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■ Silk Bags, $1 Leather Handbags, $1.95 Iff A Til<B? I AHI See Tomorrow Night’s Star for Double Page ■
2 JMW \WMh U MA AJYAy Advertisement of Our Annual September I
Silk lined, pouch style, few with hand- are fitted and silk lined. Black and ll ISmS? I I Cl C d~* 1 • v ■■ t-w
■ kerchief pocket. Fitted with change colors, also a few under-arm style. ■j k ,| . o3IC Ol 1 jMITI3- (jidKfi 31)fl IlOllKPWfirPfi ®
a purse aiufmirror. q & luh Sen>ice and Courtesy Established 1577 I | a, triass ana nousewares .
trm 1 Toi,et Re T lisiles Start Your Christmas Gifts Now (Ml gjj, Here re the New ■
aRt J~ V. _ •s n . The New Art Needlework package* have Just arrived. New pieces and M i fit * - ■
I At Very Special Prices new designs. A large variety of articles, with designs which are very jßmk ■ flKi 11T*« I PIITIYIIPn m
A jt\ simple to embroider. Fascinating work for your daughter, as well as JL Ul A i JLililMit/lA ®
/1 \ itiu' SIJO Rigaud’s Mary Gar- fife! / fm\ \%[T* _ *
/I mil \ den Toilet Water, bottle, The BuciUa Packages Contain The Packages / (M 0/ /? \ W UIICF CfOfltS *
' y // A 1 fPitegSß 50c Dorin’s Compact Rouge, Scarfs, Pillo w s. Nightgowns, vanity Jackets, //\\jT v \ /\\ \ H
[ / //VA \ in gilt boxes, with mirror OQ., Luncheon Sets, Baby Slips, Chil- nnffet Seta, Card-table Covers, \s \ M V\ \ .
V\\ l\\\ 1 IMBr dren's Dresses. Y\ \\ VS // 1 //> \$Q All \
\>\\ F\ \ Jill 50c size Hinds' Honey Th... p«cO.»„ \A |V UV / // /jJ 7tl*VV .
u\ \' and Almond Cream, bottle, ** and embroidery floss Jp colors sum- I.unc-heon Sets. mBT / / / jCJ&J
|i r "] i.ifiiSrf . f> . clent to complete the work; needle These packages contain material \' Hr I ®
I i Av\ Nw ' amtas Uenzome an( j i ns t ruc tioua. and embroidery floss sufficient to ” \ i hIS IS 3. SpeClcll g
\ Silm W ilßfe HOney and A,m ° nd 21c complete the work, and instructions. F M Q gr oUp of COBtS, P UF- .
‘ 1 Cream ’ ,argc bott,c ' Priced from 50c to $3.00 Priced from 35c to $4.00 I | I Jjj chased before the rush ■
I I \ j ■'• SOC anita *. Sk,n and 29c pauia itoyai—-Main Floor. | | season, insuring better ■
j>| if mil Neckwear H.udkerchief, |V 1 I SHSSffiE l
fluvA Jam l| ll jWvfeHij P ’ tioC The Handkerchief Department \ Ml fl|\ IJj mpd with Reaver Mink Musk- ■
\l W V t£tiit I / tube, The Panelette. with collar at- is full of new novelties, so we M I'l fll A dl mcG Willi I3eaver, MluK, * IUSK ■
nil WL &w 4 f e t .u n..*. o.s tached, the most popular and will Just mention a few of the B\\ H rat, Squirrel, Seal, Ringtail and
■ \ \\ tT\V / / Squibb S Tooth Paste, practical piece of neckwear. best sellers. \ 11 t—r i. T't. i ° i ~ ■
|||\ r| )\y \ / ( .1 Makes a new dress more attrac- nr sT> V•_ _ \ I / 'itch. The colors are shutter
■ / / W lAAiI \ W tubc ’ live and makes an old dress look Women s Pure Linen \ / TTT kro«.« ■
■ U ” IJ-& « )i H San it o i Liauid Denti- 14.. entirely new. Handkerchiefs )| / ll\ 8I een » penny, brown, dusk, m
m V r> A» V frice,regular2sc size,bottle,-Isoc Each As \ /U U Monterey, tan and black. Sizes .
Al/ R tr C . D . . . „,, colored braid reaching to the With embroidered scalloped fw Li \ \ 14 tO 44. _
™ 69c Red Bubbcr Shower Hath hem of the skirt, and have round borders and clusters of dots v Va| ®
■ Sprays, best quality, regu- or 1,0:11 shll l ,ed collars. above border. In colors with vl P. 1.1. Royal—Third Floor. ■
I New Unusual Fall Dresses, $25 will , 59c to $7.98 K^„ a , 302 , ‘“ ■
I S aJ '"’ , ' s9c NeivCollarawl Cuff Sets 36-Inch Chiffon DuVetyU, $1.98 l
most attractive of the new Fall daytime dresses. In black, navy, Hughes Genuine $7.90 tacll In every conceivable color, with » g
brown and coffee. Ideal Rubber Cushion OQ Made of chantilly filet and of' * Fashionable and extremely reasonable. Indications point strongly to the use B
(A) Black Satin , embroidered design in colors , ecru lace Hairbrushes, jenny or round neck effects colors. of duvetyn for Autumn wear and its uses are many. It is particularly adapted for
■ collar and cuffs, long sleeves . side tics. w .. n.*h r P n np making capes, coats, suits, dresses, hats, etc. We have provided a wonderful color ■
■ (/I) Crepe Stum, in coffee color, with a wide crcfe fold “** Very Attractive Shoeing SI assortment of 32 fashionable colors, as .
“ sof.cmns and eertaning 18c of Neckwear at SI -fAMK. r Prairie Almond Green Mustang Cisnno Yellow •
■ larger figures. water, including collar and cuff set* black chantilly lace, in very at- Crocus Renaissance Daphne Aphrodite u
M (C) Black crcpc satin, tunic effect, with colored applique An excellent lot of 1Q„ of net and lace Vestees with tractne co ors. Pansy Tortoise Shell Radio Gobelin m
motifs, row of square red buttons down front, the new fed Handbrushes, special, Fanelettes of U net and"lace. ’ -m- Radiance Shutter Green Kobe Lark B
■ slecre, zeith applique motif, embroidered collar. T „„„ c .Seo/ Ruby Red Spark Persian Blue
M Falal* Iloyal—Third Floor. Palal* Royal-Main Floor. ralaU Royal—Main Floor. Pelican Lacquer Sandalwood Bark 9
■ ■ - ■■ ■ AIl-«rr«rra of VenTao and Em- Zinc Titian Red Navy Taupe ®
■ , n>l| | It 1 . /11 Praline Empire Blue White Block ■
■ 3,500 1 ards of Regular OIIK and T aDPIC UIOVCS other fabrics that arc in demand for present and future wear are very rea- ■
: 25c, 39C and 49c Value 1 Q Broken Lots SUk Gloves, 95c Pr. '
■ ._ , , _ _ _ I ® 16-button lengths. Colors and white. All perfecL 29c to $5.00 Yard Brocaded Silk Crepes Printed Crepes, $1.98 to ■
: Wash Fabrics suede Fabric ci„v es , $1 ,™ ;
■ T? Short circular and turn-hack cuff styles. Contrast color em- fnchesw^de""’riced according to In a variety of patterns and the A wonderful variety of patterns and
■ . . broidery. In wanted shades of pongee, mode, gray and white. widtfi and quality. choicest colors. A very superior quality choice colorings, in both light and dark ■
_ To go on sale tomorrow at this astonishingly low price. This group of Fatal* Royal Main Floor. ratal* Royal—Main Floor. of All-silk Canton Crepe, 52.49 yard- grounds. a
wash goods consists of chiffon dress voiles and batiste. There are more than ■ ■■ -■■■' 1 1 ~ There are desirable colors from _
5 2,000 yards of the voile in a wonderful assortment of patterns in small and large , ' ■
B " designs. Light, medium and dark colors. 1,500 yards of batiste. Over forty 'V 1 Spiral Crepes, $2.69 and m
m different patterns for your selection; all in 39-inch width. Choice from the The Silk De Luxe Satin Crepe $2.98 Yd. ■
• entire group at Me seed. ... WmS&jsk *2.98 and 53.98 Yd. I„ rtc » popular colors as Lucil.., ■
* L ~, n * wo , nualities. A fabric that has w'ood. Rus*cl, powder blue, bobolink, nut,
■ ’ !Js e te S r UPP \ Cn fin S e C 'splendid Havana, marine and black. ■
- 350 Jiffy Made Blouse Patterns, 39e \f\ J\ K PopUn Francaise ’ $3 - 75 Yd - Black Velvet 2
■ For a quick close out. Regularly 75c. You will w'ant 3t04 at this price. [ A \ / A , \ Jmj ' One of the new corded silk and wool $4.98 Yd. ■
B Good assortment of attractive color combinations. j / I fabrics. Shown in the season s fore- Very exceptional value ■
9 v\ / Y Palais Royal—Second Floor. ®
" A Special Underprice Purchase ■ “
I New Marvel Fit p Makes Possible This Sale of 1 Practical Garments for the Smaller Child JJ
JJ Reducing Corsets, Special, 150 Sample Hats at “Cinderella” Paifti Dresses, $1.50 J
■ The material used is a high-grade rubber covered on both sides with mer- _ ... . O's plain and plaid ginghams. Attractive styles with hand-embroidery trim- B
_ cerizcd cotton fabric. Marvel Fit Reducing Corset is absolutely sanitary and One-of-a-kind models, mostly Peacock an d Ostrich trimmed. High-grade hats in Silk inings. All was co ors. izes o .
_ may be washed without injury. Clasp front and lace back. Flesh color. It Lyons \ elvet, Duvetyn and Panne. Not the kind of hats one would expect to find in a , _ B
will actually reduce the thighs, hips and abdomen. Sizes 26 to 38. sale, so extraordinary are the values. Dainty Creepers and Rompers Children s Sweaters, $2.50
wv , 'a o -i toe 89c Coat styles, closely knit- In brown,
* a v »t t • n/r i i rr. Colors: - " Sowing / 9 Q£ ginghams and chambray. Hand- tan, red and blue. Sizes 2to 6.
■ Also Non-Lacmg Models, $7.50 Brotcn, Oak, Sand, Purple, $7.50 on Every Hat. embroidered. Sizes 6 months to 2 puiai* Rtfjrmi—Third Floor. ■
■ Navy, Red, Copen, Pearl, Black * y ears ■
• Come in and let our expert corsetieres fit you. Qn( j Combination Colors. Palala Royal. Seeond Floor. 1 ■
Palais Royal—Third Floor. ■■■■■■■ B
B “ =SSB===s^=HiSßa "* sa '““ — ““Women’s Extra New Brush Wool Sweaters • 200 New Indestruc - Girls’ School "
i You Get—for Size Holeproof I Special, $3,95 tible Three-Strand |h„ OODC ■
J W7T, .XT P t>s Hose |’ li NecklaCCS Hi VOOVO I
■ wnat iou ray. AU exce p lionaHy goo d lor “7tr ch 11 special, 12.9 s set QQ xLA BKm\ "
■ the larger woman Harding blue .nd lavender, | |1 OJIBUdI, ’tl.yO jlUgf)) ■
IjT W>f fll + Lxtra size Disi e< nose, in y Btrtnd cf lndpfitniftible iridescent Every rirl will want a smart Li. I MSStm/
■ black, white and brown, S| ||| peer.*. Mounted with ateHing .live, „ew frock to start the school yW'sT\
» Extra size Silk and Rayon “ \%\Jm “f,V4 “‘f'.,™* term right. Mother will not OA* WiA *
* —J—(fiber silk) Hose, rib- # 25 • * Add ill Sf value. find it difficult to complete her J f ■
SHOPS bed top, Dainty, Attractive fCkxJr f Threctrand bracelet to match. daughter’s OUtfit when She \\ U I«PJR ■
_ axlUlliO Extra size Pure Silk, rib- (fil TT A Jr sct with square atone and ater- sees these attractive models. , I . B
p- , . , bed top, • Unaerinmgs Htncy liny «urer safety catch. And then, too, there are such '// f \\ \ H
- ~uTin Foo“ g E SUH3.S? FW, -$ 2.25 Special, $1.79 &&&&& ' SpecW ’ $2 - 98 “cf/af Z££ \\
I , The Pergola h^ih««, sl U'U M i
l ( Shown in black kid, patent and 1” P wiY»hitc flld'colorT” tOPS ' Tdlllis Rackets »saSri 'wiK \
\V HnLnrnnf Pnr*» Silk Hnsp lingerie cloth, voile aod . nov . el . ty „ ma ; hand-embroidery or conventional designs of wool embroid
■ P laees ls and ribbon brimmed. \°n 'white Just 5 Remaining ery. Also some have becoming collar of that
\ [ • *II all and colors, aii sines to so. Also Ami- - can be washed and kept clean and fresh. Pockets which ■
m LAA M Pure silk, seamed back. Ribbed French in this lot. ..... . 2—Regular $11.75 vcdue, $6 will also appeal to the young miss may be found in some of ■
* rSzL \ UttlU elastic top or with Pointed slipper 2—Regular $lO.OO Value, $5 the frocks. ■
_ X heel. In black, white and colors. and rlbbon Pln | S hed with deep hem , n . , a* fT j-pt. v\7-ii ■
* \£^2==== i -_ „ r ~ , to hip. AU sizes. 1 Regular $8.50 value , $4 The materials are of Jersey and French serge. Will ■
m T | r . Holeproof Full-Fashioned rtw.Royri-ai.Fhor. give good wear. Sizes 7to 14. ■
• J. lie Silk Hose, $1.75 and ■ ■ Also other frocks from which to select at $5, $6.98, $8.98 *
M Shown in black kid and all J Pure thread silk, with mercerized Costume Slips, $2.98 Flora Linen Stationery, 25c r,ui> R.y.l—Thini Floor. ■
■" patent. » ifesJ ll earter tops. In black, white and For the new fall dresses. Made of Regular 350 value. 24 sheets and 24 envelopes. ■
nil the new colors. Rayon (fiber silk) that will stand hard Square envelopes, lons double sheets. In blue,
» /psSateT// VC / 1 wear. In black and colors. Finished chamois and pink. * 1 *
: jO CA Holeproof Rayon (Fiber —— Ostrich Trimming for Frocks, Hats, Negliges l
1)1 1 y* ffJnr Silk) Hose, 75c Galatea Linen Stationery, 25c o D __ v , ’ ® H
“ Good medium weight with seamed Regular 35c value. 24 sheets and 24 envelopes. Regular Price, 5 Yard. SJS.UI) ■
* back, in black, white, brown and Bungalow Aprons, $1 In whlte and blu « onl y- Tuesday , Yard,
B WearDO ?? T^s OD vM h fr^ 8 fl ?AJ^irht l iri<L tllerigh We Can Recommend datnV etripel, 0 che“s and figures. Correspondence Cards, 25c Jade, pink, orchid, canary, tan. black, light blue and honeydew. ■
_ styles, in tne rignt nt- at tne ngnt price rinished with contrasting colors and * 7 „ . . „ . „ . ■
* Tte Pauls Royal, ii no nil Floor. Holeproof Hosiery white orsandie. Extra sizes. Regular Sso valuo. In buff, pink and gray. ‘ n Floor.
■ 1 Ul Palau Royal—Main Floor. PalaU RoyaWThlrd Floor. PalaU RoyaJ-Main Floor. B

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