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Dawes Plan , to Be Successfully Operated , Demands
Such Action , Is Europe’s View—Con
ference Predicted .
Rj Radio to The Star.
PARIS, August 11. —"Europe has be
gun to behave like a good girl and
today she shall have a stick of candy."
This remark which a French diplo
mat let drop today contains perhaps
slightly more sarcasm against Amer
ica than most Europeans feel, but,
nevetheless. It expresses with reas
sonable accuracy the meaning of cur
rent happenings as Europeans see
Ever since the United,States Senate
rejected the Versailles peace settle
ment, America’s official attitude has
been; “Let Europe put her own
house in order, then we will see.”
And now. apparently, America is
satisfied that Europe, by accepting
the Dawes plan, has returned to the
paths of wisdom, and as a reward
will consent to discuss annulment, or
.at any rate, easing of Europe’s war
Expect Debt Negotiations.
Whether any official assurance has
been given by Washington cannot be
ascertained, but those in a position
to be well informed do not hesitate
to express their confidence that the
next move on the program is the
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opening of negotiations in that direc
tion. Banking experts especially
.point out that it would he Impossible
to find four or five billion dollars
which the Dawes plan requires in the
shape of loans to German railways
and industries, if simultaneously
Europe’s debts to America had to be
funded. In other words, despite all
efforts to keep the debt question out
of the Dawes plan, it is a plain fact
that the plan is.not executable unless
the debts more or less are wiped oft
the slate.
Settlement Is Complication.
One fact that complicates the debts
questions grievously is Great Brit
ain’s funding arrangement negoti
ated at Washington by Stanley Bald
win. A large fraction of British
opinion already is exercised for fear
that the United States will make a
the French and others while holding
Great Britain to a hard bargain.
Many Britishers seem to feel that
England has been too generous and
should have waited for a general
settlement before making a separate
deal. They forget that. Mr. Baldwin^
“Just a Real Good Car**
pact forced a large market for
British exports and thereby helped
to diminish unemployment.
Furthermore, the late Andrew
Bonar Law in his reparations plan
la%t year offered to write off all
money due to Great Britain from
Prance as well as Germany in excess
of the amount required to keep the
contract with America. ,M. Poin
care, when premier, rejected Mr.
Bonar Law's offer, but today. Premier
Herrlot has accepted practically the
same plan, but without the debt set
tlement attached. Nevertheless Mr.
Bonar Law said then, and it is pre
sumable that Prime 'Minister Mac-
Donald would agree, that reparations
and Inter-allied debts were one In
<livisable*problem and would never be
settled sparaty.
This view is known to be! held not
only by practically all European
statesmen, but also by many influen
tial Americans who are not prevented
by official position from stating it
publicly. R. W. Boyden’s recent re
marks at Williamstown, Mass., on
this subject haye been' widely pub
lished in Paris and those who were
intimated with him say he held the
same views when over here as Amer
ican delegate on the Reparationss
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Commission, but, of course, he could
not voice them at that time.
The sun:*«tion is heard in high
quarters in Paris that the debt prob
lem may bo solved eventually and in
the same way as the reparations prob
lem, namely, by organizing an un
official committee of financial and
economic experts similar to the Dawes
committee to discuss the question -and
matte A report. The belief is strongly
held that the United States Govern
ment would'not refuse to take the
same benevolent attitude toward the
organisation of such a committee as
U. did in the previous case, and tjiat
while neither the American nor any
other'government would be bound to
adopt the report this committee
might ■ make, still there would be
such force of International expert
opinions behind it as to command
popular approval everywhere ’ and
pave the way for favorable official
It is a ticklish question as to which
nation would issue invitations for
such a conference. Europe would
prefer for the United States to take
the initiative, but there is a small
chance that Great Britain will do it
if America Is not ready.
(Copyright, 1924.)
By the Associated Press.
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., August 11.—A
man hunt still continues for John
Milton, negro convict and ax man,
who is charged with attacking Mrs*
Blaney Collins and her eight-month
old infgnt daughter near Morris, Ala.,
yesterday. The child is dead as a re
sult of ax wounds and Mrs. Collins is
in a hospital with a fractured skull.
A posse of armed citizens, estimated
at 800 men, is searching the wooded
country in the vicinity of the attack.
Mob violence is feared in case of his
Milton was acting as a trusty to a
county convict camp near where Mrs.
Collins was attacked. He escaped on
a stolen horse, which he later aban
doned. The negro was serving a sen
tence on conviction of burglary.
Automobiles ar.e the most highly
advertised American manufactures.
Restaurant Man Chopped to Death
by Bandits.
MEMPHIS, Tenn.. August 11.—Harry
Lambert, aged 33, was -chopped to
death with a hatchet early this morn-
Ing when be resisted efforts of bandits
to rob the. restaurant of which he was
the proprietor. The bandits escaped
in an automobile.
No Romance in a Trombone.
Clurles 8. Brooks In the Century Magszlne.
Search as you will in love’s fair
record, you will never find trombones
in triumph at a moonlit casement.
Theirs is the bitter ecstasy of abrupt
Had Paolo blown a trombone at his
mistress in the soft Italian night the
chapter of their passion would have
been broken short. And why, there
fore, should a man of conquering
beard, whose eager sinews throb with
youth, spend on the trombone the
unwrlnkled years of his majority?
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