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Plotted Killing With Wife of;
Victim in Order to Wed
Her, He Confesses.
the A'*■ nci i *pr.*-*
MARKiX, IM , Pentpmbpr 29.—Se-.'t
ed 1.> the side of hi l - bride of so on I
days. Robert T tc coal miner. yester
day confessed to Sheriff G'lligan and;
other prosecuting officials that ho h ii |
administered the first do-e of poison j
to .Tody Herrjnsto.i. w hose w idow lie
married 2" davs after his death His I
eonfes ion •ante after a lons srillinc.
durms which his wife pleaded wtih
him to confess his part o the plot
which they h<d jointly decided so
that they could eventually be married.
Jn Ins confession Tate said he had
at first opposed Herrington's request
that he come to his home to board,
because the couple were too religious
for him However, he yielded later.
His infatuation for Mrs. Herrington,
he said in his confession, came crad
ually. but it was not until April. 1924.
that he became familiar with her. He
had been Injured in a mine, he said, i
and after his return from the hos
pital he and Mrs. Herrington began
to love one another.
I’lotteil Poison Death.
The poison plot, he said, was first
mentioned during a secret meeting in
a cow pasture, two miles from the
Herrington home, after Mrs. Herring
ton had repulsed his suggestion to
kill her husband with a gun. They
decided, he said, that he get the poi
son and that she administer it in her
husband's food.
The poison, he said, was stolen
from a drug store in Johnston City.
They met nearly every evening dur
ing the time Mrs. Herrington was
giving her husband the poison, he
said, and each lime he inquired about
the effects of the doses. Herrington
died Friday, September 5. Immediate
ly after the funeral, his confession
continued, he and Mrs. Herrington
went to look for a home in West
Frajikfort, whither they moved a few
days later.
Tate's confession supplemented that
made Saturday by his wife. The in
quest will be completed tomorrow.
Coroner McCown said. In view of
their confessions, prosecuting officials
said the couple are expected to waive
the formality of a preliminary hear
Charles S. Woodin Denies Charges
in Divorce Proceedings.
Charles S. Woodin. a clerk in the
Navy Department, today answered a I
suit for a limited divorce brought by
his wife. Virginia Woodin. a physical
culture teacher in the public schools.
He denies that he deserted his wife
and refused to permit his 14-year-old
son to return to her. He declares
the son was not properly treated by
ihe wife and says she should not be
allowed to have his custody.
Mrs. Woodin has three man board
ers. the husband says, and frequr ntly
left the boy until late at night. On
one occasion, he states, the wife at
tacked the boy anil tore his clothes
from him. according to his story to
the father. He asks that the wife's
petition be dismissed.
Attorney W. F. Plumley appears
for the husband,
File Adoption Petition.
Maj. Joseph C. Thomas and his
wife. Violet Thomas, residing at Hotel
Gordon, today asked the District
Supreme Court to permit them to
adopt Keith L. Banjo, four months
old. The officer and his wife tell the
court they have no children and the
child's mother is willing they adopt
him. Attorneys Taylor. Hegarty &
Mooers appear for the petitioners.
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District of Columbia Is operating a Voters'
Information Bureau, under the direction of
A. E. Chaffee, on the first floor of the Repub
lican headquarters, at 1324 New York avenue
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1 Cand'date to Leave Capital This
Week—Wife, in Speech. Asks
Fair Appraisal of Husband.
Mapping out of the route and
speaking toinfs for the intensive cam
paign tour that will carry him to
the Pacific Coast continued to occupy
j Senator Hubert M. Ha Kolb tie and
Ids politic ) advisers today. Indica-
I Hons are that the independent pr< si
j dential candidate will leave Wash
] ington before the end of the week, and
| definite announcement of the route he
wi'l follow in his campaigning is expect
|ed in the next day or two. The ma
! tor question, as yet undecided, is
l wheth< r the Wisconsin Senator will
make a swing through the Kastern
Slate - and New England before start
ing the Western tour or reserve that
for the later stages of the campaign.
Mrs. I«i Kollette. who joined the
campaign forces of her husband in
delivering an address at a political
rally at Mount l-ake Park, Md.. last
night, has under consideration one
or two invitations to speak. It was
said to be doubtful, however, that she
would undertake any other formal
speaking engagements. In her ad
dress last night. Mrs. I.a Kollette
asked that her husband's candidacy
lie given fair-minded consideration,
asserting many voters have a preju
diced or erroneous impression of his
record and views,
i The La Kollette platform plank
1 proposing that Congress lie given
power to make valid by re-enactment
any law declared unconstitutional by
the Supreme Court was defended in
a “campaign document" issued yes
terday by Samuel Gompers, president
of the American Federation of Labor.
Mr. Gompers declared the court's
present power of "final veto" was
"wholly incompatible with Democ
Pair Who Left Ship Deny Effort
to Stay in U. S.
Justice Siddons of the District Su
preme Court has released Alexander
Katsoulis and his minor son. Evan
gclos, seamen of Albania, who were
arrested by local police at the re
quest of the authorities of Mobile,
Ala., on JSOO bond. The court granted j
a writ of habeas corpus and set a
hearing before Justice Stafford
next Wednesday. Attorney Soterios
Nicholson appeared for the peti
In the petition Katsoulis tells the
< court that they are citizens of Al
bania and seamen by trade. They ar
rived recently at Mobile with the
vessel Helelos and left because of the
cruelty of the captain and his threats
to do them bodily harm. They were
on their way to New York to ship on
1 some other vessel, they state, when
they were detained here by the police
on a telegram from Mobile. They
question the authority of the captain
to order their arrest.
Colored Woman Dies Suddenly.
Catherine Brown, colored, of 6031
Dix street northeast, died suddenly
j last night after taking a dose of
an herb medicine which she had pur
chased from a peddler. Investigation
disclosed that the woman had taken
several previous doses without ill
effect, and the police are inclined to
believe she died from heart trouble.
An autopsy to fix the cause of
death will be held over her body at
the morgue probably this atfernoon.
Wife Asks Maintenance.
Maintenance is asked in a suit filed
by Laura V. Higdon against Karle
C. Higdon on charges of desertion and
inadequate support. The husband
makes $lO per day. she says. They
were married in August, 1914, and
have two children. Attorney J. J.
O’Brien appears for the wife.
Marriage Licenses.
Marriaxe licenses have hern issued to the
Eustace A. Alsop and Carolyn L. VYildman.
Marcus L. Compton and Bruce Kitchen
Bush, both of Martinsburs. W. Va
Jack Abell and Rosa Handle, l«oth of Bal
timore. Md.
Courtney U. Thayer, sr.. and Margaret T.
James Newell and RaclieUßrown,
Births Reported.
The following births have been reported to
the Health Department in the last 24 hours:
I Morris and Har.cl Parras, girl.
George and Maty Speropnlos. girl.
Frank and Barbara Rock, girl.
Hyman and Cecelia Tabb. boy.
Louis A. and Katherine I. Bh krrton, boy.
Joe J. and Gladys Fowrey, girl
John and Annabel Knight, boy.
James and Mamie Banks, boy.
Andrew and Clara Price, hoy.
William and Sarah Spears, boy
Edward and Hattie Holman, girl.
Deaths Reported.
t The following deaths have been reported to
the Health Department in the last 24 hours:
Michael Gaygan. 66, United States Soldiers’
Home Hospital.
Mary G. Kor.ee. 7. 232 Randolph st. n.e.
Robert Martin. 30. Providence Hospital.
William S. Foster. S 3. Sibley Hospital.
Mary F. Leary, 61. George Washington Uni
versity Hospital.
George Schatf, 61. Sibley Hospital.
Mary K. Leary. 61, George Washington Uni
versity Hospital.
George Scharf. 61. Sibley Hospital.
John W. White. 71, Home for Aged and In
George W. Miller. 68. 5313 Illinois ave.
John W. King. 34. Walter Reed Hospital.
Mary J. O. Coates. 37, 1115 48th at. n e.
Simon Owens. 56. Gallrager Hospital.
Helen R. Taylor, 26. 918 N st.
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Senator Wadsworth De
clares National Ticket Will
Sweep State.
President Coolidge was told by Sen
ator Wadsworth of New York today
that the Republican national ticket
would sweep that State In November
and that the chances of Col. Theodore
Roosevelt, former Assistant Secretary
of War. the Republican nominee for
governor, defeating Gov. AI Smith,
who is seeking another term, are es
pecially bright.
Gov. Smith is not the formidable
candidate he was two years ago. when
he received such a decisive vote, ac
cording to Senator Wadsworth. He
pointed out that many things have
happened since then, and as the sit
uation presents itself now. Gov. Smith
has lost considerable of his popular
appeal, lie said, however, that Gov.
Smith is by far the best candidate
the Democrats could have put up. and
had he not consented to run the State
election would have been a virtual
I.n FollcHe Hackers in City.
"Many people do not take to the j
idea of Gov. Smith being a candidate
for the fourth time," Senator V\ ads- |
worth saiti. Many think that the, two |
terms he has served as executive of
the Umpire State are sufficient, and ]
they want new faces at the State
Capital. Also. Gov. Smith received
many thousands _of Hi publican voles
two years ago. These went to him
principally because of his damp plat
form but he has done nothing sim-c
being elected on this platform that
would encourage the out and out
wets of the Slate, and they will fall
back to the Republican candidate
this ye. t r. Besides all this, many cit
izens of the State, conservative and
Democrats included, think the plat
form of Gov. Smith 100 revolutionary
to serve for the State in general.
There is some little La Kollette in
terest in the State," he continued,
"but it is confined almost entirely to
New York City and other larger
cities up State. Outside of the Dem
ocrats of New York City there appears
to be very little sentiment for John
j Davis.”
Arrange for Navy Day.
Senator Wadsworth's call at the
White House was primarily in the in
terest of the celebration being plan
ned for the observance of Navy day,
October 27. which also is the birthday
anniversary of the late President
Roosevelt. He was accompanied to
the White House by Walter Bruce
Howe, of this city, and Marion Kp
pley of Newport. R. 1., members of
the committee in charge of Navy day
celebration. Definite plans will be
announced later.
Republicans of Washington State
are not going to be led away from
their party's candidate by Senator let
Kollette, according to Col. C. B.
Bletham, newspaper publisher of
Seattle, who conferred with President
Coolidge today. He said Coolidge
would be elected by a large majority
if the election were held today.
Tells of Coast Prospects.
Col. Bletham is satisfied that
La Kollette's cause will be greatly
helped by a personal visit and that
the Republicans should be prepared
to meet the situation in the event
he decides to make a personal tom
paign in that section. For instance,
he looks upon Gen. Dawes as the
natural antidote for for such an in
vasion. Dawes, according to him, is
popular in that country and should
hold the Republican ranks together
despite the presence of the third
party candidate.
C. J. Mahoney, chairman of the
legislative board of the Brotherhood
of Railway Trainmen, and H, T.
Drew, ehairman of the legislative
committee of the Order of Railway
Conductors of Massachusetts, during
a brief talk at the White House to
day. assured the President that the
majority of the men from their
respective organizations wanted to
see him elected.
Recent archeological finds at Cromer.
Kngland, tend to disprove the view
that there was no human habitation
until after the glacial period.
mo e
Walter Beed Officials Unable to
Explain Escape.
George Miller, a soldier under ob
servation for Insanity in the locked
ward at Walter Heed Hospital, is be-
Inpr sought by military authorities
and the local police, following his es
cape from confinement last Wednes
According to Maj. Walson. execu
tive officer of the post, Miller’s es
cape was accomplished unnoticed by
physicians and guards. How he got
out of the "strong house” is a mys
tery, the major said. There is a tall
steel fence around the recreation
yard to the building, fitted on top
with unsurmountable palings and |
The patient was not considered
dangerously insane, officials declared.
Excepting J. E. Boudwin, Jr.,
Defendants in Florida Indict
ment Held for Hearing.
United States Commissioner Tur
. nage today discharged from custody
j .James K. Boudwin. Jr., one of the 15
| Washingtonians charged with con
spiracy to violate the national pro
hibition ait in an indictment report
ed by a grand jury at Tampa. Fla.
The commissioner held that young
Boudwin had offered testimony which
rebutted the prima facie case of
probable cause raised by the indict
ment-. He showed he did not know
of the alleged conspiracy and had no
knowledge of the presence of intoxi
cants in his father’s house. Commis
sioner Turnage held the other 14 men
for the action of the District Su
preme Court, to which United States
Attorney Gordon and Assistant United
States Attorney Burnett will apply
for an order of removal.
Habeas C.ir|nu> Writ Granted.
Those held by the commissioner
were immediately taken into custody
by deputy United States marshals and
detained at the courthouse while their
counsel prepared petitions for their
release on habeas corpus. Writs
were allowed hy Justice Siddons, and
the 14 men gave hail of SI,OOO each
to appear for a hearing on October 7.
In their application for writs of
habeas corpus the accused men at
tack the validity of the indictment,
which, they claim, is not properly
verified and does not sufficiently al
lege the commission of any offense
against the United States. They de
clare the indictment also fails to con
tain allegations sufficient to show
probable cause to believe the men
guilty of the offense and that no tes
timony to that effect was offered be
fore the commissioner. Their deten
tion by United States Marshal Sny
der is therefore declared to he illegal
Those held for removal to Florida
by the United States commissioner
are: Joshua 1.. Sprinkle, lieutenant
of police; William Haller, a police
man; O. <Fredericks, t'iaude Mc-
Neill, Wallace Barcsdale and Walter
A. Tapscott. employes of the Pullman
Company; Patrick H. Barteman. John
B. Newman and Charles Marshall, for
mer deputy marshals: James Boud
win. sr.; Janies Hunter. Bromety Hun
ter. Kmil Krause and Ralph McCullough.
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Get First Pay Under New
Salary Schedule in
Keller Bill.
I District public school teachers will
receive tomorrow their first checks
under the increased salary schedule
provided in the Keller salary bill. The
finance office of the school system
worked night and day to complete
the work of reclassifying the teachers
so that the pay checks could be is
sued on time.
Reallocation of the teachers under
the new salary scale gave the finance
office a tremendous task. Kvery teach
er in the school system as well as
the officers had to be reclassified.
Nchetlnle Explained.
In explanation of the new salary
schedule, Kupt. of Schools- Frank W.
Lallou Issued the following circular
letter, which was sent to all school
officers today:
“The payment of salaries for the
month of September will be made on
September 30, 1924. Supervising
principals and principals will secure
the checks from the disbursing officer
on that day at I pm.
“In order thai payment of salaries
of teachers might be expedited, it j
was impossible to make ail transfers:
between the schools and divisions on
the September pay roll. It is sug
gested that supervisory officers call
at the office of finance and account
ing before September 30, 1924, and
examine their respective pay rolls in
order to determine in advance the
disposition to be made of the checks
they will secure from the disbursing
"The salaries of all teachers as car
ried on the September pay roll have
been adjusted under the new salary
schedule on the basis of salaries re
ceived by them on June 30. 1924,
without regard to possible longevity
placing as provided in section 6 and
authorized in sections 4 and 5 of the
new schedule. Those teachers as
signed to class 1A receiving less than
SI,BOO, those teachers assigned to
class 2A receiving less than $2,000,
those teachers assigned to class 2C
receiving less than $2,300. those
teachers assigned to class 3A receiv
ing less than $2,300 and those libra
rians assigned to class 4A receiving
less than SI,BOO will be given an op
portunity to prove additional service
and to receive longevity placement.
Specific information relative to the
procedure to be followed to secure
this placement will be issued later,
"The deductions for retirement on
the September pay roll are in many
rases made at the maximum rate of
8 per cent, and adjustments to the
correct rate will be made on Ihe Oc
tober pay roll.
"Should any employe, except those
employes who may be entitled to fur
ther longeoity placement and adjust
ment under the provisions-.of the new
s-alary schedule referred to above
believe that the salary allowed is noi
in accordance with the provisions of
Hie new salary schedule, it is sug
gested that the matter be taken up
with the chief accountant. Mr. it. W.
Holt, in writing and through the
proper official chanels of communi
Foot ball players and swimmers are
subject to baldness in later years,
while tennis and cricket players are
not. declares a London observer.
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By the United States Navy Band,
Charles Renter, director, today at
7:30 p.m.. at the bandstand. Navy
Yard. (Note—ln the event of rain
the concert will be given at the
studio of WCAP.)
March. "Call Me Hen ry”... Renter
(Dedicated to Henry l.ansburgh.
Overture, "Oberon” Von Weber
Washington D., C.)
“Suite de Ballet,” Part 2... .Delibes
• (a) Introduction and valse of
the doll, (b) March of the war
riors. (c) Czardas, Hungarian
Rhapsody. "Slavonic" Friedeman
Grand scenes from the opera.
"Madam Butterfly" Puccini
Characteristic, "Parade of the
Wooden Soldiers” Jesse)
Valse. “I.a Invitation.”
Weber- Wei ngartner
Airs from "The Pirates of
Penzance” Sullivan
March, "The Dure of Alaska,"
Ben ter
(Dedicated to the late President
Warren G. Harding.)
Finale. "The Star-Spangled Banner”
Note—The concert which was
schedule for the Sylvan Thea
ter has been canceled.
W. N. Taft of Philadelphia Maga
zine to Speak.
William Nelson Taft, editor of the
Retail Ledger and News Magazine of
Philadelphia, is to be the guxtt of honor
and speaker at the weekly luncheon of
' the Washington Advertising Club to
morrow in the blue room of the Men’s
City Club, from 12:30 to 1:30.
The of his talk is to be
’’What’s Wrong With Retail Advertis
ing.’ The Ad Club invites all retailers
and those interested otherwise to hear
Mr. Taft. ITizes are to be featured as
part of the luncheon program. Maurice
Kafka, president, will preside.
Crew of Six of British Boat Be
lieved Lost Off Boston.
BOSTON, September 29.—A tragedy
of rum row was reported here today
when the fishing schooners Ingomar
and Nathalie Hammond brought word
that the British tern schooner Beryl
M. Corkum was sighted, capsized and
derelict off Georges Fishing Hanks
last Friday. She was apparently a
victim of recent storms. Whether
her crew of six was lost or saved
was not disclosed.
Gen. Rockenbach. commanding the
District of Washington, has appointed
a general court martial to convene at
Fort Myer, Va.. to investigate certain
alleged irregularities in the accounts
of the sales commissary at that post
The detail for the court is; Col. H. C.
Whitehead. Quartermaster Corps
president: Col. K. w. Tanner. In
fantry; Lieut. Cols. A. C. Voris. Air
Service: Robert Sterrett, Quarter
master Corps, and W. R, Pick.
Veterinary Corps; Maj. John Mather,
ordnance Department, and Capts. J. I.
Wood. Infantry; It, <Sherman, In
fantry. and T. 51, Kngland, Medical
Administrative Corps. Capt William
J. Bacon, judge advocate general’s
department, is detailed as judge ad
vocate of the court, and Lieut. K. J.
Bond. Infantry, as counsel. The
names of those involved in the pro
ceedings are withheld, pending de
Accused in Piggly-Wiggly Theft.
Must Put Up $6,000.
Justice Siddona in Criminal divi
sion I today fixed at $6,000 the bond
of Joseph Nally, who was recently
brought back from Xew York on a
charge of robbery in connection with 1
the hold-up last March of agents of
Piggly Wiggly stores when $13,000
was stolen. The Government asked
for a bond of SIO,OOO, but the court
at the request of Attoroney T. Morris
Wampler fixed the penalty at $6,000.
(tond had not been given at a late 1
.our this afternoon.
Harry Dodek Reports Burglars
Made Big Haul.
Burglars early today broke into the j
clothing store of Harry Dodek. 82T !
Seventh street, and stole a large I
quantity of men's and women’s cloth- |
ing, police were informed.
Investigation disclosed the thieves j
had placed a ladder against a second- j
story window at the rear of the I
building and removed several steel j
oars from the window in order to j
gain entrance. Mr. Dodek stated he
was unable to make an estimate of 1
the amount of stock taken.
Something New—Stove
Size Screened Soft Coal
$lO £n
Hard Coal In All Sices for
Immediate Delivery
John P. Agnew & Co., Inc.
T2S 14th *». VW.
Main SOAK.
lied with 11
s at low-
if quality |J
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Years of Faithful, Efficient Service= .
I otmiomJ
Fit Present Rims.
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(the argonne I
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overlooking the entire citv j
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i closets, built-in hath tix
; tures. reception halls and
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