM iPCS-tl Bonnets
fJ II- mediate clearance. Choice f ia . J i\Ci ‘ I • / U
5 // 1/ nobby plaids and plain tanslgg -___J J /j V|/» f A Mk/I UX J
5fJ II and Krays in a splendid '-rsgm§ : HP 5 “afL IU «P ’~7Z=f\'\
\ m variety of this spring s g § L/ \ I
3 choicest styles for misses and I Stunning, High Bark. Bached ami Ig* "~t
3 , women. Fvery coat splendid- 15; French t aps for babies and little \ |
S ly lined throughout. tots; whiles, lavenders, pinks and y.
J? bines, with iinewt of lace embroidery. Tl
medallion and ribb-tn trimmings. V
Just Received From Our New York Branch
shown at $5.98 and $6.98
/f' \v Specially Priced fl
' V White, Black, New Large and Small— \V 7
fl Blocs, Red, Green, Mushrooms, Pokes, \\ J 7
Vk Jr Tans, Browns, etc. Turbans and Novelties. ry
Straws, SOks, Milans, Straw and SHk Combinations
A Saturday’s Sale of Children’s Footwear That Will Bring Crowds
S Play Sandals and Oxfords
Wise mothers will
Stout, Serviceable Sandals and Oxfords, of
tan calf, for boys and girls, in sto 2 sizes. Made B
with extension soles —roomy and comfortable jPfW[ftW
Saturday Only at This Price

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