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Tomer South Carolina Executive
Accused of Responsibility in
Bank Failure.
By the Associated Press.
ALLEXDALE, S. C., July 11.—When
circuit court opened here today the
state and defense were ready for the
second trial of Wilson G. Harvey, for
mer governor of South Carolina, on
charges of violating the state banking
laws. His first trial, held in Charles
ton several months ago. resulted In a
hung jury. The charges against the
former governor, now a resident of
Greenville, grew out of the failure of
the Enterj>rise Bank of Charleston, of
which he was president. It is alleged
by the prosecution that Mr. Harvey
was guilty of violating the law which
prohibits the recent of deposits after
a bank is known Vo be insolvent, and
also that he authorized loans in excess
of the amounts stipulated by law.
H. Lee Harvey, a brother of the de
fendant in this case, was sentenced to
one year's imprisonment and $5,000 fine
upon his entering a plea of guilty to
similar charges, preferred against him
as a director of the bank. The state
supreme court later allowed him to
withdraw his plea of guilty, and he is
scheduled to again face a jury. Fred
C Peters, collector cf customs at
Charleston during the Wilson adminis
tration. who was indicted with the
Harveys, pleaded guilty to the same
charges and was fined $750, which he
-More Than 1.000 Delegates Reg
ister First Day for Fifth Bi
ennial All-South Session.
r.y the Associated Press.
RICHMOND. Va., July 11. —When
he first meeting of the fifth biennial
■ invention of the All South Christian
.ndeavor was called to order here
ist night, officers of the conference
■nnounced from the platform that it
'.as the largest convention assem
!age in the history of the unified
a >dy.
Over a thousand delegates, from
: i> southern states, were registered
j esterday, and many more are ex
pected to register today.
At the opening session the dele
ites were welcomed to Virginia by
’• >v. E. Lee Trinkle, honorary chair
man of the convention committee,
v bile other addresses were made by
v 01. John W. Williams, clerk of the
' ouse of Delegates, for the city of
. ichmond; Rev. J. B. Huntry, pastor
the Hanover Avenue Christian
lurch, for the Richmond churches,
.id Miss Carolyn V. McKee, for the
cal Endeavor Union. Rev. R. F.
. ilpatrick, D. D., pastor of the First
• resbyterian Church, Anderson, S. C.,
i sponded for the delegates.
Dr. Francis E. Clark, founder of the
hristian Endeavor movement, who
'••as to have delivered the principal
ildress last night, has been kept
• vay from the convention by illness.
. owever, a letter from him, dated
t Boston, Mass., was read bv the
lairrnan, Duncan B. Curry of Jack
-■ inville, Fla., and the entire audience
. ood for a few minutes in silent
ioute to their leader. A motion was
en made directing the secretary to
legraph Dr. Clark their appreci
. on of his message of greeting and
eir wish for him of a speedy recov
•. . y from his malady.
••vathmey Marries Woman Former
Wife Had Named in
the Asbaciated Proa-.
XEW YORK, July 11. —Archibald
i Gwath..-ey. jr.. Brooklyn broker,
■d Mrs. luivsy Ci-iford Jude °f Fort
• dge, lowa, '-g. e marrieu r.n Stam
rd, r- onn„ J f* 4, friends 'Z Mrs.
)’ <3%. A rib informed yesterday..
M“. y was granted e. di-<
rce iromws forntir wife on the
ound of aeser7;on i.y a Florida
urt last year. A erT-ith ago he
•l essfully defended suit brought by
s wife in which the name of Mrs.
dd was mentioned.
The jury supported Mr. Gwathmey’s
mention that the relations between
rs. Judd and himself were "pla
en. Bermudez Says All Positions
in Lau Sector Have Been
.-y the Associated Prtss.
CEUTA, Morocco, July 11.—Gen.
Castro Bermudez, commandant gen
eral of Ceuta, speaking here yester
day at the burial of Spanish soldiers
'tilled in the fighting against the
Moorish rebels, declared that all of
he Spanish positions in the Lau sec
or have been relieved. He said that
he rebels had been routed and pun
shed. He praised the conduct and
teroism of the Spanish forces en
raged in recent operations.
MADRID, July 11.—Gen. Rivera,
head of the Spanish government, left
ast night on a visit to Morocco,
after an audience with King Alfonso.
In the Old Days.
Trap* the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Blinks —I often was entertained with
comic pictures long before the movies
;ame along.
Jinks—Yes, I, too, often spent an
evening with a girl who would en
tertain me with the old family album.
In 1818 one Bowdler published an
expurgated edition of Shakespeare;
hence arose the verb to bowdlerize.
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The chieftain of the legal depart
ment in the Coolldge cabinet is digni
fied and aloof, and one whom the
most courageous is apt to approach
with wariness. Tet,
there Is a magic
word, “Sabrina,”
jfjmF"'' which, uttered by
stranger, will
1 1 M send him into,
f* jr if chuckles of mirth
Bs: ,J' If the occasion
•. ‘ £ does not permit
loud of
laily. dear to the
JsL heart of every
A,nherst student,
especially ho s e
Attorney General Stone dined. and to
young Harlan
Fiske Stone, she was committed as
her proper guardian In that year
when he became even more famous
than he is now. For he was right
guard on the foot ball team In the
season in which the President’s alma
mater walloped Williams’ College,
then thought invincible, and followed
up this victory by smashing the rec
ord of Dartmouth. “Sabrina,” In con
sequence of these achievements, was
given over to the care of the At
torney General’s class for he was
a stellar performer with books as
well with ball. So he was appointed
the personal guardian, and secreted
the big rag doll so effectually that
she remained in seclusion almost a
year, and to this day no one knows
where, for every inch of space where
young Stone kept his possessions was
turned over and in and out hundreds
of times during those lively scholas
tic terms. And to this day, fSabrina,”
or anything which concerns her, will
cause a laugh from the Amherst man
of that era.
Those were the golden days of
Amherst’ in the foot ball line as well
as being the ones in which a Presi
dent of the United States was In
the making and also his Attorney
General. George D. Pratt of New
York, whose name is likewise well
known in big affairs, captained the
eleven, and Stone was his able co
adjutor. "Sabrina” is still held in
esteem as the mascot, but the year
1594, when she was committed to
the care of young Stone, stands out
in her annals, for it was the first
time she was given permanently to
a class instead of to an Individual,
a custom which is still maintained.
Needless to add, the Attorney Gen
eral, like his confrere, the Secretary
of the Navy, rarely misses a spirited
root ball game, and he will be In
good trim for them this autumn.
Rob Bank in Chicago Suburb and
Escape in Auto, Eluding
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO. July 11— Six youthful
bandits bent on making a large haul
raided the Prairie State Bank of Oak
Park, a suburb, shortly before closing
time today, terrorized eleven persons
in the bank and escaped with about
S3OO. overlooking between $7,000 and
SS.OOO on the table of one of the bank
quickly that the police, called by
i....taci-by >• .io o.w me u.inu.L.- enter
the bank, had not arrived when the
sextette escaped in an automobile
which had been placed in the rear of
the institution.
The money the bandits found was
In a pigeon hole of a teller's desk.
While three stood guard over the
people in the bank, their companions
made a systematic search of the cages
but overlooked the money In plain
view on the table.
Bv turning Communist and apply
ing for a position as a saleswoman.
Countess Danneskjoeld-Samsoe. a
member of an old Danish noble fam
ily. has shocked her social friends.
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Ughshsess QtwUfe Hess QUm
Toascted ISM
• ■“*— “r j
L fliidn) Vusntiw
Mystery Ship, Dog Sole Occupant,
Found Sailing Aimlessly in Pacific
Schooner Panviego, Not Listed in Maritime Records,
Believed to Have Lost Crew in Storm.
Nearly Wrecks Steamer.
By Consolidated Preaa.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 11—In the
floating derelict of a ninety-ton
wooden schooner now wandering aim
lessly about In the lanes of ocean
travel somewhere between San Fran
cisco and Panama, maritime author
ities here today have a tragedy of
the sea which is one of the strangest
ever recorded. The mystery derelict
Is that of the schooner Panviego,
apparently a ship without a country,
without registry at any port, and, so
far as can be learned, a vessel upon
which the maritime authorities of
the Seven Seas are unable to shed
any explanatory light.
Equally baffling as the question of
the place from which the ship hailed
is the fate that overtook her and
her captain and crew, presumed to
have numbered about twenty-seven
First word regarding the half-sub
merged hulk of the Panviego and
her fate has Just been brought to
this port by the steamship Satsuma,
en route from New York to the
Looms Out of Night.
The derelict was almost rammed
by the Satsuma off the western coast
of Costa Rica, several days ago.
Looming up suddenly out of the night
like a phantom of fiction, her sails
still set, the Panviego crossed the
bow 'of the Satsuma so closely that
a collision was narrowly averted.
When the master of the Satsuma
tried to hail her, there was no answer.
Also she carried no lights, and it
was noted that she sailed such an
erratic course that something must
be wrong. So the Satsuma stood by
until daylight.
When a boarding party was sent
to the Panviego the next morning,
they found her hold full of water,
most of her cargo jettisoned and
evidences that she had been through
a terrific storm. Captain and crew
were missing. The only living thing
aboard the vessel was a fox terrier,
evidently the ship’s mascot, which
was almost dead from hunger and
thirst. This In itself was strange,
as one of the age-old traditions of
the sea is that a ship’s mascot. like
women ard children, must always
come first In attempts at rescue.
Life Bmf* Untouched.
The mystery was further deepened
when It was found that all the life
boats were untouched upon davits,
and there was nothing to explain
how the skipper and crew left their
waterlogged ship. While sailors
from the Satsuma were aboard the
Panviego, another vessel, the Amer
ican tanker Cecil County, hove Into
sight and also sent out a boarding
The two boarding crews, despite a
long search, were unable to find any- ;
thing which would tell from what
port the Panviego sailed or whither
she was bound. The ship’s log and
her papers were missing, while the
water in the hold had erased the
labels and shipping tags upon the
small part of the cargo that re
mained unjettlsoned. .
The boarding party of the Cecil
County took off the terrior mascot.
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carrying It eastward with, them to
Atlantic seaboard ports.
The mystery regarding the Pan
viego was still further Increased
when the Satsuma reached San Fran
cisco and reported her findings to
the government hydrographic office.
Search of Lloyds and other registries
failed to show any vessel of such
Apparently the 111-fated vessel was
a ship without a country, bound from,
nowhere to nowhere, and with no
body to mourn the traglo end that
overtook her.
According to members of the Sat
suma’s crew. It Is possible, but not
probable, that the Panvlego’s captain
and crew all were washed overboard
in a storm. On the other hand. It Is
Improbable that the captain would
have been carrying the ship’s log
and other papers with him when he
lost his life. That the skipper and
crew escaped with their lives also Is
regarded as Impossible, because of
the untouched lifeboats.
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