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Sanitary Store at Virginia
Highlands Visited Fourth
Time, $97 in Cash Taken.
Special l>i>|>tt( h to The Stiir.
tember 21!. Robbers visited the San
itary grocery liere for the fourth
time early yesterday, carried the safe
into a rear lot. cracked it open with
picks after two hours’ work and
escaped with $!)“.
A resident of the neighborhood
saw them at work, but did not Rive
an alarm, because he said he was
afraid they would set his house afire.
Two weeks ago it truck load of
merchandise was taken from the
store, the robbers in this case being
captured in Washington, D. C.. accord
ing to the police. Clues indicate that
the robbery of yesterday was com
mitted by a different gang. An at
tempt to rot> the Atlantic & Pacific
grocery across the street from the
Sanitary was frustrated.
Negro Accused of Attempted As- s
sault Driven Away by Boy of
Nine Armed With Rifle.
8,1 ttie AMtocinii'fl Prevs,
• ’EDA RTOWN. Ga„ September 22. — |
Fr> d Higgins, 21-year-old negro, is l
in jail at Piedmont. Ala., following i
an alleged attempted attack on a 14- ;
year-old white girl near Borden- i
Wheeler Springs, a Summer resort j
about fit* miles (rum here, yesterday.
V 0-year-old boy. brother ot the I
ci”!, frustrated the attempted attack i
when he ran to his home and re- i
turned with a rifle. The negro lied
when the boy appeared with the jrun.
Authorities captured the man And
eluded a posse which had formed fcnd
rushed the negro to Piedmont. It
wa-s reported at the jail late *bst
night, that he might be transferred
to Anniston for safe keeping, al
though no trouble is now feared at
Kiss Marguerite Kolhos Bride of
Newspaper Man.
Bje-’i*! Pispatch to The Star.
SEW YORK, September 22. —Miss
Marguerite Kolhos, daughter of Mrs.
Mart- E. Kolhos. 2SOO Connecticut
avenue. Washington. and Harry
Stringer. Washington newspaper man,
were married here Saturday at the
Church of the Transfiguration, the
Kittle Church Around the Corner.
Miss Krnestine Kolhos, sister of
the bride, was bridesmaid and Henly
Hill was best man. The couple will
make their home in Washington.
Mr. Stringer is employed on the
local staff of the Washington Post.
— m —-
Women’s Club Meetings Tonight.
Sficetjl tt:sn*tet3 t«i Tlie Star.
tember 22.—The Jefferson District
Women’s Club will meet at 7:45
o’clock tonight at the Community
Church House, Aurora Hills.
*■*• '■ ———
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C JL 1 mlt
microscopic S \ Phone Main 7223
enlargement V \
Washington, D. C.
Charges Dismissed When Klan
Speaker Expresses Regret in
Richmond Court.
| fly the Associated Press.
j RICHMOND, Va., September 22
i ’barges against the Rev. James
| Fulcher, who came here from Michi
j gttn recently to address a Ku Klux
j Klan gathering, which grew out of
his interrupting services at St. Paul’s
Episcopal Church here yesterday,
were dismissed in Police Court today
at the request of the Key. Beverly D.
Tucker, rector. Mr. Fulcher was said
to have apologized to the rector and
congregation of St. Paul’s after lie
had been bailed at the instance of
the Rev. Mr. Tucker.
The Michigan minister was occupy
ing a. seat near the front of the
church yesterday when the rector de
clared in his sermon that men who
go about hooded and masked, seek
ing tile detriment of non-Protestant
peoples, were un-democratic. Mr.
Fulcher jumped to his feet and
shouted: “You don’t know what
you're talking about" and started
down the aisle toward the door.
Ho was Stopped by Andrew D.
Christian, local attorney and member
of the church, who demanded an
apology. An argument followed and
Fulcher was floored. A policeman
summoned in the meantime, placed
the Michigan man under arrest.
AI.KXANDKIA, Va., September 22
| (Special). - Four persons were injured
1 when two autotmobiles. driven by H.
| i-. Johnson of Alexandria and J. W.
I White of Washington, collided in
! Braddock yesterday. Mrs, Mary Hor
• tier of Washington and Mrs. Minnie
I Myers, Potomac, were treated at the
; Alexandria Hospital for c«ts and
bruises. White's machine was demol
| ished and the car driven by Johnson
was overturned.
F. H. <"atheart of Alexandria re
cently has invented a motor which he
calls the Cathcart air cooled rotary.
It lias no crankshaft and only half
the regular number of valves and
other accessories.
Mrs. Olive Crook Henderson, who
was painfully injured September f.
when site fell from a Washington-
Virginia car at Fourteenth and H
streets, Washington, has recovered
sufficiently to return to her home.
She was treated at the Naval Hos
pital, Washington.
Several thousand Alexandrians yes
terday witnessed the Holy Name
parade in Washington, in which 300
Alexandrians, marshaled by William
Cady and T. E. Dyson, took part.
The first Fall meeting of the Civic
Bureau of the ("hamber of Commerce
will be held in the rooms of the
Chamber of Commerce tonight at
o’clock and plans for the Fall and
Winter work will be discussed.
$2,000,000 Donor Revealed.
ANN ARBOR, Mich., September 22.
The donor of the $2.000.u00 Lawyers'
Club Building at the University of
Michigan, one of the finest buildings
of its kind on any campus in the
world, is William W. Cook. Michigan
alumnus and a New York city lawyer,
it was learned Saturday. The identity
of the donor has been a mystery for
two years and has been revealed only
through discovery of an inscription
bearing Mr. Cook’s name, found on
a small stone panel over a door lead
ing to the lounge.
(Continued from Thirteenth Page.)
ready man of the West. Other char
acters are played hy Alan Hale. Tully
Marshall, Charles Ogle, Ethel Wales
and Guy Oliver.
Not to have seen "The Covered
Wagon" is to he sadly behind in the
big affairs of the motion picture
world and to have missed one of
the best pictures yet filmed.
Tivoli—Ensign Moore s
Navy Band and “Bill."
A program of unusual excellence Is
offered at the Tivoli this week, with
Ensign Al Moore and his Navy Or
chestra and a screen feature entitled
“Bill" as the headliners.
Moore's Orchestra is a hit —no tnis
take about it. Twelve youngsters
witli overflowing- enthusiasm put a
flavor into their offerings which is
exceedingly likable. They were re
called time and again hy yesterday's
audiences. Interspersed with their
instrumental offerings are a few
songs and a dance.
•’Hill" Is a French picture, made
in Paris, evidently by a French com
pany. and hearing unmistakable ear
marks of the Gallic genius for de
veloping from tiny threads of human
misery a story that seizes and holds
interest. Without a “love theme,”
with no villain and scarcely any
I plot, the picture tells the simple story
of an old vegetable peddler of Paris.
This role is played by Maurice De Fe
raudy, with a realism which stirs now
and strange feelings of admiration.
The story was adapted to the screen
from Anatole France's "The Majesty of
Justice.” As a character study it is
splendid, and as a story it lias in it
human elements which cannot but
j recall to those who are familiar with
i it that classic gem of French short
stories, "The Piece of Siring," by
de Maupassant.
I.loyd Hamilton Is refreshing as
ever in another of his pieces of
drollery entitled "Jonah Jones."
There are also, a. news reel. Tivoli
wanderings into beautiful places of
the world, a delightful overture hy
the Tivoli Orchestra, conducted by
Elias Breeskin: also a film novelty,
visualizing Irving Berlin's ballad.
■What’ll 1 Do’.”’
“Vanity’s Price,” a rather strange,
too frank but nevertheless strongly
appealing picture, is shown at Cran-
Idall’s Metropolitan this week.
Anna Q. Nilsson is gorgeously
I caitarisoned and surrounded by splt-n-
I dor, seemingly without end. The re
j ntainder of the cast, including Wynd-
I ham Standing and Stuart Holmes, as
| hero and villain, are strong and well
j suited to their roles, while some of
I the most blithesome and beautiful
i work of the show is revealed by Lu
cille Ricksen and Arthur Rankin in
a juvenile love story which, runs as a
subcurrent to the main theme. Miss
Ricksen will bear watching by mo
tion picture fans—-she lias beauty of
face, youth and freshness-, which
promise much in the future.
The story of "Vanity’s Price” is of
a noted actress, Vanna de Manner,
who, shocked into a breakdown by a
surprise visit from the villain out of
. her past, goes to Vienna for an oper
ation to renew Iter youth. Although
beloved by the leading playwright ot
the day and by her voting son
"Teddy," the operation changes her
nature into that of an alluring crea
| ture, still in love with her old flame,
j the villain.
i It is not until the lovely sweet- I
j heart of Iter son Teddy has been en- !
j meshed in the villain's coils and a !
domestic tragedy impends that she j
j is shocked back to her senses and her |
1 conception of true love and devotion j
to her non and the playwright. The
story irt mueh like "Black Oxen." it
is vividly presented, well acted and
projected in brilliant photography.
There, may be spots too bald, too
frank for those of delicate sensibtl?
itles- The "kick" of the climax, how
ever, cannot be denied.
Tie comedy of the program is
"Rough and Beady," with I.lge t’on
nelly, and there are other short reels,
including- news pictures. The Metro
politan Orchestra, directed by Daniel
Breeskin, presnets delightfully the
overture "Hejro Kati.”
Rialto—“Her Marriage
‘‘Her Marriage Vow," the Warner
production featured at the Rialto
Theater this week, is said to be the
film version of Owen Davis' story
which won the I*ulitzer prize. As a
picture "Her Marriage Vow" is
lengthy, undiluted melodrama. In
cluding sleek villains who covot the
hero's wife, a much-married lady
friend of uncertain moral status and
the usual pretty children who aJmosf
kill themselves with carbolic acid
while mama is lying drunk and un
conscious in somebody else's sumptu
ous boudoir. Beverly Bayne is seen
tor the Ilrst time in. many moons on
a local screen in the role of the much
misunderstood wife, and Monte Blue
is cast in another of those virtuous,
worried husband roles which have
been his portion since his really fine
performance in Buhitsch's “The Mar
riage Circle.”
The story of "Her Marriage Vow"
is that of a young wife who feels
much neglected by her husband tie
cause he is always out on business.
The family friend is more than ready
to assist in magnifying her griev
ances. The wife does not seem to
realize the charm of her two children
and their n<-«d for her until, beca.usc
of t xceedingly scandalous circum
stances, her husband denounces her
and drives her from her home and
children. After several attempts to
regain her place by eating humble pic
In fore her husband, who remains
adamant, the wife dashes through
the stormy night, steals into her for
mer home. and. in the art of kidnap
ing her own children, is almost killed
by a shot from her husband's revol
ver. Os course, all "turns out hap
pily in the end." The settings arm at
tractive and the supporting cast
works hard to make the picture a
farina and the rest of the delight
ful children in Ifni Roach's "Our
Gang” steal first honors of the pro-
KJjLm with their antics in a comedy.
Kxclusivo pictures of the "Annual
Shrine Krolic ’ arid the news reel com
plete the film offi rings.
Palace—“ His Hour/’
-V® Elinor Clyn fans will revel in I
‘His Hour,” the newest scenario from!
that author's facile pen, shown for the
first time in Washington at the Palace
Theater to packed houses yesterday
"His Hour” is a sheik story with
Russian dressing. John Gilbert is a
new sheik to the screen. He seems
to have won his spurs as the sheik
iest of shieks, even surpassing the
suave Rodolph himself in the many
Glyn "mauling” scenes with which
the picture is saturated. Aileen Prin
gle, Mme. Glyn's protege, who was so
stately as the queen in "Three
Weeks," is equally beautiful in this
picture. Miss Pringle, however, does
not have much to do except look wor
ried and got yanked around by the
fierce Russian prince, Ghirzko.
"His Hour" is the story of this
prince to whom, to quote a subtitle,
"a woman is just a woman"—which,
i of course, explains everything about
! that young man's character. The
young Englishwoman (played by Miss
Pringle) comes to Russia to visit a
relative. Once the prince has laid
eyes on her he gives her no peace. At
last he kidnaps her, takes her to his
den In the woods (a passable substi
tute for the tent which Mrs. Hull used
in her desert storyj, and there, sud
denly humbled by the beauty and
goodness of the fair damsel, ho re
lents. When the lady awakens from
her swoon, tearing the worst, he pro
poses marriage and a ceremony is
later performed In a most attractive
The picture is full of snowstorms
and palatial Russian doorways, both
with and without painted backdrops.
The costumes are charming. The big
duel scene is satisfactory, although
nobody is fooled for a moment into
worrying over whether or not the
hero will win the duel in time to get
to the castle and lake Miss Pringle to
, the grand ball.
It Is perhaps fitting that Ben Tur
pin’s travesty, "Three Foolish Weeks."
should have, been chosen to offset the
feature film and. with the short news
reels, complete the hill.
Ambassador—" Vanity s
Anna Q. Nilsson is featured in the
•’rejuvenation” picture, "Vanity’s
Price," at Crandall’s Ambassador The
ater. also the first two days of the
week. This picture Is reviewed in de
tail for the Metropolitan Theater else
The comedy. Mack Sennett’s “The
I,lon and the House.” and the news
reel complete the bill.
Central—" The Spirit of the
U. S. A.”
“Tiie Spirit of the U. S. A-,” replete
with thrilling scenes of the World
War, Is the featured film attraction
that was offered to the large audl- i
dices yesterday nlternoon and last
night at Crandall’s Central Theater.
It unfolds a tale of homely virtues
and familiar villainies and will be
shown this afternoon and tonight.
John Walker and Mary Carr are
seen In the stellar roles, supported by
an able cast led by Carl Stockdale
I and Rosemary Cooper. The story is
woven around a [dot to acquire a
valuable farm, the intervention of
the war and the return of the hero
just in time to save the home folks
from the duplicity 'of- a supposed
friend. Mrs. Carr contributes a fine
impersonation of an elderly and im
posed-upon widow.
The comedy attraction, “Outdoor
Pajamas.” provoked sporadic laugh
ter. Charlie Chase is the comedian.
Pipe organ interludes and short reel
features complete the bill.
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