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B ' , __ ■
£ Special Purchase—s 2.49, $2.69 and $2.98 mUWr* TPla _ J Dress Goods Special Extraordinary-Printed J
All-Silk Printed Dress Crepes, Yard JgL- [[■▲ 1 A IfJ M I Dreßß Flannel, Monday, Yard
- In the newest patterns and colorings $1 QQ |v” Regularly Made by the famous tl 4Q J
.with plenty of black and white. 40 1.70 na 11 A c,“ Established U 77 Botany Worsted Mills. Wonderful variety of 3. ■
w ;a* 09 llth ® fc Sendee and Courtesy EstatHtsMe* IS// patterns in checks, stripes and plaids. ■ ,
mcnes wiae. PaUU Flaw. Pa,aU **ri-see-s ■

| Results of Special Purchases Are Seen in Many of These Stupendous Purchase and Sale Extraordinary of •
Cotton Goods Offerings 200 Pcs. Pure Silk j
We are sparing no effort to make this section the mecca for Thrifty shoppers. We want *
you to take advantage of the many opportunities in order that you may better realize that . ■
value-giving is indeed a vital force in the progress of this department. In spite of the unsea- M -I- M- M ■
1 sonable weather, the yardage disposal has been greater than in many seasons. W tb-M—■■ ■ ■ jl w I I V . ■ "
Tomorrow y Monday, we place on sale — wjtk -*• ■ 1
7.000 Yards Plain and I
Fancy Cottons Special, 2=_*2is s‘l 'V i2±±|
Plain Voiles, closely woven quality, splendid range of Imported Plain Crepe, colors are white, bitter sweet, A ■
mlors wide taoc edee. green, maize peach and navy.
Splash Drew Voile, in twenty attractive shades in the Tissue (Jinghams, of glos and cotton, big range of Monday Ot ■ Quality
newest colorimrs. styles and colorings. . „ . J Ynw/I Y J ■
Sturdy Quality Fine Cotton Suitings, in such popular Fine Printed Ores* Voile*, exceptionally good quality A 3fCl ■
colors as jade, burnt orange, gold, copen, Dutch blue, all new designs. The entire lot offered at one price, 39c ■
white, navy and black. yard. _ ■
— Like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky comes this amazing news. We hardly expect- ■
TU p Famous TNomiflUCiv and jVlflrtlffUCy for some time and inasmuch as we were determined to achieve what we had in mind to *
** J J accomplish, we finally persuaded the manufacturer to share a loss with us on one of
Voiles, Moderately Priced, at id. the most popular fabrics of the season. ■
Shown in a tremendous variety, literally thousands of yards from which to choose. These are shown The fact that the merchandise is here is evidence of our success in this; we present B .
in the all-over and cluster dots, checks, plaids and stripes. In a wide range of colors, both light and one G s the best offerings in our history of merchandising. The extremely low price of ■
dark. Fmbr.kiered \oiie. one of th. best... -«r , sl-24 is not thc onl y outstanding feature, the color assortment is truly marvelous, Just ■
Nornieiiue. a VJ sortmenu we have eWr presented. The Uxp \ H imagine, 100 different shades, no matter what color you want, here it is. .
OW lU. designs and colorings are exceed,ngl, at- XU. 6 - ,
ings that are decidedly new.
The Nu Weave Crepe, one of the White Jadeite Egyptian Red Victory Hepatic* Praline Gladiolus ■
Heather Ratine Span, for knockabout oat ~\T I season’s favorites. Overtopped with NLT 1 Ivory Melon Wood Ash Radio Bonfire Yucatan Ceramic ■
wear this fabric is unexcelled. These are Mr*** ' 1 fl- fiber silk (gios) in a finecheck; very JUT I U|l Wft Cream Cosmos Silver Gobelin Pinard Aphrodite Harvest ■
shown in both French and American made. UHt M. Ut smart in appearance. The beautiful 9fI7XvCJ3F lU* Fnx c . T "
The colorings are particularly attractive. colors bring out a particularly stun- Pink Creens Fox Sand Lanat Kjtfox Eldorado ■
ning effect. . Rose Petal Pebble Grebe Cork hallow Black Twine _
The New Embroidered Linens and . .. f- , c. in _ _ _ Cid Deer Cameo Pink Kobe Tokyo Cowboy Alter Rose
snaoov and decidedly X €!• self and contrasting dots. In all the X !!• Ocean Green Bittersweet lamia Phillip Ensign Daphne Seal Powder Blue ■
Pnccd at wanted colorings. Daybreak Camel Chinese Yellow Titian Ching Navy Sisdne ■
- - Honey dew Ox Heart Cherry Taupe Coolie Midnight xiawLea * *
Another Important Special for Monday %Zu ST“ "S^T L “ ZZ,.
1.000 Slightly Imperfect Turkish Shly.h VOC " . ■
’ 1 Mrxvarltivr Novelties, Yard, Me3rico YxhCbi Copen Coffee Fe£ Sombrero Mikado ■
Towels, 1 omorrow, Monday J SU9 to $ 1.69 values. Boucle Ratine, ■
variety of patterns, some colors, others with colored borders. Byadore Stripe Ratine, Ratine Check , ,-- »rj» B
Also jacquard effects. None worth less than SI.OO, others up to $125. vo ii e , and Nub Ratine Voile. These are The 9Ootng of 51C Oil CVCry yard 18 Surely Worth taking advantage. Needless ■
trpmpfv ovvrice^°sHeht fmpe r{o^he/cTfhere o°/ an occa- shown in illuminated effects which give to say that we expect a hearty response . On Sale in our Silk Section , Second Floor. 9
sional oil spot but nothing to impair the wear. them a smart touch of color. £££ Q{JR WINDOW DISPLAY ■
Ptlalff Rayal Second Floor *
Clearance Sale \ ’ j Little Boys’ One and j
for the BOYS fCy Aj \ | Two-Piece Suits I
▼ Boys’ $9.95 to $14,50 Grade Two-Pants Suits Reduced to \ \\\ A p \ Formerly $2.98 to $4.50 a
About 200 All-wool Suits, of cheviots, tweeds IX f \ * // { \\ Includes Middies, Oliver Twist and Regula- ■
and cassimeres. Coats alpaca or twill lined, o J I rs/ I \\ ' tion Suits of fine Madras, Linene, Poplin, Kiddie A “J ■
knickers full lined. Sizes 7to 18. Many of t ese V 1 \ I y j n \ \ Qoth and Pongette, braid, emblem and hand- $ I vl/h
suits are less than wholesale cost. _ . . LA XIL /1 --A embroidered models. B O J X-F
Boys’ $15.00 to Grade Two-Pants Suits Reduced to T? \\ ' V , I i ‘ , . ■
About 100 suits, of excellent all-wool fabrics, |X ■
in smartest models and patterns, comprise one «P II I vJ ' X. Nt / m • Overals, for either boy or girl of 2to ■
pair gfolf and one pair regular knickers. Most S 6 years - ° f fine wash matenak - At s#c - ■ .
A■ Saleof 1 50ft'; ■ : .
Including the very finest in stock. _ Imported m“■ sum me X"V jgtJ L A.
English and extra quality, fine domestic woolens I I I handmade, embroidered and tucked B
in the very smartest patterns and models. Sizes O g "■ \V vC5 f many novelty styles to 5 years. At SLS9.
Bto 20. Reduced to $17.50. I THTIPII KIPPPC A. \ ?^ y iJj D r^u of pi? and A T^ e
80y5’52.75 and $2.95 All-Wool Knickera a-| Ff I XCXXXXIJCIJ. MT j X \ >, j sa f. ee "’ fil i. ed wlth saDl tary floss. At 59c.
Tweeds, Cassimeres. $1 U 5 VCff *
Every pair full lined. Sizes 7to 18. Reduced Just received front one of the largest New York Manufacturer* JT V # jig/ 690 values. At 2 for tL 1
IV (IjM Bonnctsi ol Xftxllf coi~ f-
Thp lot rnnsi.cts nf the discards Os the careful inspector. In some instances the pieces are i/T. broidery, ribbon-trimmed or with lace .
1 " 1 without flaw in others there are soiled spots, slight imperfections in weave, poor stamping or [ edge. At 75c .
T7 ** such slight hurts that are hardly noticeable. // ’ 1 ,R übe «? Sh the double-breasted *
|4 nitfriQ 77 In the lot are all kinds of stamped articles; many only one or two of a kind or color. » *J° 3 i^ arS ’ *
lYCti illd Women’s and children’s garments, curtains, luncheon scarfs, table runners, towels and other mis- aU co J tton ’ ■
® i /, 1 rsTlSi I y Fiber and wool 59c.
The Wonderful Vegetable ce aneous 111 Silk and woob 75c f
\five Remarkable Lots-Prices As Follows: OA J
At T -AT T X7l CA ♦ Bf? AA - 59c md 69c Abdomioal Bonds, of silk
CADav \Sh Lot No. 1 9 Values $1.50 to $3.00 ■ L and wool. Atsoc. ••
Women’s Made-up Dresses, Govms Step-ins, Princess SUps, Sth I
Paul. Rorol—Mmlo Floor. v Crib CoVCFS, Bedroom CllTtaillS, 54-UlCn Limcn Cloths, etc. Caen, . t loped. At $2.98. tight. At 59c. B
i——— ■i 1 i.»n ■' „ . c . . . . SIZSO Babies* Wardrobe, to keep SL2S Sweater Sacqnes, dainty Ut- _
The Following Extra Specials m L——————— h,KSo*»Vlmthe* nice,and neat. White tie styles with ribbon tie or but- ■
Hair Goods " I or ivory enamel with four drawers, ton front. Pink and blue edges. At B
• —are worthy of your con- Lot No. 2 _ Lot No. 3 At $9-50. 5109 Patalo BoyoWTUrd Floor ■
sideration. Pnced special for ... _ . rri .
tomorrow only. Values 89c to $1.50. _ Values 59c to ß9c Stamp- ? f
$5 Switcbes at #3.45 Mack-uppantysuits, [_ l|C <1 |C Imported Bead Bag», HO AC7 I! !
—of natural wavy hair, on bonnets, infants dresses, pillowcases, towels, scarfs, n eon U ■
three separate stems. All anrons layette women’s w tan and white center pieces, 0 - W KegUUirty $lO to 9ZU \ J.OB# V H ■
m. shades including gray. P 13 . pillows and table runners, Beautiful floral and oriental designs, mounted on massive II a
Cr\ rn „ f dresses, gowns, step-ins, lunch cloths, card table cov- shell frames, also a few drawstring or pooch styles. Many |j
’■ -1 |V vJ 1 ranslormations Each ers, etc Each, combinations of jet and steel. Silk lined and fitted. ... ■
- Imported Bead Bags s4.^o
mm » neath or on the outside of _ . v _ w II Rpaularly 5 5.95 and 50. 50 "
NewWkytoGrOWnair your own hair. All shades. Lot No. 4 No. 5 | * Frame or drawstring styles, mounted on shell frame, richly ■
* _ * . . ... - including gray. I Values 39c to 69c. SSgd lined. Many dainty designs to select from. Finished at bottom ■
I ToWels ’ SiIVW OC C Values 25c to39c. Tea §LL C 1 of bag beaded fringe. All fitted. ■
applicator f**d th* treatment dl- Scalp Trattmaits, Per- H stamped laundry bags, W towels, wash cloths, bibs, I | Leather HandbagS 9 trt, fl? fl
gag V w f nters ’ l u^ h fW scarfs, vanity sets, tray i # 9 I Regularly $3.50 to $5.00 U
iLugsullj , inr a Soeciahv* H * I ri ta ble runners, pil covers etc Each H Large assortment of styles and leathers, consisting of $
\ Price, $1.39 Eau S t^ a J p f^ aU r_ H I lows, aprons, bibs, buffet covers, etc. Jiacn, ■ under . anns , pouch or flat pocketbook style. Silk, lined and
r rnw » v Expert Barbers in Attendance ■ I scts etc# I fi ttcd . Colors: Black, brown and tan. ■
Ask vs about our money bar* Mala Bwyal ■rasty VMr H H m, ' _ I Br*r«— Flaw. .
10-day treatment plan. —Balaaaor. || | Bayas-maia nwr. II "
laoet OoaSa Pe»G Main Pfcao *
—— M M — w g ea up bib bB-B-B B-B-B>BrflJß-B-8~8-8~8.8. ■B ■ -B-8,8-B-B B B-841 B-B 8888 BH B B t ß B 888188818888111 8.8 B
f »""***"«• s ' » , » *
THE Stmiav ST3E. WaSHIEGTOW. TV. U„ ‘HTT 18. T92t-~PSRT T.

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