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Friday,Opportunity Day Values Cannot Be Surpassed —The Floodtide of Savings!
L&B Quality Every preparation has been made for unprecedented selling at this store tomorrow. The buyers have set Fine Madeira
T7" O aside their choicest purchases for this great day. Marvelous as all of our Friday Opportunities have been, the t TIVTTT'IVTO
II |\ values in the Anniversary Sale exceed them. This ad is packed with remarkable offerings—but we couldn’t |. | rl.
possibly print them all. You’ll have to come tomorrow —at 9:15, if possible! Also see page 18. -a • c ,
. . . „ . r ; r r Specially Priced in Annivesary Sale
At Anniversary Prices •
Make Dreams Come True ' 111 ' ™ —■■ ■ 1 ’ Even faraway Madeira contributes its
1 share of wonderful values! A timely sale
Every woman can afford a more beau* I i: I of these beautiful hand-embroidered
tiful dress than she planned with these _ ' / - —linens in designs. Some are mussed—
unexpectedly low prices. B (§"IH but the ma -! ority are fresh and new '
40-Inch quick at Vz of real worth.
pebbly surface.' Smartest of Autumn dress silks.
ill each. . . ...... .... $1.98 to $3.69 I I
i. Ini jhß j W il[ zj ||j|ji i wl 4 -’ 5
The Lansburgl. Special \ )Y| TITI j7_ j [DZ .l|S|L_ Silk OverhloUSCS
Reducing Girdle \ 'vylljl jl |P\V VZ
p/ j 1 j I A great buy at I
lstjs *SOO \ Smart Women Will Buy New Fashion Sport Coats Jttft- A
Ty) M.de of pur. I Several New Dresses I .sxt3s£3
- ;| * high, \or round necks; )T\**
\ froiir^nd f bSck to S prevent | /4 Special Purchase Just Arrived. You'll Never Find a Better Opportunity With novel "new trimming J
pA tearing, ripping or split- I —ideas —and such colors as jSfIT; ty'
ting. A very unusual :1 fl? a4tpj blue, gray, green, canary. WmV.
value! 1 |||l mil. lip gf ;■; red, henna, tan and com- ;f» -i li >||
I Vg“ £SS£ I pi //, ▼ I I 36 *MJ„ no, W.
2 —«*• I ML Jim* , ■ U ill _
j It pays to buy in the w"" 4l * „ SECOND flooh
\ I j Anniversary sale!
' !• third floor I Far finer dresses for sl2 than you’d ever expect, because of This is decidedly the time to buy your Sport Coat. Think of I
i the Anniversary Sale. Manufacturers with whom we do business A timely sale at an end-of-season price. Some of the most f Ir/11/flfl/K
j the year ’round have co-operated with us in the biggest event of stunning coats you’ve ever seen at such a price. | 1
Sample Fur Coats h ßirjalile, e Flille, Velveteen, Satins, Charmette, Poiret Cm Polaire, Cut Chinchilla, Highland Fleece | Far finer than
A Bia Special Plain and Cheek Flannel, Jersey Cut Suede, Shevelsheen, Chamois Suede p jT
..» • / • ' I Styles that you counted on paying far more for are here at The fashionable fabrics colors in every variation of the new ‘ iV/'/’n ~§ o/A
at this ■price MjSV . “Styles of the hour”—in tailored, straightlines, flounced, color scheme. And workmanship—simply astonishing. Big con- § i? I 5-^vl
/fU-j -■ * /"A IK* I tunic and draped models—rich embroideries, beaded, etc. in such vertible collars—deep pockets—sturdy linings some with opos- J
I I 1 colors as black, navy, browns, high shades in sport models. Sizes sum collars. Sizes 16 to 46. Now, think—can you imagine real, 5 / -[/A The ideal sleeping gar-
I for misses, women—and extra sizes. sl2! - wearable coats at sls. Well, they are here. , t ments for every woman. A
~ , I SECOND FLOOR, LANSBURGH Sc BRO. x SECOND FLOOR. DANSBtJRGH A BRO. / / great varietv of stvlcs in
Handsome beahne (dyed :| / / K Plisse and Windsor crepe,
coney), 48-in. model, with 1 |:T llini TtT llllM ,lt,M>tt,tt, tt t f t * tt, fT , tTHtT* t tTTT t TTt t * t t'fnr ttt tTTTtfTTTT* p l —> seco, dimity, madras, sa
collar and cuffs of squirrel, rimUUIIin l T llll llliilltW i mm l i( ) ,iiuiiniimi4mmnnnnmiininn„nimiin.immnnu»m» iiiiiimiiiuiimmnimHHiiiiniiinmun * teen, shadow batiste, voile.
marmot, viatka squirrel an< l pongette. Silk
and civet cat. New crush VH . M I^
B Suver Values! - ■= ii Super Values! IW a.“lSmLrs
rich silk lining. MP F B W to 44. An ideal time to
| MARTIN jjj For Opportunity Day f For Opportunity Day ■
p sewn 6 d floor W l^ionS^iUs^l!oO PC Shirtwaist Boxes, $3.50 Buy Several Pairs of
Something new! Dainty, practical jUlv W W f*. rth ” ore! Nlade of L North These Attractive
IT V I T 71 knee-length union suits, with low neck Carolina pine—very strong box, in
Girls Wool Frocks S O / ’ 1 Boudoir Slippers
t Anniversary 5 third floor. r- I Footstools , $2.75 Anniversary Price
Special 4>rice o , fl , rT aa £.A About hall! Solid walnut, tapestn
Silk LmbreUas, |T a T I # fFTI TF R or velour covered. Many designs and Wy I .#■'/
« # SOO JawSLSrsttt Just Look at these Hats Anew ,
d”*”'' der; 10-rib, 22-in., stubby style; ban- _. . price to cele- ;r
--dies with silk cords; amberlike tips Did you ever see so much smartness? Suit Cases . $5,75 brate our An * \ ‘XS.-J— -
ALL-WOOL SERGE, and ends. Colors navy, purple, y . .1 jl‘- Z__ D/»« niversary! "i
mind you! Price the yard- brown, green, garnet and black. * ct tfle P r7Ce T or opportunity Uay IS special! Black enamel cloth. Hjgl, . g ra< i e \ v ZZ\S-^vC
age, then you’ll know the O S’ /f f heavy leather corners, straps, strong boudoir slioners
value. Smart styles with „ , m\/m . T handle, good lock and catches. Extra (as sketched)
trimming in silk-and-wool ■ Brand ~ * T • deep; 24 inches wide. made of soft
embroidery and applique. Women's Silk Hose, FIFTH FLOOR. black leather, 1 |
„ith ■’.il.S 'c.l."- 95c Truly an outstanding value-and one that we are especially proud to ™dK
n.yy and brown. Sire. 7 qmlity-erery p«ir cries present. These are the type of hats that you d expect to pay much more ‘„ d |"f,
to 14 years. a label you’ll instantly recognize for so you would, if it wasn’t for the Anniversary Sale! We can’t em- rail S Kiris, 90.1*0 pon Black only '
Plan to take advantage its outstanding value! Pure thread phasize the savings too Strongly—they are here! Imagine— Just arrived—plain and combination Sizes 2% to 8.
of the savings! !ij k . w *H* f ro Pf r ‘•e>n»«>« , cements. Pannp niirl f vnns at fIA pleartd models, some with panel front You’ll agree with us. that they are well worth
fottrth floor B,ack and CO, ° rsl llie ranne and *-yO ns YClVei HI J„ d b>ck . wrap styles> tai i ored and the trouble to get. Come at 9:15, if possible.
Such values make our Anniversarv Some are , c,ev ' rl y combined with felt. And the trimmings, the same a 5 are shown finished with buttons and pockets. 418 7th street.
I ..u *h» I.lk nf the town! nr!2 on higher-priced models—ostrich and flowers, ribbons and feathers. Just see them tomorrow! Flannel, wool crepe, check velour,
wonder? * * U V SECOND FLOOR. LANSBURGH A BRO. granite crepe and Bedford crepe.
Play Clothes „ _„ . . _ P .. . r , 4 . 4 i mh
_ , „ New Bobbed Coats XZ2K Fall Apron Frocks All-Wool Serge
For the Younger Set (f "B 1 ~
Cinderella and others; JtfSbtA Even these , the newest They re the identical “1 ”1 _1
Anniversary sale face fad—are special ' XU#
sale A I This is one of the best values in the sale! I I
J flgC Fine quality all-wool serge, thoroughly
• >K “■ /V sponged and shrunken—ready for use—and
I® gras§y pa* S’ Jk yi ■ ■ Bfl ■ what delightful frocks it will make. Choice
We arc justly proud of this offer- % I _ I CP JL •VU of best colors for dresses —° r suits
ing. as it brings well made play
clothes, with savings! Rompers, %. / oOU Yards All-Vi 00l Crepe
creepers, Baby Boy one and two ® New Bobbed Coats of brushed A Great Anniversary „ -1 / J Every garment is well made ''' 89c Yard
„r t3i_- wool. Several styles—and the c . , , . I /■ / of imported gingham, in smart 071 1 “* ll
piece suits. Plain colors and com- huyer says, “Less than cost to Event on the 6th Floor - novelty weave—and su’ch avv- tA-in all wool crena in tweniv of iha
binations: smocking.and embroid- lA 1 Tomorrow at W ri.ty of color. ,h., you’ll find i; iMMS 1 (.n \SSgjLni
;u y rservTeSns P P ’ m l l B.b.d They're so good-locking-and such remarkable .e» *«be™, .m
” /JSJ I * ar °f wo °l yarn to snuggle into values, that we expect the lot Os 500 Will be sold tie sashes are a few of the pfffffipfflj C*ll Jnr i r
Materials—pongette, chambray, gingham I //jjllj j when cold winds prevail. before noon! pretty trimming touches. ||g§|§Eß Silk and W 00l LaDtOQ
and poplin. Dozens of cunning styles-and MfU » Newest colors - blue, gray. Beautiful pieces of colored glass, decorated Os PLUS White Aprons for $1.49 Yard
smart color effects. Sizes Ito 6 years. /It i I kii<f v" ' . K , manicurists. Heavy cambric, gHTOTm w
Baby boy suits, 2, 3 and 4 years. LJ j solid colors in wonderful effects. cut long and full. Assorted ISisSiS a /v • b rTrr ii rt nf
... Jl I and combinations. At this record low price choose from^pieces that sizes in 3 different styles. pn *m 4 a o rt SlctiM d comLleS*
Mothers, take our word for ,t-these are ~fL j I All Aize. 36 to 44. You won’t ordinarily sell for $2.98 to $5.00: Flower Bowls, Have your choice-at $1.00! \\\ I™?? popular' forone-piecedresses '
worthwhile values! Y regret coming early for one of Comports, Vases, Candlesticks! t va,ue whichever you \
fourth FLOOR these at $5.64! Only 500 pieces—$1.64! 9:15 if possible. choose! ' THrRD rLOOE LA!,sblTß gh a bro.

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