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I Lansburgh & Brd. ; SALE OF FELT HATS | II
j 418-30 7th St. N.W.—Thru to Bth FAMOUS FOR QUALITY SINCE 1860 - Phone Franklin 7400
A Special Purchase
; Headquarters for Boys and Girls Smart I for $335 Tomorrow I
School Apparel—Fourth Floor sl-95 : S-ki
And when you see these you’ll agree /fn
———■ And now' all thoughts turn towards school —some with us that they are the best bet of the season J j —l,
are sad—others glad—but all minds agree on the one tkus ar * n^ e( * s no introduction—every /I < W
4y~lW • W~h et • e subject, that buddy and sister must have new clothes woman and miss has seen it stressed in fashion >» A Jsl
f jhniCf* r'W'PßPntfltlfkn nt to m * k e their first appearance in school a good one— " ews for weeks—until now it is the'biggest
X # *V and mothers will admit that Lansburgh & Bro. is the factor in hat styles. - WjjMV
|7» I li* JPwAs* Go logl A al Pla . Ce t 0 ° Utfit I the Children , f ° r 1 and in ! Cr - cx^c e t Se to r find n ats3.9s' aTd"h e ° sty Us-" " «P'Jl
raillime A 1 w€J€3KS Assortments are large, complete and merchandise The dapper high crown—influenced by the Dircc- ' • IPI Y \ A AMKSmr
carefully selected with the ever-present thought of toire modes—soft crowns, round, shaped, oval and "“V Tj f r\ \ A 1
j serviceability and moderate price. cver so man y niore than we can mention. Suffice \ ' ) ],/ \
I T=T T=gr tffrQQ 7C dfc/IQ Lansburgh & Bro. have outfitted Washingtoninclusive** 1 11* 1 the assortment is large and very '
A < (J-~i|?T7. ( J school children {or M years and arc ready to outfit Wood Rugget q, Sand
WW C 3? ■ em aga,n - ably and correc " y - ' Gray Black Tho “W/1111. v «/,*” CfJ
j r W It’s in the air—that enthusiasm for new Self-trimmed or with ribands, cocardcs and novel ± 1 tMUIUtJ kJW \jOl m
// Av clothes —new frocks—new everything, ornaments. 4 styles are sketched, and others f f pe mj «
)mk and as always Lansburgh & Bro. are mW secowd floor. lansburgh & bed. IOTS (ITKI GllttS^—iieWl
lIWNHi ready with all the charming, chic, new
fIPIIHA I ‘S Striped Sateen Comime SI.OO
almost picture the individual who will MTuf lln\ /111 FflH G'filfVWe
Mnwl wear it—in fact, our spirits soar out of 111 |l\\ j j(V\\ /Rr L/H'iw i/li/ M iMM/i/ White linen with hemstitched hems takes on added
|«lf| reach—so enthusiastic do we grow over ! A' \\ m / /T WT J chic by the addition of a dainty colored handker-
HI ttobeauties, that we could rVodizc j JA I'l U^Wyf' JT 51.39 'cto, 's^T' Col, ' B,i,n '
filH |EH Here are the principle points in their j iuj\ - These are the slim slips worn extensively Lace Pandette, $1,50 to $3.95
I "■■l HHI favor— UPlJlfti under slender line frocks and suits. In black, New—decidedly so—tiny ones to add chic to a
I iVI / J hmum mA mi.r ic. i /id Fa" frock or a long to hem panelette for the worn
■ lift HM Tvniejil Fnll
■ IhV |H|H typical tall taoncs i : I! I! Hemstitched shoulder straps add attractive- White or ecru net and lace panel with round collar
■ IH I; H||H Brocaded georgette, satin, crepe-back satin, if : ■ ; f/ I I ness. A rare value at $1.39. attached. Charming beyond description.
MII I IllWj jacquard, faille, bcngalinc, charmeen, Patou f?Vvf' fc\ i ;:j thibd fltoe, lansbttrqh * bho. street elooh, lansburgh * bko
■B W ■ .H|H| crepe and Poiret twill. I V ''lT 5 i f' llj
It w I The Style Trend coat effects, tunics, \ I l\\\
|| | I H|| flounces, drapes, beltless lines, tight bodice ill T
! “ Hlli with full skirts and tunic blouse influences. * \ { I
W-Pu =ssssgsss September Sale ®f Home Meeds
“i .—j j ■ Modes and sizes for misses, women and WN* / JC. s — “ «»
J sor S the V co!kgi»n.' th 2i f—- 3 ~~ Daily Slew Additions Keep Interest at the Peak
* . r SECO ” - ‘ ; - Fall Clothes That Will
Heavy Shaker Knit Sweaters f s J° S f a ™° l oi”iL, )
Bring a . Note of Change 'i£3trrH3i
(ft/: AFf crepe, flannel and novelty sYzes^loTo^ tr ' mmed ' "
R M mil / u % woolens in plain colors, /
?IjsvF»j7tX • 4 t_F small checks and Scotch „ , , _ _ _
s d^ni^fe m d bin Bo^t„p skim g £ Wnrfh nf Fine
* Collegians and prep school misses feel many with panels back and So.yo IfjJ tA *\A rr Urn %/aw Us -*■ Aaw\^
rni V y&lf&k the chill winds of Fall and Winter same front. Also wrap-around All-wool checked fabric
IwmM f. s , We stay-at-homes-but many desire a S Jf y s colton^hodlT' grav. /)yflVt/) M in - O 7/1/1
-ill Si SI lighter-weight garment than the regular to 17. brown, red and black and 1/IHIIPf li/tlf
ilill topcoat that’s where the Shaker knit School Sweaters white Sizes 6to 14 Spl,n- 1 ,VM/
aptfi fi# sweater does its work. Swagger—smart ai qr co an d ' d for wear with the
I II —warm and good to look at—that’s the ENGLISH AND DOMESTIC
| lli'' Shaker knit sweater. And here It IS m sweater is an all-important DAnm uve rouxirn VTnnnxr 1/ •
i±2%10 several pleasing styles—with huge roll factor in the school girl s She*ll Need Gym FUKL-tLAIAb. r KLiNLxi, J\IrFUN X
ilil m§M ) con » r > »«■!" solid . «*>«• or trimmed with f„ h ' Bloomers, $1.98 AN 0 BOHEMIAN CHINA / Z X 11VC
■oil bands of contrasting tone. **rS. Strong black Line, in
llifr ‘ Moro °'* B,acfc lr *‘' e iy *® y —occasionally o°m b fnV d ma'ke. ’“Spieaw'd on°adl , ? ome discontinued patterns—sold in sets and separate pieces at savings
V Slip-on and button-front coat models with with other colors. Si?es justable waist. Sizes 6to of 50c OH every dollar. Don't miss this Sale. Samples of the savings:
■■L 1 i .1. t roomy pockets and large bone buttons. Com- ® to 21.
plete range of sizes 36 to 46. fourth floor, lansburgh & bro. $25.50 Handsome Border Pat* dk"| C\ $45.00 American Porcelain
second floor, lansburoh k BRO. WJ J tern 50-Piece Sets 4<J Dinner Sets, 100 pieces
- CfA $65.00 Theodore Haviland Cn
** Piece Dinner Sets Dinner Sets. 50 pieces <|pO^»l*i3vf
Fall Skirts 9 Wrap-Around 5T.75 $20.00 e“:: J3l : 545.00
or tiang run i'leatea », .hr««.h.Oration..
f cut > anc l quality of fabric
- < . - - i ■—■«» ifi at gives a bov confidence . .. 1 v
xHOHF $5.75 Jealip e:s:?~- 1S (2X ** a |m]
,! ■//■ It is simply a matter of personal jnHTuwf 1 ’ ssimeres j nP?**' AluttllllUl7l -
■■ choice—for either is smart—and both ing mixtures’that 0 wear well' _ Ul ll r I • IT* •I
1 UhIT-■ ’Ui < treatments are featured in a compre- Knickers fully lined, seams HI II CtOOKUIQ LJtensUS
n’o hensive group of new sport and dress strongly sewn. Sizes 7to 17. IBjjilMiijijjlliH ”
f Checked Velour, plaid tweed, wool Boys 9 School Blouses at 4-g«l. Galvanized f \ Wicker Waste Bas.
FTHlifW’fn IfcTM r.mr.r* +,.,;i100., , ’ „ t ’ * -ii JBlf , Garbage Can, with cor- XwHgr { \ I-tt, with Polychrome
gff+XU+Pj-g ■ crepe, tw illeen, serge and Poiret twill rugated sides, and iai"' 4} deco rations;
dominate the fabric mode—hence we ■ H /M(* tight - fitting HZ I S|| W"~ji splendid qual- f. Q«
emphasize them in this select group. H cover lls II ity. Choice ... W7C
M HR Buttons-very large -and uncommonly | X j \| |
vitiHJj beautiful; contrasting fabric bindings m a wide range of solid shades and nov- f q fa g- ■ —
and silk stitchery play an important role M eity patterns, of such materials as mm mm
| , \ \ . , „• f. r J r LSA woven and printed madras and all- M I / I /
'v E ;i / j j \ \ in their embellishing. w r hite madras, sizes 7to is. A J J \
) ) Woodsy browns—of the trees and fourth floor, lansburgh a bro. 4 A \ ‘ s*”• —
j I /) leaves; navy and black lead. » sss V'PW
0 1 xA BECOHD FLOOR, LANSBURGH ft »80. a I l| §B im L+ja G** ® f tl \f popular of^ ‘ '^Hl
y - — J M H mm JW the September Sales features 5 r
■I IH H ULa iw because filling so many needs
IH JKSSmtm HHHIHIh quality wafe, in y
W| H tm large sizes, at a price rldicu-
I New Tricosham Petticoats \\man
' * mSsT I sis U bOWI - Eas,l y Qftp Lar»o CoUnden. - QO„
' Exceptional Value «P 9 "f| n I cleaned I 6-cup PareoUtors, I tom I j i
: ; s r HI II If 4-qt. Coverad Kettle* (tail handle). Vfj 'PM
4 '•/. (&o np « V I 2 ««?*• c ""” a M f B_9
"::l ;! ? ■ , ass *• 114 •** [1 fr* [S * ET’i
To'effect that slim silhouette it is still A Tbiuly School Safe - „
■■■ yfl necessary to wear close-fitting, soft- C T? . •
} J fabricked underskirts —that’s the reason Os X OUtItCUII 1 CttS \ 1—
of soft (rayon knitted fabric) Four Styles, at a Saving
in a score of delightful Autumnal colors Worthwhile. Pen Points / / r ~
and tones. of 14-kt. gold. Self-Filling • • Wizard PoliMi Mop, H ill li ■ Simplex Self-wring.
\ Scalloped or embroidered bottoms, esHedMlfplanned’for foUeTe 3’sdioolMudentf I W V" ing Mops no stooping.
some with novelty flounces-all decidedly and |iH s n<!d j£c h «P s P e 51.19 no wetting^
smart and very serviceable. Assorted with gold ring or clip; long pens with gold band and clip, CLa l hands
Jmvm lengths and waistbands. especially liked by boys. Pens that we can thoroughly recoin- sixth floor, lansburgh ft bro.

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