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Underarm Bags, $7.95 <|- _ T1 _ Osfricfe Boas, $12.95
Moire under-arm bugs show the Cninese influ- I BB I M I JL J B Short boas with silk crepe ends in lovely summer
cnee byway of contrasting-color embroidery. Black, I B I A ■ colors; Canary, white, white and black and black and
navy, copen and tan. Beautifully lined. S3OW ' on £ boas similar colors, $27.50 and
418-30 7th Street N.W—Through to Bth Established 1860 OUR ONLY STORE Phone Franklin 7400 Store New. for Monday, May 19,^1924
S 1 JH oat, Q&m 1 A SPECIAL SALE I
2,000 ToVs Creepers 9 Parity Frocks , Rompers
j 1,500 IBay^ 9 Wash Suits
«The coo. weather has caused you to hold A DOZEN SOFSTYLES ]
back on buying- sonnv’s summer supply of _ v/IFfP r'lirsir*TT i
washable suits. ' ' PeartslPearls! Pearls!JoSJ As , rnmmm r % &
Tomorrow you can buy the smartest of A wonderful ABBHIV Jm I 9|\ fltffif%*
last-color washable suits at a price that will 1 q. i * w n i rsTn VT) assortment at a / M/■ I vJi
save you from one-fourth to one-third on the
qualities vou want your little fellow to wear. _ o • t /• /• \ for choice. Ml I fl^r^Wy
Serviceable Peggy, Jean, Calalea, Tan !tl « S P e ««* Offering E #/ F /jjßj
M iiitv /" V\ Pongee, Khaki, Cham bray and Linene Exquisite manufactured pearls in an extraordi- fast-color ma- Mi I I
/fil Ilnh (S(fll)l) Such good styles as flappers and base ball suits, nary saving event. Bought at a great price conces- terials Pon- KtA I A
(Ai Y^ 1 with belts, as well as middies and button-on models, sion, they represent one of the best pearl offerings gette, Poplins, I -J4V- ; \
y TtaJMkw long or short sleeves, with touches of trim and finish in a long'time, especially with June but 13 days away Madras, Voiles, M ■ j - \j \ y\
seldom purchasable at near a dollar. and t h e season f or graduation and wedding gifts R /J& Chambray and B U-^A
I Wide choice of colors—every one in good taste, approaching. Amoskeag IB- B
i -- and every one guaranteed fasc h Ginffham, Trimmings include cute / ‘
now S, .ha S .^u;°bov ha^p.e^ Coro Pearfs Have All the Rich A pockets smocking applique, pique col- T
all summer Cnlnrinty ni tho Cwin* lars and cuffs. The Baby Boy Suits, in )J
_j Choice, 2 for $1.95 motoring Ot trie C rename f. Oliver Twist and middy styles.
I 9 r-, ........ . \W J FOTOTH FLOOE. LAKSBtTEGH & 880. //4)
jl \ V fottbth flo ob, LAKSBUBGH ft bbo. Ihe misty surface and subtle colorings in oriental and j\ VlcS==^
'(W creamy effects distinguish Coro pearls from any others and u
I make them even more desirable at these low prices. Coro Detach for Mail Orders
W pearls are indestructible and will not peel or discolor. Many f i y*l Sizes 2 3 4 5j 6 Style Color
00 strands strands of ', I '■ I [
! - At |l_JO At K,ST!Lx
facturcd). Long chain in 48 inch lengths. to $8.95!
Drastic Reductions 1 Unusual Savings in Home Needs
j America's Finest Shirts fHcWumhhingS] y |CW<§ Glass]
1 r * ~' Anto Daatera. made of me- Shopping oval Klectrlr Torehlere. table lEngrllab Tea I'ota. beautl-
/j \ WgW —a> J •! * lected Merino wool, soft shapes, ot Mexican s* 7 *'. complete with silhouette fullv decorated Rockingham *
y \ WJ.N \ ;/ llkaO _ , and efficient civTV cane; well secured han- OC„ shade, cord, plug and OCp tea pots, in all sizes. OC,, > » aMw
X 'vr\f v 4 f Bl W f « B-tll Mirror., good clear ! «« kPts choice
I / . ~.... .Ji., J\vJ || I MiW . glass, with white en- QC n . Doable Roasters, self-bast- P.norostcd Glaaserare, optic bV-yl
L ■ V> , II fMV o r . nmel frame, size 13x20. ''.«?» r? ’ of . double- OC_ effect stemware, heavily gold Colored Glassware, five hun- •
/ . ‘ " U I H Meat Board., hardwood meat " 1 u«rfc B 1 encrusted. <J ob let s, dred pieces, including flower ’6 FOB. ftS 1 !
/ ‘ jVMnUnfflrVvV v —\ H !|f vtfV. " UUi r hand - 85c mST of XIT *herbet ß .fru,t.alads.ea. stands, vases. 85c >
/ /■.’/«! I 1 S»l f!l iI I A irfk v\ Mi ffibß, somely polished good cover ©SC Fhr.pieee Mixing Howl ,rU,t lK> " eU ' SCJH
/;. ' ifi i.i #;? \ w«.h Tub., strongly made. Varn lluatcr.. famous Wiz- Set*. yellow' earthen- >• fafeyß KESbflyW
\ (• ‘ mi ? I?l ! V Tnl /•;•? ; N Qc<2 24-Inch galvanized wash CSL. ard duster, with handle. PC ware sets, in graduated OC„ Tea Cap. and Sanem, beau- , oPHPLd|
A’ w »v= i = r?? r-. j 1 J■• ! | OD» ' tubs twv t'hemicallv treated ' CloC sizes tjoc tiful blue imported Japanese ,
/i ./ iim 111 UIM i ll.kvf | | IL&Vr'vJ EH ‘ 1 lee Cream Kree.er. two- Flour and Sugar Can.’ w hite WaH made of Ho. Wo. Tea Cups and UC . i Jl
aWBB. /// 11'fiXi ii?itPl Ili i I iffl K -f- quart galvanized tub. OC« enamel can: 20 pounds or chemically-treated yarn OCU Saucers., « for CVH ' , Wnr..*iJSt4a
1111 |ml |i Q-A Quick and easy «»C "„f 85c that gets the dust
TM!U yi ; ■ IBOM Doable Roaster. double- Garbage Can. 7-gallon ca- I’onr-piece Xappic Set., 12-or- leed Tea Glasses. S FV/s $ *
vlB •\. MI | i'll j » \'Wm£M\ \ L J < coated enamel, heavy OC„ paclty. corrugated sides. OC„ brown earthenware bak- CSL, good quality clear v ''h^ te (1 ( i H ftS<r 11 I
-v :i ! fits \l - B>s/> 8 >s/> * j.
IHBSII heavy white f-po. Commie bowl of H.ndent Cake Trays, hand- D °“ B ” ‘ I
f * en a mel round-top bread QCp colored on black prlass some handled oake trays Table Tomblfrm fine lead- * \ "\\ \\\ \ I /A\ 'x
j ; m. ~ :=jf ■■..ii wj 4 “ ox * good size and two tall can- OC p richly handcut In seve- blown needle etched tumblers. *
I . g wll 7l ily 4 Cake Clonetß, round cake dlestickp, each OOC ra i floral designs OOC i n beautiful designs. 9- OC 0 ► j
BP Jg. \LL* f BJ 4 box * w,th two shelves, #— ■—■ A... k oz. size. Dozen L
W>W» 1,1 . Ai**a*uasnaßA white enamel finish.... °° c „ >/ ~ A .
i ' VC /Q 59 03 < Floor Bruhem heavy bristle n-—I #/| * I ' w ' w W rt 7-piece Water Set., lipped ’
- - m ■ brush, with sturdy four- OC- #(/ /%/! Cream jug that holds ice. and six ■
▼ fC. d> , «»A. foot handle ®ix „Tjr« 1 i #/■ l/f Seta, three colonial tumblers. Great
The Famous Shirt.. jCOI ad. fiih,"”'' A/FfVt'UV' »Kgfi.. s « 030 ; M^BZ
l|||||,||. r y* ■ < f °-rw f r. nirr. wGi.’. 'v * ? 6 /df .- / Pressed W'ellef art jardinieres, in ra
. The label on every shirt, but for various rea- iMHIIIii _ &s<] bow,s 85c j£2nT (®L J /BSb A c £wi. * izes .’ 85c ’ r; rp-f
sons vve are restricted from using the name—vou ' M HolAera with Candles, finish, 1 ladle. H t?et 40-W. FVoated Bulb., round lIL I
. - ... . x - j * COr I. ft-f < quaint wrought iron holders. n . or shape. frosted all over, rv*l 6 *^£ih£SJr
know it, however, every MAA —does. r . IP - »-ith stippled gold feet. poi y - 85c x electric bulbs; only 3o- <2/ Ks
J 1 WiV&ii I < chrome stems. Colored Off-. | to a customer wv L ■ ■
Formerly Selling $2.50 to $5.00 KjgH y_J : MJI " K "" B C f
$d nr WA® (f- SS™-..; 85c I 11) aiar<a, M ),Bse I
B . vkl White. -BOR a
wSbjj J »-qt. Fitchen i-cup pJrcsaVon I 1
■ • X lli lllf MS ■ iitSfui 1 * 8 Kettl - 36-inch wrought iron stand. Only one to I
\ Uut ■ and ill IB II * 10 -« - Fremratag Battles L J a customer. No phone, C. O. D. or mail I «r-K
H || l|Wg sixth noox. \ . | f orders. sixth fioob ' j p^£[j
Price, | Fancies lli IK - 3 1
Neckband and collar-attached styles in plain
white and fancies. Not every size inrevery style SmMak S \T tt S
i but all sizes in the lot Some slightly soiled from (J| Jj
9 gpqp® s ® 2|5 gp qp ®qp

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