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New Discoveries Reported to
Convention Tell of Means of
h Universal Destruction.
th- Aaeoci.ted Prwa.
ITHACA, N. Y, September If.—
IXT, p4cric arid and other high
explosives, it is asserted, will be
Shot off with greater speed and make
w.ir more deadly as the result of the
Invention of a new booster detonator
of wide application in both peace and
■War, described today before the
American I'hemical Society by the
Inventor, Bennett Grotta of Tam
aqua, Pa,
The time of explosion, of TNT
Under any c.ireuinstanoea is Infini
tesimal. it was explained. By the
use of the new detonator it is pos
sible, it is declared, to produce the
time of explosion still further.
The future of automotive transpor
tation in America, T. A. Boyd of Pay
ten, Ohio, declared, depends essen
tially upon progress in the cracking
of petroleum.
Inrreawc Engine Efficiency.
"Tt is possible." said Mr. Boyd,
**that within the next few years the
efficiency of internal combustion
engines may be tremendously in
creased. At present, under the most
* favorable conditions the utilization
•f gasoline for automobile is less l
than Ir. per cent efficient.
"A gallon of gasoline contains
enough energy to run a. flivver 450
miles on a level paved road if it
were possible to utilize ail of the
energy that could be obtained by
burning this amount of gasoline.”
Terrors dwarfing those of the recent
world conflict will be imposed by wars
of the future, and there will be no
refuge from death and torture, de
clared Ur. Ijco Hendrick Baekeland,
I resident of the society, pleading for
" a greater week-day religion of
•b eds" in his annual address delivered
last night.
I.lmit Not Reached.
"Any one acquainted with the later
development of means of scientific
destruction knows that the limit has
not yet been reached,” he said, "and
that in future wars no one will find
a snug place where he may think he
is safe or can escape the conse
quences. The largest and best pro
tected cities, irrespective of their size
or distance, will be exposed continu
ously to destruction and mutilation.
There will be no way of safeguard
ing women or children or the old or
the infirm.
But the remedy to these horrors
lies not in stopping the use of chem
istry in warfare. . . . The greater
remedy seems to lie in more of a
plain, generous, week-day religion
rather than a Sunday religion of
Or. Baekeland pleaded that ihem
i'-ts not be blamed for their part in
'ihe waging of wars, which he de
clared were not of their making.
The role of chemistry essentially is
constructive, the speaker said, and
asserted that the conservative field
has never been more promising than
today. He suggested that science
may solve the mysteries of gland
solution and become a factor in the
elimination of poorhouses and lunatic
Kansas Editor Sends Petitions to.
Size Up Sentiment Against
Ku Klux Klan. i
By the Associated Press.
KMI’OKIA, Kan., September 11.—
At illiam Allen White, Emporia edi
tor, yesterday sent out independent
nominating petitions to place his
name and that of State Senator Carr
TV. Taylor on the November ballot
as candidates for Governor and
1-iieutenant Governor of Kansas, re
In a statement announcing the
sending out of the petitions, Mr.
White said it was done to test public]
sentiment as to the action of Ben
Paulin, Republican gubernatorial
candidate in “practically allying the
Republican party in Kansas with the
Ku Klux Klan.”
If the petitions are returned with
sufficient names and “if there is aj
feeling among the people of Kansas!
that an independent ticket for lieu- I
tenant governor and governor should'
be filed to oppose the Republican
candidates supported by the Ku Klux
Klan,” Mr. White's statement said,
"Mr. Taylor and I will, of course,
gladly make the fight.”
| We Have the Choicest
Homes in Chevy Chase l i
i Main 841$
nviy Ski“
, | Is due to a super-clay
By Edna Wallace Hopper
! After 40 years In the limelight
after 35 years as a stage star—l
still look a girl of 19. The thou
sands who see me daily know' that
j and wonder how this came about.
—————i The ehief reason
lies in new-type j
'* a T- • started
ffvX'JVp years ago with
fSaEaP '$ the old-type clays,
9 mide and muddy.
« which so many I
still employ. They
brought me amaz
ing results. But
I have kept in
touch with scien
tific progress, and
In 20 years it has
brought me a clay
which gives mul
Hopper 4o6 Today I have
Plwto 1923 what experts call
• the last word in facial clay. It is
| white, refined and dainty. And It
embodies many new discoveries.
'Until I obtained this I never knew
■ 'one-tenth what clay could do.
! Now lam supplying this clay to
I others. 1 call it my White Youth
i Clay. All druggists and toilet
counters have it—exactly the clay
f use. And I am stating its results
to girls who want more beauty
and to women who want youth.
My White Youth Clay purges the
skin of all that clogs and mars it.
It draws out the causes of black
heads and blemishes. It brings
the blood to the skin to nourish
and revive it. The result is a rosy
; afterglow which amazes and de
i lights. Many women seem to drop
I ten years with one application.
It firms the skin, combats all linn and
wrinkles, reduces enlarged pores. No girl
i or woman who once enjoys its results will
ever go without if.
I want you to know what it does. My
good fortune obtained it for me. I was
i fsmous as a beauty, so every expert
sought to give me the greatest aid to
; beauty. Now I wish to bring like bene
, fits to millions.
Write me for my Beauty Book and I'll
j send with it something else to please you.
I Kdaa Wallace Hopper, 536 Lake Shore
j Drive. Chicago.—Advertisement.
Women’* Silk and Rayon "» Remi
n I AXTCDT TDOU JC3 Un o~.ru*f*L,
known makes and broken size assortments. ■ I I ■ I ■ ■■■■■ ■ wL ■ W We have grouped all short lengths of lin-
About 700 pairs in this lot. Tomorrow ■ . M BR I ■ B ■ ■ B HI I ul H B I ings, sateen, Buty chyne, cotton brocades
should sec the last of them out. Good B £ m B ■ I I W B M I B. M H H M H H W ~ and other desirable fabrics, lengths from 1
color and size range •-'C talk I t 0 yards—at one-third oft regular prices.
418-30 7th St. N.W.-Thru to Btb FAMOUS FOR QUALITY SINCE 1860 Store New, for Friday, September^.
A Lesson in Economy--FOpportunities!
Practically every department in the store is represented with unusual one-day specials
Finale—Friday Clearance of Silk Handbags -—-—-w
For Friday’s Feature-We Offer T7 I Novelty
300 Fall Hats Printed Cottons 35c
JL m Wm W W \Jmz Friday's price... V«>C Pieces that formerly sold at 50c to SI.OO rc
§|2s Bead Bags priced downward for a one day clearance.
Newly Arrived Styles, and Others Beautiful Voiles and Batiste Drawstring style’. Choose from—
from Our Higher Priced Lines— Formerly 25c, 29c and 35c, at naiiy marked B ns, ii*r r*a«
. s~* T 7> * n -5(». Frl - Ul ICT W»teh C'kalas Veil Irina
Choice at Une Low Price— day s price «!PA.XtJ Watch Ribbon- Penrils
“B "IT "T* ”■ STREET FLOOR. Earrings Children's Fan
dfo O r I \ , W§l ~ Tablecloth* and I
Napkin*, Special
.... . , Tot,’ Clean-Up of
' Undoubtedly the best opportunity to purchase a liberal ready for use. Assorted rnw*>*
supply of beautiful printed cottons you will have in months to patterns, offered in these ar ™ ”* . c ” r ,
Only in such an event as this could come. Fabrics and colors suitable for many uses—and don’t rnd.y Special “in
you possibly hope to purchase a lovely forget, buytng now for next summer is practicing genuine »««-'"■ Cloth., Me. 83.95 «;“»’»■ ■- *» a 25c
fj new hat for such a small price.. And economy. Light and dark grounds. ajl&jt SKR S£ x-«a i. (wK'c*
a rt d«i^ta^^de m ‘ 36-lnch Longcloth, 19c-Splcndid -| n t "wU'-S: gSSS gS , gSuSSTa.'SS rS"
V color. Even the very latest high snecial vard 1/ v do ** n . sl :* s ' lined.-Tan. rose, orchid - p eciai •
rrnwn arf* included ‘ 9 ***** ********** -0x«0-inch Xapkini?, and blue. Formerly sold (46) Pairs Mens
/ \ crown sty s a 36-Inch Dome! Flannel, 25c—White m$ dozen. 15.95 to $14.50. Novelty Rayons ox. sizes
\ Four Styles Sketched tonightgow*., pajamas, etc. JSC • ™“- mSa*
f , , 11 ud v» - wire wheels and rubber
Lyons and Panne \ civets; velvets Small Lot Black Sateen, 29c—Short 95.00 to $7.95 tires. Friday s ne Rnrenln
combined with faille silk. In the new lengths, suitable for many uses. Very Silk Blouses price w«™-'w‘U«« * T */ » •
Ma\ shades of brown. special, yard ** n(r fotirth floor. Toiletries
red ’ sand > copen, stbeec nooa. laksieroh a »mo. 82.95 Dutch Silver s*us °. B h . 39c
p[f o? d ctaborat™; I ' ~, .. , . , I Table Mat. S™p£... 1«c
flßt. trimmed with feath- Girls ScllOOl ApOOTel - 'rluVni 3forßLoo r«i, S h”.° T 16c
ers ’ fanc > r P ,tlS * rlb ‘ * * Winter. Tvnical Holland pat- . Nail Files '. tri P le cut
hons and rosettes. A * e Pvi/t/10 Overblouse and novel- terns in round or square in 3 to 6 inch |Q C
mTI/ All smart - choice t CUtUPed ttt t TWltty POCCS •*— k n . *
—1 ft it iffMUVK w . I Friday onlv at $3.95. terns and combinations DOnbOH Dishes, poo or Hair O-
I S * " School opening is not far off—and of smart colors. Fea- Hn ll Xi e r ‘ Ur^ We 'i
I j J* , , T , to tured i n v trlcoeham, plated, with blue glass Powder Puffs,
I 1 SECOND FLOOR. mothers Will find that Lansburgh iV crepe de satin lining. Friday, ciq colored rubber en- o
JL—IJs ■■■■lll i Bro. have provided complete and and novelties. Sport f >ric,> •• cased oc
COrCCCt Stocks of ScllOOl apparel for an 1 .rnT ‘ <JrPSS Sty,es - 8 111 Flooß ' STREET FLOOR.
girls of all ages. Tomorrow’s offer- ° R • -m
Dniihlf* ftoH Colored Wash -frit™ ™eh >r one day only. *j. \ I Genuine Irish House
ASGoods Remnants Tub Dresses, sl.oo—These for- II A\>\ Linen Bloomers U
CocmUoo QUnnto .rd U c n .S,.f;„^;'o U i merlv sold for $l9B to $2.98 Odd T,\ SJ£A 81.19 UreSSeS
A. #ll IfiiSiS fine quality wash goods, lot of one of a kind dresses in dotted M
UCUIftICOO UlfCCkO Swiss, printed voile and tissue.
Special for Friday—Each of other weaves m°co"- Colors and styles vary—but all can effective styles. Ade- Choose Several of These
rtlil AA everv an p d urp P o^e tera Th i*l he worn for school under a coat. ?eV inshTaces. Wen T 7 Smart Dresses Friday at
I ||t| fabrics formerly sold SIZCS 7tQ 12. AA made and finished. J L
j tip Xtv y for a rreat deal Off,, price tjPXsVFVr range ° f sizes - j.
more.-Priday.yd.. Girls’ Coats, ss.oo—JllSt 16 COatS K\ THIRD FLOOR. [T
Good sheets at a remarkably low price. Size 81x90 street FLOOR. in the lot; these sold for SIO.OO and |t \ ■
!S!ia KA“tt!i.S , SIS.OO early in the scasom Solid l\ f I*V7
thread. A rare opportunity. All-Wool Serge I ™' ors and ,pj a « d s, all full lined. M I Envelope Chem e I 11
Pillowcase*, each. Bleached Sheeting, __j Medium weight suitable for novy | M nr \ Friday brings another
25c— <Size 42x36; good 4«e—Also unbleached. In H,lu an( j nla y readily be worn later With —J L> L \ \- winner from the hniise
quality cases; si in. and 85 in. widths: sweater. Sizes 7to 12. A A Excellent quality silk ''inner irom me nou.e
regularly 3jc; O- regularly 60c; 40„ 1(1. r* -J » \ jersey in various pleas- I dress section. A arge
Friday, each Friday, yard fiX.T7 RU. Friday’s price qpCff.VrV/ ing colors. Bodice top •, f , . &
Small Pillowcases. Sea Island Muslin, 42 and 44 inch widths Cloth Suits, V 2 price. Gym Bloomers, sl.oo trimmed with \anet> ot attractive
12c— For infants' and Unbleached, 39- —only 1,000 yards in Pe»Hiirevd from *IOOO to Snprial Fridav value novel edges. Blzes 06 hoUSC dresses featured ill
couch Pillows; Inch Width: regularly the lot. Color assort- CCI U.P eC . 31 V V ~ , t0 , 44 ' A typical Friday ■ ,
regularly i9c; -|isc; Friday 101/.„ ment complete. For $23.00 to this price. Kenilworth make, black vaiue ; a one day event.
Friday, each only. yard.... A"/2 C one-piece dresses and Velour checks. Poiret sateen bloomers With full THIRD FLOOR.
third ncox. LAHBBUXOH . bxo. SST - pl«ted waist and on knee . BltHH'. . Pretty check, and plain
36.ineh All.wodl piece knicker suits in the band Sizes Tub Silk colors in scores of attrac-
AII T rtmertw assortment s, z« 10 W 6 t 022. Fn- ©IOO CottumeShp* • ®| live styles neatly trimmed
A u-ijayer 1 t ®- $I^. ayspnc ' s ’ s * ,o# &y,pnce " * x * w Reduced ••• mm b raM ,. P^„g , aild
Wm "MM" am wa si!oo; oq' Sweaters, $1.29 —Slip- Middy Blouses, 79e. All 85«49 , contrasting collars. Cut
Ji Friday, yard .. o“C on mo d e i s j n plain or white or white with red shadowproor sups in -WT7 Jong and full and finished
38-inch Checks fancy weaves. Rose, collar and cuffs. Sturdy Traltwe TT) with pockets and tie belt.
Regularly Sl3#9s*“for Fridav *“* pi»id». tec—Excel- grcft n, black, blur, Lonsdale jean trimmed colors. Bodice ton A HJr~ _ c; 7PC co
>K -J -< pa n tterns Ua, ind S: onK buttercup and ted. Sizes with flat braid. Sizes 10 Jn sizes 36 to 44. es bto
These will go to early shoppers—fine quality, full
30-pound mattresses —soft and restful. Sold under ll 7rtmon 9 » _
our own label-a guarantee of satisfaction. Three w omen S Short Lots of & O (\fh ... For One DflV Onlv—Fridav
sizes—3.6, 4.4 and 4.6. An exceptional opportunity. Chomoisette Hmuunnaren. Lls2t> U V C A/uy rnu "; [
70x80 Part-wool $3.50 Baby Bhm- D , » „ - 9 -
ntankrtK, *5.»5 Block hel*. SBJIO—OnIy 15, in IrIOVCS KeaUCCa /tt> | J A £ 1 H / II
plaids in attractive col- size 36x50 In. Blue or Th« Uat few dava of B I I H H H S
oringa. Wide pink borders. 7Qf intensive selling in the til/ JL •JL J ■ ■ BA
l> i n d i r. g. A* nr Special . FYi- An ra • sv, September Sale of
rr il a i^ pa !i r ;. , day ;.. pai^*': OM 13 - button Length H ?. U v, sewa i:^i ha b 8 n lt f U« 100 desirable light-weight corsets that A J ■ ■ J ■ k 1
70x80 All «W OO I AH = Feather PU- Mousquetaire Gloves in w,th severaJ shoft o worn round the house in Winter J-
OliinketK, *41.95 Plain lows, 37c—Size 17x17 In. gray, tan, mode, brown of remarkably low offered a t an inviting low nrice for Fri
colors, each wide saline . Covered with pretty and several other Fall priced merchandise on ottered at an inviting low price tor *n
binding. Exceptional art ticking, in good shades. Excellent qua!- hand. a-y
--value. Fri- aa qp color effects. ity, all reduced to this C4V Clothes HtUTI- 200 BraSSerCß, Corsets, 65c. Rpgnlarlv Spiling ftl to R 2 69
day, each.... *o*9s Each OTC low price for Friday. Formerly #OS. 4»e. Incomplete Odda and end. of HegUiaTiy SeUlllg fLVO lO 54.0 V
FIFTH FLOOR, LANSBURGH S BRO, STREET FLOOR, White enam- $2.95 "medium’lCt Special at. Yard,
eled steel.... vs 42 tOG 4. Excep . models _ Broken
jrrar (6) Large Ham- tlonal values. Fri- sizes; were fl.oo
~ '•" w —aa ff“&sssas d "- < «— Fr "“ y " /tt> J F"f A
WTTIH ■ '*'«:,•« *3 95 45c 65c VUT I //I ,
I JP( * T\/T LY'li * ZL— M.K. SP-95 THIRD ZDOOR. I I Z-M-l
. J?All Summer Dresses TT
y 7iid * s* n eei. 05 Reduced
PrldAy Ml ,, • . • • •
hnvorted TTHUS nnTPTtt A / (• O Wh id enameled, rubber voile, fn nd ßize r s in for “linen and buy SUCh elegant Silks at a pfiCC Within the reach of all
' f J:. rUn *F U ™ U 1/ i i*||- Misses and women. tor , than here tomorrow. Please bear in mind that silk ,
China Umnertvare, /2 Vll . rtld ,y $2.00 "" a «'r'o= At " prices will increase in the very near future hence buy
-7 wooden * Reg?- ing these standard quality .weaves now at a reduced
A one-day special offering in the September Home Needs £riy*2se. rn- -|q c re o I r°gottl <») Dressea of price should prove to be one ot the big value treats of
Sale that brings tremendous possibilities to save. If you come da rA7V‘silt Boxes. OV d r h er d br drl* ry s —all of the season’s
early, you can select a complete dinner set at a ridiculously wood bV*e». work. a ßi«i. r *>r “ d .^ r B k *® T ; preferred colors. Choice of
low price. ' 25 °‘ 10c , * eß l l^® raea and Mlmm. Women and . w. . r . . , tl
D A A DI.«. HA o Fridsy ......... extra altos. At— extra aizes. At— 40-inch Printed Crepe de Chine, yard $1.74
Bread and Butter Pistes 10c Sauce Plates , ln - C 56) Steak Mauls. OA flg ABB as *e, ♦ l. x»i • n j j .
Tea Plates 15c Soup Plates .L-L-.:TT in! Thsas are Told for 10c. f4f.95 $11.95 40-inch Plam Crepe de Chine, yard. 1.74
Dinner Plates 15c Cups and Saucers _.25c Wooden. , ... 40-inch Fine Silk Radium, yard $1.74
Covered Vegetable Dishes ,50c Meat Platters 35c cleaned. Fri- f- Gabardine SkirU *
Gravy Boats, with fast stand 35c Sugar Bowls 35c dt U. u : , .V 4 ‘.‘ , , . r ,, 36-inch Black Satin Duchess, ytrd $1.74 ’
—«. .JJSJStSnSS speeud for Friday at*ihKMkcu*a’t**, 7U a *1.74
f r br «ta. b cake 75C 36-inch Nary Chiffon Taffeta, yard ...$1.74
f ,G|/)rPfl, f v//ljL<t)PGrP ~1 A A closets, tin dtahpans, White gabardine, in wrap effect, smalt 36-inch Silk-face Duvetyn, yard ....51.74
c ML | ||| I tin wash boilers. For- pockets and button trimmed. Originally ■ 3
Choice of $1.49, $2.50, $4.95 and $7.50 Qualities, J- Friday*!*.?.2sc Pj i « d 3 19S to 9S : sizes fr - om IXOOR ’ r; [
* , . - ' ’ •• •’ v - . '

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