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Phil Baker. Who Captured
Capital’s First Pennant.
Gets Tickets.
CM I ’lt il Baker. who captained
Washington t>> a penitant in the oh
Kastern League way back in tin
roarin’ SOs.” when such modern im
plements as well padded gloves and
lively balls were still unknown, i;
■ miiu? to Washington from Akron
i ihio, and cheer his alma mater ol
.:■«© ball on to the world champion
- h i p.
V month of two back, when all
Washington was standing on its tip
>es cheering the Griffmen on to the
National Capital's “first pennant," out
there in a noisy Akron machine -shop
I’hi! was pulling like the very dick
ens for this fair city's “second pen
rant.'' A bus> world had forgotten
■(* I aht.nt tin one I 'lt i 1 had won for
the Nation's city.
So when the Criffnicti clinched the
'lag in Boston earl> this week. I’hil
threw his monkey w rciicli/in the air
and forthwith declared his intention
‘of going to see his old team win the
world's championship. But the old
star of the diamond had no money.
Akron, however, is no city to forget
its great.
Fund Subscribed.
Immediately upon being told of
Phil and his plight, the Akron live
ring Times wired to Representative
Marlin R Davey here and asked him
to reserve a seat for the former |
Washington captain. Then it started j
■i subscription from the Ohio city's
base ball fans. In a day enough had,
.‘•c.-ti subscribed to send Phil here in ,
M\!e at the expense of the city, and,
I e is in his seventh heaven of de-
It took some scratching to find aj
Ib-ket even for Phil up at the stadium j
ibis morning, toil it is there, waiting
in his name, and he can howl to his I
heart's delight. First plans were to
permit him to sit in the dugout with ;
the players, but ground rules forbid
this, so he must watch the contests :
from the grandstand.
Phil Baker and his Washington
loam won their pennant in ISS3. Now
he is 6S years old, and as good a
machinist as he was once a ball
olayer. He shows with pride knots
on his hands where one by one all
of his knuckles were broken from
•atching fast ones behind the plate
started in Altoona.
Baker started bis base ball career
in Altoona. Pa. Rater he organized
a olub iti Philadelphia, playing ex
hibition games with the big league
clubs of those days on off dates. He
began his professional career as
catcher for the Hornesviile. N. Y,
team and finally came to Washington
in 1878. Rater he played with Balti
more and finally returned to the Na
tionals in 1883 as captain and'led
them to their first pennant.
Baker remained here until issy.
He claims the distinction of being
the first man ever to catch a ball
tossed from the top of the \\ ash
ngton Monument.
Two other backstops have accom
plished that feat in more recent
years—"Gabby'" Street, formerly of j
» the Nationals, and Billy Sullivan, once I
with Chicago. Baker pointed out that
they used gloves, however, whereas
he used his bare hands.
Baker said he had to run some dis- ,
lance to g.-t the sphere and Stabbed j
it w ith only one hand. The force of ■
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| the dropping ball broke three of his
| knuckles and be swore then and there
j he would never again try "stunt base
j ball.” Baker will- leave Akron for
| Washington Friday night, arriving
| here about o’clock Saturday morn
j ing. in ample time to see the game.
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: split his excess profit with the Gov
ernment on a 50-50 basis,
i The ticket brokers were operating
oday under the provisions of this
aw. and as they were conducting
heir business on private property,
they diil not have to obtain a permit
from the municipal authorities nor
answer to the police.
Tickets Bring *SO.
According to Heuby Weller, a regis
tered broker, who did a rushing busi
ness all morning in the gift shop of
Frank Palmeri, at 1221 Pennsylvania
avenue, the Hi kets are not purchased
by tb© brokers from the ball club, but
from private "customers,” who come
in and offer them for sale. They are
given a profit of about $5, both Mr.
Weller and Mr. Palmeri declared, and
are sold over the counter by the
broker and several assistants at the
rate of SSO for grandstand tickets
for the three-game series, or S3O for
pavilion tickets for the series.
“But we aren’t gouging the public."
declared Mr. Weller. “The grand
stand series ticket costs $16.50 at the
park. We pay about $21.50 for it and
sell it again for SSO, out of the profit
of which we must take exactly half
and turn it over to the government.
W© are rendering the public a service.
They tell us they can't get tickets at
the hall park of the kind they want,
so by paying us and the Government
| a little extra they are satisfied. If
| they are satisfied, who can complain?”
Cites Certificate,
The broker turned and pointed to
j an official certificate of registration
1 that hung behind the counter. It was
j signed by Col. Ree Crandall of the
j office of the deputy collector of inler
( nal revenue, who is located at the lo-
I cal district internal revenue office ad
i joining Fob's Theater on Pennsyl
& turn
sff @
everybody, every day,
just as an ounce
of prevention
Now Son'll like bran
4 ore. C*.. 1824
vania avenue. The certificate was
issued yesterday. It Is merely the
Government's way of keeping tab on
ticket sellers, so that Uncle Sam may
get his proper tax payments.
The man or woman who buys a
ticket from the ball club and then
sells it at a profit to a broker or any
one else without first having regis
tered at the revenue office is violat
ing the Federal law. it was stated at
the local revenue collector’s head
quarters today.
Reaming that the brokers, who
have set up improvised “offices” in
hotel rooms, office buildings and busi
ness places near the Georgia avenue
liark, are buying their supply of
’stock” from men and women who are
violating the Federal revenue law,
the local revenue officials Immediate
diately launched a concerted and
carefully guarded campaign.
Official observers were scattered
throughout the city today to watch
these places and obtain definite evi
dence that the customers are violat
ing the law. "Vigorous” prosecution
of thost detected in the act of selling
tickets to others without registering
will be pushed, it was asserted.
"We are determined to break up this
apparently general violation of the
revenue law that has developed to
day.” declared one official. “The law
is plain and we intend to enforce it
rigidly, especially at a time like this.”
Meanwhile the local police were
powerless to arrest any one who
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was not selling tickets In a public
place. The local police regulation
against the public selling of base
ball or other tickets without a Dis
trict permit will be strictly enforced,
however, according to Inspector Clif
ford R. Grant, chief of detectives,
who considered the problem today.
Chief Grant has a “flying squadron”
of six picked detectitves out to pre
vent “scalping” go far as the local
laws will permit. They are Headquar
ters Detectives Kelly, Schrlvener,
Mansfield. Thompson, Fowler and Fla
One Arrest Mode.
One arrest was made last night by
Headquarters Detective Fat O'Brien,
but Inspector Grant was compelled to
release the prisoner today because he
showed u Federal registration certifi
i cate and proved he had operated
in a public place.
I ■ The man gave the name of John
j Rynch of Philadelphia, and carried
with him the business card of the
ticket agency established by Mr.
I Weller in Palmeri's shop. Both Well
jer and Palmeri denied today that
j they knew Rynch or that he was in
any way connected with their outfit,
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explaining he must have gotten hold
of the card by visiting their place.
The Palmeri shop did not hide its
new business from the public. Across
the top of the building was a large
lettered sign Informing the people
that world series tickets could be
bought, sold or exchanged for the
games here or in New York. The
place was well filled with customers
throughout the morning.
Engineer Stops Train to Recover
Lost or Stolen Package.
MARTJNSBUUG, W. Va, October 2.
i —Ree Ambrose, Baltimore and Ohio
freight engineer, today confirmed a
report that lie found an unopened
mai) sack along the tracks between
Rawlings and Keyser, W. Va, last
Thursday morning while taking a
freight train westward.
He stopped the train, picked up the
sack and look it to Keyser, where he
turned it over to a ticket agent. He
I was informed by other railroad men
that it was found to contain $87,000 in
notes and silver, which was turned
• over to Government officials.
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West Virginia Husband Kills
Himself With Shotgun.
Special Pinpatch (o The Star.
MARTINSBURG. W. Va., Octobers.
—Elmer Brandenburg, 26 years old,
railroad machinist, killed himself in
his home last night.
Police say he had retired, when a
disagreement with his wife arose. He
left the bed, went to a closet in a
dark room, and, procuring a shotgun,
put the butt against the wall, leaned
over and pulled the trigger, the load
entered his stomach, causing instant
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