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(Continued from Eighth Page.t
Dtcokhoff. Ambassador Raano will
make an address and the presenta
tions will be made by Mrs. Henry
Wilder Keyes. A section of the Ma
r.ne Hand will play throughout the
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kauffmann
ha\ e given up residence at the Hotel
Roosevelt and are at Wardman Park
Hotel, where they have an aparl
Mr. and Mrs. David St. Pierre Gail
l.ird are entertaining Miss Emetine
K-ene and Miss Frances Keene,
daughters of Mr. Francis B. Keene,
American consul general in Rome,
who were guests earlier in the sea
son of Mrs. Delos A. Blodgett, mother
of Mrs. (iaillard.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parsons Erwin
have as a guest Miss Madeleine Aus
tin. who arrived from New York
Wednesday to spend some days with
them. Mrs. Erwin is entertaining at
a buffet supper for Miss Austin this
The marriage of Miss Ethel
Craigen Yohe, daughter of Mr. Ben
jamin Franklin Yohe. to Mr. John
Emil of Monson. Me., will
take place tomorrow evening at 6:30
o'clock in the Church of the Covenant,
the Rev. Dr. Charles Wood officiating.
The bride will be attended by Miss
Beatrice Clephane as maid of honor.
Mrs. J. Bond Smith, matron of honor,
and the bridesmaid will be Miss
Emilie Bruno. Mr. Perd Carter will
be the best man and the ushers will
ho Mr. Robert Carter. -Mr. Edward
Harry. Mr. Harry Hough and Mr.
Robert Deist. Mr. Larson and his
bride will leave immediately after
tb© service for a wedding trip.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Clark of
Canton. Ohio, who have been at the
New Willard for a week, entertained
at dinner there last evening, having
among their guests Senator and Mrs.
Frank R, Willis of Ohio.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark motored to
'Washington a week ago, and the lat
ter left this morning, accompanied
by her cousin. Mrs. Leroy Chamberlin,
to motor to Swarthmofe. where they
will spend a few days with Mrs.
Chamberlin’s «on, Wellman Chamber
lin, who is at school there. Mrs.
Clark and Mrs. Chamberlin will go
on to Princeton to spend Sunday with
Mrs. Clark’s younger son. Mr. Thomas
Clark. Mr. George Clark went back
to Canton today.
Mrs. Henry Jay Staley returned
yesterday to Washington from At
lantic City, where she had joined
Mr. Staley alter a visit of a month
to New Orleans, where she was ex
tensively entertained.
Mrs. Gouvernour Hoes will he
chairman for the opportunity table
at the House of Mercy garden party
Wednesday and will have the usual
tempting bargains under the caption.
“One man’s trash is another man s
treasure.” She will have assisting
her Mrs. T. Percy Myers. Mrs. Frank
Anderson and Mrs. James A. Milhol
land. Mrs. Robert M. Thompson, as
sisted by Miss Hilda Sykes, will have
charge of the lemonade table, which
will include not only that time-hon
prder drink, hut many a new and de
licious one as well.
The United States consul at San Sal
vador. Salvador. Central America. Mr.
Rynn Winterdale Franklin, is in Wash
ington on vacation, and is visiting his
mother, Mrs. Jennie Jones Franklin in
her home in Bethesda. Md.
Mrs. AUee Pomerene was hostess at
luncheon today at 820 Connecticut ave
nue. the Democratic Women’s Club.
Chief Kirnilirr Patron
Os Array-Wavy Bail.
The presence of the President and
Mrs. Coolidge at the annual hail
given last evening by the Army and
Navy l.cague in the sail loft of the
navy yard, gave an added importance
and interest. They arrived a little
before 10:30 o’clock and remained
about half an hour, and held a little
reception in their bov. The sail loft
was elaborately decorated with flags,
the ceiling transformed into a sea
Os flags of many nations, and about
the windows, hunting in the colors
of the many flags, was draped. The
Navy Band was at one end of the
loft with giant Stars and Stripes in
electric lights behind them. The
President's box was at. the opposite
end of the loft and was hung with
flags, and back of the box hung the
President's flag. Above it the anchor
of the Navy blazed in electric lights.
Over the window which faced the
entrance door the emblem of the Ma
rine Corps was stuudod with electric
Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, wife of
the assistant secretary of the Navy,
stood at the head of the receiving
line. Mrs. E. H. Liscum, president of
the league, stood beside her. and as
sisting were Mrs. Eli A. Helmick, Mrs.
John 1* Hines, wife of the chief of
staff: Mrs. John A. Eejeune. wife of
the commandant of the Marine Corps,
and Mrs. Robert <*. Davis. Mrs.
Roosevelt was in a charming costume
of powder blue chiffon trimmed with
ostrich of the same shade. Mrs. Lis
cum wore white brocaded chiffon
trimmed with quantities of rare lace.
Mrs. Helmick was in white chiffon.
Mrs. Hines wore a severely pla.in
1 I
Washington ifkrif
For Misses, Juniors and Girls
ijj ___
r J“'HE season’s loveliest display of exquisite ap
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J famous makers of vouthful fashions.
'! ■ -
Tailored Suits .. .$25.00, $35.00, $45.00 to $78.50
Costume Suits.. $47.50, $68.50, $78.50 to $238
i;j Dresses .$16.50. $25.00. $37.50 to sllß
i:j Sports Coats .$25.00, $37.50, $45.00 to $78.50
Dress Coats $35.00, $45.00, $58.50 to $l2B
Hats $10.50. $14.50, $18.50 to $24.50
1! Skirts $9.75. $12.50, $15.00 to $22.50
Jtoners’ and Girls'
Coats * $12.00, $16.50, $10.50 to $78.50
Silk Dresses.., $13.50, $15.00, $19.50 to $45.00
Gingham and Linen
Dresses . $3.00, $4.50, $ 7.50 to $19.50
Hats $3.50,54,57.50, $10.50 to $14.50
Skirls $2.95, $4.50, $5.75 to $8.50
Middies $1.95 and $3.00
Graduation and Class Day Dresses
|| • t • j
Sweaters —Knitted Sports Apparel
J Street ComerJSfiirieenlh
gown of black crcpc. Mrs. Lcjcunc
was in a gown of black satin, with a
scarf, necklace and earrings of jade,
and Mrs. Davis was in deep purple
velvet and chiffon.
On the arrival of President and Mrs.
Coolidge the band played "Hall to the
Chief." and. escorted by his military,
and naval aides and the chairman of
the floor committee, they went to
their box after greeting the receiving
party. Mrs. Coolidge, always charm
ing and gracious, wis In chiffon of a
soft majenta shade, the sleeveless
bodice made with bateau neck. The
low belt line was marked with a
deeper shade of the chiffon, and from
it hung a very full and rather long
skirt, the fullness of the chiffon giv
ing the effect of a slightly deeper
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Strauss en
tertained a number of young people
at dinner, later going to the hail
where they occupied a box. The com
pany included Eieut. and Mrs. Allan
Kirk, Count and Countess von Rosen,
Eieut. and Mrs. Waller. Miss Bessie
McKeldin. Miss Jacqueline Winston
of New York, Mr. G. Howland Chase,
3d. Mr. James Nicely and their son
and daughter. Lieut. Elliott B.
Strauss and Miss Helen Strauss.
Admiral and Mrs. Willard Brown
son’s box was occupied by their son
in-law and daughter Capt. and Mrs.
Hart, who had a few guests with
them. The former Secretary of the
Navy and Mrs. Denby presented their
box to Eieut. and Mrs. Joseph A.
Carey, who had a small company with
them. (.'apt. and Mrs. Austin Kautz
entertained a company at dinner,
later going to the ball where they
occupied the boxes of the Assistant
Secretary of the Navy and Mrs. Theo
dore Roosevelt and Miss Martha God
man. Capt. and Mrs. Edward Dorn
had among their guests in their box.
their houseguest Miss Catherine
Adams and Miss Taylor Eogle. Mrs.
Henry W. Lawton's box was occupied
by a number of young people.
Mrs. Emerson H. Liscum had in her
box Mrs. Edwin Denby. Mrs. Charles
Denby, Gen. and Mrs. Lansing Beach,
Maj. ami Mrs. Ea Garde and Mrs.
Henry W. Lawton. <’apt. and Mrs.
Hayne Ellis’s box was occupied by
Lieut. Ryan, who had a few friends
with him.
Miss Evelina leaves occupied the
box of Mrs. Henry Fitch, having with
her a number of young guests. Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph S. Page of Phila
delphia occupied the box of Miss
Sophia Casey.
Other boxholders were the Secretary
of the Treasury. Mr. Mellon, and Miss
Ailsa Mellon, the Secretary of War
and Mrs. Weeks, the ambassador of
Japan. Mr. Hanihara: Capt. and Mrs.
Hayne Ellis. Mrs. Edward H. Gheen,
Mine, Ekehgren. Miss Elizabeth Bliss,
Mrs. Francois Berger Moran. Col. and
Mrs. Robert M. Thompson ;ffid CapE
and Mrs. Chester Wells.
Among those at the ball were the
Surgeon General of the Army and
Mrs. Merritte W. Ireland. Mrs. John
Hull, Col. and Mrs. T. Q. Donaldson,
Commander and Mrs. Emory Scott
Land. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Harriman,
Miss Mary Morgan. Mr. and Mrs. Wat
son Freeman Clark, Mr and Mrs.
Mark Reid Yates, Maj. and Mrs. Gor
ing Bliss, Col. and Mrs. Matthew A.
DeLaney, Mrs. Horace Macfariand,
Gen. and Mrs. George Barnett and the
Rev. Meade Bolton Mac-Bridge.
Former Senator and Mrs. Chauncey
Depew of New York arrived in
Washington yesterday for their an
nual spring visit, and are at the New
Willard, where they wilt spend sev
eral weeks.
Mrs. Laura Sanner Post. 5315 I6th
street northwest, was married yes
terday to Maj. Charles F. Burkhardl.
The ceremony took place at 2 o'clock
in the study of the Rev. Charles S.
Longacre. Tukoraa Park. Mo.
The bride wore a gown of powder
blue georgette embroidered in sil
ver and a hat to mutch, a powder
A Special Offer
A Beautiful Picture
W> Specialize in the
Nestle Lanoil
Permanent Wave
3 reasons why we should do
your permanent waving:
E Our operator was awarded
second prize in a national con
2. We leave all the natural
life and luster in the hair.
3. W© can regulate the size 1
of our waves.
1206 G St. M. 6132
—■l —i ii i !
blue feather boa completing her cos
Maj. Burkhardt resigned his com
mission In the Regular Army for
other business. He served in Cuba,
China and Philippines and during the
late war in France and Belgium. Maj.
Burkhardt Is the possessor of many
medals, among which are the Philip
pine congressional medal and the
Order of Leopold of Belgium. After
the war Maj. Burkhardt. while on
duty In the quartermaster general's
office, this city, had lull barge of
the manufacture and distribution of
the entire issue of the t ictory medal.
After a honeymoon at Virginia Hot
Springs Maj. and Mrs. Burkhardt
will reside at the 16th street resi
dence. •
<ie "- ‘'olden L'H. Buggies of
Washington, is in New York for a
day or two and is staying at the
Hotel Astor.
Mr*. Frank Anderson entertained
fourteen guests at lunchean at the
Chevy Chase Club Wednesday in
honor of her daughter. Mrs. Rush
Southgate Fay. whose husband is Ra
tioned at the Naval Academy.
Mr. Joseph Carlton Beale of Bos
ton, who is passing a few days in
W ashington, will go to Philadelphia
tomorrow to make an address pre
ceding the tea Mr. and Mrs. K. Kera
ball Cushing will give in his honor.
Mrs. Djivid Kirk, jr., of Findlay,
Ohio, has returned to her apartment
at Wsrtmtn Park Hotel to spend
some time there with Miss Annette
Kirk, who is attending Mount Vernon
The Baroness Eveline Maydell and
her sister, Miss I. Frank, are at the
Ulster Inn, to remain until next week.
The baroness made the remarkable
and striking silhouettes- which are
now on view at the Arts Club and
have attracted much attention.
Olympic Fete Monday
Kan \orablr Fntroiuigr.
Practically every member of the
cabinet and all the foreign ambas
sadors are boxholders for the Olympic
fete which is to be held at the Clark
Griffith Stadium Monday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock, under the direction of
Col. Robert M. Thompson, president
of the American Olympic committee,
and the local officers of the organiza
tion. in honor of the American ath
letes who are to take part in the
eighth Olympiad this summer in
Paris. Not only the Secretary of War
and Gen. Pershing will occupy boxes
of honor Monday afternoon, but also
the Secretary of the Navy. Assistant
Secretary Theodore Roosevelt. Ad
miral Eberle. Maj. Gen. Lejeune and
Col. Dion Williams, commanding offi
cer at Quantico, have special boxes
assigned to them in prominent quar
ters of the field, and all the bureau
heads in both War and Navy de
partments are likewise boxholders
for the occasion, and a very large
316 7th St. N.W.
Closing Out I
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One . . . $79.50 Suit I 1
Sixteen . $59.50 Suits flPESftf
Eleven . $55.00 Suits C|9 Oil 1 I
Six . $45.00 Suits HI
Thirty-Seven $49.50 Suits V;
Four . . $35.00 Suits 11| I
$25.00 W
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Lace Combinations, Loose Panels. Short
Crepe de Chine, Canton sleeves, long tunics, knife mm
Crepe, Georgettes, Crepe pleating, stra ig h tlinc
Satin and Silk Prints. model-. side drape.-
and brilliant audience is assured.
Included in the Army and Navy list
of boxholders not already given are
Maj, Gen. John L. Hines, Maj. Gen.
Willard A. Holbrook, Maj. Gen. Wil
liam J. Snow, Maj. Gen. Frank W.
Coe. Maj. Gen. Charles'S. Farnsworth,'
Maj. Gen. Robert C. Davis. Maj. Gen.
Eli A. Helmick, Maj. Gen. W. A.
Bethel, Maj. Gen. W. H. Hart, Maj.
Gen. M. W. Ireland, Maj. Gen. Lansing
H. Beach, Maj. Gen. Clarence C. Wil
liams, Maj. Gen. Charles McK. Saltz
man, Maj Gen. Mason M. Patrick, Maj.
Gen. Frank Mclntire, Maj. Gen.
ti-eorge C. Richards, Brig. Gen. Arnos
A. Fries, all of the general staff of
the United States Army, and Admiral
Andrew T. Long, Admiral L. E.
Gregory, Admiral Claude C. Bloch.
Admiral J. D. Beurel, Admiral John
K. Robison, Admiral David Potter,
Admiral K. R. Stitt, Admiral William
A. Moffett, Admiral Julian L. Latimer
and Admiral B. F. Hutchison.
Special guests of the local commit
tee will fte the Boy Scouts of America,
who will attend the fete in a body
with their bands, in honor of the
American athletes and the Quantico
Marines who are to play a match ball
game with the Washington base ball
team, the President of the United
States throwing the first ball in tlie
Mrs. Karl Fenning, president of
the Smith College Club of Washing
ton. is giving a tea to the Smith
alumnae in Washington at the
American Association of University
UpPH Plitt’s Proficient
HI Painters and Paperhangers
Produce Perfect Performances
You need not hesitate about relying on our
workmen—they will give you a finished job which
more than compares with the best. Onr Upholsterers
also are prepared to help you.
Lei as demonstrate a Radio Corporation Slrom
herg-C orison, Oarod Jieutrodynr or AtwaJor Kent
Set to you. A set to meet your purse is here.
Painting, Paperhanging and Upholstering
1325 14th St. N.W. Main 4224
Women's Club. 1634 I street north
west, 4:30 to 6 o’clock p.m., Wednes
day, May 21, to meet Mrs. Frances F.
Bernard, who has been appointed
dean of Smith College. Mrs, Bernard
is now educational secretary of the
American Association of University
Women and Is to take up her work
at the oollego at Northampton June 1.
All those taking part in the “Festi
val of Nations," May 15>. postponed
from May 12. will meet in rehearsal,
Friday at 6 o’clock p.m., in the ball
room of the Raleigh. Additions to the
pageant personnel are Miss Krai of
the Czechoslovak legation, who will
wear the picturesque dress of her
country, and Senorita Fiorovanti of
the Italian embassy, who will sing
for her native land, though she ap
pears in the Japanese group in the
song "Cherry Blossoms."
Representing Belgium will be Joan
Farrar; Switzerland. Frances Deeds
and group; and Scandinavia, Mrs.
Ann Watson Ayern. Morse Allen will
give the dance of the Sun Vow in
the Indian group and Virginia Cat
lett of the Hoffman-Hoskins School
will give a beautiful interpretation
of the Spirit of Spring, For Cuba,
Louise Wilkins and Donald Walters
will give the ".ffirarette dance."
The Spanish-American Atheneum
will give a reception and dance Friday
I evening. May 23, at 8:30 o'clock, at
1731 I street northwest. The guests
of honor will be Dr. Don Ricardo J.
Alfaro, minister of Panama, and Mme.
Alfaro: Senor Don Cayetano de
Quosada, the Cuban consul; the Hon.
Maurice H. Thatcher and Mrs.
Thatcher. Capt. Hoover and Mrs.
Hoover, Prof. Henry Grattan Doyle,
George Washington University, and
Mrs. Doyle: Mr. Deopoldo AKarado
and Mr. Peter A. Perishin.
Mrs. C. H. Wilcox will be hostess at
the Women’s City Club tea Sunday
afternoon from 4:30 to 6 o’clock, as
sisted by Miss Judith Burbauz, Mrs.
R. R. Limerick, Mrs. Gurney S. Strong,
Miss Myrtle Bunn and Mm Mary D.
Mrs. A. M. Ringling has as her guest
at Wardman Park Hotel Miss Florence
Cabaniss of Chicago, who will be here
for several weeks. Miss Anna Kattle
of New Tork is also visiting Mrs.
A ton of wheat takes away from
the soil forty-seven pounds of nitro
gen. eighteen pounds of phosphoric
acid and twelve pounds of potash.
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Saranac Inn entertain* no one buffering with
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Upper Saranac. N. Y.
Hemstitching Ft Y Pictorial |
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