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American Asks Delay in
French Court Pending Out
come of Montreal Hearing. |
~ i
1 Dy the Associated Press.
BREST. France. October JO—The !
examination of Max Jerome Phaff.
"ho is charged with complicity in |
piracy on the high seas in connection |
with the boarding of the French
•steamer Mulhouse on June 24 off the j
New Jersey coast and the removal of '
a large amount of liquor from the |
vessel was resumed yesterday after a j
week's recess.
Phaff told ('omdr. Fournier, who
is acting as magistrate, that a direc- ]
tor of the French firm which owns
the Mulhouse informed him that the!
director had been obliged to have
him arrested "upon the order of in- j
surance companies." The defend-anl !
again repudiated the confession he is i
alleged to have made on a train in
England. and requested Comdr. Four
nier to await the outcome of the trial
before a Montreal court of one Capt.
•Samuel Ford before committing him
for trial.
"The truth will come out in Mon
treal to show that I as a rum runner
was the victim of the piracy and not
its instigator." declared Phaff
Phaff repeated his previous charge
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Circulation of Past Six Months
Statement ®f the ownership, management, circulation, etc., of
'U’e Evening Star, k published daily, and The Sunday Star, published
Sunday morning, at Washington. D. C., required by act of Congress of
August 24, 1912: t
Editor, Theodore W. Xoyes, Washington, D. C.; managing editor,
Rudolph Kauffmann, Washington, D. C.; business manager, Fleming
Xewbold, Washington, D. C.; publisher. The Evening Star Newspaper
Company, Frank B. Xoye-s, president, Washington, D. C.
turners; Theodore W. Xoyes and Frank B. Xoyes. trustees for
tlie heirs of the late Crosby S. Xoyes; Frank A. Richardson, trustee
for Mary B. Adams: Frank B. Xoyes and Xewbold Noyes, trustees;
Frank B. Xoyes, Theodore W. Xoyes, Rudolph Kauffmann, Victor
Kauffmann, Beale R. Howard. Jessie K. Kauffmann, Fleming Xewbold.
Grace Adams Howard, Ixtuiac K. Simpson, John Crayke Simpson,
Philip C. Kauffmann, Jessie C. Kauffmann, R. M. -Kauffmann, Samuel H.
Kauffmann. Miranda Xoyes Pomeroy. Xewbold Xoyes. Theodore P.
Xoyes and George Adams Howard. All addresses. Washington. D. C..
i except Miranda Xoyes Pomeroy, at Greenwich, Corin.
Known bondholders, mortgagees and other security holders, hold
ing 1 per ctnt or more of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other
| securities, none.
Circulation Figures.
Average number of copies of each Issue of the publication sold or
i distributed through the mails or otherwise to paid subscribers during
the six months ended September 30, 1921.
Average Net Circulation.
; Daily. Sunday.
X’ei Paid Circulation 93,100 99.158
Net Unpaid Circulation unade up of copies given for
service, etc.) ...... ..Y-, 911 564
Total Average Net Circulation 94,01 1 99,722
(Signed) v FRANK B. NOYES,
. President.
Sworn to and subscribed liefore me this 9th day of October. 1924
(Seal). 1 EL.MER F. >’OUNT.
that his arrest was due to a con
spiracy to prevent him from testify
ing at the Montreal trial.
On the whole the day’s examination
was considered as having been favor
able to Phaff.
Japan Recognizes Chile.
SANTIAGO. October 10.—Japan is
the latest country to recognize the
new Chilean government, it was an
nounced yesterday.
Youths in Teens Found Guilty by
Jury—First Since Leopold-
Loeb Case. 4
By the Associated Press.
CHICAGO, October 10.—Tony Da
mico and Nick Guido, youths still iiv
their teens and the first couple to bT
tried for murder since the trial here
of Nathan F. Leopold, Jr., and Rich
ard Loeb for the slaying: of Robert
Franks, were convicted yesterday
after less than three hours’ delibera
tion by a jury, which fixed their pun
ishment at 25 years in the peniten
The boys were tried for the slaying
of James H. Burks, owner of a room
ing house, who was alleged to have
been strangled to death for purposes
of, robbery. The youths repudiated a
confession they made, claiming they
were beaten by the police. They also
pleaded youth and poverty in at
tempting to escape the gallows. No
direct reference was made to the
Leopcld-Loeb trial by attorneys for
the lads.
j EVANSVILLE, Ind., October 10.— ■
R. H. Norman, buyer for the Hartman :
Furniture Co. of Chicago, was'
(killed, .and Irving H. Hartman, mil- i
I lionairy owner of the Hartman com- :
j pany, and two other men. wealthy j
furniture dealers of this city, were j
I injured when an automobile in which !
they were riding crashed Into the rear<
end of a truck on the Dixie Bee high
way, near here, last night.
The party was returning from a
business trip to Bloomington. Ind.
Hartman and Norman were coming
here to buy a consignment of furni
ture, it was said. The truck into
which the furniture men’s car crashed
was standing on the highway with no
tail light, witnesses said.
Norman received a crushed skull and
died almost Immediately. Hartman
was cut above the face, bruised and
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W. W. Nutting and Artist Party
Long Overdue.
HALIFAX, October 10. William
Washburn Nutting of ,New York and
three companions are believed to be
25 days overdue on a voyage from
Reykjavik, Iceland, to Baddeck, Nova
Scotia, in the 40-foot sloop. Leif
Ericksson, according' to advices re
ceived here last night.
A message from Nutting to F. W.
Baldwin, friend of the late Alexander
(traham Bell and who lives on the
Bell estate near Baddeck, several
months ago said that the party would
shove off from Reykjavik, August 10.
In addition to Nutting, the party
consisted of Arthur S. Hildebrand, a
writer and author of "Blue Water";
John Towdahl. a marine painter and
a Norwegian amateur skipper. They
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I ' ir^S V ° rt ' l t 0
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L *^ an ee^s fi
Styles Include ’ I
)JT Opera Pumps, Jk/yJI
\ Oxfords, Opera
«w » 2-Straps
were to set out, according to Nut
ting’s message, "to follow the trail pf
the Vikings."
Nicaragua Makes Protest.
.MANAGUA. Nicaragua, October lh.
The Nicaraguan government is pro
testing energetically to the Hon
duran government against repeated
invasions of Nicaraguan territory by
the government and revolutionary
forces of Honduras.

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