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5' her Faints in Identifying
River Victim as Mrs. Violet
Sydnor, Twenty-Three.
T. :man Last Seen Leaving Home to
Discuss Separation.
r,i 'al Ilispat.'h to The Star.
RICHMOND. Va„ June 18.—Police
ly are working on the theory that
t. Violet Sydnor, whose body was
nd late yesterday in the James
er. was slain by hec husband,
i alter Sydnor. a machinist, twenty
c; r in years old.
r he city is being combed for the
I band, and his description has been
it to the police of other cities,
j rents of the wife, who was twenty
ce years old, said Sydnor came
rc Saturday from Columbus, Ohio.
1 after agreeing with his wife that
y would separate made an appoint
nt to talk over the matter further.
• y were to have met in the after
un at Tth and Semtnes streets,
nee she left her home Mrs. Sydnor
• is not seen again until fishermen
i ir.d her tody with her skull
< ashed.
t arried Heavy IVrrnch.
The husband had carried a heavy
onkey wrench, according to K. M.
i mey. step-father of Mrs. Sydnor
• e police believe this instrument
is used In the murder.
Sydnor was the second husband of
e murder victim, whom he married
t April at HaJifax, N. C. Her for
mer name was Warley. The body
was identified late yesterday by the
■ other, who fainted as she examined
iye wet and disheveled clothing.
< owner Whitfield is arranging for
n inquest, which probably will be
aid this afternoon.
Consul in New York Informed of
Government Formed by
Bishop Noli.
Rr tho Annotated Press
NEW YORK. June IS.—A new cab
inet in Albania to take the place of
i hat of Ahmen Zogu. which was
driven from power recently by the
nationalist revolutionary forces, has
been formed tinder the presidency of
Bishop Kan S. N’oli. former foreign
minister and leader of the nationalist
movement, according to a cable dis
patch received from Tirana by A- B.
Bula, the Albanian consul here In
addition to Bishop Noli, the cabinet
Is made up as follows:
Mini.-ter of foreign affairs—Sulej
man Delvina.
Minister of justice—Stavro Vinjahu
Minister of interior Col. Rcdjep
Minister of war—Col. Kasim Zaf
Minister of public works and agri
culture--Quzim Koculi.
Minister of finance Prof. Luigj
Bishop Noli is head of the Albanian
Orthodox Greek Church, founded bv
him in ISOS. Krom 1909 to 1912 the
bishop was a student at Harvard
Workmen’s Group at Geneva Deaf
to Harmony Pleas,
®y the Associated Press.
GENEVA, June 18.—Efforts were
inade today by the international labor
conference to restore harmony in the
ranks, the workmen’s group being
asked to reconsider its action of yes
terday in refusing any seats on the
conference commission to the Italian
» workman delegates, who belong to the
Fascist! party, as a protest against
the Matteotti affair.
Meanwhile. Signor Rossonl of the
Italian workman delegation tele
graphed Premier Mussolini recom
mending the withdrawal of the en
tire delegation from the conference
unless the Italians were given repre
Subsequently the workmen's group
met and unanimously decided to ad
i here to its previous action exclud
ing the Italians.
Charged With Taking $124,000.
SAN DIEGO, Calif.. June 18.—
Charges of desertion and the embez
zlement of $124,000 were preferred
against Lieut. Ervine H. Brown. Sup
ply Corps. U. S. N., when he appeared
yesterday for trial by general court
martial at the naval air station. North
Island. He pleaded not guilty.
Natives of West Africa are of the
Relief that a lion will not attack a
map who salutes him with a respect
ful gesture.
Everybody’s hobby
Outdoors or indoors, summer or
( *'r)j winter, daytime or night, thirsty
people think of Clicquot Club
Ginger Ale. And it’s a happy
thought—because they all like it.
rT There is a pert freshness in its
)'\ gingery taste, a keen, cool, pure
quality that gives a thrill to any
} ( body’s throat. Why on earth
j I shouldn’t they all like it ?
' Order by the cue from your grocer,
druggist, or confectioner
The Cficquot Chib Company
Miliis, Miu., U.S. A.
Ginger Ale
j Train Hits Auto Truck Stalled on
UNIONTOWN. Pa., June 18.—Two
p Connellsvllle boys were killed here
’ last night, when an express train of
the Pennsylvania railroad struck an
automobile truck which had stalled
on a crossing at Shady Grove, near
here. Justin Ashe, eighteen, and
Felix Ashe, fourteen, the boys killed,
were delivering candy for the Tri
’ state Candy Company, of which J. J.
Ashe, father of Justin Ashe, is the
Artist’s Widow Among Seventeen
Who Met Disaster Off Norway.
Chicago Choir Escapes.
By the Associated Press,
CHRISTIANIA, Norway. June IS.—
Mrs. Richard Bordewick, widow of
the Norwegian-American painter
Bordewick, who once lived in the
town of Norway, Mich., was among
a number of persons, the majority
of them women and children, drowned
Monday, when the Norwegian mail
steamer Haakon Jar) was sunk in
a collision with the steamer Kong
Harald. Twelve passengers and five
members of the crew are said to have
The disaster occurred in the
Vestfjord, between the Ixjfoten Islands
and the Norwegian mainland. The
Kong Harald, aside from her bow
being slightly stove in, was not
damaged. On board this vessel were
fifty members of the Chicago Nor
wegian Male Choir which Ls touring
Norway. The singers worked val
iantly’ in rescuing those thrown into
the water when the Haakon Jarl
Capt. Petersen of the Haakon Jarl
jumped Into the sea from the bridge
of the steamer a few seconds before
it disappeared beneath the waves.
A number of large yellow sap
phires. some of them weighing be
tween 350 and 450 carats, were re
cently discovered' in a rice field in
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St Tears at the Same Address
Third-Party - Movement Leaden
Hint at Names of Wheeler, Hns
ton Thompson and Sweet.
By the Associated Press.
CLEVELAND, Ohio, June 18.—The
conference for a progressive political
action convention here on July 4, may
select a Democrat for second place on
the ticket. If the convention names
Senator Robert M. La Pollette. Re
publican of Wisconsin, for President
on a third-aprty Independent ticket,
it was said yesterday by men here
who are close to the leaders of the
They pointed out that the Pro
gressives will not neglect efforts to
deprive both old line parties of votes
and will expect the aid of the Demo
cratic senators and representatives
who have been aligned with the
"Progressive bloc” in Congress.
Ther* is little likelihood of Warren
S. Stone, president of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers, ac
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If offered, It was learned from
brotherhood leaders In convention
hero today.
Mr. Stone's election yesterday to
the newly created presidency of all
brotherhood activities, under which
he will devote himself primarily to
financial operations, it was pointed
out, eliminates him from active par
ticipation In politics.
*'At least, we hope he wouldn’t
consider It," brotherhood leaders
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said. “We need him more, though
we are fylly back of the La Pollette
Democrats most frequently named
for the vice presidency include Gov.
William E. Sweet of Colorado, United
States Senator Burton K. Wheeler,
Montana; Huston Thompson, member
of the Federal Trade Commission and
chairman, and Carl Vrooman, former
assistant Secretary of Agriculture.
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