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Saturday Mews of' Unusual Interest I® Economy Seekers I
Novelty Collar and f 1 r_ ~ : it pays to DEAL AT h ES^SS=S 1
Sale of New Fall Hats I
fall wear. A charming assortment of styles v\JI 1I" m.^—ll II iQie ms Ti w
and sha|>es. in white, red, tan, Kray, copen gßdy, J -i vj^
an<r two-toned effects. «... ', .. ... ---"■■ 3 Remarkable Values Possible Only Through Specialization &
Goldenbrrj s—First Floor. | L, BOTH SIDES OF 7™ AT K. ST "THE DEPENDABITsTORE" J ||| ItW.. 11l g$
A Wonderful Dis- mV , Ajnmr ’
W~h • 0 W
Preparing the Girls With Stylish tt.XbX 3>D SrJSJE JWkZW** I
Frocks for Fall and Winter ... p..» y<m* *** ..« a-m. pA Ijjfil a
I Cloth, Haller’s Plush, Felt and Combinations W*l\ e|
a A Saturday sale of smart looking dresses that mothers want for their daughters *'hm \•« Uf/i \ tp
iS —garments that combine smartness with dependable quality and moderate price. '"S - Not just a few hats at a certain price, but a splendid assortment ».Ldi w rffif r
I Girls’ Wool Jersey and Serge Dresses, $4.98 Jr;?
C All new and becoming models, with touches of bright stitching and embroidered effects— jSV* M i • , • \' :n 4.1,,. i ;d,f n ; n
|g a large and varied selection of styles sure to delight the young miss of 6to \A years. The Wool shop With till CCOHOllliCcll C\C Will dp])rcCUtc tilt UllUSUcil \dIUCS übtcllll- gjj
Sg Jersey Dresses are in tan, preen, henna and bine. The Serge Dresses are in'navy blue. Spc- JUMD. H *K able here, HO leSS than tile great varietv. __ %
g cialiy priced tor tomorrow at $1.98, ggfilwWSjßL * 7L, ©
I m Children’s Hats, $1.98 Girl’s Bloomers, 50c and 69c • HfflP Th .e collection embraces hundreds of bats that are truly repre- |
New fall models of velvet with sectional Os lustrous black sateen, double stitched; H|m| I sentative of the authentic stvles. The smartest new styles—pokes, .igSIV .J M
crown#, with two-tone lrimnrnt;s. 1 reinforcement full cut, well made gar- ,'t il' j’j j - the faC 'ind hat' f r tllC (. Uthftll Ilia
sects. shown n all the newest and most wanted /--» n< <r», 41 no lfiß|Hß|a J T~ K<!
colors, finished with elastic back. vjymnaSlUm BlOOmerS, $1 OL $1.98 {GmMv -w- • . .■g T T a_ P Ci 11 -•■
Girl's coats, $8.98 to $12.50 ct ‘"" k Smart Little Hats tor School % Soai I
i Girl’s Jacket Suits. $5.98 iiVj ] \l Cl QC «<: CA ,fV i
good quality lustrous linings; sizes 4to 10 years. Two-piece Jacket Suits, stylish woolens in H \ , U Lhzzxzsr -\ \ '1 j \_lll ln> •jW I m Tr I€l spll.ril f ~ T ~j\ ' l *~S'aL ' raj
N't* 1J .Cl• 4. CO no J C-3 no I Checks and plain colors; silk braid trimmed. \I A \ / H n 1 j 7 r / A •
Middy SkirtS, $2,98 and $3.98 full plaited skirts; Sizes «> to It years. \ | \ j/j j'*"*" a i 3| \) | j ... f /•* Sk wi
separate Middy skirts of soft tinish wool j nt. A i p_._„ ®r no 1 \ • >L'■ A showing of new ami practical tuillinerv stvie- for Fall—clever Felt Hats /f Sr a 1
SS.^rc:i,r s £ ..u..., J jri ! m the a„d wi.h ..wi..;, « ,ri,„,„i„ gs . 5..„ / • I
u to 14 years. neck and short sleeves; warm. ri< h high colors, crushable cttects ot suede cloth and dressy modes of I.yoils velvet, smartly J 3.
Goldeniorgs— Third Floor. las well as staple sh -ies. Sizes ti to 1 4 years. 'trimmed ill CtJCardeS of l ibbutl and lovely emliruidcred effects.
Hudson Seal Coats Ne " FM «•»&*• ..wtswaisisr ”“!<)Br ’ x ~I
I Mk (Dyed Muskrat) JgSU 52.9 S
§ • yflv Colors # S
■>§ gjA B fl f \ n unustiaiiy attrac- Weelt End Featuring for Saturday—Extra Values in Boys’ Two-Pants Suits |
81 Bjk wWFZ ■ BL i'S' „ . --■ .. live assortment of sl>lisb «
>la An Sff-jrta. ‘*i., I [Jill I nfnVrrr?Ss new Handbasrs, such as you § /ayf/jf I
>a Mr so aI IB I M ■ ’y- Will want to complete your * wwri regular 50c Leather Belt with harness buckle, given free with the g|
I KagnSk J lwl Requisites I r KCC as b0 > B’Norfo,k 8 ’ Norfo,k Suiu I
iS I | - ~S
s JBA T| » "”™' Bi a S3.=S3 aSa?K«~- Bovs’ $10.75 to $12.50 New f
women tor tur coats IS met 111 SUfh as the popular long-handle styles. Ama.ni Shampoo, delight oil J 'W l|
i this group of beautiful Hud- "■*» SSctaSSISS rfix '
ji son Seal (dved muskrat) Coats Goldenbory s —First Floor. Pactjuill S Perfumes, trial —■ ■' /.—» m 0!g /MW* 1 t m' 1%/ ll*
- rnHHB
k g teatured tomorrow at this low 0 • I WW • T/1 Lily of the Valiev. Amber. Xar- - C r ’^^^DH
I Hi price. Full 48-inch length. SpCCUU Hosiery V OIUCS ..d B«.IS ' -/PVH All Sizes Values That
S made of solid skins of rich ,w, Full • fashioned Fiber I Women’. Fiber Silk (Karoo) Colgate. Flortctit Face Porr- i'f/r if Y **° 1* O •£ V Cannot Be 5
P , , , . r -- , , Silk Irajiin) and Silk ir.Ued Hose, with fashioned leg; assort- ( Jcr. ill all tints. Box. SC'C. /s- y Years M Lb.....1r.r 1 5<
M WmSB lustrous beauty. Crushed crown Hose, assorted shades, but no ed shades; mostly all sizes; ,q Tokaion Face Creams. French A 1 V JBS J tqualert g
5 ■■l collar and bell sleeves. Lined iSV l mVt“i ,u io'i’!'’'i>Vokell n tileV 'Xu "'.'VTr k T“' f< V, b ““ ,ifyin * lhc co '"' %fh~k 1 * fedßS . S
I iii with self striped silk crepe de 79c ■ ‘Ault wLk f;.,., p«k a< e., I H Lriu.d-new- I-all_m,.deU ot the better grades «. |
I ■■ii ,-hinP The bird, nnalitv- and WW. H-0-.W H«W I SSS-.-'TjS: JKS"S,, 2T con,anting o grvrtl aotortmont of ' JO H I ’"- vs , I wo-Patus Suits—caretully tailored ot tine. |
kj Clime. lie Cjuallty and part wool and <ot!on: broken | siand hard usatfe 29c these popular toik-t prepara- u ! * sturdy materials that will stand the hard knocks of
I KHB perfect workmanship of these *?**! “ TO . ond ! , . wf . Mc .. Brade 35c ‘ GoM ,.b« f ww‘no W .‘'‘ > _ I ' U’ a boy's healthy violence. Rich new woolens, in a great |
fur coats will be seen at a rics ;' P dissolves "instantly ami V M;' variety of serviceable patterns and colors, including grays J
| Us glance. Remarkable values m |tl ail wanted shades. )‘j and browns in neat stripes and overplaids. Each suit with |
at $198.00. l/101/CO iO Electro Silicon Polishing extra pair of full-cut knickers—both pairs full lined. Sizes |
“ Goidenberg's—Second Floor. , f| o- Cream, for polishing gold, sil- PfW /U>lßyearS. g
Cirlo’ nnr! Mioooo’ the NeW Fttll Outfit -|| w ... 3
fjriiib til 111 irlfootfo . , , 29c find 35c fy of pants fully lined; well tailored garments; sizes 7to IT years. gj
e c y ale f Cb : A n .[, ' . , IK $8.95 to $lO Two-Pants Suits, $739 g
V. I® I WT . 4 y m - . | . nMI , i,' f as . / \ 25c Id. FA,,. smartly tailored rutts. of new wool mixtures, in grays browns amt gfl
li WWI ■/*/ IW! g W* m /)/Y f pure «ased 1l » - _ / \ olive colorings. Good, sturdy fabrics, suitable for dress or school wear Both 53
JL wll \S* Vr w! WW \-y M V/i/WI'U sured that they lia\e tnc u . »J C>ood quality Ribbons, for hows, jiairs of pants fully lined; sizes 7to 16 years. g*
newest and latest; then, too, j J) sashes and millinery, including S[
n A oA- -I qip . . «i7(ta flß* can.buy them at prices much moire and taffeta in all wanted $4 to $5 Juvenile Suits, $2.95 “Smart Set” Suits. $14.75 IS
Grades Ordinarily Selling at $17.50 H 9 lower than those usually . shades, also black; five inches , loth Suits, in Oliver Twist and Middy styles, of I ..... ®
and S2O 00 A Bk quoted. wide. all-wool blue serge tweed, corduroy and new check j Smart Set Norfolk Suits, in sizes Bto "f years. gs
' SU ' * SUjfC* ,_| „. ~ i gC. -y f Plaid Taffeta Ribbons, in pretty woolens; sizes 3to 10 years. 1 including regulars, extra tall and stout boys. Well k|
-J BBT novelty* contrasting cob- £\ S"; liu and ,!ix incto'ww!'! $6.75 tO $7.50 Norfolk Suits, $4.95 j tailored of ail-wo„l.naterials in new Fall P^‘ e ™ S ' g
El® 1 r W M \ or embroidered backs; overseam / many pretty combinations, cn,. Junior Norfolk Suits. In pretty mixtures; shaped I ome suits * nh vest-each su.t with one W
■ W ■ ■ Hnßa Wlm. sewn. Suitable for wear w ttn iSJ \y 59c and 65c grades uUL | Kpe i CO ats. with detachable w hite collar; straight . pair of golf and one pair of knickers. rd
BjJ I at |\/ suul or in ho mode! eV^fy W brown. /<9 /%/ Q.ld,nb«nfs-First Floor. knee pants, fully lined; sizes 4to 10 years. G.l6enb.r g s-Xhird Fiocr.
I Tomorrow w. offer „.w F.ll and win- HI *2-95. SC Important Saturday Specials $1.50 Bead Necklaces I
B ter Coats of the better grades at a price fIRHJS c i^J^?v"e Fl 'JvSseam^ewn B’Tur 8 ’Tur X\Jl From Our Metis Department OO T 71
considerablv lower than mothers are ac- row st itch’ed backs, in self or . . , . . . . * K .„„ fP .... rtr nvid.- X §4 O H MJtf*.
i CUStomed to pay for garments Os such contrasUng qplors. j{ S a rc^ula“ r< week cidTast of specia°i r values on' this day. Hm an OOC Idl rff
1® fine quality materials. black with white .... [j the most wanted furnishings for Fall and Winter — warm underwear. New- Crystal- Necklaces antj Long f \ \ A>
S HhHII shirts and other dress accessories at prices that mean big savings. chains, brilliant cut crystal effects, \ \
Fine \ clours, Bolivia and Sports Cloths. Many Imported Kid Gloves, two-clasp , Wear-right Chamosuede Gloves. ’in all the most wanted colorings. All ft- V.\
P with fur collars of Beaverette, Natural Opossum MiSMIi style, soft pliable skins, with two-clasp style, fancy embroid- *s2 Union Suits, 51.55 the newest shapes and kinds. This V Q y \ 9
*B, -ni,,, harks overseam sewn ered backs; mode, beaver, gray, . , .... , lot represents an importers samp.e . I 1 L>)
and Chinchilette. Vow shades of tan and brown, eovert. sand, black and rQ r Merit make Ribbed Union Suits, random gray color. e€l line and surplus stock. IX r,J ra
K / / 4® N , ew shades ot l “ n a " u AT ' whi te weight; closed crotch; full locked seams throughout: sizes 34 to 4<L . 9 , 5)1
B Designed on youthful lines, in belted models // white $2.19 Wear’- right’ Washable Chamo- Perfect quality. WOIBen S and MISSCS .* SA g
M with bell sleeves or with turned back cuffs. // J ggjjjk w w^ r . r isht Chamosuede Gloves, miede Glovea. strap wrist style. ojlL Half Hose A Rlno'c 48r* Rnr*h VN V y’ S
S Plain tailored and embroidered styles. J L —16-button length, with two-tone fancy embroidered backs and con- ls ...* '. . . ~ n . TvltlgS, 40C C/ilCn h
P ~ , J \ embroidered backs. In biscuit. trasting color gores; all Thread Stlk Half Hose high-spliced heel, full . Sterling silver and gold-plated \ / 9 Y R?
I Colors of brown, deer. Copenhagen and tan. U sand, mode, beaver, new ia new Fall shades, all oe 'eLmed C bacr-seconds°of ’ fe effects., in many new and novel set- .* X |
I All sizes Bto 16 years C\ gray and covert 3>1.1V sizeß ODC -earned back, seconds of .ot grade. lin f Beautiful cut stones, in large \ 0 P |sj
| GoWenberg s—Junior Co*t Section, Second Floor. ' Goidenberg s-Fim Floor. Faultless Pajamas, $1.95 . ||
r . 0 , . n , n . . J7 JI TT/ • I , of heavy domet flannel, new striped patterns. »- // W topaz, emerald, aqufmiarine and ame-
i A Sale With a Real Punch! t ful-n eight a-Jso plain White with Striped trimmings; sizes A Hlu; w B th st . 0 4
“ * to D. Perfect quality. 1 ■ . fcr.
I l\Jon r ¥*mrk Underwear Men’s Underwear, $1.79 ¥T7 1 J C*ll
I men & I IVO-JrUlllb 011110 For Women and cauldren rl^ d WCVT 1 W ORieilS Colored bilk |
P fiat welt neck and silk facing: drawers with full FI _ Bf
a ommam Womens Cotton Union Suits. reinforced seat and sateen waistband; regular if I W 7SS &
A nA r;T... w TbV' k 0 „“..i n "U n .? a / , at ba.lio |
iM Ul B and extra sizes; perfect quality. Lisle Half Hose, 3 prs., 4/C | j \ lle w lot of Women s Colored Silk Umbrellas, ..f fine quality |S
g _ H Regular Sizes at $1.15 Mercerized Lisle Half Hose, black and plain j / taffeta, with witfe taped edge. Choice of navy, green, purple, garnet Igjj
S /CiA B I M a A W M Extra Sizes at 51.35 colors; reinforced heel, toe and sole; seconds ot / an< i brown, all of which are suitable for rain or sun use. An assort- M
P jvTvfT / Msak W 35c grade. Bwlll. L merit of hardwood enamel and other stylish handies, many with leallier H 9
a sil 1.J4 ... . . . . , . Women's “Merode” Union Suits, r> i 'll 1 straps, thongs and silk cord loops.' Many with tips and clpb ends gfi
9 JL Were out to make a record in our Meivs Clothing Dcpa t medium-weight cotton, high neck 4uC Psd Garters, 25c B Ek to , lla t t .p ra
a If vUbKSk i • tomorrow and if exceptional values will turn the trick, we re going long . H i eevtß( Dutch neck and Brighton and Paris Double-Grip Pad Garters, B M <x_FiT»t Floor P^.
S ly-\ rip, Sb WSyrN** to accomplish it. Here are men's Fall and Winter suits with snap elbow sleeves, ankle length, oth- lisle webbing, in black, white and plain colors. j f\jk °* D ** -
a fr'A and style, skillfully tailored of fabrics that will render good service C rs with Dutch neck and elbow »* . Q 5 I / TF/ 9 /)/) I tit I 3§
a rM "fdjttSM and in models that will please the most discriminating a sleeves, knee pante. low neck and mens Sweaters, , IL flltlPll gJH / IJBJ OtlCt S
i mkWSfSB price that cannot be equalled with suits of puch good quality. sleeveless and knee fength; per- X lZtZl* y *ZTfa V * W «?
f: VMvCWM WSiMi Materials are fine cassimcres and hard-finished worsteds. feet quality. nuaUty P ° cl ' ets: dlZes 3b to 46 ' aU perfect MUr TV! 1. W? S
n 'GZibr&M , The season’s most approved colors of brown, gray, tan, blue Regular Sizes at SLS9 OoidenW—Fint Floor /*S, 11 OVCtt\ t OGIWPRT - |
K checks* stripes, mixtures and overplaids. Extra Sizes at 51.89 u t y
p « Styles to meet every requirement, including the popular English , ■ 1 mgg/ S
9C\ Hi S models for young men, and conservative two-button single-breasted Childrens Underwear, separate M ■ ■ 3i
P W ’fimHi Hi IB stvles garments: white fleeced cotton; TXT ! /• W~l II Vi ’4
I LMmm * izts33lo44 re * ui ”* nd^toA6st liGckwGcir tor rail uk\ I
I Men S Big Roomy Overcoats hl S rf °J. k : e a e n !! grade l J WBk\ . a new showing of Women's Novelty Foot. 1
5 mmpm rA i perfect qua ity, y , AQq dicx « wear, which embraces the most popular rJ
fe fgmffl $24.75, $29.50, $35 Sind $39.50 at Former o9c to styles and effects in cut out pumps, pne-' 3
P I Quality garments through and through—big. roomy overcoats in this sea- Misses' Union Suits, white gfc-| no 1 strap pumps, gore pumps, opera pumps and 3
b f IW Willi son's newest models and fabrics. Double and single breasted box and belted fleered cotton, high neck and UiauCS St ...... J I N ' many otliers.
S /jM Iff If styles. Sec the remarkable range of values offered here at these prices. long sleeves, ankle pants, Dutch If I Patent Leather Cut-Out Opera Pumps, 3
I i/■ Mill -' ...- .. _ pints: a Jizeß S 2°to 12 years’. Per- S A wonderful opportunity to pur- military rubber heels; sizes 2V 2 to 8. A ||
P llip ■ Bril PDPFf Ever-Ready Safety Razor feet quality, $1.25 grade, ofi/» ‘ SSs/lXviKl l chase new Fall Neckfixings at sub- well-fitting dressy pump for all occa- j®
2 Ip )B BUI ® I\LL<» and Cigarette Case. j '-'j at ajArbtfjP • stantial savings. A large assort- B,ons - « a
m Hi B Blill . . , 1 ' 'I 711*.1 - Goldenberz’s—Fint Flollr. V f ment of the season's newest and Tan Calf Cut-Out Opera Pumps, welt- 3
P Kill Bra With every purchase of these I ' Jmii* 7 most effective styles are showq in _ ed soles, covered military heels; sizes
i ill mm Two-pants Suits at $27.50 tomor-» 'j ft ffTfyja xShV J his . lot * which coni P rises the fol - 3t07,a to c widths. |
S llfl it ml \XJC will crivf* frpp of rhnrcrp the f/ MM 9 1 owing. Black Satin Cut-ont One-strap Black Patent Leather Opera g!
-3 i| Hll row w e Wl ll fe!ve free ‘to HjJ * Men S HandkerchiefS fl [ Smart New CoUar and Cuff Sets, in Pumps, turn soles and covered mill- Pumps imitation lips, turn soles; ||
s lUlttl new ’Ever-Ready balety Razor J7 " t Men’s Silk Pongee Hmdker. XjiHfß .Dm all wanted shapes and siml, Vestees, of tary heels; sizes 2'/ z to Ato C Spanish covered heels; sizes 2'/ 2
« L H nnH UifJ-n rettp Case new model, as Chiefs, novelty drawnwork es- | « y«CP lace, organdy, panels of lace and widths. t 0 n’ Ato Jr '^ dths V- r. Rt
a VS WWMIw. . , & , 'SkJ * sects with hemstitched borders, I Ij net. Separate Collars and Circular Tab Black Suede Gore Pumps, with Patent Cut-Out Gore Pumps. Si
K Bn sketched. X| others of White silk with go V J effecljl All of which are shov^n in COV ered military heels; sizes 2to soles, military rubber
g " colored borders w f w h,i e apj colors. 7. heels; sizes 2% to 7, Ato C
H Oold.nter*. Clothing Stow for Mea—First Floor. Direct Entrance from K Street Oold,nb«r*'»—Tint Iltor, ’ " Ooldsnterf ',—Tint Floor. widtha..
1... ■ - im mimiiiirMnilff

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