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Attorney General and Mrs. Stone Gone
to Charlottesville to Spend
the Week End.
THE Attorney General and Mrs.
Harlan F. Stone started at
noon today to motor to
Charlottesville, Va., where
they will be the guests over Sunday
oP Mr. and Mrs. Gerrard Glenn of
New York, who arc spending' the
Summer there.
The Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Cur
tis Dwight 'Wilbur, plans to go to
New Hampshire the first of next week
to spend a few days with Mrs. Wil
bur and their family, who are guests
of Rear Admiral and Mrs. Guy H.
Burrago at fontoocook.
('apt. Wallenberg to Sail
Tomorrow for Sweden.
The Minister of Sweden. Capt. Axel
Wallenberg, is in New York and will
sail tomorrow on the Drottningholm
to Join lime. Wallenberg at their
home in Sweden, where she lias been
for some time. The Minister and
Mme. Wailenb; rg will return to this
country in the late Autumn,
Senator and Mrs. Edward I. Ed
wards have gone to Spring Cake. N.
■T. and are slaying at the Essex and
The Solicitor Genera! and Mrs.
James M. Beck and their daughter.
Miss Beatrice Beck, who have been
abroad since the late soring, will
arrive in New York aboard tile Lcvia
than, which is expected to dock Tues
day. They will come directly to
Washington. •
Gen. John ,1. Pershing, Chief of
Staff. U. S. A., is leaving Washington
today on an extensive inspection tour.
He will go as far West as Denver, and
will spend a few davs with relatives
in Lincoln. Nebr,. and return to Wash
ington about September 1. Gen.
Pershing will retire from the Army
September 13.
The Ended Slates Minister to Aus
tria and Mrs. Albert Henry Washburn,
with their son. will sail from New York
today aboard the (Tesidente Wilson
for his post in Vienna. Mr. and Mrs.
Washburn were in Washington for a
few days after their arrival in this
country and then went to their Sum
mer home in Massachusetts.
Miss Margaret Wilson, daughter of
the late former President Woodrow
Wilson, will arrive in Washington
this evening to spend a few days with
Mrs. La Salle Corbell Pickett on her
way to attend the notification cere
mony of Mr. John W. Davis at Clarks
burg. W. Va., Monday.
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, who is on a
motor trip with her brother. Mr. John
Randolph Bolling, will return to
Washington the first week in Septem
Former Attorney General and Mrs.
A. Mitchell Palmer have left their
Summer home at Stroudsburg, Pa.,
and are motoring through New Eng
land. They arrived at Briaroliff
Dodge yesterday, and after a few
days there will continue North.
Former Senator and Mrs. Howard
Sutherland went to Hancock. Md.,
yesterday to remain over Sunday
with their son-in-law and daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. U. L. Henderson.
Miss Elizabeth Sutherland and Miss
Margaret Sutherland will go to Hunt
ington. W. Va.. today to visit their
brothers-in-law and sisters. Mr. and
Mrs. John Walker, Jr., and Dr. and
Mrs. George byon. Miss Margaret
Sutherland will return to her studies
in the early autumn and Miss Eliza
beth Sutherland will come back in
the late autumn.
Gen. and Mrs. R. C. Marshall, Jr.,
will leave shortly for Spring Take. N.
J.. to be the guests of Mrs. Franklin
Meciu s and will also spend some time
at Lake Placid before returning to
Washington. Miss Winder
Marshall, daughter of Gen. and Mrs.
Marshall. will leave Washington
Tuesday for Spring Lake, to visit Mrs.
Mecius for a month. Miss Sarah
Fleming of Fort Wayne, Ind.. who
has been the guest of Gen. and Mrs.
Marshall, has left for Hampton. Va.,
to spend seme lime with Mrs. Flor
ence E. Peters.
Rear Admiral and Mrs. William
Dougall MacDougall will be members
of tlie receiving party at the dance
this evening at the Casino in Newport
which will be given in honor of the
officers of the fleet now in that
Mrs. Haas, wife of Commander
Walter Stanley Haas, and Airs. Frank
J. Howell left yesterday by motor for
the latter's home in New Ixindon,
Conn. Commander Haas will join
Mrs. Haas in New London the end
of next week and they will later go
to Jamestown to visit his mother,
Mrs. Haas. Commander and Mrs.
Haas will return the middle of Sep
Judge and Mrs. William Bailey
Lamar are at Eagle Mountain House
at Jackson, N. H., for the month of
Col. and Mrs. Robert M. Thompson
returned to their summer home,
Fairlawn. at Southampton, L. 1., yes
terday accompanied by their daugh
ter. Mrs. Stephen H. P. Pell, and her
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Thompson Pell.
Col. and Mrs. Thompson also have
aa their guests’ Maj. Gen. Sir Regi
nald Hoskins and Lady Hoskins of
Mr. and Mrs. John Van A. Mac-
Murray and the ITeaident of Wil
liams College and Mrs. Harry A. Gar
field were among the guests at dinner
last evening of Miss Gertrude Ely of
Bryn Mawr, who entertained at Wil-
Just Drive ft; That’s All
ILSL—■ iggaar l 11 ,i; , ,
. ... 1
At the first sign of
skin trouble apply
That patch of eruption Is not neces
sarily a serious matter! Even In severe,
well-established cases of eczema, ring
worm or similar affections, Resinol
Ointment and Resinol Soap usually re*
Here the itching at once and quickly
overcome the trouble completely. How
much more, then, can this simple, in
expensive treatment be relied on to dis*
pel skin troubles in their earlier stages.
Bcmiinil Soap and Retinol Ohifent art sotMp
■Rdranruts. For maples of sack. frs* to
IS**. Wt, Rwiaei, Btlfeort, M 4
liamstown in honor of Sir Paul and
Eady Vlnogradoff of London.
Monsignor Barry Doyle, who has
been the guest of the charge d’af
faires of Greece, Mr. Bast! Mammonas,
for a few- days has left Washington
to visit friends In Philadelphia. He
will return to Washington next week
for another brief stay with Mr. Mam
Air. and Mrs. Frederick E. AlcCor
mlck-Goodhart. who are established
ir the Italian villa at Bar Harbor for
the season, gave u large reception
and supper last evening in honor of
visiting naval officers.
Air. and Airs. Dorsey Richardson,
accompanied by the former’s father.
Air. Albert 1 --'n Richardson, will
motor today to U'ue Ridge Summit,
Pa., to join Mrs. Richardson, who is
spending the summer there. Mr. and
Airs. Dorsey Richardson will remain
over the week end and return to their
apartment at 1302 Eighteenth street
the first of the week.
Airs. AVilliam F. Dennis and her
daughter. Airs. Charles Nelson Hiker,
have returned to Washington alter
passing a fortnight in Atlantic City.
Mr. and Alts. Dennis will sail Satur
day. August 16, on the .Majestic tor
Europe, where they will remain until

Mr. Edward Beale McLean was host
at luncheon yesterday at the Kebo
Valley Club at Bar Harbor, enter
taining a company of men in com
pliment to Air. Waller Hagen and
Mr. Joe Kiikwood.
Mrs. Claude E. Alillcr returned to
Washington yesterday and joined
Air. Miller in his apartment at 1618
H street after spending some time
with her mother, Mrs. Shoup. in ner
country place at fc’carborougn-on-
Airs. Lyman Pratt with her two
little girls lias returned to New Vork
after a visit to her father, former
Senator Hoke Smith.
Mr. and Mn*. »sblt Ape In
New Hampshire for Season,
Air. and Mrs. Charles F. Nesbit, after
motoring for several weeks in north
ern Alaine and > Canada, are in the
White Alountains for the remainder of
the season, at the Sunset Hill House,
Sugar Hill, N. H.
Former Senator and Airs. Thomas
P. Gore have returned to Washington
after passing a month in their home
in Oklahoma.
Judge and Airs. B. S. Grosscup of
Seattle, AVash., arrived yesterday at
the New AVillard for an indefinite
Airs. Charles A. AlcKenney has gone
to Long Island to visit her brother,
Air. William W. Miller. Miss Fran
eiska MoKenney, who has been in
Europe with her aunt and cousin. Mrs.
Andrew J. Afiiier and Aliss Frances
-Miller, will arrive with them i.n New
York August ID. on the Volendam.
They will go directly to Hot Springs
to stay the remainder of August and
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Whyte and
their son. Mr. Clifford Whyte, started
Alonday by motor to Rehoboth Beach.
They will make a short stay at Vir
ginia Beach and later will visit their
cousin. Airs. Jay IV. Bigelow, in her
country place. -Marengo, at Easton,
Airs. AA'ilson-Greenc and her broth
er. Mr. Edwin L. AVilson. are now in
Paris and will sail aboard the Aqui
tania late this month for New York.
Mrs. Greene accompanied her brother
to London when he went to attend
the meeting of the American Bar As
sociation and with him attended the
garden party at Buckingham Palace
and the reception which the United
States Ambassador to the Court of St.
James and Airs. Frank B. Kellogg
gave at Crewe House. They were
also among the guests of Lady Aster
at her garden party at her country
estate, Cliveden.
Airs, AA*. L. Darby and her daughter,
Aliss Gertrude AA'iber, arc spending
the month of August at North End
Hotel, Ocean Grove, N. J.
Air. and Airs. Harry Taylor of 37t0
Ingomar street. Chevy Chase, D. C.,
with their daughter, Miss Alice Deles
lyne Taylor, arc motoring to Atlantic
City, Asbury Park. Philadelphia and
New A'ork City, to be gone the month
of August.
Airs. Redwood A'andergrift returned
to AVashington last week from Brice
Hillside. A'a.. to entertain her brother.
Judge John A’an Nastrand of the Su
perior Court of San Francisco. Calif.
Airs. A’andergrift returned to the
mountains for the balance of the
Air. and Mrs. E. Clinton Lappe and
baby arc the guests of Air. Lappets
parents, Air. and Mrs. C. E. Lappe, at
Polished Floors of Hard Wood
—is a most advantageous time
to have us rejuvenate old, or
lay new
Noted for the excellence of
our work in this line for over 30
* years. Estimates furnished with
out obligation.
15W Connecticut Ave.
Phone North 6523
—' 1 ' " . ■ 1 -=j
With The Star You Can
Keep in Touch With Home
You’ll enjoy your vaca
sent to you, ivherever you
drop-in every day like an
changed as often as neces
* • , sarj'.
1 Rates by Mail —Postage Paid
Payable in Advance
| Maryland and Virginia— '
Dally and
Sunday Daily Sunday
| One month ,70c 50c 20c
I One week 20c 15c 5c
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One month 85c 60c 25c
One week.* .25c 20c 10c
r ' I
their home on Ridge road, Battery
Midshipman Eugene Knight Lowe
of the class of 1926 at the Naval
Academy, is spending a few days In
AAashington and will spend Septem
ber at Southampton, lamg Island, re
turning to Annapolis the first of On
to ber.
Airs. Adelaide Rover Cavanagh will
leave tomorrow for Camp Jeanne
d’Are, in the Adirondacks, where she
will spend a week with her daughter,
Aliss Adele K. Cavanagh, who Is at
the camp for the summer. Since en
tering the camp Atlss Cavanagh has
been on two short visits, one to the
summer school at Cliff Haven and
the other to the Shrine of St. Anne
de Beaupre. which she visited during
the feast of St. Anne. Miss Cavanagh
will return In September to resume
her studies in AVashington.
Air. Chicquita Lappeine has re
turned to Washington after passing
some time in New York and Atlantic
Or. Brigham Feted on Ere
of Departure fur China.
Dr. Gertrude Richardson Brigham
was the guest in whose honor the
Promoters’ Art Club gave a farewell
dinner last evening at the AVomen’s
Llniversity Club. At the dinner a con
tribution was voted to establish a
department of Chinese art study at
Canton Christian College. A repre
sentative collection of Western art,
with examples of European and Amer
ican painting and a small art library,
will be sent and in exchange the club
will ask from Canton a group of
Chinese pictures, which w ill be- pre
sented to George AA’ashingrton Uni
versity for use in the department of
art and archeology, of which Dr.
Mitchell Carroll is dean.
Air. Robert AA*. Pulliam, president of
the club, was toastmaster, and other
sjieakers of the occasion were Dr.
Brigham, who will start for China
today, to sail Thursday from A’an
couver on the Empress of Canada;
Air. Lenard H. Folse, vice president;
Mrs. Frank Pyle, Airs. Walter Chat
oner and several others who spoke in
open forum. Aliss Amy Putnam read
original poems, and a program of
music was given by Aliss Pauline
Bruner, vocal soloist, and Miss AA’inl
fred Alichaelson, pianist. Miss Ruby
Nevin was chairman of the dinner
eommittee. other members being Aliss
Helen Fullenwlder. Alias Florence
Berryman, Aliss Betty Bradford, Miss
M. V. Hensel. Miss Maud Gaynor. Aliss
Alaxine Holie. Aliss Agnes Hcsslor,
Aliss Alargaret Brown. Aliss Lucy
AA'itherspoon, Aliss Elizabeth McKenna,
Miss bura Dodds. Miss 1-eona l.auck.
Miss Bruner and Mr. Folse. There
were about 60 guests.
The club voted to affiliate its ac
tiviites during the coming year with
the Art and Archeology League, and
to continue its aim to make Wash
ington a national art center and
George AVashington a national uni
Air. and Airs. Norman Draper enter
tained informally at dinner last night
on the New AVillard roof, where they
had five guests.
Aliss J. R. Zappone of New A'ork is
the guest of Air. and Airs. AValter
F. Baughman at their home on Fair
fax road. Battery Park.
Airs. Edward E. Britton of 911
Twentieth street northwest is spend
ing the month of August with a party
of friends in A'ellowstone National
Park. She went from AA’ashinglon to
New A'ork. where she joined f’apt. and
Airs. M. AA’. Haney of Lynbrook. L. 1.,
members of the party now at Ycllow
Mrs. P. J. Alulligan. who has been
the house guest of her sister, Mrs.
Joseph -V Phelan of 2722 Connecticut
avenue has returned to her home in
Columbus. Ohio.
Airs. Phelan left the early part of
the week for New A'ork, where with
Mr. Phelan she is at the New Weston
Hotel, where they will remain most
of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A". of
Mount Vernon. N. A'., are at the New
AA'illard, where they arrived yester
Escapes From Hospital.
Simon Waterman, 45, arrested several
days ago by Policeman AVilson of the
eighth precinct and taken to GAllingor
Hospital for mental observation, es
caped from the hospital last night for
the third time this week. Police are
looking for him. Waterman was en
gaged at the time of his arrest in the
sale of brushes from door to door, po
lice say. and it was alleged that he had
acted suspiciously.
Marriage Licenses.
Merriege licenses have been issued to the
Edwin Carver and Mabel Mills, both of
Baltimore. Md.
Carroll AV. Wortliingtrn of Baltimore, Sid.,
and Mary K Bell of Fullerton. Md.
Fred G, Mueller of Natrona. I’a., and Kuth
F. Coffman of Clinton. Pa.
George K. Jones and Maud L. Cook.
Harold W. Whitney of Bast Orange, X. J.,
and Sara Katz of Ibis city.
Woodard S. Deitrlck and Tillle C. Dam
stead. .. _
Frederick A. Champ and Margaret Brown.
“Just a Real Good Car*’
cleaning is on a
par with our
Phone Us Today!
1723-25 P*. ptanef
A«.N.V MatnZSZl
m. •- x IH
1 Ipv.
Daiurhtfr of former Senator and Mm. Howard Sutherland, nho will go to
Hunting-ton, IV. Va.. today to reamin throughout the nummer.
Prominent Party Heads Depart
From Capital for Davis
The pilgrimage of the Democrats
to Ciarkaburg. W. A ;e.. w here John AV.
Davis is to be notified formally Alon
day night of his nomination for the
presidency by the Democratic na
tional convention, is already begin
ning. Senator Swanson of A'irginia,
who headed the State delegation at
the convention and worked for Sena
tor Glass’ nomination, and Charles C.
Carlin, one of the managers of the
Undetwood campaign for the nomi
nation. left here together today to go
to Clarksburg by automobile.
The notification speech will be de
livered by Senator AV’aish of Montana,
permanent chairman of the national
convention, and Air. Davis will out
line his views on many issues of the
campaign in his speech of acceptance.
The notification is to be made at 8
o’clock Monday night.
By the A*horiated Press.
gust B.—Trial flights of the dirigible
ZH-3. which is being built here for
the American Government, wil! begin
on August 2D. according to present
pians of the Zeppelin Company. In
stallation will be undertaken within
the next few days of the new Alay
bach motors, which, it is announced,
have satisfactorily responded in ex
haustive endurance test runs. After
the motors are in place the dirigible
will be inflated.
Kz&ammz:ismma::i3mmK -,-win,:: zmmtzi i— j
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mendation of thousands of property >
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years’ experience.
H i
k Our Radio Department Is Ready to Nnpply Ton f
A Painting, Paperhanging and Upholstering *
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A dr in
that hits the right spot!
A full-bodied drink, rich with pure fruit
juices. Easily made by just adding ice water
—no sugar required.
If you want the original Za-Rex insist on
seeing the name on the label and avoid
synthetic substitutes masauerading as fresh
fruit drinks.
A variety of juices to pick from PI iPsp
Orange Lemon Raspberry ‘|J
Strawberry—Lemon and lime— ) Jja
Grape and Punch
Za-Rex Food Products, Inc.
Boston, Mass.
Second Annual Exhibit by Takoma
Horticultural Club.
The second annual gladiolus show
of the Takoma Horticultural Club
opened in the Takoma Dark labrary
last night. Although the show’ is
said not to be as large as former
flower shows of roses and dahlias,
many rare varieties are on exhibit
and the general progress in culti
vating the gladiolus is illustrated.
Roy G. Pearce is president of the
club and O. K. Courtney secretary.
The show will remain open until
9:30 o’clock tonight.
New Branch w* Fit
Ci___ Glasses
OiUIC scientifically. **
922 14th » hO^S:
OPPOSITE examine your
Ciaflin Optical Co.jV. bmb.
Weetible—No Cooking. A Llght^
Avoid Imitation, . » Suh.titn,**
Challenges Federation Accusation
That Favoritism Buies in Admit
ting Books to Public Libraries.
Dr. George F. Bowerman, librarian
of the local Public Library, yesterday
denied charges made at the Ameri
can Federation of ]<abor's executive
council session In Atlantic City that
public libraries were controlled and
supervised by trustees who permit
only books approved in a certain
manner to be placed on library
shelves. He defied labor leaders to
find even indications of such control.
Declaring himself in favor of some
tenets of trades unionism. Dr. Bower
man intimated that the charges
emanated from baseless sources and
from underpaid workers in libraries
of a larger city.
Dr. Bowerman further said that
he had never been told to restrict
any book, and added that “when the
Carnegie Foundation builds a home
for a library it has completed Us
Liquor-Laden Ship Seized.
NEW YORK. August B.—The
schooner Pacific, which was captured
off Greenporl, N. Y., with a cargo of
650 cases of liquor, was brought to
the United States barge office and
turned over to the customs marine
patrol. Two men were arrested.
We are giving the kiddies of W the treat of their
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Secretary Weeks Rejects Bequest
Regarding Hoboken Property.
Secretary Weeks has refused to
comply with the request of the Port
of New York for authority to with
draw from s*tle the waterfront prop
erty in Hoboken belonging to the
Hoboken Shore Dine Railroad. Julian
A. Gregory', commissioner of the port,
said in a statement issued hero
after conferring with the War
Department head. . Sealed bids for
the property are to be opened
August 26.
Commissioner Gregory said he had
gained the impression, however, that
the Secretary would consider the
bids in person to see that the "in
terests of the general public of New
York and New Jersey will be care
fully protected in the disposition or
tho property.”
Mrs. Bessie S. Steincrt Expires.
BOSTON. August B.—Mrs. Bessie S.
Stelnert, prominent in musical cir
cles, died at her Summer home in
Beverly today. She was the wife of
Alexander Stelnert, treasurer of M.
Stelnert & Sons of Boston, and the
daughter of the late Abraham Shu
man, a leading Boston merchant. Mrs.
Steinert had helped many youthful
musicians to complete tlieir studies
and start their careers.
Biggest Liner Loses Properror and
Is Proceeding Slowly Toward
New York.
Due to ilie loss at sea of an inboard
propeller blade, the liner Dcviathan
Is holding her speed to 20 knots and
will not reach New Tdrk until Tues
day, a day behind schedule, the Ship
ping Board has been advised. From
New York the vessel will proceed to
Boston for repairs, which are expect
ed to be completed in time to permit
her to leave New York on schedule
for the nexn sailing.
Among the passengers are Repre
sentative Davis of Tennessee, Bank
head of Alabama and Dineberger of
California, members of the House
committee investigating the Ship
ping Board, and Commissioner Plum
mer of the board, who have been con
ducting inquiries in Europe.
Mathematicians to Confer.
The Department of Commerce, the
Census Bureau, the Coast and Geo
detic Survey, as well an the Bureau
of Standards! and the Weather Bu
reau, will send representatives to
participate in the International Math
ematical Congress at Toronto on Au
gust 11 on Invitation transmitted to
the State Department by the British
Ambassador, it was announced today

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