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Gov. Trinkle Expected to Visit
Soldiers of State During
the Week.
Sr-oclal Dispatch to Tho Star.
RICHMOND, Va., July 14—Trains
wcr'c passing through Riclumond a
good part of the day yesterday, filled
with soldiers from all parts of the
slate headed for Virginia Ueach,
tvhere the annual camp of the- Vir
ginia National Guard is under way.
The men were in fine shape and ap
peared eager for the outing aaxd in
struction. This is a brigade eneajnp
ment, the first held in the state, .and
strict military discipline is to Jpe
maintained at every step. Col. J.-
Fulmer Bright, commanding the 183 d
Regiment, went to the scene of thei
camp on Friday, and will be there
until the men and officers entrain
for home.
The statement is made that Gov.
Trinkle, the commander-in-chief, will
make a visit to the camp one day this
week, at which time there will be
a parade and maneuvers in honor of
the occasion. The camp is located
a short distance from the seaside, and
It is expected that when Tlnere is no
work for the soldiers they will put
in a good part of the time in the surf.
The medical department of the two
•regiments will be in attendance, with
hospital corps and ambulances for
whatever emergency may arise.
Production Last Week Next Small
est in Five Years.
Production of soft coal in the
United Stales is now running close
to the low record. During the week
ending July 5, the geological survey
announced today, the output was
3.755,000 net tons, or less than in any
corresponding week for five years,
with the exception of 1922, when the
coal miners' strike held up operations
in all but tho non-union mining areas.
The week’s output was 1,616,000 tons
less than that of the previous week
this year, hut the low point marked
a decline which has been in progress
since April 1.
During normal periods the United
States produces around 10,000,000 tons
of soft coal a week, and the output
has even run above 12,000,000 tons.
Anthracite production, though also
cut down, is maintaining a more
nearly normal output, the survey re
port said, but to date is running at
about 11 per cent below 1923 output
for the first half of the year.
Proved Diesel Type of Slow Speed
to Be Used by U. S.
The committee of the Shipping I
Board on Diesel engines has recom
mended adoption of proved types of
slow-speed. direct-connected engines I
for installation In the twelve single- j
screw freighters selected for initial |
conversion under the Diesel motor j
program. The board has. $25,000,000
for the purpose and hopes to convert
about sixty cargo vessels into motor
Although it urged the first step in
She conversion program be governed i
Vo a careful choice of standard and
tried types, the Diesel committee
called attention to the desirability ot
encouraging the development of the |
double-action internal combustion i
engine, which is declared to be the j
more modern and capable of speedier i
propulsion. Specifications are now
being drawn for the first twelve con
versions and contracts, o a which all j
sections of the country wfil be given ;
an opportunity to bid.
Airplane Theft Charge to Be Taken i
Up in Arlington County.
Pispatch to The Star.
CLARENDON. Va.. July 14.—Man- j
uel Herrick. former representative ;
from Oklahoma, will appear in police i
court Wednesday morning against Her- I
bert J. Fahy, whom he charges with I
stealing his airplane.
The plane was returned to Arlington j
Beach, from where Herrick said it had j
been taken without his consent. Fahy,
a former lieutenant in the air service, i
says he was employed by Herrick to |
reconstruct the machine, which Her- i
rick was to have used in his election
campaign. He was arrested at his
home in Washington on a warrant ob
tained by Herrick in Arlington County.
Maryland Dentists Licensed.
Special Dispatch to The Star.
FREDERICK. Md.. July 14.—The
Maryland State Board of Dental
Examiners on Saturday afternoon
issued licenses to candidates from
eight states to practice in Maryland.
The session was held at Braddock
Heights, the board being the guests
of Dr. D. G. Everhart, this city.
Fine-oatmeal will clean lace that I
rot too badly soiled.
’ “Business Is Good!”
Wherever you hear this, you will find the
speaker sitting in a Sikes Office Easy Chair
back of a National Flush Construction Desk.
They walk hand in hand with Success
because they more than meet every requirement,
including Price.
Come in today and lets talk Success.
—Found Where Business Succeeds
712 13th St. N.W. Main 1086
Justice McCoy Begins Hearing of
Case Growing Out of Death
of John Purcell.
I Ernest A. Brown, Lloyd Monroe.
William Ludley and Joseph, P. Slaugh
ter. all colored, are on trial before
chief Justice McCoy, in Criminal Di
vision 1, on an indictment charging
murder in the first degree in connec
tion with tho death of John W. Pur
cell, colored, a policeman. Purcell
was shot October 15 last, when, in
company with Policeman H. R. Craw
ford. he went into an alley in the
rear of the Bell School, at First
street and Virginia avenue south
west, and surprised a gang of ne
groes. The prisoners are said to have
opened fire on the officers without
The examination of talesmen to
select a jury occupied the entire ses
sion of the court this morning.
Among the inquiries propounded by
lawyers for the defense to prospect
ive jurors is. “Are you In sympathy
with the prohibition act?” Purcell
bad been twenty years on the police
fv rce. Assistant United States Attor
neys O’Leary, Presmont and Burnett
are conducting the prosecution, while,
tlv' defense is represented by Attor
neys T. Morris Wampler, Robert E.
Lywffi, Foster Wood, Abner Siegai
anrfvJohn H. Wilson.
E r euhauser Denies Charges.
Roy jL. Neuhauser today filed an
answer in the District Supreme
Court to the suit for 92,000 brought
against l«m by Sophia R. Harris In
reference Jo a real estate deal. He
| denies the- charges of the plaintiff
, and declare* he carried out the terms
of the contract. He is represented
by Attorney .Joseph A. Burkart.
THE Campbell Soup
Company operates its
own great farms to pro*
duce more perfect vegetables.
It has spent millions —to the
inmeasurable benefit of the
public and the conspicuous
success of the enterprise.
Spending lavishly to
you extra value is the
polity of Hearses Inter
national also. It is the
policy of publishing a
magazine so exception
ally good that you wilt
want it. Read “Butler,
The Fighting Quaker**,
for instance, by Mary
Roberts Rinehart in July .
I HearstS
\ International
“Just a Real Good Car**
The only harm
less way to bleach
the skin white
to mix the Juice
| tenons
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mKM of Orchard White,
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well In a bottle,
and you have a whole quarter-pint
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Massage this sweetly fragrant lemon
bleach into the face, neck, arms and
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ion; also as a freckle, sunburn and tan
bleach. You must mix this remarkable
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diately after it is prepared.
I Orchard White
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j ______ __ I
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The Steel Wool- tional value
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