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Defense Day Generally Cele
brated Throughout Mary
land and Virginias.
Thousands of men and women In
Maryland and the Virginias are par
ticipating today in observances of
Xational Defense day. virtually every
community having arranged to mark
the occasion.
In Maryland, where a legal holiday
has been proclaimed, the reproduc
tion of the battle of Anlietam. in
the western part of the State, and
a huge civic celebration in Baltimore
comprised the principal demonstra
More than 20,000 men. including
12.000 from the Kegular Army, were
enrolled for the llaltimore parade,
which passed in review at the
Stadium, the civilian delegation
having 200 members of the Chinese
colony under the leadership of Der
Met' Sheung, president of the Chinese
Masonic Society.
Maryland Ttmn* I wire.
Several of the nearby Maryland
towns united for the celebration.
Delegations from Hyattsville. Hiver
dale. College Park. Uladensburg, Cot
tage City. Mount Itainfer and other
communities will march at 6:30 this
evening from the H.nettsville Xa
tional Cuard Armory to the Memorial
Cross, at Uladensburg, for exercises.
The occasion was marked with a
program on the State Capitol grounds
in Richmond, following a parade of
civil and military forces, and 2.00 ft
marchers turned out for the occasion
in Winchester. Va.
At Skyland. V.'u. Inst night, a
*ham battle, including the razing of
a village, was reproduced on Stony
Man Mo’intain.
General celebrations by civic, fra
ternal. commercial and military or
ganizations featured the day in West
Moscow Athletes Cause Sensation
by Appearing Nearly
By the Assoc iated Press
MOSCOW, September 12.—Moscow
experienced a sensation yesterday
when a number of young athletes of |
both sexes appeared almost nude in !
the streets, their sole covering being
diminutive aprons and red ribbons
over their shoulders, bearing the in
scription, "Down with shamel"
The crowds on the streets were
much incensed and in some cases the
athletes were forced to seek the pro
tection of the police. The sporting
societies have been warned by the
authorities that repetition of the in
cident will subject the offenders to
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Open Evenings and Sunday
(Continued from First Page.)
at the reserve headquarters today that
it was expected that there would be
from 30,000 to 36.000 in line. The figure
represents an estimate of the fighters
who would be available In time of war
In the Army of the United States, com
posed of the regular establishment, the
Organized Reserves and the Xational
The National Guard of the District
of Columbia exceeded its expec
tations. for It was announced at the
headquarters at 472 1. street north
west today that 4,000 would be in
that contingent, whereas the quota
is only 3,600. In addition to this fig
ure were the various veteran, patriotic
and civic organizations which have
asked for atid were assigned places in
line as a demonstration of support for
the defense test.
Organizations Form.
Organizations and Individuals with
cards to report to them began ar
riving at the mobilization points in
the vicinity of the Capitol shortly
after noon, and the marshals, their
aides and the individual unit com
manders were kept busy whipping
their commands into shape. The ac
tual formations began at 1:30 o’clock,
and then every few minutes organiza
tions were taking their stations in
line, ready to drop into the proces
sion, which proceeded west on Pennsyl
vania avenue to Treasury place, thence
south around the Ellipse past the re
viewing stand at the Zero Milestone,
continuing around to the south side
and entering the great Ellipse, where
they massed for the ceremonies subse
quent to (he ending of the parade.
The head of the procession rested
at Second street northwest and con
sisted of Maj. Sullivan, superintendent
of metropolitan police; directly be
hind this escort was Brig. Gen. S. D.
Rockenbach, V. S. A., commanding
the military district of Washington
and grand marshal of the parade, and
his staff: then the District Commis
sioners, followed by the defense test
which has worked un
ceasingly to marshal the civilian
forces for the event; then came a sec
tion of the general staff, with the
chiefs of the great military arms
The Army Band, the first in line,
was next, heading the first section of
the parade, which is composed of the
Regular Army, represented by the
following units: Col. H. S. Hawkins
and staff; 3d Battalion. 12th Infantry,
Maj. J. A. Atkins, commanding; 4ftth
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Infantry, Lieut. Col. P. A AWI, com
manding; 16th Cavalry, Col. D. T. E.
Casteel, commanding; 16th Field Ar
tillery, Col. R. Ix Bacon, command
ing; 3d Cavalry, Maj. J. M. Waln
wrlght, commanding: Ist Battalion,
16th Field Artillery, Maj. R. P. De
Hoyle, commanding: 99th Observa
tion Squadron, 56th Service Squadron,
3d Photograph Section. 38th Air Sec
tion, all branches of the Air Service,
Maj. H. G. Olagett, commanding; 17th
Service Company, Oapt. E. F. French:
commanding: the Navy Band, a com
pany of marine* and a company of
bluejackets with reserves, the latter
commanded by Lieut. Comdr. J. F.
Meigs, IT. S. X.
The second section of the parade,
another component o? the Army of
the United States, was composed of
The National Guard of the
of Columbia, and was headed by Maj.
Oen. Anton Stephan. The organiza
tions in this section are 29th Division
Headquarters Company and detach
ment. commanded by Lieut. Col. C.
Fred Cook; 29th Military I’olice Com
pany, Lieut. K. M. Peak, commanding;
121»t Regiment of Engineers. Col. J.
\V. Oehmann, commanding; 260th Reg
iment of Coast Artillery, Maj. W. W.
Burns, commanding; Ist Separate
Battalion of Infantry, Capt. A. C.
Newman, and the 2Wh Division trains,
commanded by Maj. Horace Dulin.
The third section was composed of
the Organized Reserves, headed by Brig.
Gen. F. T. Hines and hifl staff, with the
following units; United States Marine
Band. 320th Infantry, Col. G. B. Young
commanding; 2d Squadron. 306th Cav
alry, Capt. R. C. D. Hunt commanding;
Troop B. 153 d Machine Gun Squadron.
Capt. H. B. Murray commanding; 62d
Signal Troop, Capt. H. G. Foster com
manding: 313th Field Artillery, Col. L.
W. Herron commanding; Battery C.
462 d Field Artillery, Lieut. A. A. Mer
cier commanding: Company F. 622 d
Coast Artillery, Capt. R. H. Wilmer
commanding; Company G, 622 d Coast
Artillery, Capt. W. Van Devanter, com
manding; 409th Pursuit Squadron. Capt.
K. Graham commanding: 409th Attack
Squadron. Maj. T. V. Walker command
ing: 13th Corps Engineers, Col. C. A.
McKenny commanding; 343 d Engineers,
Col. J. Stewart commanding; 375th En
gineers, Maj. W. A. Hamilton, com
manding; 44ftth Engineer Battalion,
Maj. W. A. Hamilton, commanding.
693 d Engineer Battalion, Lieut. Col.
J. H. Finney, commanding: SOth Sig
nal Company, SOth division. Capt. W.
R. Lansford, commanding; 305th
Ammunition Train. 550th division. Maj.
L. C. Volght, commanding: 109th
Service Battalion. Quartermaster
Corps, Maj. J. B. Moon, commanding:
630th Bakery Company, Capt. R. E.
Jones, commanding; motor transport
companies Xos. 783. 784, 785, 786, 787,
788 and motor repair sections Nos.
463, 464, 466. 466 and 467, all com*
manded by Maj. E. J. Brady, and the
822 d Ordnance Company, Capt. W.
Mahoney, commanding.
In the van of the reserves followed
the retired officers of the military
The fourth section was devoted to
veteran military and patriotic or
ganizations and the fifth section was
composed of civic organizations, of
which Melvin C. Hazen was marshal.
His aides are Thomas Bones, Clifford
Lanham, George B. Mullen. Ray Nor
, ton, C. E. Oalliher, William J. Lati
mer, W. J. Pay. S. D. Frazier, E. L.
Graves, Harry Allmond, Roland Daw
son and J. J. Murray. On his staff
also were:
Mr. Hazen also had a staff com
posed of the following; Gus Buch
holz. Rodney Lynn, Billy Downey,
Harry Hesser, Mr. and Mrs. Plummer,
■ Mr. and Mrs. Carrico, Mr. and Mrs.
Thoner, Maj. and Mrs. Powers, Percy
i Neopold, Madeline Allshire. Margaret
Davis, Harriett Klncheloe. Billy
Bailey, Anna Hedrick, Pat Murphy,
Evelyn Walker. Bob Smith, Roland
Dawson, Peter Latterner. Andrew
Loftier, Joseph Henry, Maury Ebel,
Fred McKenzie. Francis Hill. Mr. and
Mrs. Councilman, Jack Shaw. Gwynn
Rust, Waverly Taylor, Myron West,
Mrs. C. J. Cummings, Frank Haskell,
C. X. Brands. James Hobbs, Hubbard
Quinter, W. R. Stone, Mrs. Horace
Mather, J. C. Love and Matty
In the small reviewing stand
erected at the Zero Milestone were
President Coolidge, commander-in
chief of the armed forces of the
United States; Mrs. Coolidge, Secre
tary Weeks of the War Department
and Oen. John J. Pershing.
The parade. It is 4-stimated, will re
quire approximately two hours to
pass the reviewing stand, after which
ceremonies will be held at whiclj Sec
retary Weeks and Gen. Pershing will
speak. The ceremonies will be pre
sided over by Commissioner Cuno H.
Rudolph, chairman of the board of
Commissioners of the District, and
the invocation will be pronounced by
Bishop Freeman.
After the troops pass in review,
they will continue around the west
side of the Ellipse, entering it on the
south aide, and proceeding to desig
nated points, when* they will be
massed, and where they will be able
to hear the speeches through ampli
fiers, which have been set up.
By the Associated Pres*.
BALTIMORE, Md„ September 12.
Approximately 5.000 troops from Reg
ular Army and National Guard regi
, ments. and as many "one day volun
. teers” marched today in Baltimore’s
Defense Test day parade. Tfc6
column ended a march through the
streets at the Baltimore stadium,
where it was reviewed by Gov. Al
bert C. Ritchie, Mayor Howard Jack
eon, Maj. Gen. William R. Smith,
commanding the 8d Corps Area,
and Maj. Kelichl Kumadal, assistant
military attache of the Japanese Em
Military maneuvers were executed
at tho stadium while several air
planes, piloted by members of the
Maryland Natlnoal Guard Flying
Corps gave exhibitions of stVnt fly
ing overhead. The ceremonies also
included speeches by Gov. Ritchie,
Mayor Jackson and Rabbi Morris S.
Interest In observation of the day
outside of Baltimore centered at tlw
Civil War battlefield of Antietam
near Sharpsburg. where 3,000 United
States marines, commanded by Brig.
Gen. Dion Williams, concluded a two
week program of field exercises by
staging a "modem version” of the
famous Civil War encounter.
Thousands of people witnessed this
spectacle, in which all the various
instruments of present day war
equipment were used by the marines,
the "Blue Army” in annihilating the
lumaginary enemy they have been
engaging for the past fortnight, and
which itas been designated as the
"Red Army.”
Maj. Gen. John A. com
mandant of the Marine Corps, was on
thetfield to see the "Reds” vanquished,
and Brig. Gen. Smedley D. Butler,
now director of public safety In Phil
adelphia, also observed the maneu
vers. Many high Army and Navy
officials were included In the au
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Declares Today’s Ceremonies Will
Serve Two-Fold Purpose,
Aiding Peace.
Sjwvial Dispatch to The Star.
ALLIANCE. Ohio, September 12.
Secretary of War Weeks, In a letter
read by Col. C. O. Sherrill, mllltary
alde to the President, at the Defense
day celebration here, today explained
that "Defense day” is purely In the
interest of peace; that It Is an effort
to make the citizens of the Nation
capable of always enjoying- an Arff&r
ican peace "compatible with their
ideals and principles—the only kind
of peace they desire.”
In further outlining the purpose of
the national observance of Defense
day the War Department head called
attention to the fact that this Nation
has tried unpreparedness for 120
years without preventing war. but at
great coet in lives and at heavy bur
den to ail the people. "I abhor war,"
he said, “but I believe with Washing
ton. Hamilton, Jefferson. Adams, Jack
son. Grant. Roosevelt and Wilson that
peace can only be secured If we pos
sess the ability to repel war.
In his address Col. Sherrill urged
loyal and undivided support to the
patriotic effort now being made to
put the country on what he termed
a sane, economical system of national
defense. He told his audience that
he was addressing them as the per
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sonal representative of President
Coolidge and Secretary Weeks. In
his opinion the purpose for today's
celebration is twofold; first, to honor
our gallant soldiers who fought In
defense of our country’s rights and
our country’s honor in the World tVar
and their determined leader, Gen.
John J. Pershing, who today ends his
active career as commander of the
armies of the United Stales; second,
to demonstrate our adherence to the
policy of securing peace through a
well trained small standing Army
and citizen soldiery, prepared to re
spond promptly and effectively on its
country's call in the event of unpre
ventable war.”
Accused of Attempting to Over
throw Athens Government.
ATHENS, Greece, September 12.
Oen. Seroulis and Gen. Panayotopo
ulos have been arrested here on a
charge of attempting to overthrow
the government.
It is stated that the generals en
deavored to induce the 34the Regi
ment to enter into a conspiracy to
establish a new government which
would have dictatorial powers. Some
of the Officers of the 34th Regiment
Informed the government of the plot.
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