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Hay Condemn Site if Owners Re
fuse to Lower Price for
Pperlsl Dispatch to The SUr.
BALTIMORE, September I.—The
city council has unanimously passed
an ordinance authorizing- the acquisi
tion of the Shot Tower by purchase
or condemnation and It will be sign
ed by Mayor Jackson as soon as ap
proved by the city solicitor.
The ordinance directs that the prop
erty be acquired ‘‘for a public place
or reservation.” Submitting the mea
sure to the council for the third and
W. 3b ♦ Miloses Sons
, Funutm* E*aUMedlS6l Unmt
Carpets * F Street stud Eleventh Upholstery
September Furniture Sale
Listed below are but a few of the many attractive items offered during this sale. Each
article of merchandise on our floors bears a substantial September reduction.
Four-piece bed suite, combination rose wood, maple and Fomp.p|ece bed room write, combination^ mahogany,
mahogany dresser, full size bed, dressing table and AA bow-end bod, pnncew vanity, chest of drawers (as (PQIO KII
chest of drawers (as shown). Jh4UU.UU , , , ,v « ♦ illustrated above) (Four-poster bed at same price)
Ten-piece dining room suite, combination walnut, 72-mch buffet. Chair separate—price, SIB.OO Night Stand separate—price, sl7
8-foot extension table, semi-closed china case, enclosed server, one
r""' arm and five side chairs. Artistic cane insert backs _ _
/"" y * (Illustrated $259.00 -^=|=||^S|J== —|
Four-piece bed room suite, combination walnut, 45-inch dresser, _ . . - .. . ... . . rttlll
three-fourth vanity, poster bed, chifforette (as illus- ffA * Four-piece bed room suite, <jombmation , 4 i!l C oA^\A
trated above) * 2*aIZ.DU /Ml full size vanity, poster bed, with enclosed foot board, a*"| QA AA
bated above). MS chest of drawers (as illustrated above). .
The above bed room suites are only examples of the pood values that compose our —« —-• " ->y
tied of approximately two hundred ttyles, prices ranging from $189.00 to $2 jDOO.OO ■ —U
Ten-piece dining room suite, combination walnut, 66-inch buffet, PH fill - _
~ ' 8-foot extension table, china case, enclosed server, I TTflCfitflCDnT !
BffiVl #rF' . one arm and five side chairs, upholstered in blue hair /»Q A/\ • ‘II I i fTj
f High hack chair, Mahogany Tapestry arm Consisting of two pieces, full size davenport with arm chair to
covered in pattern cininet Desk chair ’ combination match, covered in heavy velvet, taupe color with black stripes, with
• .Kxssrsaiss^si &=» ’ ss*“ —— - ——5250.00
reversible, the reserve side covered in green broca- <l*o £ A A A gJWW t 1
*-■ t®Ue- (Illustrated above.) dOOU.UU g KT I In selecting a refrigerator there are a number of
111 1- > a—7 important facts to be considered- Our refrigerators
p-- si 'tap? | y j f ( combine sanitation with economy in Ice consumption.
I j $ ■![ Beautiful oak finish, three separately coats of
1 Combination mahogany jL. ® ubßt ® ncea * cnown * ®ize—
drop leaf tea wagon $27.50 \ I pa Width, 23*4
vj? IfTt \ Chair or rocker, END TABU! Large high back S § # OU Depth, 15_*4 _
covered in plain ve- Combination arm chair, covered I Height, 41 inches
loured mahogany. "*• Ice rating. 45 lbs.
1 $4.80 Sj!ll!r.i W 5. I
bedding I
Metal bed. square tubing, nine vertical fillers, head and foot; mahogany, Mt. Vernon Fait Mattress, S-inch Imperial stitched edge, choice of ticking IJ6.JJ W
walnut or ivory finish; all sizes I™- 75 Single size „ - ~ w ‘Staa f __ %
Metal bed and spring in mahogany, walnut and ivory finishes; all sizes Monroe Hair Mattree*,' 6-inch box. Imperial edge f ■ 1
(spring forms pact of bed) $15.75 Single size - - I rlj1»l ITllfltl I
Other metal beds; all aiaea and finishes; up to. - $65.00 Moses’ Best Heir Mattress, Imperial stitched edge, choice of ticking ,_..|80.00 ■ ■
Cribs in all finishes; start at .$16.00 to $50.00 Single rise.... $60.00 1 _ M
The msttrcaeee listed are guaranteed ifi give the maximum service: Feather Pillows in tickings to match above mattresses *bßs 10 0 ° % m
Dixie Frit Mattress, BO Ibe^heavy stripe ticking, four row stitching...sl7.oo Tlw Mount Vernon Box Spring constructed of 72 tempered springs, hand tied, J
Single size .$15.00 felted top, choice of ticking, full aiae....... *
Grant MaOtseua, 50 Oheka <rf ticking.... ........... ~»....5>5.00 Single rise.... - ....$30.00
Sinaia rise .$23.00 m Mowm' Beet" box spring, hair top, rolled edge, highest gzade construction-..--s4^oo
LtnerinFrit Msttreae, s4nrii Bnparial edge, choice of ticking. Single » , 639.00
Single - - ---- f -..1.- StOAQ Mease* Sagieee, all eiass - ■ 01Q-6Q
final reading, Howard Bryant, presi
dent, said:
“The purpose of this ordinance Is
to authorise the city to acquire this
property by purchase or condemn
ation In the event private subscrip
tions, now being raised, amount to
$27 000. This money will be tendered
the* owners of the property. If they
refuse to accept it the city will go
into condemnation.
The Union Oil Company, owners of
the property, have asked $50,000
for it.
From Capper's Weekly.
Distracted Wife (at bedside of sick
husband) —Tell me, doctor, is there
any hope at all?
Doctor —I dunno, madam. Tell me
first what you are hoping for.
Legends of the Various Tribes
Have Background of Locality.
From the N«w York Times.
Washington Irving’s ideal of seeing
an American folklore created has
never been realised, chiefly for the
reason that except in a few places
the American people have had little
occasion to do more than embody In
tradition the exploits of famous local
characters, and, on rare occasions, to
associate with some landmark a
legend which more often than not bad
Its origin In the old world.
But If the white race has been
backward In this respect and has
turned to the fairy tales of Europe
for stories to tell its children, this
Is not true of the negroes nor of the
Indians. Too little publicity has been
given to Indian folklore. Much of it
Is still bound up In musty volumes
of museums and Journals of ethnol
ogy and anthropology. There have
been, of course, a number of attempts
to popularize some of the Indian
tales. A dozen or more years ago a
volume of Zuni Indian myths was
published in popular form, and a
number of other tribal collections
have also been put before the public.
But there is still general ignorance
of the fact that in the various Indian
tribes Is a wealth of material pos
sessing poetical and literary value
and having the background of locali
ty, which is the principal charm of
so many old world legends.
It Is only natural that many Indian
tales deal with animals. How the
geese came to migrate and how the
chipmunk got his stripes, how the
birds got their color and similar
topics form the subject of numerous
New Disk.
From Judge.
The young man who was accus
tomed to having an early breakfast
every day was absent one morning,
having gone to see his wife off on an
early train.
Returning to the house son® time
later, he said to the cook:
"Well, Jane, I have no spouse this
“ 'Taln’t my fault, sur,” she replied
Indignantly. “I sho’ cooked it fo'
yuh, but you jes' wouldn’t come eat
From the Waco Tlme«Her«ld.
Riding In a specially constructed
and luxurious Cadillac eight limou
sine valued at about SIO,OOO, with
trailer attached carrying complete
camping outfit. Chief Isaac Bear of I,
the Yakima Tribe of Indians, from
the Osage Reservation In Oklahoma,
accompanied by Mrs. Bear, arrived in
Laredo, Tex.
The handsome limousine in which
the Yakima chief and his wife are
traveling Is one of the most expensive
cars ever brought to Laredo and will
be here several days before the party
proceeds on Its way to the Browns
ville country and thence on to Hous
ton, Galveston and back to Okla
Chief Bear and his wife visit La
redo semi-annually, and while here
make side trips to old Mexico. Dur
ing his visit here last fall Chief Bear
had his car stolen and later wrecked
by those who took it, but this time,
with his fine car, he is more careful
and keeps It in a local garage under
la watchman.
Chief Bear is one of the wealthiest
Indians of Oklahoma and has a num
ber of producing oil wells on his
land, and from these ho has a big
monthly Income.
By taking aboard 274,500 bushels
of wheat in six r.nd one-fourth hours
at Montreal, the steamship Innerton, it
Is believed, created a new world record
for rapid loading.
Grandees to Aid in Bull Fight.
SAN SEBASTIAN, September I—The
Duke of San Fernando and Ramon
Batllo, two Spanish grandees and
former member of Parliament, are to
take part in a bull fight, which will
shortly be held at Manzanares, in the
province of Ciudad Real. They will
wear thw customary bull fighter’s
costume, and act as picadors.
From Tapper’» Weekly.
The prosecuting attorney was ex
amining a negro witness.
“Now, Mcse.” he said, “tell us what
you know about this fight.”
“Well, boss, I think ”
"Never mind what you think. Just
tell us what you know.”
’ But, boss, 1 ain’t- no lawyer. I
cain't talk without thinkin’.”

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