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Winner Urges United States
of Europe Through Agency
of Learie.
By thf Associated Tress.
PARIS. September I.—The prize
peace essays in the French section
of the competition for the prizes
offered by Edward A. Filene of Bos
ton. and summaries of the articles of
Vie second and third prize winners, I
Were made public yesterday. The
Barnes of the winners will be made
known before the end of September.
The prizes in the French competi
tion are the first to be allotted.
•Those in the competitions in England.
Germany and Italy will be awarded
I rge* Inner l/rafcue.
BOSTON, September I.—The plan
Which has been awarded first prize
Os 100,000 francs out of 5,319 plans
submitted for the French peace
awards inaugurated by Edward A.
Filene of this city was made public
last night. The name of the winner |
was not announced. The award was ]
inade by a jury of distinguished j
The winning plan analyzes the j
different crises from which Europe 1
suffers as a result of the World War ■
and indicates a solution for each.
The outstanding feature of the plan
}s a proposal for a European league
of nations within a world yeague of
pations which would in effect result
In a united states of Europe, form
ing a single economic unit and pre- I
Renting a common political front.
- Judging of plans submitted for
ei milar awards in Great Britain. Ger- I
inany and Italy has been completed
and the winning plans will be made
jpublic later. Mr. Filene offered
SIO,OOO in prizes in each of the four
The second prize-winning French
plan, drawing an award of 30,000
francs, denounces former national
istic policies and proposes certain
hew international solutions. It holds
that by security is not meant guar
anty against defeat, but the certainty
of not having to prepare for war. It
advocates mutual guarantees and as
sistance and combined reduction of
armaments. It condemns annexa
tions. supports the Dawes plan of
reparations, and declares interallied
flebts must be reduced and exchange
The League of Nations is criticized
•s inadequate, and the plan advocates
full legislative, executive and judicial
power backed by armed force. It
stresses the necessity for combating
nationalistic spirit and hatreds.
Bays Members Have Means of Vot
ing Their Convictions in Both
Major Groups.
By the Associated Press,
PITTSBURGH, September 1. —Mem-
bers of the Ku Klux Klan can con
scientiously support candidates of
either of the two major parties in
the present political campaign. H. W.
E vans, imperial wizard of the organ- j
ization, declared in a forma! statement
here last night.
“There are in America," Mr. Evans |
said. “two great political parties—;
the. Republican and Democratic par
ties. These two great parties in sol
emn convention this year adopted
platforms which provide a home in
either party for the conscientious
klansmen thereof. These two par
ties provide a natural outlet for an
expression of public opinion with re
gard to approving or disapproving
the policy of the administration in
Julius Caesar was the name borne
by a man convicted of bootlegging in
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1 Li brown. This style is popular

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