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Annual Chaßem&SaHl
Every Value-Elert Shopper Should Heed the Call! ,Q,
With This Coupon and
25c Jars of “MUM” I 59c Art Linen 1 19 c Wash aoths I 1 $1 to $1.50 Gold Rings $1.50 Bed Pillows I SI.BB
wKhThucoapon 9 C Z£.™nd 59c 96c
"MUM," the favorite lfia UV - fll,ed *
deodorant cream, dc- 1,000 yards of 22-inch Natural Linen Color Turkish ° Z vPu, s for babica and children; with sterilized curled feath- ... ■■■■ ■ ■——■ ■ ■■■ ■
stroys all unpleasant Art Linen, warranted all pure linen; close bordere!* I*’UmU.Tii. 1 *’UmU.Tii.) h (S? emboaaod "and* 1 * or 50c Marshmallows
body odors. (S) woven grade. (S) eigna (S) fancy art ticking. (S) uuly i w 1
, ■■■■■ i .i .. ii .... -i ■. i - I, - J ..i . i . - 1 With Thin Coupon v , —_
* . —. and m -*
il9c Keith’s Envelopes 25c Fruit of the Loom Women’s 69c Nightgowns Boys’ $1 and $1.25 Pants Boys’ and Girls’ $1 Play Suits 26c ipK
With This A /T With This -g « With This VA With This AQ r With ThlS I I Delicious Choco- I
Coupon and VC Coupon and l/C Coupon and uVC Coupon and OVC Coupon and UOl Kmanow F a
| . Muslin Nightgowns, soft finish; neat Knickers, of suiting mixtures, cassi- Genuine Blue Denim and Khaki Une- made b y croft & // 7
Keith’s Kraften Linen Envelopes, Geunine Fruit-of-the-Loom Bleached embroidery trimmed neck; kimono mere, cheviot and tweeds; sizes Bto 16 piece Play Suits, short sleeves, ankle Fun "one-pound box'. u " wGfli
| cream white only. (S) Cotton, 36 inches wide. (S) sleeves. (S) years. • (S) length; sport collar; 3to 8 years. (S) eoo boxes. (S) -i-y—- 1
$1.39 Perfect Seamless Bleached Sheets Women’s $2 Perfect Quality “Onyx”
| 81x90-Inch Double Bed Size—a Real Challenge Offering! AH C 17 II T? 1 • jp, fi .i| rj
Housewives seeking economy will find it here in full measure tomorrow. For this is our Chal- Jp
Sale, and that means superlative values! These Sheets arc of splendid wearing quality, made *
of heavy, even-thread sheeting cotton, hand torn and ironed, finished with deep hem. The kind that
launders satisfactorily and give long service. All are perfect quality—note that, please! Blx9o-inch size, Pure Silk Chiffon Stockings of the well- y V
for double beds. known “Onyx” make—the identical qualities (Mttl IBU
$2 Extra Size Sheets . ” “ , $1.69 Seamless Sheets for which you would pay $2 a pair regularly. J VHj
gw! 9 ?u g n m 1 $1.48 83.50 White Dimity s SU 9 tl s TuTi ) $1.29 Made with double sole, heel and toe. t|/ HIM / IB I |||
mawy, pven-thread qua)- ( X D6CISDrG3uS else, made of long- ( I =^=
dressing. Houseivfves'will appreciate Size 90x100 ’ Jus° stlre'h or dressing. , « In the follow ing desirable COlofS. II V
tbe extra large Whiie DimS B™)< IQg 15c Unbleached _ B lack _ -Moresque -Sunbeam ■ VI ,
\ 45c Bleached Pillowcases extra^arg^Mze— a \ A== $1 Dimity Bolster Throws Cotton —Peach —Nude —Tanbark
45x36 Regulation Si*e s verv desirable sea- ' Dimity Bolster Throws. \ a —Apricot —New Silver —Airedale N
Bleached Pillowcases, made \ IQn Y'jJ p VJtnL nl ,n white r™« nds with col- ( 4Vrt . r W
of excellent wearing pil- ( ZjfC. ! urC- quality—ideal .ored woven stripes. Very ( ‘lOv/ 1 . °
lowcase cotton free from * for summer use. dainty and attractive for > All sizes in the lot and every pair perfect / m.
trtLTch or dressing. summer use. Double-bed size. ■ ■ ■ quality. 'V.
r jSc Hemstitched Pillowcases n 35c Unbleached Sheeting A V/W \WT }7Q I UtL or C*lL S '
i a An. i $ 5iM r c Lt4 ] ')'i o 3 , w,a.. Min Womens 79c and $1 fiber Silk fln
mad© of a high-grade pil- t ‘•‘la. out corners. Beautiful ' v heavy, even-thread qua!- 1 frnm •» to 8 vard« _ __ . v /
low case cotton known for / quality at an extraordinarily low price Uy. for making sheets. * g ‘ . / 1 \ 1
Wear and durability. tomorrow. Full of wearing and satisfaction. Close-woven grrade. (fj'lOSl P dSIUOIICCI OEOCzLIIISfS
1 sl - 69 PwriN«J*e- Women’s $2, *2.50 and $3 >A Q n !
Leather Handbags !S s oo a gr B a kcl! sizes ' Seconds of79c I
# Women’s 50c Lisle Stockings Children’s Ribbed Stockings
(Manutactured rearls) | , V|Alf*P I su/ *- Mercerized Usle Hose, seamed back, some with rib- j Children's Black Ribbed Cotton Stockings, mostly fQ O
Beautiful indestructible Pearl Bead VyllLflV'V A[j I "T bed R» rter tops- others with •'Eaary-Top” (deal for stout J Z^jO a 1t ■ ,1 IVC
Necklaces of superior grade, closely rer • -*• women; in black and cordovan; seconds of 50c grade, at.. ) * S'* all sizes, seconds ot lac grade, at \
sembling the real Orientals in their A vast assortment of popular styles Women’s 50c and 63c Stockings Children's 35c to 50c Socks
opalescent colorings. Have the lustrous J/ to choose from made of excellent Mercerized Derby Ribbed Sport Hose, in black and ) Children s Mercerized Socks, dropstitoh effects, white t *4
quality and true finish of the most ex- o-rade leathers in the newest shaoes assorted colors; some slightly imperfect, while the ma- S with and without colored fiber silk tgiosj others \ IMP
pensive kinds. The desirable 30-inch fmsßfim graoe eatners, in me newest snapes. jor ity are perfect ) with plain docks and B tri Ped top*, slight second ) A
graduate styles. A Challenge Sale extraordinary! n
Sale Vanity Books Envelope Bags, Extra Size Undermuslins |B Purchase of Tricolette I
Price Pouch Bags and the popular , 1t - o • HR /< ’ p.,|»
- The fine, close-twill grade, that fashions so many of the new Under-arm linnllPriPP BHI I CllJl
Presses, suits and wraps for spring and summer. Strictly all wool and (M/lHvlll v __
n g black, navy, brown, y tan, beaver and
A ~, „ , _ _ __ W/llfW leather lined. style, trimmed in a variety of attractive designs. , / I B NnHH Challenge Sale ti/ K |C/U
$3 AU-Wool Flannel, $1.98 Gow«»berg »—Fint noor. Soft-finish quality material—everv erarment full r P r j rn \ E
h e r ri^ B » cut to comfortably fit large women. Regular V/ V ’ JL
H enches wide. /C li SI.OO grade. Challenge Sale price Made of beautiful lubtrous Tricolette (glos,
$2.50 Tubular Jersey, $1.29 f M flf J) Extra size White Muslin Costume Slips, with', M ¥^^Wr J of heavy quality, in new rich colors for Spring and
J^ 010MNk,,ltto- de ' iD all the MBSB3Sr hemstitched yoke and double skirt to hips, mak-! il r \T7 Summer, including Sheik Tiffan Silver,
‘ $1.75 All-Wool Crepe, $1.19 - 1 - m M tim. Navy. Empire and Cold, with beautiful two
44.inch All-wool Crepe, close-woven and beautifully finished quality, —^/111 rectly made in every detail. Sizes 48 to 52. I ' tone pleated flounces. A new purchase made for
Cn Mack. navy, brown, tan and gray, sponged and shrunk, ready for Regular $1.50 grade. Challenge Sale price the Challenge Sale to provide the season's greatest
eW 65d^MT’»—Rrrt Floor. GoWenherr’*—Third Floor. V petticoat Sensation. Goldenbeir»—Third Floor,
Unmatchable Challenge Prices on Housefurnishings, Garden Needs, Window Screens and Screen Doors
l Garden Hose Console Sets Bread Boxes Wash Boilers Jardinieres Sad Irons Clothes Baskets Floor Brushes Scrubbing Mops Ironing Boards Bread Trays
■ Colored Glass Console Whitt Tsn nickel ■ plated finished au^lv willow „** l ‘? or 3w ' c
Sots, one large bowl on T>- P . d box roll-top Extfa heavy Galvan- D . . , 0n .,„, T „_ base- three irons stand .u d • Brushes, good quality Scrubbing Mops, with btrongly-made Jjon- Silver-plated Bread
S--— r Sty,e; 12^'lnCh Sire - and e S r hapes 8 f 0 8rin d ch o ri°z r e S and asbestos-lined ban- size; strongly made. S ‘ Ze ' IOnK h and , e . Rtronjrly stand; niado of sea- deSltfnS:
Dependable $4.49 Ice Cream Regular $1.98 Regular $1.25 Regular $1.98 $1.69 Bonbon Regular 98c Regular 75c Regular $2.98 S<*rppll Doors
T own Mnwpr« • Freezers Tea Kettles Dish Pans Cooking Kettles Dishes Wash Tubs Window Screens Boudoir Lamps
w —■ “ “" Natural-finish t arnished Screen Doors.
Depend ab lc Dawn white Mountain Alutninum Tea Ket- Aftunlnum Cook In g . Continental Extension Mahogany-finished I \ _
Mowers, w't . . motion Ice Cream R Aluminum Dishpans. Kettles, large 12-quart T .. Cdt I Glass Bonbon Galvanized Iron Wash Wood-frame Window base Electric Boudoir 2,10x7 ft J fill
aagrk.fr Freezers. 3-.uart alw. .Bjj.'rt.! 10-,u.r, s.ze: wel> SS&S& ffiSßi MSSrtSf- c«- size, side aSAf' 1 3x7 ft (
heir’s—Ba»«m»nt. .
|1,25 Percolators , 69c .Sugar and Cream 35c Water Pails 49c Garbage Cans it pays to J deal at
T ? With Thla C..p«. 1 WUk d OO - P 0" W.tk TUs Oesp* P «1- Coup.. M
A] 63c 33c fg_ 18c "W 26c • CwiaMPCTfS
coffee j mmm Ba «u* n( * - j j til ' Iron Garbage I
7 '"~ ■■■■■■■■"■ '■ ■■■'■ ' '"■"i—■-■T-"" ! - '

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