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Meyer Tells Mellon Roads Are
Handling Grain With Re- 1
markable Facility.
The wheat crop this \ear will return
to the American growers about one bil
lion dollars in cash at country points.
Managing Director Meyer of the War
Finance Corporation told Secretary Mel
lon today. His statement was on the
basis of an investigation in the wheat
t reducing areas.
In a memorandum to the Treasury
head Mr. Meyer declared also that rail
road transportation was handling the
crop in a manner “almost without prec
"in view of I lie unusually rapid flow
of wheat to market.” the memorandum
said, “I have had an informal investiga
tion made in the West of the adequacy
of tlie machinery for handling the mar
keting of the crop. I am glad to be able
to say that the reports are most op
timistie and that, in fact, the railroad
transportation seems to be adequate to
the task, and practically no substantial
car shortages are reported.
"Un the contrary, railroad efficiency
In moving the crop is almost without
precedent. Adequate finaheial sup
port is being provided ail along the
line. A remarkably satisfactory ex
port demand is being taken care of by
lull and adequate supply of ocean
tonnage to move the surplus to ex
port markets with all possible
prompt ness.
"It is a matter of great satisfaction
that tin's year’s great wheat crop,
grown as it was on a 10 per cent
smaller .outage than last year's, is
bringing the farmer a billion dollars
cash at country points."
Policeman Attacked by Animal
While Raiding House.
t vigorous objection to a visit
of Incut, t). T. Davis and Policeman
Nelson Holmes of the vice squad at
12:!:! Twenty-fifth street last night
■was registered by a big Herman
police dog belonging to Jennes Cock
rell, colored, occupant of the prem
ises. I.ieut. Davis beat off the animal
with a lamp before it attacked and
snagged the policeman's leg.
Holmes went to a drug store and
had the slight wound dressed.
Jennes Cockrell and a female com
panion, Vash Clark, were arrested on
a statutory charge, and Cockrell was
charged also with sale and posses
sion of liquor. Seizure of a quantity
of liquor was reported.
It would lake 20.000,000 years for
an aeroplane, traveling at two miles
a minute, to fly from the earth to
the nearest star.
Grands, Uprights, Players
Factory Prices
W ill Sa\e You S3O to $l5O
on a
Standard Make
1210 G Street
wsi? ■ /
Whitens Skin
Almost Overnight
—or No Charge
This amazing new treatment whitens
your skin almost overnight or it costs you
nothing! Sallowness, muddiness, and tan
vanish like magic. Make this test tonight.
Right before bedtime smooth some of this
cool, fragrant creme on your skin. To
morrow morning notice how sallowness,
muddiness and all blemishes have already
started to give way to a milkv clearness.
Ask your druggist for a jar of Golden Pea
cock Bleach Creme (.concentrated) —the i
harmless and latest discovery of science.
Remember —this creme whitens your skin
almost overnight or your money will be
refunded. Get it today at all good stores.
I or salt’ at iVopU-n |»**ng Stores, O’Dounell’i* I
Drug Store. Oilman's Driiflr Store. Cbrisliaui j
l»ruc Vo . and all leading druggists.
Bleedh Cram©
jfC}dW a i
U«*e the 80-NO (run
I tj Spray 80-NO libarally
DJI in oil breeding spots and you
I will rid your home of flies,
fleas, bedbugs, ants, mos
quitoes and all insects
80-NO kills the eggs.
For sale by all department stores and
the better grade drug and hardware j
stores. Pint size, 75c; Quart size,
$1.25; 80-NO gun, 50c.
80-NO f NC. A-io
115 Broadway New York, U. S. A.
Duinfe&amt Deodorizer Insecticide Cleaner
Blue Suits and Brass Buttonns Ap
pear fer First Time in De
partment Building.
Guards at the Treasury Department
Building anil its principal subsidiary
buildings now appear In neat, new
blue uniforms, with brass buttons,
for the first time in history.
Heretofore most of the other de
partments were guarded by uniform
ed men, but the Treasury was not.
Its men were dressed in civilian
clothing of many varieties.
fnder a new policy of co-operation
A Travel Service
Worthy of
Convenient alike to Washington’s business men and visitors, is the
new City Ticket Office of the Baltimore & Ohio, in the Woodward
Building, 15th & H Streets, N. W.
Here is the Travel Bureau maintained to answer all your travel
problems. Our agents, men of long experience, will arrange all the
details of your trip—including your Pullman and railroad tickets,
checking your baggage, and, if desired, assist in securing your
hotel accommodations.
We want you to feel free to call on the Travel Bureau whenever
you need travel information. There is no charge, or obligation to
! • use the Baltimore & Ohio.
bureau \
I®' 'T'HE Travel Buruu, ft
i /P' Woodward Building, 15th ft
r M St H Streets, N. W„ Phone
, Villi Main 3300, will gladly answer U
I ijUl any questions about rates ,
and schedules on ANY
Baltimore 6 Ohio
A— - - - - -- —— ...
g| Making Records for Writers
These Sheaffer record making pens
H M VKqM CS* Improve your writing with a pen
El that fits your hand and your style
rMbR All Sheaffer pens have balanced
nßyft barrels and points of super
ESPS ml automatically hushes and cleans
Bj&l| your pen every time you fill it*
Ijlmk MS Stop at the best Drug, Jewelry
Give your pen or Stationery Store and walk
m outwith the pen you are proud
Mode by the Creators of the
Spens “LIFETIME” pencils %
W. A. SHEAFFER PEN CO., Fl.Mziuon,lowa
Complete Line R*P’ m General Offices
of Sheaffer Pens /Hf#!l# and Warehouses
and Pencils g % 1,1 * CanalS,E *
724 13th St. q p y 724 13th St.
A Complete Stock of Sheaffer Fountain Pens and Pencils
WALFORD’S, 909 Penn. Ave. N.W.
Jewelry Department
between the guards and the depart
ment, the guards have purchased
their own uniforms, through a job
lot contract price obtained by the
department, and now present a much
neater, snappier, and more official ap
pearance to all visitors, and workers.
Although the Treasury Is not visit
ed by as many persons as many other
public buildings, there being very few
exhibits there. It has become evident
alre-.dy, that the business of handling
strangers who enter the structure
has been greatly facilitated. Hoards
of the State. War and Navy lluildings
organization, which handle most of
the departmental buildings down
town, have been purchasing their
own uniforms for years.
There was objections on the part
of some of the men to having to pur
chase their own suits, but for the
most part there was ready co-opera
tion. Many favorable comments have
been passed on the improved appear
ance of the guard.
“Daily Dozen" Idea Knocked Silly
When Real Exercise Builds
by 27 Founds.

The ladies who arise at fi o'clock
every morning and unfailingly go
through their “daily dozen" and with
wry and painful faces take their
daily hikes to retain the symmetry
of a "perfect thirty-six” are some
what alarmed over the fact that a lit
tle lady from the Done Star State
walked from San Antonio to Boston
and is half way back to the Texas
city again with a net gain of 27 pounds.
Dolly Gorman who had been suffer
ing from a lung infection for some
time, decided that she was tired of
living as a semi-invalid, so one day
with two friends, Bernice Abbott and
Mary O'Brien, 19-year-old San An
tonio belles, she started from the
border town In the South, bound by
way of Chicago for Boston.
Kverythlng rap smoothly until the
trio hit Kansas City. Three ladles
In knickers “packing a gun” proved
too much for the center of cattle in
dustry. Kansas City is filled with
Western ranch men and cowboys
from the wide open plains. Three
ladies in knickers, the city police felt,
would be a shock to the sensibilities
of such people, especially as they
carried a "groat big gun,” so the local
guardians of the law offered the hlk
Cr STREET BETWEEN ll™£ < I2 T ' 1
Fw-Trimmed Coats
M $ 59
[■■{ijjj time wear for walk
mg, for dress or for
Swagger models,
new sleeves finest
I 7 j materials beau ti
j I ij ful furs Handsome
I silk linings.
Fawn Skin Penny
Cuir de Lame Oxblood
FasKona Cinnabar
Casbmona Green
Mokine Saddle Brown
Luella Rust
Velmoka Kaffir
Vollbloom Dusk Gray
Velnewvo Cranberry Red
Kashara Deer
Lustrosa Navy Blue
Luxona Black
Paris Styles American Workmanship
(Are new) j&Bt
HERE are styles that jifnF
make an instant ap- \
peal quality that stands 'L \
the test of comparison I V \
prices that offer real values, jBB 1
Made of fine silk 1 j i j
with contrasting under 1
dress. Other models * jjnfl |j%' j 1
cloth top and silk un- | 1J || 1 \
And all of the season's most || W1 \
wanted colors. 111 I
Specially Priced lH 111’
For Our October Sale I
s 29 rs and ‘39 ■"
ere a "striped dress” as the alterna
tive to their exit from the town.
This is the only thrilling experi
ence the hikers met with until they
hit the base ball mad Capital yester
day on their way back. They expect
to reach San Antonio in May, making
their round trip in about 18 months.
Believed Killed in Fall From Bal
cony at Home.
Richard H. Patterson, 77. inmate
of Soldiers’ Home the past four years,
was found dead on the sidewalk in
front of the Hospital Building this
morning by Thomas Clancy, a stew-
ard. It is thought he accidentally
fell from a second-floor balconv.
The body was taken In the hospital
and examined by Dr. Colßan, who
| pronounced life extinct. Eater it was
| taken to the District morgue, where
■ Coroner Nevltt swore a jury to hear
testimony at a later date should he
decide to hold an inquest.
Patterson, a native of Canada and )
a widower, was admitted to Soldiers - ;
Home after an Army service of 20
years. His service was in the Hos
pital Corps. Relatives have been
notified of his death.
England taxes automobiles a 1
horsepower. 1
For Friday Remnant
Some slightly mussed or soiled, crepe de chine Os
or radium silk, trimmed with lace, French flowers J
or plain tailored model.
Regular Price, $3 to $5.
For Friday Remnant
Regular prices, $4 and $5, radium silk and trico- C QQ
sham; embroidered or fringe bottom. *
I Fur-Trimmed Suit 1 Fur-Trimmed Suit
Size 16; was 579.50. S a a .00 Size 14; was 569.50 $ yM
Friday Remnant, ■ ■ Friday Remnant, O O
3 Fur-Trimmed Suits 6 Tailored Suits
Were 585. 5 C O' 50 Were $35 °° t 0 $45 °° S 1 Q -(W
Friday Remnant, 1/V Friday Remnant, 1.0
5 Brown Sport Coats 17 Sport Coats
Were 518.00. $-g |~v.oo Were 520.00. $ |
Friday Remnant, 1 U Friday Remnant, It/
7 Fur-Trimmed Coats 2 Sport Coats
Were 535.00. | .00 W'ere $29.75. 5 0-00
Friday Remnant, £ 1 Friday Remnant, 1 O
10 Extra Size Coats 6 Sport Coats
TWILLS; Were $59.75. $ xy7s Extra Size; were $50.00 S-y Q. 75
triday Remnant, v V 7 riday Remnant, Ox
37 Odd Dresses
1 Brown Roshanara Dress, size 40. > $ I Q.OO
Originally $29.75, reduced to $15.00. Fridat Remnant 1 *
5 Printed Crepe Dresses, small sizes. I $1 A-00
Originally $25.00. reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant i U
1 Black Satin Dress, size 44. £ *35 °°
Originally $59.75, reduced to $49.75. Fridax Remnant S
1 Navy Blue Crepe Dress. I $ 1 A^ s
Originally $49.75, reduced to $29.75. Friday Remnant * 17
1 Yellow Evening Dress. * SC-00
Originally $35.00, reduced to $9.75. Friday Remnant l' J
1 Pleated Georgette Dress, size 40. { S^Q.75
Originally $4975, reduced to $39.75. Friday Remnant >
1 Brown Crepe Dress, size 46. / j—.oo
Originally $59.75, reduced to $35.00. Friday Remnant \
9 Beaded Dresses, black and navy; sizes 16 and 18. } $ j /~|.oo
Originally $25.00, reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant . i »Vr
1 Orchid Roshanara Dress, size 40. 7 $ I r.OD
Originally $39.75, reduced to $19.75. Friday Remnant ' iO
1 Beaded White Evening Dress, size 18. / j— —
Originally $79.50, reduced to $49.75. Friday Remnant ( aJSr
1 Poudre Blue Beaded Dinner Dress. / slrs 75
Originally $35.00, reduced to $25.00. Friday Remnant ) IV’
1 Cream Lace Dinner Dress. j _ M
Originally $69.75, reduced to $35.00. Friday Remnant C
1 Tan All-over Lace Dress, size 18. ) $ y A- 75
Originally $69.50, reduced to $49.75. Friday Remnant . ... (
1 Salmon Beaded Georgette Afternoon Dress. 1 $ | /VOO
Originally $25.00, reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant a U
2 Light Colored Georgette Dresses, size 16. 1 jg.oo
Originally $35.00, reduced to $9.75. Friday Remnant (
1 Peach Afternoon Dress, size 16. 1 S^/V 75
Originally $45.00, reduced to $35.00. Friday Remnant 1
1 Green Pompon Cloth Dress. 1 $ « rx.oo
Originally $3975, reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant .... i avr
5 Beaded Crepe Dresses. 1 $ j /-|.OO
Originally $25.00, reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant al/
1 Poudre Blue Afternoon Dress. 1 gj.oo
Originally $59.75, reduced to $35.00. Friday Remnant i
1 Red Beaded Georgette Dress, size 16. \ sg.oo
Originally $19.75, reduced to $13.75. Friday Remnant. . . A ax
68 Fiber Vests (Rayon) 124 Pairs Silk Hose
Were 85c. Z gc Were $1.15. AO 1
Friday Remnant, Ut/ Friday Remnant, O V
“ . 9 Wool Sweaters
22 Sport Skirts Were $3.00 and $4.00. 5^.00
Were $7.50. $ R emnants £
Friday Remnant, ax ■ ——
—— 85 Crepe Gowns
6 Jersey Silk Bloomers Teddies
Were $7.95. $ T-99 Were SLSO. $ | .00
, r.uay Remnant, ''riday Remnant, 1
O’COXVOR schooi, or
Fall Term, Oct. Ist
Mill* illdir., Prnnn. Ave. at 17th St.
Mortgage Loans Made
and Sold
Main 5027
9?.3 N.T. Ave. 1237 Wisconsin At#
." 11 1 ■■■-■ ■ i

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