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'Wendall Hall-Marian Jt. Martin
Ceremonies Will Be Heard
by Millions.
Standing In the phyrical presence
of only three other people, a clergy
man and their attendants, Miss Ma
rian M. Martin, young newspaper
■woman of Chicago, and Wendall Hall,
known throughout the country after
his recent broadcasting tour as the
“Red-he ded Music Master,” techni
cally will have at lerst four million
guests at their wedding June 4.
Their Responses to the officiating
clergyman's solemn queries will
carry through the microphones of at
least four broadcasting stations, the
actual ceremony taking place in the
sumptuous studio of station WEAR in
New York City.
The principals in this unprece
dented wedding are insistent that the
ceremony be as quiet and as devoid
of sensation byway of reporters,
photographers and a naturally curi
ous public as if it were being con
ducted in the bride's home,
“Our wedding will not be broad
cast because either of us is especially
prominent,” Hall states modestly.
“That is not the idea. No. sir. There
are hundreds of thousands of folks
■whom 1 feel almost are personal
friends, folks to whom I’ve been
singing along a route that stretched
for nearly 4,000 miles. They all heard
me singing directly to Miss Martin
back in Chicago from whatever sec
tion of the country I happened to be
In. Our courtship in away has been
broadcast for the last four months.
People seemed to realize it somehow,
for they wrote to me by the thou
sands —wrote intimately. Just like
long-time friends. Lots of them sent
foolish little things to me. X like
them all. And, because we feel them
to be our friends, it seems natural to
want to have them all at our wed
Miss Martin will be attended by
Miss Dorothy Fullerton, daughter of
Hugh Fullerton, feature writer and
sports authority. "Tom" Campbell,
former Yale track team captain and
crack 600-yard sprinter, will be Mr.
Hall's best man.
Mr. Hall is resting at his home in
Chicago after the strain of a four
month tour of stations. It is likely
that he will be heard from a Chicago
station in the interim before bis wed
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They told the committee that the
publicity given by radio broadcast
ing was harmful, in that it killed
the popularity of the song* before
the public had the inclination to pur
chase the music.
■ Six More Stations.
Six new class A broadcasting sta
tions were licensed last week by the
Department of Commerce, as follows:
AVDBE, Gilham-Schoen Electric
Company, Atlanta, Ga.» 252 meters. 10
WDBH, C- T. Sherer Company,
Worcester, Mass., 268 meters, 100
WDBJ, Richardson-Wayland Elec
tric Corporation, Roanoke, Va-. 229
meters, 500 watts.
• WDBL, Wisconsin Department of
Markets, Stevens Pfilnt, Wla, 278
meters. 100 watts.
WDBN, Electric Light and Power
Company, Bangor, Me., 252 meters, 5
WRBC, Immanuel Lutheran Church,
Valparaiso, Ind., 278 meters, 500
Lope* Return* to WEAK.
Vincent Lopez and his Hotel Penn
sylvania Orchestra, who have re
cently returned from a successful
tour, will resume their semi-weekly
broadcasting through WEAK Thurs
day night. During their three weeks’
absence from New York the orchestra
appeared with great success at thea
ters in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and
New Distance Record.
American Vice Consul Quincy F.
Roberts, at Apia, Samoa, 7,300 mile*
from New York, reports the reception
of WEAF"s program from 7:18 p.m. to
■ 7:50 p.m. on Friday evening, March
14. which was from 1:48 to 2:20 a.rn.
New York time. The special program
of Paul Whiteman was being broad
cast on this occasion. This Is the
first time that an uninterrupted pro
gram has been received from such
distance over land and water. The
equipment used by Vice Consul in
Charge Roberts consisted of a single
circuit regenerative receiver with
two stages of audio frequency ampli
fication. oiis antenna is a single in
verted I* 80 feet high and 150 feet
Consul Roberts reports that E. E.
Dunwoodie. radio officer of West Sa
moa and superintendent of Apia ra
dio. also heard the program, using
one stage of audio frequency ampli
There is six and a half hours* time
difference in the metropolitan broad
• casting station and the receiving
point in the far Pacific. The previous
long-distance report at this point was
the reception of a Chicago station. 745
miles nearer.
The details of the program sent to
WEAR by Mr. Roberts Indicate that
not only was the orchestra heard, but
solo numbers rfcognlzed, as well a*
the closing announcement. Including
a summary of the program for the
day following.
Station WEAP does not attempt
long-distance records, but it has ro
oolsed reports consisting of complete
logs of its program* for more than
twenty minutes, including identifica
tion of announcements and musical
numbers from such point* as Cape
Town. South Africa, Bueno* Aire*
Argentina, as well as Samoa. All
these record* were sufficiently com
plete to admit of substantiation
without doubt that WEAP was the
station which was received.
W&r-Knined Protestant Structures
Rebuilt by Contributions
From United States.
American Protestant churches have
completed their general reconstruc
tion work in France. Announcement
to this effect was made yesterday by
the commission on relations with France
and Belgium of the Federal Council
of Churches.
More than 52,000,000 baa been given
for the reconstruction and repair of
the historic Protestant churches of
France and Belgium damaged or de
stroyed during the war. The main
construction work is about completed.
Ot the gifts, more than $1,500,000 has
passed through the treasury of the
commission. The balance includes
sums sent by the MeAIl Mission and
generous gifts by Baptists. Method
tat* and Lutherans direct to churches
representing their own communions
In France.
The last gift of 560.000 to complete
the 51.500,000 contribution made
. through the Federal Council has lust
been forwarded. It was made possi
ble by the generosity of John D.
Rockefeller, jr.. who promised 560,000
if the remaining $20,000 was raised.
This condition was quickly met
through the efforts of tho commis-
B, Xwohty-four churches have been re- I
built or repaired, according to Dr. I
iTMMTit W. Goodrich, formerly p*s> I
ter of the American Church in Paris. '
Cashen Ee-Blected International
President at Denver Session.
DENVER. Col., May 17—Re-eleo
tlon of T. C. Ca*hen of Buffalo, N. Y.,
as international president ot the Switch
I Vhe Jlulius XgJ&sburgfh Go. If Open 'll IJJ
|| (I TBimt jj Account
| Ninth and F Street Entrance 909 F Street [*£*!%] I
| Quality Furniture Has Built This Business j
s Good Furniture, hacked by Reliability and Service, the same as other We are more interested in making a friend for the store than in effect - Ij
B Merchandise of Dependable Character, will help to build the store that ingasale. As our patrons get good value in furniture that proves of last
sells it. It means satisfied customers, who help to increase the store’s Rep - ing zuorth, so the news of satisfaction and profitable purchases travels,
utation for Fair, Square Business Dealing. It’s like an endless chain. Dignified Credit is part of our service
I,! ! | |
I ' '-jpl
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H JT _ SLITE ts well constructed and attractive, com- A n CO LEU hi RLuS
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i Four-passenger, with TO \ J
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shown in the illustration, consists of 66-meh Buffet, ' R | If in velour, consisting of Bcd-Davenfort, C 7 f\f\ T
ESSj Enclosed China Cabinet, Oblong Extension Table, al /-'/l \l . , ■ , n , J J ■ ,/, fJP I I Itl. /T)
zs. Enclosed Server, Armchair and Five Side Chairs Jp 2■% ® , Armchair and Rocker. A very special value J_
with genuine leather seats. Specially priced at..., W & *he moderate price 0f........ t.......
_ ■ ' ~~ . * ■ . • . . • . - . .. ......
■i 4: XT '
men’s Union of North America, selec
tion of Buffalo as tho next conven
tion city as the result of s constitu
tional amendment and adoption of
tbs amended union constitution mark
ed the fifth day of the triennial union
convention here.
Three of the four vice president*
chosen yeeterday afternoon were re
• elect* 1. Those re-elected were; J. B.
Connors of Chicago, first vice presi
dent: W. & Burt of St. Louie, second
vice president, and J. M. Perry of St.
Paul, fourth vice president. J. D.
Murray of Vancouver. British Columbia,
was elected third vice president to
succeed W. J. Trost of Cnloaso. The
fifth and sixth vice president*, a new
board of directors, com priced of five
men. and th* editor of the official
publication ot the union will bo
chosen today.
The power that ran the presses of
90 per cent of country newspapers
ten yeare ago wae the gasoline en
gine. Today 75 per cent of those
newspaper presses are run by elec
tric motors. .
Cceoh-Italiaa Pact Made.
ROME. May 17—Premier Mussolini
and Dr. Eduard Bones, foreign minis
ter of Czechoslovakia, have agreed
upon the terms of a compact for co
operation between Czechoslovakia
and Italy, with a view toward assur
ing the maintenance of peace and the
realisation of normal and stable eco
nomic conditions In Central Europe,
the Stefanl News Agency says.
Getndy bridge, at Tampa, Fla., is
competing with the Western Gateway
bridge, at Schenectady, N. V.. for the
honor of being the beet lighted bridge
in the world. The lighting will be in- I
direct, with no shadows.
- "jr
Pertinent Question.
the London Util
here. Biddy, you may bV t
musical comedy star, but you are my
wife. What have you been doing
i "Why. Eddie, darling, don’t you
ever read the oaoera?"

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