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! sea I » ~ harry ». ! i
absorbent towels. ■[# . H\l I standards of 50c
: fz% K.AWFMANB Isf i
I 1 2C I 1316 to 1326 7th St. N.W.
Sensational Values
Prevailing in Our
tlth Birthday Sale
"\Vc planned on making our 11th Birthday a gala event for the people |
ij of Washington, but the response has been even greater than we had antici
pated. The entire store has been crowded with throngs seeking the sensa- ||
;• tional values offered —and there have been no disappointments! There arc I.V
so many instances of underpricing that we could not mention all, but here !
is an additional group which better tells the story of savings than our words. |
'I *|j
j Anniversary Sale of High- i
Grade Summer Dresses
I m i
lO In Three Special Groups A
i &*** i
, taHA A high-grade sdec- am »
| I V\] N - X . .98 ,io " of gorgeously J Jk # 95/> Bf' [
t A ' v XI , M ■■ i. handsome dresses, for I —7- —'/ I s ;
it M women and misses, in I • \\ Is t
W Navy, Blue and Black. n/'M ?i!
It .iVf..”' u“rs«!S Some trimmed in beads, ]O O copies ot $25 to c
|j *!"" » i,h , S4O models of beamiful ,;s I
tljlj >vfQi‘A Satin Cantons, Flat Silk *^ IZCS run from 1)to 4 j acc and pleated I•• I |>
•It malty P ric^; or, '" s Itorty Dresses, fine s«in- fs'v },
Mil Trimmed in Fine Val Anniversary . ale at f ace (j an t ons and nov- !» \ * i
■ ; liHce. Cold Lace, Fancy t ... , . i . < H ! •
* - linibrnidcrv. Fine Float. t*lty SIiKS and beaded '» s * •
i f' , Beaded and Velvet Kib- QQ styles. All sizes for >J t
1 4 *-® ‘4l bon effects. All sizes in (D H SB Bfi • *7O f
: —— rhe lot tor misses and Q & B - misses and stout women e gWicTT* ■*, ?
»:■ t '•"* women. IH to tH. at our 111 U n to 48. in blacks and Hl ■ |
Anniversary price of ‘J
, • light shades.
jl • : •
House Dresses, 51.19 Panty Dresses, 89c
Jiii Large assortment of good quality house dresses (nrls hlaA sateen panty dresses, trimmed in
I';:!in plain colors and checks; trimmed in Organdy cense and yellow. Kmhroidcred designs. _to6 ,:
Jl|jand Pique. All sizes to 52. Special at this price. years.
Crene Gowns 69c Children’s Rompers, 59c |
F 9 Children’s pongee rompers, with white or self-, .
h pink and blue flowered crepe gowns, in regular colored tops. Peg-leg styles. Sizes 3to 6 years j!,.
jjljsizcs. A geiuiiue SI.OO value. Specially priced for Regular SI.OO value. Specially priced for the occa-;
OTthis Anniversary Sale. siou.
A Special Purchase and Sale of 100 Trimmed Hats
Beautiful Dress and Sports Models of fine Milan Hemps with
:: '■ 9 Canton Crepe facings, all Cantons, horse-hair braid, with beau
%£■, tiful trimmings of flowers, ribbons and
'laces. A charming hat for matron or miss. j qc
«K JV Were 53.95 and $4.95. Our Anniversary M l—~
Women’s Sandals and Strap Pumps
'3 Sueeial sale -of several hundred pairs of these High- ,
'i! grad> Shots. Patent. Keel, tireen. Blue and (tray
Sandals, with low heels; also Hollywood and 2- |j
ij| strap styles. All-patent l.eather Strap Pumps
with high and low heels. While Canvas Ox- X M A _L CKwwavb
. fords anil Strap Pumps with Cuban and baby J IVICH S llOtlSCijlipDCrS
n Kreneli heels. Nor every size in each kind, 1 wSBW
, hut sizes ••! to S in the lot. Values to VSB9SSf Mens Tan and Black Everett
1.-, ini Special, Jf j Cut. House Slippers, all leather.
with rubber heels attaehed. Sizes
jj ,--o-<r_>"o-o-c>-c>-c>'oo'i
t More Anniversary |
|Specials in Dry \r
|L) 69c and 89c Dry Goods 69c and SI.OO Holland L ()
‘id 48c Yard Window Shades, 39c
;||j v 56-iu. c.aze Marvel Glos Striped Tissue. White, green and ecru: perfect rollers; OJtBDT t j
i (/ 36-in. Oblong Gabardine Suiting. cloth subject to spots or pinholes: coni- IJ
’ll a 36-in. Nupong Suiting. plete with fixtures at our special An- yjp J 7 A
ri v 36-in. Eace-stripe Sheer Black and White niversary price, 39c.
j! 36-in. Two-lone Italine. I 2,000 Yards Good Quality *'/
I/) 36-in. Mercerized Shantung Suiting. * r i i « ioi • »71/ I fijUSSH'* * U
36-in. Tnssah Pongee Silk. Unbleached Sheeting, 7y2 c • <J
1 (' Tommy Tucker Ginghams Subject to mill imperfections; of stan- J
\ Every wanted colot ; newest figures. dard count’, closely woven, good weight. • J
Q stripes and checks. for sheets, ca-cs and other domestic uses. jL • f
IA t I J A Anniversary price, per yard. rPJr 7
; 19c Checked Apron Gingham $1 >25 Lace Curtains, 39c W m Ij
12 /2C Yard Dutch style, full sise, in assorted pat- R 0
1 A 27-inch. Blue and Brown Checked terns, for bungalow, summer cottage. <T am
! : ! • Apron Gingham; perfect good?: full etc. Anniversary price. 39c. *• ZflK
II? ■ SI.OO Women’s “Jumbo” UjSL
0 25c Yard-Wide Fast-Color Union SuiU) 59c .'/IK,
i ercalCS, IOC Pine quality ribbed tubular top and
K Fine-count Percales, in light and dark shell knee. 1 \'hVßnTv
v A K';t ; sfo ri 2^vard h r ki! aml fl^res ’ Children’s 7 / 8 Sport Socks 25c
0 nn nr II 1 it io Children’s Mercerized Sport Socks. In
OyC 1 aOie WllClOtn, ioc cordovan, pongee and black. Sizes 5 to
!j (J All white. 45 in. long, heavy coated lUV&.
| a faCR> po °' l muslin back; subject to slight Children’s 3Sc “Glos” Silk t)
y imperfections. Anniversary price. 18c. VmilUren S OOC kllOs OllK V If'
' ( $2.00 Nainsook (10-Yard Pleated Socks, 21c C
a »>• \ a, qq Children’s Fancy Socks, in plain eol- Aij
"!n V ~ a «pl.o2z ora and fancy tops. Beautiful cornbina- * : ■
lljji A Fine, sheer quality nainsook, soft fin- ' tions, with dropstitch, turn-over tops; A T
V ish. for underwear and baby clothes. all sizes; every one perfect. , ■
ffS Continuing the Sale of
Boys’ at j|b|. |
I The molhera have been hrlriKiriß in Iheir ;'|
I k boys to get these wonderful values in suits. -Hi~i Sy .riV Vi i :
with two pairs of pants. Sizes are from 9 Jg&p- /’ T( jl ||
913.30 Suita, NOW .. .1. 90.73 '/Miffill
9IH3H» Saits, NOW 9».3T» Tis
fSO.OO Saits. NOW SIO.OO . jj|
rT-vA 933*00 Suits, NOW 912.30 i
| Boys’ Khaki Pants
■ 500 Boys’ Wash Suits The popular knickcr style, in good ffj
' ! plain colors and combina- quality khaki that will wash. Well made •
lions, base ball suits, etc. and ful j cut ; gizes Bto 16. Special at
1«35k .fir t o ftft Boys’ 50c Cotton Union Suits
i u? n %years* I Knee-length Union Suits, with short sleeves, for
,i:Our Special B boys in sizes 24 to 34. A big bargain at our special price ||il'
•’ A n n i v c |)li
Secretary Says Foreigners Arc
Smuggled Into TJ. S. at Rate of
More Than 100 Daily.
WWW i*
Holds This Would Bring Scum of
Nation to Surface.
Aliens are smuggled into this
country at the rate of more than
100 per day and at a price of $250
per head in some instances, despite
the most stringent measures taken
to prevent this practice, Secretary of
Eabor James J. Davis yesterday told
members of the Civitan Club.
"I sometimes think,” he continued,
“that* more aliens are getting into
this country illegally than legally.
There is one way to stop this. That
is by forcing enrollment of all aliens
in this country. We Americans have
to enroll in order to vote. You can
go up to my Pennsylvania registra
tion precinct and from my registra
tion card learn all you want to about
me—the color of my hair, the number
in my family and all other particu
lars. Why nq.t the same type of en
rollment for the 7.000,000' aliens in
this country, so that we can know
where they are and what they are
Should Not Hr Dump.
’’This compulsory enrollment will
bring to the surface all the bandits,
murderers, communists and other un
desirable foreigners, and it will rid
the nation of the greatest bunch of
barnacles ever gathered in a nation.
America ought to be the haven for
the world's oppressed, but not a
dumping ground for all the bums of
other nations.’’
He asked support of the club for
legislation at the next session of Con
gress for the alien educational bill,
containing the provision for compuls
ory registration for all aliens. This
hill, as drafted and sponsored by the
Eabor Department immigration ex
perts, will contain provision also for
the expenses of inculcating American
civic knowledge into foreigners to be
borne by the aliens themselves.
J. Ed Callow, in a “Tony, the Barb,”
monologue, hit a number of the mem
bers of the club figuratively In tick
lish spots. Carl Buttmann gave a
short humorous monologue. Civitan
Adams reported on the delegates’
trip to the Miami convention. Leonard
Ruoff announced that tickets were I
available for the dance at the City ]
Club for the benefit of the Americani
zation School Association to obtain :
funds to help finance an Americaniza- j
tlon newspaper and to tide the school
over some lean financial weeks dur- !
ing the early summer. James N.
Proctor presided. '
I '' I
i Important' :
; Things !
» arc done by the lady as- \
jj >istant that sometimes ?
* one wonders how the ,
i old-time funeral director )
ever accomplished hi? i)
’ work without her. '
I 290('03,14 J *SIREET N.W.
, 'Phonos
k| . Columbia 7023-70 H . \
C The Expense is a Matter of Ybar Own Desire \i
Tat Massaged Away
--WitJi New Flexible Girdle
Instantly makes you look inches
thinner and years younger! Gives
vou with comfort Fashion’s straight /
boyish lines. Massages away fat /¥^\
from waist and hips while you walk. lij M \
sit. work or play—yet does it so // 4 j
gentlv you hardly feel it. I ,
The moment you put on this ■ f 3 1
wonderful new corset —known as —I I
the Madame X Reducing Girdle — (iUW J
the bulky fat on waist, hips and r
thighs seems to vanish’, the waist- [I \ If
line lengthens and your body be- / j \
comes erect, graceful, youthfully 1/1 lillllm j \
slender! And then—with every J,|| l|/||f (J y
step you make, with every breatii f(| f f u 1
you take. with every little • bL
motion, this new kind \y I W) Uk
of girdle ’ gently mas- Tj SFfnp VvV: - V F'7/!T
sages away the disfig- / | \ w/
wring useless fat—and / g \
you look and feel years i« \
Worn in Place of
Stiff Corset -
The Madame X Reducing Girdle is made of the most resilient Para rubber
especially designed for reducing purposes. Worn over the undergarment
and has garters attached. The special cut-away front insures perfect com
fort while you sit, work or play. And the special hack lacing makes it easy
to adjust as you become more slender.
It is so constructed that it rubber girdle, which gently mas
touches and gently massages the sages away the fat—without any
entire surface of abdomen, waist, extra exertion on your part. Worn
hips and thighs as you ‘walk, eh often lose from. 1 to 3 inches
climb stairs, riding or during any from waist and hips the very first
kind of exercise. Every move- week.
ment you make, even your nat- You must sec this remarkable
ttral breathing, is met by this live girdle to appreciate it.
On Sale Wherever Corsets Are Sold, Including:
Julius Gaxftnkle ft Co. Luuburgli ft Bro. Woodward ft Lothrop.
The Hecht Co. Madame Enrenie ft Co. Sirniunds. Inc.
S. Eann Sons Co. Falaia Royal. M. Collins.
Qlladame Y R Girdle
Makes \&u Look Thin iL While Getting Thin
The Pink Rubber Girdle with light pink facings — stamped
"Madame X” in the Madame X Box. Be sure to get the original.
District of Columbia and Maryland
—Showers this afternoon and to
night; tomorrow, probably fair, con
tinued cool; moderate east winds,
shifting to northwest by tomorrow
Virginia—Showers this afternoon
and tonight, cooler in south portion;
tomorrow, partly cloudy; moderate
variable winds, shifting to northwest.
West Virginia—Cloudy and cooler
tonight: tomorrow, fair .and rising
Record! for Twenty-Four Hour*.
Thermometer —Yesterday. 4 p.m.,
62; 8 p.m., 61; 12 midnight, 58. Today,
4 a.m., 56; 8 a.m., 53; noon, 54.
Barometer —Yesterday, 4 p.m., 29.89;
8 p.m., 29.86; 12 midnight, 29.86. To
day, 4 a.m., 29.76; 8 a.m., 29.77; noon,
Highest temperature, 62. occurred
at 5 p.m., yesterday; lowest tempera
ture, 52. occurred at 6:15 a,m., today.
Temperature same date last year—
Highest, 75; lowest, 59.
Condition of tke Water.
Temperature and condition of the
water at 8 a,m.: Great Falls—Tem
perature, 60; condition, very muddy.
Tide Table*.
(Furnished by United States coast
and geodetic survey.)
Today—Dow tide, 4:01 a.m. and 4:4 7
p.m.; high tide, 9:55 a.m. and 10:32
Tomorrow —Low tide. 4:50 a.m. and
5:41 p.m.; high tide, 10:51 a.m. and
11:29 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today—Sun rose 4:51 a.m.; sun sets
7:18 p.m.
Tomorrow—Sun rises 4;50 a.m.; sun
sets 7:19 p.m.
Moon rises 10:25 p.m.; sets 7:35 a.m.
Automobile lamps to be lighted one
half after sunset.
Weather in Various Cities,
w Temperature. *S)
i SB srr b =
f in Si
Stations. 5 5? s“ Weather.
•” =•* n *
: 5" " *
:: f B
Abilene. Tex. 20.82 &2 64
Albany 20 86 r>2 42 .... Cloudy
Atlanta .... 20.76 86 66 .... I’t.eloudy
Atlantic City 20.80 !>6 W) 0.34 Paining
Italtlmore . . 20.80 62 52 0.60 Paining
Pirmingtiam. 20.76 86 62 0.0(5 Cloudy
Piamarck .. 30.08 56 30 .... Pt.clondy
Host on ....20.86 52 44 .... Cloudy
buffalo 20.86 SO 40 Clear
Charleston .. 20.78 82 70 Clear
Chicago 21»,02 52 44 Cloudy
Cincinnati ..20.00 56 4 t 020 Cloudy
Cleveland .. 20.86 48 44 . .. I’t.cloudy
Denver .... 30,02 00 46 0.04 Cloudy
Detroit .... 20.00 52 40 .... Clear
El Paso .... 20.76 88 62 .... Clear
Galveston .. 20.80 SO 64 0.08 Clear
j Helena 20.08 60 38 .... Clear
Huron, 8. D. 30.16 60 34 .... Clear
! Indianapolis. 20.02 54 42 0.06 (Tear
; Jacksonville. 20.86 181 68 .... Clear
i Kansas Cit*. 30.02 82 50 . . . Clear
Lis Angeles. 20 0O 70 56 .... Cloudy
' Louisville ... 20.00 58 48 038 Pt.cloudy
I Miami. Fla.. 2000 84 74 ... Cloudy
Nert- Orleans 20 78 82 66 1.34 Paining
i New York... 20.82 56 48 0.08 Paining
. Okla. City... 29.08 66 54 Cloudy
j Omaha 30.00 (fc 46 .... Cloudy
i Philadelphia. 20,82 58 4S 0,34 Paining
Phoenix .... 20.80 06 64 .... Clear
Pittsburgh .20 80 6 t 44 004 Cloudy
Portland. Me. 20,02 54 4'* Cloudy
Portland.Ofe 20.88 78 56 .. . Cloudy
Raleigh 20.70 88 62 .... Clear
S. City 20.80 78 56 ... Pt.clondy
San Antonio. 20.82 88 64 008 Clear
I San Diego. . 2000 68 58 Cloudy
! S Francisco 2002 60 52 .... Cloudy
; St. L>ui« 20.08 52 48 (1.34 Clear
'St. Paul.... 30.04 62 36 0.02 Clear
| Seattle 20 05 70 52 .... Pt.clondy
[ Spokane . .. 20.88 82 50 .... Clear
WASH..D C. 20.76 62 52 0.67 Paining
(8 am., Greenwich time, today >
Stations. Temperature. Weather.
I»ndon. England 60 Clear
Paris, France 66 Part cloudy
Co|M‘nliagcn. Denmark 48 Part cloudy
Stockholm, Sweden 48 Clear*
Horta I Fa.val I. Azores... 66 Part cloudy
Hamilton, Bermuda 70 Clear
Sun Juan, Porto Rico 80 Clear
Havana. Culnt Tu Part cloudy
Colon. Canal Zone 80 Cloudy
Argentina Weather Data.
For the week ending May 19. 1924
Mean Dept. Avg. Dept,
texnp’a- from pre- from
tnr«*. n'mal. cip. o'mai
iorn mid northern
! wheat are* 54 - O —0 4
' Southern wheat area. 45 —9 o -OS
j A friend that you have to buy won’t
be worth what you pay for him. no
S matter what that may be.
Mourning Blacks Dyed
Carmack Dry Cleaning Co.
Main 1344
$5,000 Life Insurance for $46.90
At age ? > —send date of birth for particu
lars and .lustration. Company founded 1863.
Assets ovi r $300,000,000.
M LeEoy Goff, 610 Woodward Bldg.
Inxuranco—All Branches—M. 340.
Timothy Callahan, ility-lvt,' 1412
34th street, was bitten on the right
leg yesterday by a dog belonging to
Henry S. White, 2331 Ashmead place,
while in the vicinity of the White
residence. His wound was dresed by
his family physician and the dog was
surrendered to the poundmaster.
Leroy Winston, colored, eleven*
3318 Sherman avenue, was bitten on
the left leg below the knee yesterday
afternoon by a dog reported to belong
to Leotha Butler, 1015 Lament street.
He was given first aid at Garfield
American Association of University
Women will give annual picnic Sat
urday at 5 p.m. at the home of Dr.
Julia Green, Porter street. Take
Chevy Chase cars to Porter street.
Walk east through woods. Program;
A mystery.
The Konta Club will meet tumor*
row, 1 p.m., at Raleigh Hotel.
V. W. C. A. School, at Hill U street,
will hold open house Friday from 4
to 9 p.m. exhibitions of samples of
work done by classes in china paint
ing, basketry, dressmaking, millinery,
art and domestic science. Miss Ruth
V. Pope will award certificates.
Friends of the association invited.
The District of Columbia Library
Association will meet tomorrow even
ing at Urate Dodge Hotel. John
Ihlder of the Chamber of Commerce
will discuss “XAjoal Social Problems
and the District Librarians.” Re
freshments served at 9 p.m.
A card party will be given under
auspices of Catholic “Women's Service
Club at Catholic Community House
Friday, 8:30 p.m. Players requested
to bring cards.
Finance committee of the Jewish
Community Center will meet tomor
row, 12:15 p.m., at Harvey’s.
Stephen S. Johnson of .\ew York
city will give illustrated lecture on
"The Land of Knchantment.” Satur
day. 8:15 p.m., in auditorium of In
terior Department, 18th and F streets.
Mina Kmma A. Jordan will present
her pupils in the Knglish comedy,
"No Servants," tomorrow evening at
Thomson School. The cast: Miss
Helen R. Smith. Miss Edith Cockerille,
Miss Laura Ferguson. Mrs. C. P.
Heins. Miss Mary O’Brien and W. U.
Memorial service will be held Fri
day*. 8 p.m.. at G. A. R. Hall by Julia
Mc.V Henry .Auxiliary, Army and
Navy Union. *
The Choral Society of the Birncy
School Community Center will close
its season with a formal reception
Monday, 8 p.m., in school auditorium.
Hit f arson Post, No. 2, Department
oi Potomac, will meet tomorrow 2
p.m. in Grand Army Hall.
A business session of the Widows
and Orphans Home, United States
\%ar Veterans’ Association, will be
held, 8 o clock. In Grand Army Hall.
The Arkansas Society will meet at
Thomson School.
citizens’ Association of Chew Chase
will meet 8 o’clock, in E. V." Brown
School. G. Manson Foote will give
illustrated travelogue of the Harding
Alaskan trip. &
.. t , Vl , v a M January will lecture on
1 "/."'ding of Christ Consciousness.”
at 1326 I street. 8 o’clock.
Snowden Ashford will give a lee
,ur‘.';„ lUuslrated w pictures
on Better Homes in America," in as
sembly hall, Cosmos Club. 8 o’clock.
Bi-monthly meeting of Capitol of
Nation Royal Orange Lodge. No. 552
Lrf>yal Orange Institution, at society’s
temple, sth and G streets.
Red Triangle Outing Club party at
sjeamore Island. Come from office
’i r J n s ir ls‘ something to eat: coffee pro
vided. Camp fires, music, dancing, etc
Visitors invited.
South Washington Citizens’ Asso
ciation will meet. 8 o’clock, in Fair
«ireoteS.l Moving picture, mu
sic, Thirty Minutes With the Tele
phone Company” and a discussion of
two important subjects.
Friends’ School Graduation Exer
cises to Be seld Friday.
Presentation exercises of the class
of 1924 of Sidwell’s Friends School
will be held in the Friends meeting
house. Friday night at 8 o’clock.
Diplomas will be presented to nine
The principal address will be made
by Frederick J Libby, executive
| secretary of the National Council for
the Prevention of War. His topic
is. "Patriotism and World Peace.”
Tiie program includes a silent prayer,
songs by the high school, and selec
tions by Mrs. Gertrude Mcßae Nash
The diplomas will be presented to the
following graduates by Thomas VV.
Sidwell: Franklin Moore. Elizabeth
Claire Ridsdale, George Element Judd,
Huth Alice Dickinson. Isabelle
Howard Asserson, Harrv Hollins
Fowler. Louis Fleming Peak. Isabel
Frances Southgate and Katrina
Tanner. A reception will follow the
BAG-—Black beaded, on Cabin John ear, "con
taining money and keys. Call West 2(508 W
after p.m. * *
BAR PlN—Gold, set with sapphires and
pearls. May 20. between 14,34 Harvard st.
and 3042 14th st. Liberal reward Call iv>.
Inmhla 8110. .
BATTERY—Man who took battery out ofniy
ear and left Willard battery, return same
and get yours. A. C. Pugh. 917 K s.e. 23*
BOSTON BI LL TERRIER—FemaIe, brown and
black, strayed from home Saturday evening
Return to 3240 P st. n.w. Reward. Tag No
BROOCH —Friday afternoon: gold ~w-ith dia
monds and pearls. Suitable reward. Call
North 4172-. T. 21*
BENCH OK KEYS, Fnion station or New .Ter
sey ave. car; reward. Security Storage Com
pany. 1140 l.~>th st.
CHOW DOG—Red-brown bull, grown: last - seen
in the vicinity of Army and Navy bldg, and
Farraeut square; answers the name of Put.
Liberal reward if returned to 1755 18th st.
n.w. 22*
COLLIF. PUP. seven months old female: an
swers to name of Palsy: lost near court
house; $5 reward if returned to Frank M
Coward. 31114 33rd st.. Mt. Rainier. Md!
Phone Hyattsville <l9O.
COLLIE —Strayed from 1518 12lh st. n7w", tan
and white, mule. Reward.
T)oG—Airedale, black and tan: answers - to
name “Flapper" or "Girlie." Reward. Phone
Adams 4574. 724 Ingraham. _
EARRING —Lady’s platinum, cut steel twT
tings. in or near Columbia Theater or Occi
dental Restaurant. Liberal reward. Address
Box 348-P. Star office. 22*
GLASSES —Pair light tortoise shell, - j n black
case. K st. between 9 and 10. Reward. Re
turn 1207 E n.w. 21*
GLASSES Pair rimmed, at St. Stephen's
Church Sunday morning. Communicate 3170
17th st. n.w. 22*
GLASSES, tortoise shell rim: brown leather
case. Mrs. Tilton. 1740 Church st. Fr. 8040.
IRISH SETTER—HaIf grown, red. with white
feet: tag 12388. Reward for return or in
formation. 3115 Ridge road n.w. Phone
Cleveland 1620. , 21*
PIN. jeweled A. K. K.. Sunday; initials - R
J. B. on back. Reward. J. Kuqna, 2023 6
POCKETBOOK —Black and tan. between Tttli
and 18th on East Capitol or between 14th and
IKth on A st. s.e.. containing money and eve
glasses. Reward. Call Lincoln 0007-W. 22«
RAINCOAT, silver buckle and belt, initials
G. F. 8. C.. liefween Washington and Fpper
Marlboro, Md.; reward. .las. A. Chambers.
1897 logleside Terrace n.w. Adams 3934 . 22*
RlNG—Solitaire diamond, gold with platinum
prongs; probably downtown. Liberal reward.
Clev. 2779.
RING, gold, with ruby inset; left in wash
room. Bth and N. Y. are.; reward George
Kramer. 1110 Lament st. n.w. 23*
STONE—Large, green, from ring, betwee n
20th and C sis. 11. w. and 14th and Pa. ave.
Reward. Call Adams 502.
WRIST WATCH (child’s), white gold, silver
ribbon: in y>r near Meridian HIM Park last
Monday evening: reward. Potter. 1450 Girard
si. n.w.. Apt. 2. *
WRIST WATCH l lady’s!. gold. Hamilton; be
tween loth and Eye and Hilt and G n.w. Re.
ward it returned to Auditing Department, the
Palais Royal. G and 11th »ls.
$lO BILL—la District balldiug tbi* morning
226 B. I. tre. n.w. •
Eule Made to Prevent Dumping
Old Cars on Streets.
The Commissioners yesterday af
ternoon enacted a regulation limit
ing automobile parking to torty-eight
The one-hour limit remains in ef
fect downtown. The purpose of the
forty-eight-hour rtile outside the con
gested area is to reach the individual
who uses the public street as a stor
age place or graveyard for a worn
out car.
The regulation was adopted at the
request of the street cleaning depart
ment. officials of which claim that
broken down automobiles are left
standing on the streets for days and
weeks at a time, hampering the men
who must keep the highways clean.
The American Cotton Manufac
turers’ Association, which is to hold
its twenty-eighth annual convention
at Atlantic City on May 27-28. is the
largest textile organization in the
Cniled States. In point of individual
membership, embracing about 90 i>er
cent of tho mills in the south and a
large number of northern and eastern
mills as well.
CarbS of thanks.
McKAY. We wish to express our sincere
thanks and appreciation to relatives and
friends for the ts-autiful floral tributes and
sympathy at the death of our beloved hus
band and father. .1. IM'FK McKAY.
McNulty. I desire to thank ail my friend*
and relatives for their kind remembrances
in our late bereavement and tributes in the
hour of sorrow for mv dear wife,
/ MU. M. I. McNf’LTY. *
TILLMAN. We wish to express our sincere
thanks and appreciation to our relatives and
many friends for their kindness, sympathy
and beautiful floral tributes during the ill
ness and death of our beloved son and broth
PATTEN—CAEROLL. Mrs. t;. K. si,,kcs
wishes to announce the marriage of her son,
CARROLL, at Rockville Md., Tuesdav. May
20. 1924. •
BROWN. Monday, May 19. 1924. at 7:20 am
at her residence. 1019 Minnesota ave. u.e,.
MARTHA S. DROWN, beloved wife of Fred
lin.wn and sister of Mrs. Fannie Duckett.
-Mrs. Clara Drown and William F. Carter
Funeral Thursday, May 22. at 2 p.tn., from
Fnion Haptist Church, Hth and U sis. n.w..
Rev. Carroll, pastor. W. Ernest Jarvis Com
pany, funeral directors.
BURNS. Monday. May 19. 1924. at h s re- ;
deuce. 1000 3rd st. n e.. JAMES I. It
lIFIiXS, beloved son of the isle John and
Catherine I turns Funeral from his late
residence Thursday, May 22. at 9 .10 a m
thence to St. Aloysius Church, where
requiem mass will be said at 9 a.in InJer
ment Mount Olivet cemetery. Relatives and
friends invited. 21
BURRELL. Monday. May 19. 1921. at 12:1.7
p.m.. ELIZABETH. l»eloved wTe of Cornelius
Durrell of 003 Oirard st. n.w. Notice of
funeral hereafter.
BURWICK. Departed this life Tuesday, Ma*
20, 1924. at K:3(» p.m.. at the residence of
her sister. Mandy Skinner. 722 Ist st s e
Mrs. STEI.DA DIRWICK. Moved s;sler of
Kugie Raymond and Mandy Skinner Fu
neral service at 522 Ist st. s.e. Friday. Muv
23. at 2:30 o’clock. 22* ‘
CLEMONS. Departed this life Mav 19, 1924
at h»r residence. 2654 Xicliols ave.. Ana
costia. D. C,. AMANDA CLEMONS. She
leaves to mourn their loss one daughter. four
sisters and a host of relatives and friends.
Funeral Thursday at 1 o'clock from Bethle
hem Baptist Church. Nichols ave., Anacostia
D. C.
You suffered much, you murmured not;
We watched you day by day,
Until at last, with broken hearts.
We saw you pass away. 21*
DAGUE. Tuesday, May 20. 1924 at his rest
donee. 313 East Capitol st.. JOSEPH. Is
loved husband of Marearete 1, Hague. Serv
ices will la- held at his late residence Thurs
day. May 22, at 2 p in. Interment at 1.0-gansport.
gansport. Did. (Ixpanspurt papers please
copy. I
DUTFINS. Departed this life Moudav Mav
19, 1924,. HUBERT D. DFFITNS. helmed
husband of Fanny Duffins. loving father of
Alice L. Madden and grandfather of Elise.
Dorothy and Harry A . jr.. and devoted fa
ther-in-law- of Harry A. Madden. Funeral
services Thursday at 2 pm., at Alexander
Memorial Church. X st. between 27th and
28th Sts. n.w. Body will lie in state at
the above named church from 9:30 am
Thursday. May 22. until hour of funeral.
Belalives and friends invited
So fertile in natureT
So patient in pain.
Our dear one has left us
Heaven to gain.
With nature so fertile
And actions so kind.
'Tin hard in this world
His equal to find.
A wonderful husband and father.
So loving and kind.
What a beautiful memory
He has left behind.
DUFFINS. Members of Hiram Lodge. No. 4.
F. A. A. M.. are requested to assemble
at Alexander Memorial Church. N st be
tween 271 h and 28th sts. n.w.. Thursday.
AJay 22. at 1:30 o’clock sharp to attend
the funeral of our late brother. ROBERT
DUFFINS. tyler of the lodge, from said
church, at 2 o’clock. By order of the lodge
Attest; W. 11. BROWNE. Secy.
FRIZZELL. Tuesday, May 2ti. 1924. at his
residence. 42 V st. n.w.! WILLIAM .1.. be
loved husband of Louisa A. Frizzell. Fu
neral from bis late residence Friday. Alay
23. at 8:30 am.: thence to St. Martin's
Church, where mass will Is* said at 9 a m.
for the repose of his soul. Relatives and
friends invited to attend. Interment (pri
vate)* at .Mount Olivet cemetery. • Please
omit flowers. ’ 22
GILPIN. Tuesday. May 20. 1924. at 1:30
P.m.. at his residence. 1429 Oirard st.. F.BEN
NELSON OII.ITN. beloved husband of Mary
E. Gilpin. Services at bis late residence
Thursday. May 22. at 2 p.m. •
HALFIN Tuesday, Alay 20. 1924, NORMAN,
aged 27. son of the late .ladles and Alar
garet Hatpin of Silver Spring, Md. Services
at SI. John’s Chijrch, Forest Olen. Thurs
day morning. 9 a.m. Interment St. John's
HECKMAN. Wednesday, Mav 21, 1924.
AMELIA B . beloved wife of Roliert .1
Heckman. Funeral from her late resi
denee. 1513 Mass. ave. s.e.. Friday. May 23.
at 2 p.m. Relatives and friends invited.
Interment Prospect Hill cemetery. 22*
JOHNSON. Suddenly. Tuesday, Alay 20. 1924.
ALBERT 1... beloved husband of Berlha
Johnson. Funeral from his late residence.
1201 Clifton st., Thursday. Alay 22. at
2 p.m. tlnterment tprivatel at Olenvvood
cemetery. •
LOWER. Wednesday. May 21. 1924 *1 9:45
a.m.. at his residence. 3719 New- Hampshire
tice of funeral later. 22
PROSSER. Alay 14, 1924. ai her residence in
Miami. Fla., after a lingering illness
wile of WiMiara,S. Pgpsser. daughter of the
late William A. and Abigail P. MacNult.v.
and sister of Mrs. Eugene E. Stevens, A. i’.
MacXulty and William 0. MacNult.v. 22
OUAYLE. At Sibley Hospital on May 20.
1924. at 4 p.m.. FANNIE T.. the beloved
wife of James tjuayle, aged 07 years. Fu
neral from the Wilson Memorial Church
Thursday, May 22. at 2 p.m. interment
Alexandria. Vo. I Winchester. Va.. papers
please copy.) •
SMITH. Monday. May 19. 1924. at 1306 New
Jersey ave. n.w.. ANNIE SAIITH. widow of
file late William Smith, mother of the late
Nathaniel Smith and dear friend of J. H.
Lewis. She leaves to mourn her loss one
daughter. Mrs. Lottie Johnson of Baltimore:
one sister and three brothers. Funeral from
the Third Baptist Church. 54h and Q sis.
n.w.. Thursday. May 22. at 2 p.m. W.
Ernest Jarvis Company iu charge.
STRATTON. Monday, May 19. 1924 at the
residence of her uioiher. Mrs. la*o lldekoveo.
1235 New A’ork ave. n.w.. Airs. EVELYN
STRATTON (nee Odekoven). Funeral serv
ices on Thursday. May 22. at 2 p.m.. from
Calvary Baptist Church. Interment private. •
of file late Henry Strauss, passed away in
Chicago. Funeral from tlcier’s undertaking
establishment. 7th st.. Thursday. Alay 22.
1924. at 10 a.m.
3n Jflemoriam.
COREY. In memory of my dear lather.
HUBERT A. CORKY, who departed thiH life
three years ago today. May 21. 1921.
Some may think we do not mins you
When at times they see us smile:
Little do they know the heartaches
That we suffer all the while.
DOUGLAS. EOSS. hi memoiy of my dear
died twelve years ago. May 1. 1912. ani my
dear daughter. MILDRED M. ROSS, who
died three years ago today. May 21. 192’..
I cannot forget thee, dear Mildred.
While in this world I stay;
I will always th'iik of thee,
tfh. mother, the years speed on:
God gives to each and every one
A blessing from al»ove.
What would he give us as sweet
As mother love.
Token of love to mother and daughter,
EDELEN. A tribute of love to flu* memory of
my husband. JOHN 11. EDELEN. who de
' parted this life tjvr years ago today. May
| 21, 1919.
It Is sweet to know* we will meet again.
When* parting is no more.
And that the one I loved so dearly
Hat* only gone before.
3fn fHemoriam.
EDELEN. In loving remembrance of my fa.,
tlicr. JOHN H. KHELEN. who entered infif
reef live year* ago today. May 21. 1919,
Cone. 4,ut not forgotten.
FOWLER. A tribute of love and remembrance
of our devoted friend. Air., BELLE
FOWLER. wh-( left us out- vear ago todav
May 21. 1923.
There is never a day that passe*
Without some thonght of you.
We are always thinking of some kind thing
You used to say and do.
FOWLER. In sad but loving remembrance
of our devoted wife and loving mother,
DAISY BELLE FOWLER, who departed thi»*
lifo v one year ago today. May 21. 1923.
We did not stand beside her bed.
We did not see her life depart.
But when we learned that she was dead
It almost broke our hearts.
Nobody knows our longing.
But few have seen us weep.
We shed the tears of an aching heart.
While others are clasped in sleep
GROSS. In sad but loving remembrance of
my dear son, JOHN U GROSS, who deptr’
ed this life two rear* ago todav Max 21
I ,H --
j I wo years ago. in tears, dear John.
Two years ago today.
I We stood beside your dying bed
And saw you pass away
Days of sadness still come o’er n>
Secret tears often flow;
Memory keeps you ever near us.
Though you died two years ago.
JOHNSON. Sa**red to the memory of our
mother. LOUISA JOHNSON, who died Mat
21. 1923
There are griefs which cannot find comfort
And wounds that cannot In* healed:
There are sorrows so deep in tie* human
They cannot he half revealed.
KNIGHT, in sad but loving remembrance «*f
our dear mother. LILLIAN II KNIGHT.
* who departed this life one year ago today.
Mav 21. 1923.
MEAD. In sad but loving remembrance .if
our dear daughter and mother. ALICE M
MEAD »nee Whitaerei. who died live year**
ago today. May 21. 1919 Anniversary m*"
ai St. Peter’s Cathedral, Cincinnati. Ohio
Before our tyres she faded slowly.
Growing day by day more frail.
Bearing sweetly all l*er suffering'
Without murmur, moan or wail
A loving mother, true and kind.
| faithful to the end of tim*
For all she did her best :
Mav God grant her eternal rest.
PEYTON. In sad but hiving remembrance of
our dear fattier. WASHINGTON PEYTON
who departed this life thirty-four years ag*>.
May 21. IM*».
Tne month of May i* here.
To me the saddest of the rear.
Because thirty-four years ago today
Mv father passed away,
often from our hearts comes a bitter rr«
i “Oh. why d.d our father die;”
Then comes the answer, soft and aweei;
“Father is not dead, only asleep.*’
! Upright and faithful u: all Id' ways.
Devoted and true to the end of his
A loving father, oh. kind.
What a wonderful memory he left behind
REYNOLDS. A tribute of love and devotion
to the memory of ARTHUR L REYNOLDS
who departed this life one year ago toda>.
May 21. 1923
How we mi.'S the welcome footstep*
Os the one we loved so dear.
Oft we listen for his coining.
Feeling Vure that he is near.
No one know* the silent heart ah*-.
Only those who have lost can tell
Os the grief that is borne iff silem ••
for the one we loved so well.
Days of sadness still come o'er us.
Hidden fears so often flow.
Memory always keeps you near «i'
Although you left us long ago.
REYNOLDS Sacred to The memory of m*
j beloved husband. ARTHUR L. REYNOLDS
who departed this life one year ago I*ml»\ .
May 21. 1923.
Dear is the grave where he is laid,
j Sw%et is the memory that never will fade.
Parr of my life is buried deep
| Under (he sod where he sleeps.
; There’s never a day that pa"*'
( . Without sonic thoughts of you.
! Surrounded by friend*. I am lonesome.
In the midst of ail i am blue;
j A smile on my face, but a heartache
, I am thinking of you.
ROSS. DOUGLAS A Tribute of low t.. ti *■
memory of my loved ones, my little no*.*-
.MIDDLED MARIE RUSS, who left ii' thr* *
years ago today. May 21. 1921. and my •I-h*
I mother. J. FRANUKS DUFGLAS, t«c : \»
rears. May 1. 1912. Sadly missed.
ROSS. In loving remembrance of my •■mi-*-
MILDRED MARIE ROSS. w!h» left rn* t..:*
years ago today. May 21. 15*21.
As time goes on 1 miss thee more
uousin t ellstim: •
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