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Police Declare D. C. Man Admits
He Assisted Woman to
Harrington. _
Met Her by Chance While Waiting
With Friend for Family.
While police are searching two cities
for the attractive young woman who
abandoned a pink-cheeked baby girl in
the Harrington Hotel here Wednesday
night, the identity of the man who ac
companied her to the hostelry - and then
disappeared has been established.
Benjamin Aronsohn, a decorator, re
siding at 016 N street northwest, went
to the first precinct station last night
and told Capt. Brown and Detectives
Messer and Wilson that he was the man
for whom they were searching.
Aronsohn explained that he and Sam
uel Rose, a clerk employed in the. Vet
erans’ Bureau, went to the Washington.
Baltimore and Annapolis railway station
Wednesday night to meet the' latter’s
family. When the Baltimore train ar
rived a young woman alighted, ap
proached Aronsohn and asked him to
direct her to a hotel.
Took Her in Car.
Aronsohn suggested two, one of
which was the Harrington. The
young woman asked for directions to
the latter, and when Aronsohn no
ticed she had to carry her baby and
a handbag he offered to drop past
with his car. The woman consented.
T T pon reaching the hotel Aronsohn
carried her handbag as far as the
desk, bade her goodnight and de
The man read his description in
yesterday’s papers and. realizing he
was wanted by the police, surrendered
to Capt. Brown. The bellboy from
the Harrington, who had described
Aronsohn, was called to the station
house and identified him as the wom
an's escort. Satisfied with the truth
of Aronsohn’s statements, Capt.
Brown permitted him to depart.
Seek Husband Also.
The location of the mother's escort
has served to complicate the case
rather than help to clear it. Word
from Baltimore today showed that
the mother was legally married be
yond a doubt. The question that rises
now is not only. "Where is the wom
an?" hut also "Where was the hus
band ?’’
Careful watch Is being maintained
at the Baltimore boarding house
where the couple lived for the return
of either. It is frequented largely by
theatrical people and detectives are
now looking for the husband on the
theory that he is an actor. They are
satisfied the mother had not been on
the stage for some time at least.
The family endowment system, con
sisting of paying family allowances
with wages, is spreading rapidly over
continental Europe. In France, for in
stance, family allowances are paid by
all railway and mining companies, as
well as by more than 8.000 firms, banded
together in about 138 associations.
Nearly 3.000.000 workers are affected
by the system, under which last year
more than 300.000,000 francs were paid
out. The system prevails to a con
siderable extent in Germany, Holland
and Belgium, and in Austria it is com
Tempered Toggery
The art of keeping cool is not merely dress
ing in thin clothes—but in thin clothes that
are dressy—so that you are mind-free as well
as weight-free.
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nowhere better demonstrated than in the be
havior of Mode Tropical Suits. They are de
signed with sense and tailored by hand—the
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Weather Man Offers Odds on Heat
Against Showers in Forlorn Race
Earmuff Market Hits Bottom , But Thermometer Hits
Top , Which Proves Law of Compensation
Works as Capital Swelters .
Washington merchants report a
marked falling off in some lines of
business, the depression being char
acterised by a number of business
men as approaching boycott by the
public on such goods as the follow
Woolen underwear, with or with
out fleece lining.
Ear muffs. „
Radiator alcohol.
Auxiliary room heaters, electric,
gas and oil.
Fur caps.
Fortunately for local business men,
there has been a marked pick-up in
sales of other merchandise more than
offsetting the slump in the lines men
For example, the heavier underap
parel has given way to filmy unmen
tionables. ear muffs to sunburn lo
tion. alcohol to more efficient fan
belts, snowshoes to sandals, heaters
to ice-packs and fur caps to straw
All of which leads up to our reg
ular weather story:
A soaring column of mercury yes
terday flirted with the 91 mark, while
all Washington sweltered. Heat rec
ords for this year broke under the
strain and a new record took the
lead. History moved forward and left
footprints in the sands of the Tidal
Basin—nearly 5,000 of them, accord
ing to Historian Beech. Flat feet and
pigeon toes also betrayed themselves
at the other nearby beaches.
One case of sunstroke was reported
to the police.
The weather man cheerfully fore
casts weather for tomorrow as hot as
It was yesterday and today, with the
eker-present possibilities of thunder
Chicago and Middle West Register
Temperature Drop.
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO. June 20.—The heat
wave, to which was attributed sev
eral deaths yesterday in Chicago,
Cleveland and in lowa, was broken to
day In Chicago and the central west,
although It remains very warm to
the east and south, according to
weather reports. A ooollng wind
from Lake Michigan, with showers,
biought relief to Chicago. where_the
McCormick Medical Qlmei Fitted
Collage Syce Examined
Eyesight Specialist
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409-410 McLaehlen Bldg.
10th and O Sts. N.W.
u Just a Real Good Car”
the evening star. Washington, p. a. Friday, tune 20. 1921
temperature rose to u maximum of
94 yesterday, the first hot day of
summer. The heat also has been
broken In Kansas.
L } remains very hot In Oklahoma
and Texas, although there are pros
yect» of relief from thunderstorms,
acoornin* to the weather bureau. In
the northwes?t\temperatures are very
] ©Mittsborn [
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Fourth Fleer
’ • - - ’ ... -4.
comfortable. The temperature here
dropped gradually to 72 at 10 a.m.
Overcast skies, forerunners of '
storms, are expected to lower Chi
cago temperatures, which made a
thirty-three degree Jump in eleven
hours to a 94-degree peak yesterday
evening. One man dropped dead and
another was drowned when he sought
relief from the heat, while three
prostrations were reported.
Two persons, believed to have been
deranged from the 100-degree heat
in lowa hanged themselves. Indiana
thermometers registered around 92,
and Nashville, Tenn., had 93.
Four heat victims were reported
from Cleveland, two of them from
drowning. Another prostration vic
tim was in a serious condition.
Though Chicago’s lake bathing sea
son has not officially opened, thou
sands sought relief on the beaches
yesterday. The water registered 66
degrees. A number spent the night
the parks.
Three Others Prostrated by Weath
er in Cleveland,
CLEVELAND, June 20.—The heat
wave which struck the Great Lakes
region yesterday resulted In the death
of five persons In Cleveland and the
prostration of three others, one of
whom is In a serious condition. Four
of the victims died after lining over
come, while the fifth drowned while
seeking relief In Lake Erie.
The mercury touched 89 degrees,
after which it began to drop.
Regular brushing of the gums a*
well as the teeth is essential for a
healthy mouth.
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