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% ________
Advance From $3 to $1,400
; a Million in Less Than
One Year.
C —' ~
By Consolid»t*d Press.
♦NEW YORK, August 7.—Profits of
48.566 per cent in Jess than a year—■—
Jit's a shame to "break” this story
just as Charles Ponzi, Boston's
fsjenzled financier, has finished his
lifst four years .in- durance vile and
is. facing’ further years in jail, all
because he failed to make good on
hie promises of 100 per cent in three
J3ut this story, unlike Mr. Ponzi’s
promises. Is based on fact. And It
milst not be held u»>, despite the fact
that it will make Ponsi—and his
dupes—green with envy.
Thousands of Americans and Cana
dians, who had more faith in the
ultimate recovery of Germany than
Germany had herself, today are
clashing in at the rate of $1,400 per
million marks, on imperial German
government war bonds, which, they
Purchased as low as $3 per million.
That’s just 46,566 per cent profit—
figure it out for yourself.
Total Face Value.
William Franz, of the bond depart
ment of Robert G. Mayer & Go., Broad
way bankers and dealers In foreign
exchange, today estimated the total
faje value of such bonds held in the
United States and Canada roughly at
5.(ioo,000,000 marks. The figures, he
said, might run as high as 10,000,-
CPhese “scraps of paper.” then, axe
tofiay worth somewhere between
57|000,000 and $14,000,000.
Sot all the holders of the bonds
>ooght them as low as $3 per million
iidrks. They have sold as high as
15.000 per million. But relatively few
\ bought in at that price. At least
5 J>er cent of the outstanding supply,
Ilf, Franz estimated, was bought at
letween $6 and $3- —the low price
•cached last September and October,
vhtn the world became convinced
hat Germany as a nation* was des
ined for the scrap heap.
Today, Germany is clamoring to get
hdm back. It is rumored that the
lefman government itself is in the
naj-ket for them, though this has not
lean confirmed. It is certain, how
ivift-. that somebody in Germany
vajits them, and wants them bad.
Like Paper Money.
The history of the old German gov
sriVnent bonds parallels that of Ger
nan paper marks and Russian rubles
-s«ve that it now appears to have
happy ending for the speculators
vho took a long flier in them.
njeal buying of these issues started
n .the United States and Canada in
PS!. At first they brought as ranch
is JJ5.000 per million. By degrees the
'rife slumped to SI,OOO.
Finally, year ago, when.it appeared
lutt Germany must either be broken
ipjinto separate states or swallowed
ipJn bolshevism, the bottom dropped
■Lit of the market for the bonds. The
ctoggan took them all the way
t> $3.
The recovery began with first indi
cations of the possible success of the
Daaves committee and a resultant
owi to Germany. German citizens
Igjred that before the government
■<n*ld get a loan, it would have to
ake up the old bonds at some figure,
uft as German industrial concerns,
•eyeing capital, valorized their old
ihkgationa at 15 per cent of their
•after mark value. • ’
I®.- March the old government bonds
tad climbed painfully back to SSO per
niyion marks. A month ago the price
ias SIOO. With the announcement
hat the plan had finally been accept
d ;by the allies and that Germany
i as ready to accept it, the bonds sky
Today a great stream of the once
rorthless securities are flowing in to
h«» various-bond brokers here, to be
old In Germany. Profits of aH the
f.ij irom 700 to 46.566 per cent are
eiBS reaped.
Man, oh man, wouldn’t some future
'onzi like to get hold of a "sucker
sC containing the names of the
5.566 per cent boys? There ought to
e some easy pickings in it for deal
's in Wildcat preferred.
! ;-95 JPj
in yotii* home if »
during imm
Month of wil I
I Augusi
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A RUUD 95 Automatic Gas Water Heater. You have long wanted it and
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Senator Oddie Tells Silver Hen
United States Win Gain by
Expanding Markets.
By the Associated Frees. - - w
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. August 7.
—Addressing the producers of three
fourths of the world’s silver. In con
vention here yesterday. Senator-Tin
ker L. Oddie of Nevada urged the
assistance of the .United States Gov
ernment in helping European coun
tries regain normal financial condi
tions, which, he said, would result in
expanding and strengthening the for
eign markets for agricultural and
other products.
His address concluded the first day
of the American Silver Producers’
The conference is the climax of a
move of the silver producers, made at
Reno last Fall to organize in order
to raise silver prices out of the de
pression stage and expand the market.
Definite plans, adopted by the ten
tative committee of the sliver pro
ducers* association, for the perfec
tion of an organization to act in con-
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Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin is Hie trade mart of Bayer Manufacture of Meeoacetfeaddester of SalieyUcadd
THE 'ETENiycf STAR. WASHiyoiTOyi D. C.. THURSDAY. ’AUGUST 7. 1934.
Junction with the Government were
presented-4o the meeting.
The purpose of the organization as
outlined in the articles of the asso
ciation sire: To advise, aid and sup
port legislation and other procedude
looking to lowering coat of produc
tion, look to the reduction, transpor
tation and marketing and to eliminate
discrimination against the industry
and to promote and protect the in
terests of all those engaged in the
-The outcome of the plans for a per
manent organization will not be
known until the final session to
morrow, when -they -will be thoroughly
discussed and adopted or rejected.
Greek Minister Wants Best of
$33,000,000 Credit.
ATHENS, August 7.—Minister of
Foreign Affairs Roussos yesterday an
nounced his intention of proceeding
to Washington in September to try
to obtain the remainder of Greece
credit of $33,000,000, his American
friends having cabled him that the
time was propitious for favorably ac
tion by the American Government.
<‘*Just a Real Good Car**
Declares Dealers and Oil Compa
nies in Florida Besort to Illegal
Price Fixing.
The Federal Trade Commission
yesterday issued an order, aimed at
an alleged combination in Tampa,
Fla, described as Intended to main
tain the margin of retail profit on
gasoline against the Standard Oil
Company of Indiana, the Gulf Refin
ing Company and the Texas Company.
The order names the Tampa Retail
Gasoline Dealers’ Association.
The commission alleged that the
association "supported by the oil
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companies** undertook to organise all
retail gasoline dealers of Tampa Into
an association which would agret- to
sell gasoline at 4 cents a gallon mar
gin of profit- Where retailers refused
to join, the'cotnpanles refused to sell
d*iQ op ROUND (to oC
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limit returning August 30. 1924. ’
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#Ter descriptive booklet*. Information, ticket*.
etc., apply to 8, Z. Burgee*, Siviaion Passenger /*J=5Sk
iKsS'u %:- w ~
Southern Railway System
them gasoline, or rendered them “In
sufficient service,“ the commission al
Respondents, tinder the commis
sion’s order, are required to stop the
alleged unlawful practice.
I —' *
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