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f*late and Wearing Apparel
ildentified by Sister of
| Modiste, Thought Slain.
• .. -.

i (be AiMHieted I'reM.
•CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., July 30.
While the climax to the myatery sur
rounding the disappearance of Mias
.|u frusta Hoffman, modiste, was
ached yesterday afternoon, when
William H. Bennett, district freight
yent for the Southern railroad at
a<»me, Oa.. and his wife, were bound
ijer to the grand Jury on charges of
murder, interest Is In nowise abated.
'She grand Jury does not meet until
September, unlees called In extraor
dinary session, and In the meantime
t*e prosecution has announced that
❖ effort will be spared to get at the
of the mysterious affair.
$ Sister Aids Identity.
•While Miss Hoffman vanished in 1915,
relatives, who had abandoned hope of
learning her fate, are now taking an
active interest in the investigation
atid 'fill co-operate with the officers,
little- doubt is expressed but that the
sgeleton found under a house for
merly occupied by the Bennetts is
tie remain* of the missing modiste,
tie identification having been made
almost positively by Mrs. Anne C.
fright of Richmond. V»., a sister of
J4iss Hoffman, who furnished an affi
davit used in the trial yesterday, she
hiving recognized the plate of false
teeth and shoes found In the grave
n» eimllar to those usually worn by
liliss Hoffman.
of the Bennett family
las added interest to the case, he
hiving stood high in church and fra
tirnal societies for years. However,
>|rs. Bennett was indicted here sev
eral years ago on the charge of rais
ing treasury bills, the case being nolle
Pf ossed.
Grain men suspended
3jansas City Trade Board Accuses
I Armour Officials of Mis
By the AMOftitfd Pres*.
aas City Board of Trade late today
suspended W. T. Lincoln. local man
ajrer of the Armour Grain Company,
and George E. Marcy of Chicago,
president of the company, from mem
bership In the board for “misrepre
sentation of wheat receipts.” Lincoln
'♦as suspended for 10 days and Marcy
fQr 60 days.
jThe board charged that warehouse
receipts for grain were rewritten
ajid lists of grain receipts loaded out
apd unloaded submitted, after which
the receipts were canceled and new
ofes issued for No. 2 grades of grain.
i*The effect was that wheat receipts
lied for higher grades of wheat
an that actually held in the eleva
.The difference in value of wheat
called for on the warehouse receipts
a»ld that in the elevator was between
Slo.ono and $50,000, the Board of
TJ-ade alleges.
• The alleged discrepancy was first
discovered in the secretary's office of
tgo Board of Trade. An official weigh
uti relnspection of the entire elevator
vte.B then ordered by officials of the
How to sleep
♦ j for youth^health^beauty
c 4 secret that has meant wonders to |
me in better health and looks M H
I never thought much about sleep. I guess I slept 1 |K
as well as most people. My health has always been I JranMUl II I nl Ml
normal but Ido get awfully tired sometimes. Who I jw||fH
My doctor asked me one day, “How do you fed I Jranr mrfarai Ifflf 1I W
mornings?” “Pretty irritable, sometimes,” I said,“Not -I Wl / J
very eager to start in on the day’s work ” DP I (I
“You arc not getting the right kind of - =^== 3 ~==^p^f r ■'| V tTlTJ UMl H I I ill
sleep” he said. Then he told me what to v ; T^p'' s * V j I |j|
do. Every woman who values her health and good V V»\ B MBS 11/ Hi
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Health Soap. Work this lather deeply into pores. hausted nervous forces arc restored. In sleep alone
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moves from hands and face the germs one
constantly picks up from things which
fffStW ill others touch.
palm fruit oIL ’ '/
clean, quickly v«ni»L- Daily use of Lifebuoy keeps your skin: I
£S7 you splendidly alive and pores open, ena>
bling the body to get rid of wastes an 4
v . - \ r . <-■ ■
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I-- ( i*ii BsttS* Peon.*
ll\ l//- — 1111 (11111
Commissioner Oabaldon Declares
Propaganda in United States Has
Reacted Favorably.
By the An.oclated Freu.
BARCELONA. Spain, July 30.
Isauro Gabaldon, resident commis
sioner of the Philippines at Washing
ton, who is on a mission to Europe in
behalf of the Philippine Independence
movement, yesterday gave the news
papers here a long declaration of
the alms of the Filipino people.
"Never before were our hopes for
the triumph of our cause so well
founded,” said Mr. Gabaldon. "Any
country which knows our desire will
become a partisan of Philippine aa
"The propaganda we have made In
the United States has reacted favor
ably upon public opinion and pro
voked such feeling as to contribute
powerfully to the labors of the con
stitutional Filipino representatives
in the American Congress at Wash
ington. The Democrats of the United
States have conceded us absolute In
dependence. The Republican party,
however, is not our enemy despite its
opposition to our aims.”
Taking up the Japanese question,
Mr. Gabaldon said;
"Japan never has been a menace
to the Philippines, principally be
cause the Japanese seem not to like
our climate and because they do not
consider the Philippines a good prise.
Japanese have Invaded Honolulu and
California, but have avoided our Is
lands despite their geographical
Mr. Gabaldon then gave figures to
show how few Japanese enter the
Philippines and also to prove that
many of those who had resided in
the Islands had returned to Japan.
Ex-Supreme Court Justice lIL
PITTSBURGH, Pa.. July 80.—George
Shlras, 92 years old. retired as
sociate Justice of the United States
Supreme Court, who has been critical
ly 111 at a hospital here since he suf
fered a fractured hip In a fall five
weeks ago, failed to show any im
provement early today, attending phy
sicians said.
Just Drive It: That?* All
Kj tbt AmdtM Ptmsl
ROSTOV-ON-DON. Russia, July
*o.—Five officials of the North Cau
casian State Railway yesterday were
condemned to be shot. They -Were
convicted of the theft of 240 carloads
of fuel oil and 27 carloads of wood
which they recorded as having been
consumed on the railway when In
reality they sold the fuel and appro
priated the proceeds to their per
sonal usea
In view of the “proletarian origin”
of the culprits, however, the court
commuted the death sentences to im
prisonment for 10 years in strict Iso
latjon In Moscow.
SPENDING million* to
save pennies Is some
times sound business.
The Lackawanna Railroad has
spent a million dollars a mil,.
to eliminate grades and clip
20 minutes from passenger
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spending millions to saw;
you the pennies wasted in
asingle second-rate story.
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EDEN ” by Rudyard Ki
pling, in August,
Pay* 6 Per Cent
on shares maturing In 45 I
or 83 months. It
Pay* 4 Per Cent
on shares withdrawn be
fore maturity
Asset* More Than |
Surplus $950,000
I Comer 11th and E Sts. N.W.
JOSHUA W. CARR.. ■ Secretary
Did he have a right to suspect her?
DH UNBAR was in a terrible State of mind. He was worried Sometimes, of course, halitosis comes from some deep-seated organic dis
| sick about his wife. He was madly in love with her and or< * er that requires professional advice. But usually—and fortunately—
she had been acting very strangely during the past several Halitosis is only a local condition that yields to the regular useofLmer.nea,
months r a mout }, wash and gargle- It is an interesting thing that this well-known
•“J" * , . - ~ . , antiseptic that has been in use for years for surgical dressings, possesses these
The thing that troubled him most was that she now re* unusual properties as a breath deodorant,
sponded very rclurtantly to hisaffectionate advances. She It halts food f cnnenta tion in the mouth and leaves the breath sweet, fresh
wouldn’t even let hun kiss her. The whole state of affairs was and clean. Not by substituting some other odor but by really removing the
driving him mad. He suspected everything. And, yet, he old one. The Listerine odor itself quickly disappears. So the systematic use
alone was to blame. of Listerine puts you on the safe and polite side.
* * * Your druggist will supply you with Listerine. He sells lots of it. It has
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—r — T’W'i'J

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